Saturday, June 30, 2007

Comment: China is 'Amerikkka'

Turns out, rising China is the real "Amerikkka," as the Black Panthers and the Weathermen used to refer in writing to the United States: an arrogant, imperialist power, polluting and plundering the planet while seeking global military dominance.

Increasingly, ordinary Americans appreciate this, understand the threat. But the nation's so-called leaders and greedy, globalizing business, financial and media company elites are determined to continue the steady hollowing out of the US economy and the financing and promotion of the country's adversary. The elites--including the appeasement-prone, dumbbell diplomats at the US State Department--are selling out the country, plain and simple.

It will probably take a major crisis--a mass poisoning of Americans by deadly Chinese products or the launching of an orbiting Chinese nuclear-tipped missile or laser cannon--to persuade the elites to change course. Even then, who knows? The process of submitting to China may be too late to reverse. Rather, the best hope for the US and the rest of the world is an internal crisis--the cracking from within of the Chinese empire (which is actually ruled by the military and not the corrupt Communist Party).

Thursday, June 28, 2007

China Targeting US Rendering Industry

The dragon is not happy.

Faced with an American ban on imports of Chinese farm-raised catfish, shrimp and other seafood until suppliers can prove the shipments are free from harmful residues, is preparing a propaganda counterattack. A likely target, sources say, is America's secretive and suspect rendering industry, which exports billions of pounds of animal feed that is unfit for human or animal consumption in the United States to Asia and Latin America. The products can't be sold into the US food chain because of federal restrictions relating to the possibility of spreading bovine spongiform encephalopathy--commonly known as mad-cow disease.

Rendering is the process of turning dead animal parts--including cancerous tumors, fecal matter, mammary glands, and feathers--into commercial products. Rendering facilities cook and press animal matter to separate fats from solids. The resulting materials--tallow, meat and bone meal--become ingredients in everything from animal feed to explosives.

A company called Baker Commodities, for example, grinds and processes animal hides--and, allegedly, euthanized pets provided by veterinary hospitals and humane societies operating so-called kill-shelters--and restaurant grease into large amounts of animal byproduct, including livestock and poultry feed and ... pet food. (Yes, it is a dog-eat-dog world, after all.) Like its competitor, Darling International, Baker is a default business, enjoying a monopolistic grip in vast regions of the US, where restaurants--ranging from a family owned-and-operated diner to a cluster of franchised fast food outlets--basically have no choice but to pay the company to take away waste vegetable oil.

Baker's status as a "silent industry” giant changed in 2003 when US authorities found a case of mad-cow disease at its Spokane, Washington plant. The case attracted national media attention. By the time federal inspectors identified the diseased animal, nearly two weeks had passed, and the cow, which had originated in Canada, had been processed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As Expected, North Korea Fires More Missiles

North Korea has test-fired several missiles, as predicted by China Confidential.

The provocative launches took place Wednesday, according to US National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. The missiles were fired into the Sea of Japan as UN inspectors prepared to visit a reactor at the centre of Pyongyang's nuclear program.

We expect to see another salvo--on or around July 4.

Unless the US coughs up significantly more money--earmarked for the personal accounts of Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il and his family--more provocations can be expected before the end of the year, including, even, another nuclear test. The secretive, Stalinist/Kimist regime is focused on blackmail and bullying in order to line its pockets while driving the US out of the Korean Peninsula.

The Bush administration's clumsy appeasement policy is backfiring--big-time.

Rice Advocating Appeasing 'Moderate' Islamists

Like Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, America's worst-ever Secretary of State is stepping up to the plate--for Radical Islam.

China Confidential can confirm that Condoleezza Rice has emerged as the Bush administration's most effective advocate for a policy of diplomatically engaging (code for appeasing) supposed moderate Islamists, including members of the murderous Muslim Brotherhood, Hitlerian Hamas, torture-loving Taliban, and the nuclearizing, turbaned tyrants of Iran.

Only Al Qaeda remains outside the pale of possible engagement--for the time being. The appeasement-prone State Department is open to the concept of luring an array of "Al Qaeda associated and influenced" operatives....

Obsessed with her idiotic ideas regarding "transformational diplomacy," Rice is working overtime to persuade President Bush that there are democratic-leaning Islamists across the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Her arguments resonate in influential circles, including the Council on Foreign Relations, America's most influential think tank. Foreign Affairs, which the CFR publishes, has commissioned several articles in favor of "accommodating" alleged moderate Islamists.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Iran May Host Anti-Biofuels Conference

Nuclear power (and arms) yes, biofuels no.

Following Fidel Castro's lead, Iran's turbaned tyrants are considering a condemnation of biofuels, including both biodiesel and ethanol.

