Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pro-Iran Party Line: US Plans Nuclear War

The pro-Islamist treason and appeasement camp is intensifying its international propaganda drive in a desperate effort to save the terror-sponsoring, hostage-holding, nuclearizing, Nazi-like regime running (and ruining) oil-rich Iran.

The new pro-Islamst party line that is clearly meant to rally the ideologically faithful and their fellow travelers: the United States is preparing for nuclear war with Iran. More specifically, a US military strike against Iran would, at the very least, involve the use of tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs)--including earth-penetrating bunker-busters--in sparsely populated areas.

Our reaction: from their mouths to God's ears.

As readers of this blog know, we strongly advocate use of TNWs--as soon as possible--against the monstrous mullahocracy. The enemy must be utterly destroyed ... by any and all means necessary.

Post Script: How different today's situation might be, five-and-a-half years after the Islamist terror attacks of 9/11, had millions of Americans marched in the streets chanting: "Nuke 'em now!" The war against Islamism would probably have been won by now. Instead, the emboldened agents of turbaned tyrants--the growing Fifth Column actively aiding the enemy--feels secure enough to file complaints and lawsuits against airlines and others that dare to single them out for security clearance. How far we have fallen....