Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iran's Other Weapon of Mass Destruction

Carbon Confidential....

Ahead of acquiring an atomic bomb, Iran is already using a weapon of mass destruction to bring down the United States--rising oil prices.

The mullahocracy is determined to keep a lid on OPEC oil production in order to maximize Tehran's profits and America's pain. Iran's anti-American ally and fellow OPEC militant, Venezuela, is aiding the effort.

Iran's nuclear standoff with the West thus serves more than one purpose. Continued defiance and stalling buys Iran bomb-building time, further establishes Iran as the leader of radical Islam, and maintains the tension that fuels the speculation in oil that helps to push prices higher.

In other words, the oil weapon is both supported by and supporting the development of nuclear weapons. Never before in history has anything like this happened.

And never before in history has a great nation--the US--been so suicidal. Although they are clearly swimming in cash, the country's big, integrated, international oil companies are avoiding risk and behaving more like bankers, lawyers and hedge fund operators than the great oil finders and developers of yesteryear. The once giant domestic oil industry seems to be on its last legs, like the coal industry, thanks to Al Gore and Company. Paralyzed by manmade global warming hysteria and environmental extremism, the country lacks the political will to drill, produce and conserve its way out of the energy crisis. It ignores the potential for massive domestic development of heavy crude and tar sands, oil shale and liquified coal, the squeezing of new oil from old fields through enhanced recovery methods. The US ignores truly awesome energy resources that can be developed right now using proven, available technologies in favor of pie-in-the-sky alternatives such as solar, wind, and so-called biofuels--an especially cruel scam aimed at raising the price of corn, soy and other agricultural crops for the benefit of a handful of incredibly rich and secretive agribusiness firms.

What is to be done?

Drill. The US needs to drill for conventional and heavy oil and gas, produce and liquify coal, extract oil from sand and shale and old oil fields, needs to do all these things as a matter of urgent national security--like the nation's life depends on it. Which is exactly the case. As Iran and Venezuela and China and Russia understand--everyone, apparently, except for America's three Presidential candidates and do-nothing Congress--energy, not environmental extremism, is the lifeblood of a country. There is a limit to what the country--any country--can withstand. And we are rapidly approaching that limit.

If the US does not act soon and act in a big way to bring down the price of oil, it is only a matter of time before we will be counting the dead across our land--not from a nuclear blast (though our Islamist enemies are certainly planning such an attack), but from ever-escalating energy and food prices.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008