Saturday, May 31, 2008

Japan Calls for More Openness by China's Military

Japan's defense minister urged greater transparency of China's military capabilities on Saturday.

Shigeru Ishiba told delegates at an annual security summit in Singapore that Japan does not mean to suggest China's growing military might is a threat. But he questioned whether China's military buildup was only for self defense.

Lieutenant General Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of China's People's Liberation Army, told delegates that China will not engage in an arms race, and is not a military threat to any country.

Ishiba suggested China should be more open about its military capabilities to reassure other nations in the region.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thousands of American Scientists Sign Petition Challenging Manmade Global Warming Theory

Carbon Confidential....

Good news.

More than 31,000 scientists--including 9,000 with PhDs-- have signed a petition denying that human activity is responsible for global warming.

The academics assert that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are actually beneficial for the environment.

The petition was created in 1998 by an American physicist, the late Frederick Seitz, in response to the Kyoto Protocol a year earlier.

The petition was reissued last year by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, an independent research group, partly in response to Al Gore’s film on climate change, An Inconvenient Truth.

The petition reads:

We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

US Cracking Down on Clean Energy Scams

Dateline USA....

For unscrupulous stock promoters, the ascent of clean and renewable forms of energy opens a window for investment scams.

US securities regulators are beginning to look at companies engaged in renewable energy, which involves generating electricity or producing fuels from sources such as the sun, the wind or switchgrass. As record-high prices for fossil fuels such as crude oil force the US to rethink its reliance on traditional energy, alternative sources are getting promoted as a solution - with possible risks for investors.

"The fraudsters follow the headlines, so they would be greatly remiss if they didn't package their frauds to follow the interest in renewable energy," said Denise Voigt Crawford, the Texas securities commissioner. "I am certain that, unfortunately, we're going to see new frauds that focus on these types of energy pitches."

Crawford said that her office already has some investigations under way.

The opportunities for fraud go hand in hand with the potential size of the industry. Encompassing everything from solar panels and wind turbines to technology that turns prairie grass into motor fuel, the renewable-energy market is growing in leaps and bounds. The U.S. used 7% more energy from biomass such as ethanol, a fuel distilled from corn, in 2007 than a year earlier, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The amount of wind energy consumed jumped by 21%.

Warnings In Small Packages

The newest warning signs come in small packages. In April, the US Securities and Exchange Commission suspended trading for two weeks in shares of The Alternative Energy Technology Center Inc., which are listed on the Pink Sheets under the symbol AETE, curbing the market for stock in the developer of ethanol made from so-called biomass. The SEC cited "the accuracy and adequacy of statements in the company's press releases regarding its rights to certain technology."

The Houston company doesn't post its telephone number on its Web site and couldn't be reached for comment. Its Web site as recently as last week included pictures of big industrial processing facilities, along with links to online brokerage firms. Now, the site has been all but disbanded, labeled "temporarily unavailable."

The prevalence of renewable energy varies by region, with solar powerimportant in sunshine states such as Nevada and wind power big in Texas. One result is that some states may be more fertile ground for fraudsters, since their location adds an element of legitimacy that can be used to entice out-of-state investors.

"People that actually live in those states have the advantage of being able to take a ride over and see what they're doing," said John Polise, the head of the SEC's microcap fraud working group. "People outside of the area are not going to have that advantage and should be even more careful in making sure they do due diligence."

Polise declined to say whether the SEC has any pending investigations into renewable energy companies that are considered "microcap" - those with market capitalizations of less than $75 million.

Tilting At Windmills

Companies of all sizes are riding a wave of demand for renewables. General Electric Co. (GE), the biggest maker of wind turbines, and SunPower Corp. (SPWR), a maker of solar panels, have been accepting big orders as customers seek alternative sources of energy. Earlier this month, Mesa Power LLP, owned by Texas billionaire T. Boone Pickens, placed the biggest-ever order for GE wind turbines to be located at a single site.

Some investors have already found out the hard way that not every company has such bright prospects. In July 2006, the SEC filed civil charges against U.S. Wind Farming, an Illinois company that purported to place windmills on farmers' land and sell the resulting wind-generated electricity to utility companies. The SEC said that U.S. Wind Farming didn't have the ability to install wind turbines and didn't, as it had publicized, have relationships with the U.S. Agriculture Department or the U.S. Energy Department.

When a US court ruled against US Wind Farming months later, the court found it liable to return $452,284 to investors, but reduced the amount to $38,487 due to the company's inability to repay the money. The case illustrated one of the common features of small-cap stock frauds: The extent of the damage may not be clear until after the fact.

