Friday, May 16, 2008

Comment: Hillary Should Start a Third Party

Dateline USA....

Now is the time for all decent Democrats to come to their senses....

If Hillary Clinton loses the Democratic nomination, she should abandon the Democrats as the party of appeasement and defeat, and make a third-party run for the White House. She owes it to herself and her country to seriously consider this option.

Her party could be truly progressive in the best sense of the term--a voice for the middle class and the working poor, a party rooted in traditional Democratic values, including a strong stand on defense and security.

Millions of Americans would join and support such a party ... for rebuilding and re-industrializing the United States ... for genuine energy security (as opposed to the false hope of total energy independence), good jobs, health care and education ... for prosperity instead of pauperization ... victory in the war against radical Islam instead of appeasement of America's worst enemies ... effective diplomacy that preserves the peace instead of diplomacy for its own sake that only makes war--on the enemy's terms--inevitable.

Go for it, Hillary! Your opportunity to make history--and help your country--is ironically greater than it has ever been.