Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Zbig Reportedly Pushing 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Has Zbigniew Brzezinski gone over the edge?

Sources say Jimmy Carter's former National Security Advisor is no longer simply accusing the Bush administration of hyping the war on terror. In private conversation, Brzezinski is now said to be suggesting that the smoke generated by 9/11 conspiracy theorists may conceal real fire--namely, administration complicity in the mega-attacks of more than five-and-a-half years ago.

Brzezinski is reportedly refraining from accusing the administration of actually aiding the Al Qaeda attacks. Instead, sources say, he claims that a "cabal" of high-level officials knew or strongly suspected that a major terrorist attack was likely to occur but did nothing to stop it in order to create a pretext for an endless war abroad and police-state-like powers at home.

At 79, Brzezinski is no stranger to foreign adventures and intrigue. A veteran Israel-basher, the Polish-born political scientiist was primrily responsible for the Carter administration's pro-Islamist policy--a revamped version of late 19th century British attempts to harness militant, fundamentalist Islam in the Crown's competition with Czarist Russia (known as the Great Game). Brzezinski was the architect of America's covert intervention in Afghanistan--before the Soviet invasion of 1980--which was designed to draw Moscow into its own, Vietnam-like quagmire. The intervention achieved its aim--hastening the Soviet crackup--but ultimately blew back in America's face with the rise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda, groups Brzezinki once described as "stirred-up Moslems."

Brzezinski also undermined support for Iran's Shah in an unsuccessful attempt to curry favor with the Ayatollah Khomeini prior to his takeover of the country, which, during the Shah's long reign, had been a valuable American ally and friend of Israel.

Brzezinski is apparently still trying to win over the Iranian Islamists. He recently authored a venemous, pro-Islamist op-ed essay for The Washington Post and, as we have reported, has also been telling anyone who cares to listen that "the Jewish lobby" is pushing the United States into a needless war with Iran, and that the regime in Tehran is actually ready for serious compromise with the West--provided Israel is brought under control and forced to accept the (disastrous) Saudi peace (by piece) plan.

Brzezinski has also been warning Washington insiders and reporters that the US or Israel could be plotting a false-flag operation, or staged provocation, such as a terrorist attack inside the US or an attack on US forces in Iraq, to justify going to war with Iran.