"I'm surprised that with the renewable energy stuff, the scams haven's surfaced," said Fred Joseph, the securities commissioner for Colorado, where there are currently no pending investigations. "Maybe it's happening right now. We'll find out when the investors don't get their checks."

-Siobhan Hughes, Dow Jones Newswires

Amnesty International Blasts Cane Ethanol

Foreign Confidential....

More bad news for biofuels--a bad idea that threatens millions of the poorest people on Earth with starvation and slavery.

Amnesty International criticized poor working conditions and forced labor in Brazil's fast-growing sugar cane sector on Wednesday, as the government tries to promote the cane-based ethanol industry as a way to reduce poverty.

Sometimes the circumstances involved not cane fields, but ethanol refineries. Amnesty said that in March 2007, 288 workers were rescued from forced labor at six cane plantations in Sao Paulo state, and 409 workers from an ethanol distillery in Mato Grosso do Sul state.

In November 2007, inspection teams found 831 indigenous cane cutters working in poor conditions, also in Mato Grosso do Sul, while over 1,000 people "in conditions analogous to slavery" were released in June from a sugar plantation in Para state.

Amnesty claims that Brazil's official response to the problem has often been "symbolic" at best.

"Clearly resources are limited, areas are huge, and the number of companies in this sector is expanding in an alarming way," an Amnesty researcher told Reuters.

These aren't isolated incidents. Brazil's cane-ethanol industry thrives in global markets in no small part due to the "comparative advantage" of a large and unprotected workforce. A 2006 Land Research Action Network report says:

After Australia, Brazil has the lowest cost of production of sugar in the world because it exploits workers. In the state of São Paulo, the cost of production is $165 dollars per ton. In the European Union the cost is $700 dollars per ton. Now highly mechanized, the cane industry still requires seasonal bursts of hand labor--and offers little or no work in down times. And like US vegetable farms, cane plantations rely on great influxes of migrant labor.....

These workers often begin their activities in debt. One of the frequent debts encountered before beginning work is with transportation (usually clandestine, called "excursions") that costs on average R$200.00 per worker migrating from the Northeast to São Paulo. The migrant workers are seduced by "cats" or "coyotes" who are usually the owners of the buses which make the journey.

In the sugarcane regions, so-called dormitory cities have increased, where migrant workers live in tenement houses, or overcrowded barracks, without ventilation or minimal hygienic conditions. Despite their precarious situation, the cost of housing and food for sugarcane workers is much higher than the average paid by the local population.

Japan Chartering Aircraft for China Quake Aid

The Japanese government has announced it will not use military planes to deliver aid to earthquake victims in China.

Japanese officials said Friday they are planning to charter private planes to deliver tents and other relief goods.

Tokyo had considered using military aircraft for the mission, but rethought the effort after messages appeared on Chinese web sites recalling Japan's occupation of China during World War II.

Meanwhile, emergency workers in China's southwestern Sichuan province are working frantically to drain a "quake lake" formed by this month's deadly earthquake in the region.

Flooding and Aftershocks

Authorities fear the Tangjiashan lake will overflow as a result of flooding and strong aftershocks, sending tons of water on the people living below. More than 150,000 people have been evacuated from the area.

Officials increased the official death toll from the earthquake to just over 68,850 earlier Friday. Nearly 20,000 others have been reported missing.

The Chinese government has allocated millions of dollars to deal with more than 20 other lakes formed by the earthquake. Landslides and other debris set loose by the quake have blocked rivers, and engineers are trying to open channels to divert the pooling water.

Xinhua reported Thursday that industries in Sichuan suffered more than $29 billion in damages.

Bahrain Appoints Jewish Ambassador to US

Foreign Confidential....

As expected, Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa has appointed a Jewish woman as the country's ambassador to the United States--the first Jewish ambassador from an Arab country.

Houda Nonoo told the Associated Press on Friday that she was proud to be named "first of all as a Bahraini."

This week's formal appointment of the 43-year old mother of two follows leaked reports in Arabic language press a month ago.

Nonoo is a member of Bahrain's all-appointed upper legislature and heads a human rights group in the Persian Gulf island kingdom.

A US ally, Bahrain is considered to be at the forefront of a democratization push in the Arab world. Its tiny Jewish community of about 50 dates to Talmudic times; Nonoo is descended from Iraqi merchants who migrated in the late 19th century.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Corporate Hero of the Week: Rex Tillerson

Carbon Confidential....