China Confidential has learned that Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is working on an anti-biofuels speech; and an international conference in Tehran, modeled after Iran's infamous Holocaust denial conferance, is also in the works, with oil-rich, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez delivering the keynote address.

Sources say the murderous mullahs are concerned that technological breakthroughs--including commercialization of cellulosic ethanol and jatropha- and algae-based biodiesel production--could eventually depress world oil prices.

Bottom line: there will be no biofuels project of any kind in Iran as long as the Islamist regime is in power; and simply writing or speaking favorably about biofuels could lead to jail--or worse.

Intelligence Items: Kim and Carter

1. NORTH KOREA. China's military chiefs are watching developments with intense interest. The PLA wants the nuclear disarmament deal to succeed--up to a point. It serves China's interest to draw the United States into a prolonged, painful process of negotiations perhaps leading to a de-nuclearized North, perhaps not. The matter is still being debated at the highest levels of Chinese military/political leadership. Overall, the PLA wants the US bogged down as much as possible in as many parts of the world as possible in order to free China's hand with respect to its unprecedented military modernization and expansion, including development of space-war weapons.

China Confidential continues to forecast further North Korean provocations, including a possible repeat of last year's July 4 missile-test. Pyongyang's goal is (a) to extract as much money and aid as possible from the US--including cash injections destined for the personal accounts of Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, and (b) to ultimately drive the US from the Korean Peninsula.

2. IRAN. There he goes again. Having defended Hamas at an Irish human rights forum, former President Jimmy Carter is telling associates that he would go to Iran and act as a human shield if necessary to stop a US attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. At least, that's the rumor circulating in European diplomatic circles....

Carter's hatred of Israel is apparently only matched by his love of supposed moderate mullahs in the Iranian regime.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bill Gertz on The China Threat

EDITOR'S NOTE: The debating society Intelligence Squared US held a session last month on the motion: "Beware the dragon: A booming China spells trouble for America." Bill Gertz spoke for the motion. Excerpts of his remarks follow. Gertz, 55, is a defense and national security reporter for The Washington Times and the author of five books, including “The China Threat: How the People's Republic Targets America,” (Regnery) which was published in November 2000.

I’ve identified what I call 11 sources of trouble for the United States from China. The first is China’s military buildup. Number two is the danger of war over Taiwan. Number three is expansionism over energy resources. Number four is the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missiles. Number five is massive intelligence operations to steal US secrets and technology. Number six is influence operations and so-called money diplomacy. Number seven is unfair trade practices, including currency valuation manipulation. Number eight, intellectual property theft. Number nine, human rights abuses. Number 10, religious repression. And number 11, environmental degradation and global warming.

To start with, the most serious trouble for America from China is China’s military buildup. On January 11th of this year, China conducted an unprecedented anti-satellite missile test. They fired a missile that traveled through space and hit a low Earth orbit satellite, a Chinese weather satellite, destroying it and creating 16,000 pieces of debris, which pose a threat to other satellites.

US official were shocked by this development because US intelligence estimates of China’s military have been stating for years that China is 10, 15, maybe 20 years behind the United States ... so far behind that there is no way China’s military could pose a threat.

What the Chinese ASAT [anti-satellite] test showed was that China is not seeking to follow the US missile for missile, ship for ship, submarine for submarine. They’re going after niche weapons, they’re trying to leap ahead with special technology, and they’re doing this in a number of key areas, one of which is anti-satellite weapons.

Officials in Washington estimate that by, within the next six years, China will have the capability of destroying all US low Earth orbit satellites. Basically, this could be the modern day equivalent of a space Pearl Harbor against the United States if there were a conflict over Taiwan.

Regarding Taiwan, the danger of war over the Taiwan Strait continues. China has not renounced its plan to use force to retake the island. It is applying pressure, across the board to pressure this democracy. It is succeeding in many ways to influenceing US policy in ways that would diminish support for this traditional ally.

The danger of China expanding to gain resources is kind of a new source of trouble that has been identified by some studies in the Pentagon one of which was called the “string of pearls strategy.” It shows that China is developing a string of pearls, bases, alliances along a path going from the Middle East, where much of its oil comes from, all the way to China. There are concerns that because energy is so integral to China’s modernization effort, that China at some point will have to expand militarily, perhaps the Russian Far East, perhaps Southeast Asia, to take over places that have valuable oil and gas resources.

Intelligence operations. This is a subject that I have focused on in my recent book. It also highlights the case of Chi Mak, who was a Chinese intelligence agent, recently convicted in California of being an unregistered agent of the Chinese government. It’s part of a mushrooming spy case, more of which will be coming out in the coming weeks and months, which shows that China has been very successful in stealing some of the most advanced US weapons technology, including the next generation quiet electric drive for our war ships, secrets about our submarine force, and as well as the AEGIS battle management system, which is the heart of the, the modern Navy.

