Sunday, March 25, 2007

Opinion: Bomb Iran Now!

Islamist Iran is preparing for war with the West--a conflict Tehran's turbaned tyrants are confident they can win.

Sea-launched missile strikes from Iranian controlled, foreign flagged cargo ships, and sponsored mega-terrorist attacks are among the weapons in Iran's arsenal, along with batteries of ballistic missiles that can reach Israel, American bases throughout the Middle East, and parts of Europe.

The monstrous regime may not yet have nuclear warheads to put on its missiles; but it can deploy radioactive dirty-bombs and chemical and biological weapons in a showdown with the United States and its allies.

With the help of Hezbollah and Syria, Iran can reduce every Israeli city and town to rubble.

This level of confidence explains Iran's continued defiance of the United Nations Security Council--the mullahocracy yesterday rejected a repeated demand by the 15-nation body to suspend uranium enrichment work after it imposed arms and financial sanctions on Iran--and provocative kidnapping of British sailors and marines. The 15 naval personnel, including at least one woman, were captured in Iraqi waters, contrary to Iranian claims that they had illegally entered Iranian territory.

Intelligence experts are seriously concerned about the fate of the prisoners. They have certainly been subjected to harsh interrogation methods, possibly including torture, and have probably been moved to a secret, secure location in order to be used as hostages and human shields.

The incident recalls a similar one in June 2004, when six British marines and two sailors were seized by Iran in the same waterway. They were presented blindfolded on Iranian television, admitted entering Iranian waters illegally, and then released after three days. According to the official British and Iranian versions, the personnel were released unharmed; however, sources tell China Confidential that they were beaten and threatened with torture.

These same sources assert that Iran is readying a protracted hostage crisis reminiscent of the illegal capture and holding of US diplomatic personnal following the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. In this regard, Iran's monster-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is effectively returning to his terrorist roots: the Hitlerian Holocaust-denier was a leader of the hostage holding group before moving on to manage and participate in the assassination of Iranian exiles in Europe.

So ... what is to be done about Iran? There is only one acceptable solution, and it is not diplomatic. The Iranian regime must be utterly destroyed as quickly and decisively as possible by any and all military means necessary, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Nuclear arms are probably key to achieving total victory over the enemy, given its formidable fortifications and other resources and apparent willingness to die for its insane ideology.

Emphasis on total. Every known and suspected Iranian nuclear, missile, biological and chemical weapons site, every important government building, every known and suspected military base and terrorist center ... and every important Islamist center ... inlcuding the big businesses owned and controlled by the miserable mullahs and ayatollahs ... must be wiped off the face of the planet. Nothing short of this will work.

The choice is simple and stark: (1) mass death in Iran, or (2) mass death in Israel, the United States, and Europe, and on US bases in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Either the mullahs die, or we die.

There is only a military solution to the problem of Islamist Iran--and Islamism--and Islam itself, it seems. The time to attack--and annihilate the Iranian regime--has arrived.

In fact, an attack on Iran is long overdue.

Post Script: Additional arguments for attacking Iran include the following:

(1) Crushing Shiite Islamism in Iran would set the stage for destroying the Shiite Islamist menace in Iraq and Lebanon. An all-out assault against the Iranian regime would pave the way for annihlating Shiite militias in Iraq and Hezbollah.

(2) Total victory over Shiite Islamism would allow for total victory over Sunni Islamism, in Iraq and Afghanistan, using any and all military means necessary, and for finally bringing the duplicitous, dysfunctional Saudi royal family in line on US terms. The other oil-rich tyrannies could then be dealt with as needed. It makes no sense to continue to cater and kowtow to these absurd potentates; like so much garbage, they could easily be removed.

The hell-hole called Pakistan could be a problem. The nuclear armed Pakistani dictatorship could fall to the Islamists. Thus, the Pak military regime should be forced to choose between wiping out its Islamist threat or being bombed into oblivion.