Our Corporate Hero of the Week Award goes to ... Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil, the world's largest oil-and-gas company.

Speaking to reporters after the company's annual stockholders' meeting, he had the courage to argue that the science of climate change is far from settled, and that Exxon Mobil views it as its "corporate social responsibility" to continue to supply the world with fossil fuels.

Tillerson also said he expects little delay in the $8-billion Kearl heavy oil (tar sands) project in Alberta, after a court challenge by environmental organizations this month resulted in the withdrawal of a key federal permit, halting important work.

"I am optimistic that the permit will be restored and we'll be able to get back on track with very little loss to the schedule," Tillerson said. "My understanding is that the project … has been given a very high priority by the government of Canada and is moving along at a fairly rapid pace." Exxon Mobil owns Kearl with its Canadian affiliate, Imperial Oil.

Continuing the Debate

Tillerson called for a continuation of the manmade global warming debate, with the potential consequence that governments will implement policies that put world economies at risk.

"My view is that this is so extraordinarily important to people the world over, that to not have a debate on it is irresponsible," he said. "To suggest that we know everything we need to know about these issues is irresponsible."

"And I will take all the criticism that comes with it. Anybody that tells you that they got this figured out is not being truthful. There are too many complexities around climate science for anybody to fully understand all of the causes and effects and consequences of what you may choose to do to attempt to affect that. We have to let scientists to continue their investigative work, unencumbered by political influences. This is too important to be cute with it."

Looking out 25 to 30 years, "everyone agrees that notwithstanding the growth in all other options for supplying energy, renewables, nuclear, biomass alternatives, you are still going to require substantial fossil fuels to meet energy needs, and two-thirds is going to come from oil and natural gas."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Carter Deliberately Mentioned Israeli Nukes

Foreign Confidential....

Not for nothing did America's foremost Hamas sympathizer, Jimmy Carter, inform an audience in Wales Tuesday that Israel has 150 or more nuclear weapons. The former US President was setting the stage for an international campaign for a nuclear-free Middle East.

His former national security advisor, the notoriously anti-Israel Zbigniew Brzezinski, is pushing the initiative--an old Arab League idea--as a way of reducing pressure on Iran to suspend its nuclear enrichment program.

Brzezinski was the architect of the Carter administration's catastrophic Islamist tilt--from the disastrous dumping of Iran's pro-American Shah to the commencement of covert aid to Afghanistan's Islamist warlords (which the Reagan administration escalated into America's largest-ever covert operation).

We first reported the Brzezinski nuclear scheme on April 16, with a follow-up piece on May 18.

Carter is the first former or sitting US President to refer publicly to Israel's nuclear arsenal. Arms experts say the Jewish state has between 200 and 600 nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

New Threat Looms: Swelling 'Quake-Lakes'

China is focusing resources on swelling lakes formed during this month's devastating earthquake, evacuating tens of thousands of people and mobilizing millions of dollars to prevent massive flooding.

Heavy rains are expected in the coming days, raising concerns that a naturally formed dam in quake-struck Sichuan province could give way before workers are able to drain water from a huge lake.

Rescue workers have evacuated more than 150,000 people living below the lake.

China has allocated about $27 million to handle the so-called quake-lakes, which were formed when landslides blocked rivers following the massive May 12 earthquake.

China's official Xinhua news agency reports Wednesday that the Ministry of Finance will use money from the central budget to try to avert another disaster in Sichuan province.

Xinhua says the earthquake created 34 lakes, and that 28 of them could still rupture and flood.

China announced today the death toll from the earthquake has passed 68,000 people. Nearly 20,000 are missing.

Japanese media report today that China has asked Japan to send its military to help with rescue operations. If confirmed, it would be the first time Japan's military has been deployed to China since the end of World War II.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aftershocks Topple 420,000 Houses

Chinese state media say aftershocks toppled more than 420,000 houses Tuesday in China's quake zone, nearly two weeks after this month's devastating earthquake.

The official Xinhua news agency reports that the two temblors, 5.4 and 5.7 magnitude, struck in China's southwestern Sichuan and neighboring Shaanxi province.

An aftershock on Sunday killed at least eight people and destroyed about 70,000 homes.

The death toll from the May 12 quake is already at more than 67,000, and nearly 21,000 remain missing.

Officials say they have begun a comprehensive effort to protect the lives of earthquake survivors as disease and floods threaten to bring more death and destruction.