As for influence operations, this is another area where China has been extremely successful in influencing policies against the United States. We see this through what one Chinese defector called “money diplomacy,” buying up former US officials, and using those officials to lobby against policies that China doesn’t like. This is having a deleterious effect on the US economy and US policy because it’s preventing the US from truly understanding the directions and goals of China’s military modernization and its general modernization as well.

Representative Randy Forbes, the chairman of the China caucus in the House of Representatives estimates that China spends upwards of $100 million annually on these influence operations.

Unfair trade practices and currency issues, as well intellectual property theft. These issues are fairly well known, but I would like to highlight one issue surrounding the whole trade question. The main policy for the US towards China has been to trade with China as a way to seek a liberalized Chinese government and political system. Unfortunately, the idea of trading with China as a liberal, a liberalizing factor is not working. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Many feel that China’s military buildup is being benefited by its economic growth, but yet we have seen little or no political reform in China. This is a very serious source of trouble for the United States.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

US Diplomats Disturbed by Taiwan Plan

Flashpoint Taiwan.

America's China-loving diplomats are deeply disturbed by Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian's decision to hold a referendum on whether the island should seek membership in the United Nations under the name Taiwan. The referendum would be held alongside Taiwan's presidential election scheduled for March of next year.

The State Department is urging Chen to "exercise leadership" by withdrawing the idea of the referendum, which it says would serve no purpose other than to increase tensions with China.

At a news briefing Tuesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the United States supports Taiwan's inclusion in international bodies that do not require statehood for membership.

"The United States opposes any initiative that appears designed to change Taiwan's status unilaterally," McCormack said. "This would include a referendum on whether to apply to the United Nations under the name Taiwan."

McCormack said the referendum idea appears to run counter to Chen's repeated promises to President Bush and the international community that he would not upset the status quo in the region.

The Chinese government last week lashed out against the referendum plan, calling it a move to incite conflict and an attempt by Chen to gain de jure independence for the self-ruled island, which China considers a renegade province.

A Taiwanese spokesman said Tuesday the referendum would go forward despite the criticism, saying the proposed vote is supported by a majority of Taiwanese and does not violate any commitments by Chen.

Seemingly Demented Carter Defends Hamas

Sources in Ireland say Jimmy Carter seemed "positively senile" Tuesday during his speech and a press briefing at Ireland's annual human rights forum.

The 83-year-old former American President--who effectively launched the worldwide Islamist revolution nearly three decades ago by undermining Iran's modernizing, pro-Western Shah in a cynical, failed attempt to curry favor with the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini--shocked many observers by issuing a passionate defense of the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

Carter accused the United States, Israel and the European Union of seeking to divide the Palestinian people by reopening aid to President Mahmoud Abbas' new government in the West Bank while denying the same to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Carter also said the Bush administration's refusal to accept Hamas' 2006 election victory was "criminal." He said monitors from his Carter Center observed the 2006 election that Hamas won, adding that he vote was "orderly and fai."

Hamas triumphed, in part, Carter said, because it was "shrewd in selecting candidates," whereas a divided, corrupt Fatah ran multiple candidates for single seats.

"The United States and Israel decided to punish all the people in Palestine and did everything they could to deter a compromise between Hamas and Fatah," Carter said.

Carter said the US and others supplied the Fatah-controlled security forces in Gaza with vastly superior weaponry in hopes they would "conquer Hamas in Gaza" — but Hamas routed Fatah in the fighting last week because of its "superior skills and discipline."

EU Cracking Down on China Dog, Cat Killing

Regarding China's culture of cruelty to animals, AP reports:

"The European Parliament on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a ban on trade in products containing cat or dog fur following calls to outlaw a practice many consider unethical and animal rights advocates call barbaric.

"The ban, which must be approved by European Union governments, would take effect in 2009.

"The European Commission says cat and dog fur can be found in some clothing, personal accessories and soft toys being sold on the European market, either falsely labeled as another kind of fur or hidden within the product....

"Campaigners have claimed millions of animals are bred for fur — mostly in China and other Asian nations. The animal rights group Humane Society International said in 2005 it uncovered dog and cat fur production that had taken place in the Czech Republic — a member of the EU since 2004.

"Humane Society International estimates around 2 million cats and dogs are killed worldwide for fur each year, with an estimated 5,400 cats and dogs killed in China each day."

As reported by China Confidential, China's sickening slaughter includes the mass clubbing, shooting, torture, skinning alive and electrocution of dogs as well as organized, large-scale kidnapping of pets. It is not uncommon for dogs to be snatched from their owners arms and beaten to death before their eyes.

