Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Obama: Muslim-Born but Maybe Not Natural-Born

Dateline USA....

Is America's first Muslim-born Presidential candidate--according to Islamic religious law--a natural-born citizen, as required by the Constitution?

Who knows?

For some reason, Barack Obama refuses to release his birth certificate.

Arrogant and aloof, he is also above the law, apparently, thanks to the most biased media in the history of the Republic.

What is there about that piece of paper that is so potentially damaging to the candidate with the paper-thin resume?

His place of birth is one possibility. There is reason to believe that Obama was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii (one of the few states that treats a birth certificate like a classified secret).

Obama's name is another possibility. Old friends and acquaintances claim he was born Barry Obama, or Barry Mohammed Obama.

Still another possibility: his religion. Obama's birth certificate may have labeled him a Muslim, in accord with Islamic religious law and his mother's fascination with the faith.

It's all so mysterious....