Health officials are concerned about possible outbreaks of diseases among survivors who live in cramped and often unsanitary conditions and are working to prevent large-scale epidemics.

Health Ministry official Chen Xianyi says Tuesday health officials are closely monitoring the situation in Sichuan province. He adds that the number of cases of diarrhea, tuberculosis and hepatitis is not higher since the quake.

At the same time, soldiers have begun the evacuation of an additional 80,000 people from near a lake that formed when a quake-triggered landslide dammed a river.

More than 70,000 people have already been evacuated from the lake's area in Beichuan county of Sichuan province.

An evacuation must be carried out before soldiers dynamite the banks of the new lake to release some of its water. Chinese officials say that if the lake's barriers were to fully open, more than a million people would need to be evacuated. The lake is inaccessible by road and can only be reached by foot or air.

On Monday, storms cleared long enough for helicopters to deliver heavy equipment that may be used to build a water diversion channel to drain the lake. However, heavy rains expected in the coming days, are raising fears that the naturally formed dam could give way.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Candidates Ignore Scary Speculation

You can't steer it, you can't regulate it anymore. You can't get the genie back in the bottle.

-Warren Buffett

America's most successful investor, billionaire Warren Buffett, says the country is already in a recession and that it will last longer and be more painful than economists predict.

According to Buffett, the unregulated or loosely regulated financial services industry is to blame--from banks betting too much money on risky mortgages to highly sophisticated and speculative derivatives trading.

Buffett's comments echo a point made over the summer by liberal economist, author, and New York Times op-ed page columnist Paul Krugman. Addressing an audience at a book signing event to promote his newest work, The Conscience of a Liberal, Krugman said neither the regulators nor the "major players" had a clear understanding of the financial system. He cited the Yen carry trade as an example, saying he himself had just begun to learn the extent to which it has been used by global hedge funds.

Where is the borderline between "the real economy"--Buffett's term--and financial speculation? How will soaring energy prices affect the interplay of the two spheres? The questions are terribly important ... and totally ignored by the three US Presidential candidates and most of the news media. The time to transcend soundbites and slogans is long overdue.

Dozens of Chinese Dams in Danger of Collapsing

Chinese authorities are warning that nearly 70 dams weakened by the force of a deadly earthquake are in danger of collapsing, while weather forecasters have issued heavy rain warnings for devastated areas of Sichuan province.

The Water Resources Ministry issued a statement Sunday, warning that 69 dams in central Sichuan province are in danger of bursting.

Earlier in the day, the State Meteorological Bureau said heavy rains are on the way, with torrential downfall predicted for tonight and Monday. The rain could trigger mudslides and hamper work to construct shelters for the estimated five million people who lost their homes in Sichuan province in southwestern China.

The government has raised the official death toll from the May 12 quake to 62,664, with another 23,775 missing. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Saturday, the death toll could rise past 80,000.

Strong aftershocks since the original seven-point-nine magnitude quake have continued, with the U.S. National Geographic Survey saying a jolt of five-point-eight hit Sichuan province today. Chinese media said the aftershock killed at least one person and injured around 260 in Sichuan.

The USGS put the epicenter of the aftershock at about 145 kilometers northeast of the devastated city of Mianyang.

Officials say they have not given up hope of finding more survivors from the quake. Rescuers are still trying to reach at least 24 miners trapped underground in three coal mines.

State media reported that an 80-year-old man was pulled from the rubble of his house in Mianzhu Friday. He survived because his wife fed him.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon toured the earthquake zone Saturday. Mr. Ban praised China's rapid response to the disaster, and said the whole world supports China's efforts.

The UN has increased its pledge for emergency relief to eight million dollars. Local authorities in Sichuan province say it may take three years to rebuild earthquake damage.

Authorities in Qingchuan county say the area is not habitable, and 30 thousand residents will have to be relocated permanently.

Emergency crews are working to secure 15 sources of radiation they have identified in rubble from the quake. China's Environment Ministry says there have been no accidental releases of radiation.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Save Sderot

Save Sderot, a small Israeli city that has been hit by thousands of Hamas rockets.

Rice: US Must Develop Domestic Oil, Nuclear Power

Carbon Confidential....

Intelligent advice about energy from America's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

She told CBS television Friday that the United States needs to explore more for oil at home and tap nuclear power as part of a comprehensive energy policy.

Rice also dismissed fears that the US economy was losing its competitive edge to China and India.

"It's very important that we diversify (energy) supply," she said in the interview that was taped Thursday.

Rice added that it was also important for the US to increase its oil refining capacity.