Flush with Cash, Dear Leader Fires Another Missile

From the North Korean hell-hole comes another provocation, as China Confidential predicted only yesterday. Flush with $25 million in funds transferred from his frozen Macau bank account, North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il fired a short-range missile towards Japan. It was the North's second such test in two weeks.

Today's test is a warm-up exercise for the main event--namely, a repeat of last year's July 4 long-range missile launching by North Korea.

The secretive, Stalinist/Kimist regime is obsessed with the United States and US national holidays. Pyongyang's way of ruining its adversary's Independence Day celebration--which traditionally includes impressive fireworks displays--is to show the world that it is capable of hitting the US and its ally, Japan, with ballistic missiles.

The more money and fuel the US and South Korea send to North Korea's lunatic leader, the more aggressive and demanding he will become. Like his Islamist ally, Iran--with whom he is collaborating on nuclear, missile, and biological warfare programs--with a nod from China--Kim sees the US as a dying but still dangerous hegemon.

In addition to more missile tests, another North Korean nuclear test before the end of the year is also a distinct possibility.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Intelligence Items: NK, Syria, Iran

1. North Korea. Even if it ceases operations at its Yongbyon plutonium producing nuclear reactor within weeks, as US envoy Christopher Hill announced today at a press briefing in Beijing, the rogue state will continue to use every negotiating tactic and ploy in its playbook to wring further concessions from the United States in return for the appearance of progress in implementing February's flawed, six-nation nuclear disarmament deal. The transfer of the blocked $25 million from a Macau bank was just the beginning of a painfully long and complex process that is likely to include fresh provocations--such as a replay of last year's July 4 missile tests and, looking ahead to the fall, possibly, even, a new nuclear test.

2. Syria. It talks peace but prepares for war. In fact, Iran's ally is ready for war with Israel--and has even commenced hostilities. Syria was responsible for yesterday's Katyusha rocket attacks on the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona. The secular Arab state--which is allied with Iran and its Lebanese Islamist proxy, Hezbollah--is assisting Hamas in its plans for an Islamist takeover of the West Bank ahead of an all-out assault on Israel.

3. Iran. Despite the defiant stance in its nuclear standoff with the West, the Islamist regime is increasingly afraid of a US attack. The buzz in Tehran is that the embattled Bush administration is planning a "September surprise"--meaning, massive air strikes aimed at taking out Iran's nuclear installations--in order to distract attention from the Iraq war. Iranian hardliners view US diplomatic overtures as a deception; they believe a "war faction" has won the day in Washington.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Attack on Iran Could Turn Everything Around

The discredited, deeply unpopular Bush administration has one chance to win the war in Iraq and restore the reputation of the Bush Presidency: a successful military attack on Iran to eradicate its nuclear and missile programs and eliminate the monstrous mullahocracy that has been in power since the Carter administration-allowed Islamist overthrow of the modernizing, pro-Western Shah in 1979. The global Islamist Revolution started--and must be ended--in Iran.

Iran is arming its allies and proxies in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine, and intensifying tensions throughout the region ahead of an Iranian-directed assault against Israel and a series of Iranian-directed terrorist attacks against American targets.

Ending the Iranian regime would pave the way for long-overdue, massive military strikes against Shiite and Sunni Islamist forces in Iraq.

Regime change in Tehran would also allow Israel to destroy Hezbollah and Hamas and, if need be, the Baathist regime in Damascus, though there is a chance Syria could be dissuaded from joining a conflict with the Jewish State and lured into the Western camp if Iran is suddenly removed from the equation.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Real Rising China: Hell on Earth

Revealed at last: the real rising China. A culture of horrible cruelty and rampant corruption.

Behind the curtain, far from the fawning eyes of Western business executives and bankers, lies a hidden land of exploitation, abject poverty and abuse, even slavery. China's Laogai, a Gulag-like system of slave labor and concentration camps, is ignored by Western media, eager for access to the China market.

The worst exploiters are actually well connected businessmen, including the sons of Communist Party officials.

Reuters reports:

"As many as 1,000 children may have been sold into slave labor in central China, enduring maiming and brutality in primitive brick kilns, state media said on Friday amid an expanding scandal about official neglect.

"The owners ran the prison-like kilns in Shanxi and Henan provinces with fierce dogs and thugs who beat the children at will, state television said. One accidentally killed a child with a shovel and buried the body at night, it said.

"The workers, mostly young males, some of whom were kidnapped from around the country, were shown on television sleeping on bricks inside the brickworks with doors sealed from outside with wire and windows barred to prevent their escape.

"Some had horrific, festering wounds on their black feet and around their waist, presumably from burns from the kiln."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not Happening: North Korean Nuclear Disarmament

Another American foreign policy failure....

North Korea is getting its money. Correction: North Korea's lunatic leader is getting his money. The blocked $25 million that is being wired out of Macau belongs to Kim Jong-Il, who can be credited with creating the world's first criminal country with totalitarian trappings.

