Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bloggertorial: North Korea's Inconvenient Holocaust

At this moment, the criminally insane, nuclear armed regime ruling North Korea has apparently fueled an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States. The US and Japan have warned the North Koreans not to test-fire their ICBM; but the lunatics in charge of the failed Stalinist state, led by the Hitlerian tyrant Kim Jong-il, have insisted on their right to fire away.

As we see it, apart from Kim and his henchmen, two other parties are primarily responsible for the crisis: China, which helped the North Koreans develop their long-range missiles, and the Clinton administration, which consistently appeased Pyongyang and downplayed disclosure of China's covert role in the North Korean missile program.

These are inconvenient truths, as Al Gore might say, because they get in the way of a good story--namely, that the Bush administration is mainly, if not solely, to blame for the current crisis because it has refused to talk directly to North Korea and has imposed sanctions on the regime for alleged counterfeiting and money laundering. US policy toward North Korea, according to this view, has been too tough.

In fact, the US has not been tough enough on North Korea. Choosing not to isolate the North Korean regime early on in order to try to bring about its collapse, the Bush administration, like the Clinton administration before it, trusted China, Russia, and Pakistan to keep Kim in line. Instead, they actively helped him to develop nuclear weapons in violation of a 1994 agreement with the US.

Another inconvenient truth: North Korea's holocaust. Apologists and appeasers can't deal with the mass death, gulags and gas chambers--yes, gas chambers--that have made the Stalinist state a true hell on earth.

For nearly a decade, the world has known that as many as 800,000 people were dying in North Korea each year from man-made famine.

For several years, the world has known about the North Korean concentration camps--called "control zones"--housing some 200,000 men, women and children at any given time. At least 20 percent of the prisoners die from torture or arbitrary killing each year. Atrocities reminiscent of Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps are commonplace, including public executions, baby killings, gruesome medical experiments--and gas chambers. Prisoners are starved, beaten and worked to death. Sometimes, entire families are gassed at once while researchers take notes.

These things are not secret. Escaped prisoners have given graphic personal testimonies of the North Korean horrors. Guards who have defected to the West have described the gas chambers and sadism, including stomping newborn infants to death in front of their mothers.

There are at least six large camps. They have names--numbers, rather--like Camp 22, reportedly the largest, where thousands of prisoners are held and many are gassed to death or used as guinea pigs in biochemical experiments.

And now ... the perpetrators of this holocaust have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them across great distances.

Clearly, the time for denial is long gone.

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