"Nuclear energy is another clean technology that we should be using and exploring," she said.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bush Warns Against Premature Pullout From Iraq

Foreign Confidential....

US President George W. Bush warned Thursday that a premature US military withdrawal from Iraq would be "catastrophic for our country," strengthen Al Qaeda and embolden Iran's nuclear ambitions.

He's right.

Bush added that security had improved enough in Iraq to justify an ongoing drawdown that would see troop levels reduced by 25 percent from last year.

He's right about that, too.

Fighting for a Party's Soul and a Nation's Future

Dateline USA....

Hillary Clinton has won seven of the last 10 primaries and beaten Obama by a little more than 500,000 votes; and more than 200 super-delegates are still undecided.

That is good news for the Democratic Party--and America. I say this because way more than a Presidential nomination is at stake in the protracted primary race between Clinton and Barack Obama. The candidates are fighting for both the heart and soul of a great political party and the future of a great country.

Will the Democratic Party be the party of the middle and working classes, or will it be the party of the welfare class and the violent underclass? WIll it be the party of law and order, or the party of rationalizing and even encouraging lawlessness? The party of intelligent reform, or the party of radical transformation and reckless revolutionary change?

Will the Democratic Party be the party of defeating-- or appeasing--radical Islam? Will it be the party of producing energy, or the party of paralyzing industry? The party of putting people to work drilling for oil and gas, or the party of pie-in-the-sky, green energy dreams, schemes, and scams? The party of clean coal and nuclear power development, or the party of mandated, phony, food-inflationary biofuels, monstrously inefficient, government subsidized "wind farms," and "carbon taxation?"

Will the Democrats be the can-do party that knows the difference between combating pollution and crippling industry, or the party that can't do anything out of fear of contributing to allegedly manmade global warming--in other words, a party guided by genuine science, with an honest commitment to conservation and environmental protection, or a party of junk science dominated by environmental extremists and outright eco-fascists?

Will the Democrats be the party of Senator Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson and George Meaney, or the party of Jesse Jackson and George McGovern? The party of Harry Truman, or the party of Jimmy Carter? The party of FDR's New Deal, which saved and expanded the American middle class--and beat Hitler--or the party of Obama's New Politics, which, if given the chance, will crush the middle class--and pave the way for a nuclear-armed Iran?

Will the Democrats be the party that truly supports and stands with Israel, or the party that will try to squeeze and pressure Israel into surrendering even more precious land to its clerical fascist foes in order to supposedly save it? The party that is inspired by Israel's miraculous rebirth, or the party that secretly sees its independence as an awful mistake.

Will the Democratic Party be the party of Bill Clinton, come to think of it, or the party of Bill Ayers? The party of protecting and rebuilding America, or the party of transferring America's wealth--and sovereignty--to Third World thugs and UN bureaucrats? The party of preserving and strengthening the American way of life, or the party of ending it?

We'll know soon enough. May the best woman win.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

America's First Green Recession

Dateline USA....

America is in the midst of its first green recession, an economic downturn caused in no small part by irrational ideological activism. Thirty years of punitive laws, restrictive environmental regulations, and special interests' obstructionist lawsuits have come home to roost in our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, escalating fuel prices, and the collateral consequences of those costs.

OPEC is a "Made in the USA" monopoly. Environmental extremism has long dominated American energy policy-making, and as a result, we are the only oil- producing nation in the world that limits access to its own abundant energy resources like oil, coal, and natural gas. Significant improvements in technology have made resource extraction more environmentally friendly than ever. However, on the rare occasion that the federal government grants approval for oil exploration on public lands, activists and their lawyers bombard energy companies with lawsuits. Finally, even if we were able to tap into new domestic crude oil sources, a thicket of federal rules ensnares the expansion of existing US oil refineries; a new refinery hasn't been built here since Gerald Ford was President.

Activism has consequences. All Americans are suffering from this self-inflicted energy paralysis. We feel the pain every time we go to the grocery store, commute to work, or shuttle our kids around to after-school activities. No sector of the economy is immune, and unfortunately those who can least afford price increases of basic staples like gas and food are suffering the most.

Federal and state policy makers are failing to confront our stagnant domestic energy production. For instance, instead of making energy cheaper in California, that state's unelected Public Utility Commission (PUC) is tacking on an audacious fee to customers' electric bills to fund a $600 million climate change "think tank." Environmental activists, perhaps angling for a piece of the research pie, wholeheartedly supported the concept. One Californian, who objected to ratepayers being singled out for such funding, asked of the PUC commissioners, "Are they consumer advocates? I just wonder." So should everyone.