But North Korea has no intention of ending its nuclear arms program. Instead, Pyongyang will play for time--like nuclear tag-team buddy Iran--while continuing to develop weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them across great distances. We expect to see announcements of longer-range, more accurate, North Korean ballistic missiles.

Also predicted: fresh provocations, including a repeat of last year's July 4 missile test-firings and a new nuclear detonation, possibly before the end of the year.

Gaza Gone, West Bank is Next

The West Bank is next.

With Gaza firmly in the grip of Hamas, the action will shift to the West Bank as the Syrian/Iranian-allied Palestinian Islamist movement moves to consolidate control of Palestinian affairs.

The region is Islamizing faster than expected. Nearly six years after 9/11, the ideas of Sunni Al Qaeda and Shiite Iran are more appealing to Middle Eastern Muslims than ever. Iranian proxy Hezbollah, with Syria's backing, is Lebanon's most powerful force. And while Syria may still be officially secular, the Islamist tide is rapidly rising there too. Hence, the regime's reluctance to break with Iran.

On 9/12, there might have been a chance for the United States to lure Damascus away from Tehran; a carrot (massive foreign aid) and stick (massive military strikes against Iran) combination might have worked. It's almost certainly too late now.

Don't be distracted by the sectarian conflict in Iraq. It's a sideshow--big and bloody but not the main event. Iraq is poised for partition; Iran is already the big winner there.

Palestine is key: connect the dots. The Islamist enemy--Shiite and Sunni--is positioning its forces, including Syria, for a historic confrontation with Israel and the US.

Iran and Hamas are dead serious about (a) destroying the "Little Satan" and (b) driving the "Big Satan" from the Middle East. The mullahocracy has no intention of giving up its nuclear and missile programs.

Islamist Hezbollah has no intention of disarming. It is armed to the teeth with thousands of Iranian-made, Chinese-designed, North Korean-upgraded, long-range rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv, as recently reported.

Syria is determined to recover the Golan Heights--and ready for war with Israel.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bomb Blast Kills Anti-Syrian Lebanese MP

So much for Syria's peace initiative.

A bomb blast in Beirut on Wednesday killed anti-Syrian Lebanese MP Walid Eido and one of his sons, along with their two bodyguards and six other civilians.

At least 11 people were injured by the explosion, which tore through the Lebanese capital's Manara waterfront district.

Eido, 64, was a prominent Sunni and a member of Saad al-Hariri's majority bloc in parliament.

His assassination came roughly six months after he vowed to stop Iran's Lebanese Shiite proxy, Hezbollah, from taking over Lebanon.

“We will sell our blood to buy weapons and confront them," Eido said. "We will never let them control the country.”

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rice Appeasement Drive Fails to Stop Iran

Iran's decision to deliberately escalate tensions in connection with its nuclear standoff with the West--including stepping up uranium enrichment, arresting Iranian-Americans, and publicly threatening to attack Persian Gulf states if the United States or Israel attacks Iran--highlights the utter failure of the last-ditch appeasement campaign conducted by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Thanks in part to Rice, the monstrous mullahocracy has been able to play for time while developing atomic arms and making final preparations for war.

Diplomacy has failed to stop Iran. The countdown to conflict has begun.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hezbollah Can Hit Tel Aviv with Chinese Rockets

Hezbollah may have more than 30,000 Iranian-made, Chinese-designed rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv--not 20,000, as reported by Britain's Sunday Times. Each Fatah-110 rocket has a 500-lb. warhead and a range of 200 kilometers.

Iran probably upgraded the rockets with the help of North Korea.

In addition to the long-range rockets, huge quantities of arms--including Chinese- and Iranian-made short-range rockets and Russian-made antitank missiles, small arms, mines and ammunition--have been smuggled into Lebanon from Syria and Iran.

According to the Times, Iran's Shiite Islamist proxy has built a network of underground military bunkers that can withstand air strikes. The bunkers were built close to the Israel-Lebanon border, under the noses of United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon.

Some bunkers are as much as 300 feet deep and as wide as a football field; others can hold fewer than 10 fighters. All the bunkers are equipped with sophisticated communications equipment. Many bunkers are connected by tunnels, limiting Israel's ability to destroy them from the air.

Venezuela Wants to Buy More Russian Rifles

China Confiidential has learned that Venezuela is seeking to significantly increase its purchase of Russian-made AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles. The South American nation wants to buy at least an additional 50,000 AK47s over and above the previously reported order of 100,000.

The government of Venezuela's leftwing president, Hugo Chavez, has alarmed the United States by signing military deals with Moscow valued at approximately $3.4 billion.

In addition to the legendary assault rifles, the arms transfers include Sukhoi fighter jets and attack and transport helicopters.

