Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who Could Have Imagined Obama?

Dateline USA....

As some say, who woulda thunk it?

The odds are that the Democratic Party, approaching the seventh anniversary of 9/11, will likely nominate a man for President of the United States who for two decades was "spiritually advised" and mentored by a racist pastor who, only five days after the mega-attacks, blamed them on American foreign policy, including support for alleged Israeli state-terrorism.

Who could have imagined that the Democratic Party would turn to a man who palled around with former fugitives of the terrorist Weather Underground--including a notorious, self-confessed and unrepentant serial bomber whose targets included the US Capitol?

Who could have imagined that with the war against Islamism still raging and Islamism still ascendant in many regions of the world--and increasingly threatening the future and survival of Western democracy in Europe--the Democratic Party would pick a man whose middle name is Hussein, who studied in a Muslim school as a child in Muslim Indonesia, and who was born and remains a Muslim--but, because of his church affiliation, may also be considered an apostate subject to the ultimate punishment--in the eyes of Muslim religious law?

Who could have imagined that the Democratic Party would turn to a candidate advised by Israel-bashing anti-Semites who are sympathetic to the Islamist terrorist group Hamas and its nuclear-arming, missile-making ally, Islamist Iran?

Who could have imagined that the Democratic Party would embrace a politician whose qualifications boil down to (a) charisma, (b) delivering one speech, and (c) bylining a book, the title of which was taken from the candidate's anti-American pastor?

In short, who could have imagined Barack Obama--an inspiring and intelligent feel-good candidate and liberal media darling who turned out to be surrounded by bigots and bad apples?

Hang in there, Hillary. Your party and your country need you to continue campaigning, because the alternative is scary.