China Planning Paris Hub for African Affairs

China Confidential has learned that China plans to establish an Africa-focused diplomatic and trade hub in Paris. The complex will be completely separate from the Chinese embassy, which is naturally focused on Chinese-French relations.

Chinese officials are searching for suitable properties for the planned hub, or center, which aims to exploit France's historically close relations with Africa and the excellent airline connections between the French capital and African countries.

Beijing originally intended to make South Africa a regional base; but that plan was reportedly changed to avoid the appearance of favoring any particular African nation.

Sources say China would eventually like to establish a similar hub for Latin American affairs in Miami, Florida; however, the idea of using an American city to target a region regarded as America's own backyard is presently considered too politically charged for serious consideration--even for rising China's increasingly assertive diplomatic corps.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

North Korea Mess Makes No Sense

Nearly two months after North Korea was obliged to shut down its Yongbyon nuclear complex under a February 13 nuclear disarmament deal, it has refused to do so and is instead insisting that it first receive about $25 million in its once-frozen accounts in Macau-based Banco Delta Asia.

Meanwhile, the dumbbell diplomats at America's State Department have supposedly been trying to persuade international and American banks to facilitate a transfer of the accounts to the North. The diplomats claim that Russia is being especially helpful in trying to find a solution.

Bottom line: $25 million--money widely assumed to belong to deranged North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il or his depraved son--is holding up what was billed by the State Department as a breakthrough peace pact.

What's wrong with this picture?

Plenty. Simply put, If the nuclear disarmament deal is worth signing, it is worth paying for. And $25 million is a pittance to pay for North Korean compliance, even if the dough lines the pockets of some of the worst villains on the planet. In fact, in an era of global greed and excess--when leading, individual hedge fund managers earn tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and luxury apartments and estates commonly command price tags of more than $10 million--the notion that $25 million is an obstacle to ridding the Korean peninsula of nuclear arms is absurd.

North Korea has degenerated into a kind of criminal enterprise cloaked in totalitarian ideology. The leadership thrives while the masses starve--or are deliberately starved. Concentration camps--complete with gas chambers--are part of the national landscape. Atrocities are everyday occurrences.

All of which is horrible, to put matters mildly. But the United States is not committed to liberating North Korea; on the contrary, given the military might of the missile-mad, Stalinist/Kimist regime, US policy aims to contain and accommodate (if not actually appease) Pyongyang in the hope (a) that its intentions do not necessarily include the conquest of South Korea and an attack on Japan, and (b) that the North will somehow eventually change from within or be changed by its chief protector and ally, China.

Thus, there is a logic to bribing Dear Leader and his crew. Twenty-five million or $250 million would be worth paying, pocket change, actually, if the money would really buy peace. In fact, a case could be made that a couple of billion dollars would be worth forking over (in installments) to not only end the North's nuclear program but also put a stop to its missile and biological warfare programs--and continuing collaboration with nuclearizing, Islamist Iran.

However, if the Feb. agreement is merely a charade that the incredibly incompetent and embattled Bush administration entered into to stall for time until it can hand the messy North Korean file over to its successor, then the Macau bank account issue is probably a bogus ploy of some sort--perhaps a last-minute delaying tactic reflecting US disgust over the thought of further enriching Kim and Company--and the administration's explanation of the affair is nothing more than disinformation ... and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

The public deserves better than that. It has a right to know the truth about what is really going on in Korea--and in Washington.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Israeli Overture to Syria Raises Troubling Questions

The timing of Israel's stunning land-for-peace offer to Syria raises a long list of questions, including the following:

1. Why make the offer now, after losing the Second Lebanese War, letting the United States dictate a no-negotiation policy, and watching secular Syria grow closer to both Iran and its Islamist Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah? The answer must be fear and weakness. Israel fears an all-out Syrian-Hezbollah-Hamas assault, and is too weak to do anything about it except opt for appeasement. The US fears Iran and the Islamist world and is afraid Syria is about to go Islamist. The Golan is the currency for luring Syria away from Tehran and its proxies and allies.

2. Why wasn't this tried on 9/12? That is, if the US and Israel really believe Syria can be lured away from Iran today, why didn't Washington try to accomplish this right after the Islamist attacks of 9/11? Logically, it should have been easier then--when the world expected the US to respond with overwhelming fury to the worst-ever attacks on its soil and Israel's derterrent capability was still strong--to both threaten the Syrian regime with extinction while offering it billions of dollars in foreign aid, security assurances and recognition, and other inducements. An overture to Syria could have been combined with swift, massive and truly devastating military strikes against Iran's mullahocracy and all other Islamist centers of power--none of which occurred. Instead, the US bungled the chance to annihilate Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, catered and even caved in to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and invaded Iraq, converting a secular foe into an Iranian satellite and center of Islamist terror.

Horrible as the thought may be, the US could be helping its strategic ally, Israel, into an early grave.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chavez Sees Nuclear Missiles Ending US Hegemony

Like Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez dreams of "a world without America."

China Confidential has learned that the Crackpot of Caracas has told close friends and associates that America's days as the world's leading military power--or hegemon, in Chinese military and political parlance--are clearly numbered.

Chavez reportedly sees air power--actually, the threat of annihilation by nuclear-tipped missiles--as the key to cutting Washington down to size and driving it from its overseas bases and commitments.

In less than a decade, according to Chavez, the United States will face a "perfect storm" of potential nuclear missile attacks from North Korea, Iran, and China, which is known to be augmenting its estimated strategic nuclear arsenal of about 20 intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear submarines capable of hitting the US. China is also developing a space-war program aimed (a) at blinding US satellites, and (b) at attacking the US from orbiting weapons systems.

Sources say that Chavez, inspired by the Cuban missile crisis, hopes that China or its vassal, North Korea, will eventually supply Venezuela with missiles capable of destroying Washington.

Edwards Could Visit Caracas, Meet Iranians

Coming soon: photos of Hugo Chavez hugging John Edwards.

Really. Latin American sources say the Venezuelan dictator is looking forward to hosting John Edwards, the multimillionaire American trial lawyer-turned-populist presidential candidate.

Edwards is campaigning with pro-Chavez American actor Danny Glover, who has reportedly convinced the candidate to visit Caracas and express support for Chavez.

Sources say the leftwing despot is also arranging for Edwards to meet with Iranian government officials (or agents) during his stay in the Venezuelan capital.

Venezuela is Iran's staunch ally. The oil-rich South American nation is also allied with two Communist tyrannies--Castroite Cuba and Kimist North Korea.

BBC: Bandar Bribed by UK Arms Dealer

Confirming that Saudi Arabia is a dysfunctional family business pretending to be a country, the BBC has found that the oil-rich tyranny's envoy to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, received secret payments for over a decade in connection with a 40 billion pound arms deal with Britain's biggest arms dealer, BAE Systems.

The payments were made with the full knowledge of Britain's Ministry of Defence, according to the BBC; and Prince Bandar has "categorically" denied receiving any improper payments.

Syria Could Attack Israel with Iraqi WMD

If and when Syria attacks Israel, the Arab nation's arsenal could include Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Yes, Iraqi WMD.

There is increasing evidence that Saddam had the weapons, after all, but successfully transferred the arms to Syria before and during the American invasion.

And the Bush administration, according to an ex-Pentagon special investigator, is too embarrassed to admit what happened ... while the Democrats have no reason or incentive to confirm the administration's original justification for the war.

A handful of newspapers and a network of conservative bloggers--including the intrepid Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs--have kept the story alive.

Report: N. Korea Fires Missiles off W. Coast

Just hours after China Confidential published its early warning about another North Korean missile launch (scroll for the story), South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported that Pyongyang may have test-fired a number of short-range missiles off its west coast on Thursday morning.

North Korea test-fired at least one short-range missile at the end of May, off its east coast.

China Confidential expects additional provocations from the North--including a long-range ballistic missile test on or around July 4.

On May 29, we wrote: "We expect [North Korean Dear Leader] Kim [Jong-il] to green-light new provocations, such as more missile launches–maybe another July 4 salvo, like last year."

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More July 4 Fireworks from North Korea?

Early warning.

Australian and Japanese intelligence experts are seriously concerned that North Korea may be planning a repeat July 4 missile launch. Sources say the Stalinist/Kimist regime is determined to successfully test-fire a Taepodong-2 missile with a range of 3,500-4,000 km.

North Korea is also developing a Taepodong-3, which could travel 12,000 km and theoretically strike Australia.

North Korea shares its missile technology with Iran. The two rogue states have also collaborated in the nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare spheres.

Pyongyang followed last year's July 4 missile launching with its first-ever explosion of an atomic device on October 9. China Confidential predicted the week of the missile launch and the day of the nuclear detonation.

The United States and the so-called international community have failed to contain North Korea. A February nuclear disarmament agreement is terribly flawed; and the North, which is notorious for shredding its commitments, is already in gross violation of the new accord.

Deadly Denial: Israel Underestimating its Enemies

Forty years after the Six-Day War, Israel's worst-ever government is showing weakness in the face of aggression and totally underestimating the capabilities and intentions of its enemies.

Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza are setting the stage for waves of devastating missile strikes from Iran's Islamist Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, and a sudden, surprise attack from Syria seeking to snatch the Golan Heights--and perhaps even parts of the Galilee--from Israeli control. The Syrian assault on Israel, which will include massive missile attacks and ground forces, could be preceded by provocative guerrilla actions aimed at harassing Israeli troops in the Golan.

The Syrian regime regards the coming war as the final conflict with the Jewish state. The Syrian intention is to inflict a decisive defeat that will pave the way for Israel's dismantling or eventual crack-up.

Like Syria, Iran may not sit this war out. The monstrous mullahocracy is preparing its own mega-missile attacks and may even commit its troops to combat.

In contrast with Syria, Iran believes the conditions are ripe for Israel's actual annihilation and not merely a major military defeat. Iranian monster-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is dead serious about "uprooting the Zionist entity" and the "countdown" to its eradication.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Muslims Must Know Mecca Will Go if Islamists Attempt Atomic Attack Against US or Israel

A piece of ancient Jewish wisdom: He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.

Amid increasingly credible intelligence reports that Al Qaeada and Iran may be preparing nuclear attacks against the United States and Israel--using smuggled atomic warheads, North Korean missiles, sea-launched nuclear-tipped Scuds, or radioactive dirty bombs--the Muslim world must be told in no uncertain terms that Mecca and all other Muslim holy sites will be destroyed in the event of another mega-terrorist assault against the West.

In fact, a case could be made for taking out Iran, Pakistan, and Mecca now--while there is still time to strike first.

Islam and Islamism are virtually synonymous; the organized religion--inherently intolerant and violent--has essentially been taken over by the fascist creed that cloaks itself in clerical garb. Ugly, bloody Islam and imperialist Islamism are one and the same. Therefore, winning the war against Islam/Islamism can only be achieved (a) by delivering mass death and dstruction to the Islamic/Islamist enemy, and (b) by causing a crisis in faith among tens of millions of ordinary Muslims.

Like the German Nazis, the Muslim masses must be brought to their knees--not in prayer--but in mass hysteria and despair in the face of actual proof that their barbaric beliefs have led only to self-destruction.

We've said this before but it's worth repeating: End Islam before it ends us.

China Sides with Russia on Missile Defense

EDITOR'S NOTE: As indicated by the following VOA dispatch, the incredibly incompetent Bush administration has been spectacularly successful in driving rising China and resurgent Russia closer together. Richard Nixon must be rolling in his grave. Dr. Kissinger, where are you? Read on....

China made clear Tuesday that it opposes the US plan to put interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic to deter potential missile attacks from so-called rogue states.

At a weekly press briefing, Jiang Yu, spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said the shield would upset a delicate balance of security among major powers.

"The Chinese side has always held that missile defense impacts the strategic balance and stability," Jiang said. "It is not conducive to mutual trust between major powers and also regional security. It can also bring new proliferation problems."

China sides with Russia, another vocal opponent of the proposed missile defense system, in demanding the US scrap the plan. US officials say the shield is not offensive and would only be used to defend against attacks from nations such as Iran and North Korea.

China has repeatedly criticized US plans to deploy a missile defense system in Asia with the cooperation of Japan.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered to brief China on the proposed Asian missile defense shield with the aim of reassuring Beijing that it would not threaten China's nuclear deterrent.

Russian president Putin has warned that his country could target missiles at Europe if the US deploys the defense shield in Eastern Europe.

President Bush on Tuesday insisted during a news conference in Prague that the shield is not aimed at Russia and invited the Russians to take part in the project.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Follow Me: The Story of the Six-Day War

Part 1.

China OKs Hotline; US Changes Tone

All you need is ... a hotline.

After years of expressing concerns about China's ominous and opaque military build-up--including a strategically important space-war program--the Pentagon changed its tone Saturday. US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said there was reason for optimism about the US-China relationship.

"As we gain experience in dealing with each other, relationships can be forged that will build trust over time," Gates told the Shangri-La Dialogue, the pre-eminent security conference in Asia.

It seems all it took to calm down Washington was a phone call, or, rather, the promise of a call in case something urgent comes up. China agreed to install a US-Soviet-Cold War-style defense hotline, which Washington has sought for more than five years.

Perhaps Beijing will also agree to a secure buddy-chat system. It could be be used to discuss China's announced increase in defense spending by 17.8 percent to about $45 billion in 2007--an estimate US intelligence experts and the Pentagon put at between $85 billion and $125 billion.

The US and the Soviet Union launched their hotline on June 20, 1963, at the height of the Cold War. The direct phone link, which also involved the British, was intended to help reduce the risk of nuclear war occurring by accident, miscalculation or failure of communications.

The Cold War hotline was originally proposed by Jess Gorkin, editor of the mass circulation, US Sunday supplement-style magazine, Parade, in a cover article following the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. One of America's most influential editors--who both reported and made news--Gorkin also played a key role in promoting cooperation of Russian and American space programs leading to the Soviet-American space link.