Politicians are eager to tout "alternative" sources of electricity, but they follow in lockstep with their environmental elitist allies when it comes to dismissing nuclear power. Activists' and politicians' hypocritical stance on such energy has deprived the US of new nuclear power plants for twenty years. Europe has long embraced this safe and reliable energy source. If it's good enough for the highly risk-averse French, why not us?

If special interests want to further their Luddite agenda, the rest of us shouldn't have to pay for it. It's time to put Americans to work tapping into the abundant energy supply we have right here at home. Until our leaders make this commitment, Americans' paychecks will continue to be on direct deposit to foreign energy producers.

-Daniel J. Popeo, Chairman
Washington Legal Foundation

Moderate Morocco Smashes Al Qaeda Network

Foreign Confidential....

Early warning.

Al Qaeda is increasingly active in Morocco, a North African Arab nation that has for decades been the target of Islamist and secular regimes and terrorists--and left-wing European and American activists--bent on overthrowing the moderate, pro-Western monarchy.

Moroccan security services say they recently dismantled an 11-member Islamist terrorist network that operated in the cities of Fez and Nador. Sources say the the network was involved in recruiting young Muslim men to fight in Iraq, and also sent recruits to train in camps run by Al Qaeda’s regional franchise, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), in neighboring Algeria.

The crackdown follows a series of similar arrests in Morocco in the wake of the Casablanca suicide attacks in 2003. These countermeasures, including an arrest in February of 35 alleged militants with ties to AQIM, have thrown Islamist militants in Morocco off balance.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama's 'Constant Sore' Comment Originated With His Pro-Terrorist Palestinian Pal, Professor Khalidi

Dateline USA....

When he termed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a "constant sore" last week, Barack Obama appeared to be echoing the comments days before of his friend Rashid Khalidi, a Palestinian professor who actively advocates the elimination of Israel. In an interview with the Atlantic published earlier this month, Obama was asked whether he thinks Israel is a "drag on America's reputation overseas." Obama replied: "No, no, no. But what I think is that this constant wound, that this constant sore, does infect all of our foreign policy."

Obama's description of Israel as an infectious sore drew criticism, but no one could explain where this unusual phrasing may have originated. Until now.

World Net Daily yesterday uncovered the fact that Obama's remarks came just five days after The Nation magazine published an opinion piece by Khalidi, titled "Palestine: Liberation Deferred," in which the Palestinian activist opened by calling the "Palestinian question" a "running sore." In the first paragraph of his op-ed, he wrote: "The 'Palestine Question' has been with us for sixty years. During this time it has become a running sore, its solution appearing ever more distant."

Khalidi's solution is the dissolution of Israel. He laments the Palestinian Authority's stated acceptance of a Palestinian state "only" in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern sections of Jerusalem. He argues Israel should be dissolved and replaced with a binational system of government. Khalidi has previously called Israel an "apartheid system in creation" and a destructive "racist" state. He has supported Palestinian terror, calling suicide bombings response to "Israeli aggression."

Khalidi's ties to Obama were first exposed by WND in February. "According to a professor at the University of Chicago who said he has known Obama for 12 years, the Democratic presidential hopeful befriended Khalidi when the two worked together at the university. The professor spoke on condition of anonymity. Khalidi lectured at the University of Chicago until 2003 while Obama taught law there from 1993 until his election to the Senate in 2004."

"Sources at the University told WND that Khalidi and Obama lived in nearby faculty residential zones and that the two families dined together a number of times. The sources said the Obama's even babysat the Khalidi children. Khalidi in 2000 held what was described as a successful fundraiser for Obama's failed bid for a seat in the US House of Representatives, a fact not denied by Khalidi, who spoke to WND in February."

WND broke the story an Arab group run by Khalidi's wife, Mona, received crucial funding from the Woods Fund, a Chicago nonprofit, while Obama served on the board of the Fund. Obama was a director of the Woods Fund board from 1999 to Dec. 11, 2002, according to the Fund's website, and was compensated $6,000 per year for his services in 1999 and 2000. Obama served alongside William C. Ayers, a member of the Weathermen terrorist group which sought to overthrow of the US government and took responsibility for bombing the US Capitol in 1971.

Obama's campaign did not immediately reply to telephone and e-mail inquiries from WND asking if his interview with the Atlantic borrowed any phraseology from Khalidi. But the re-appearance of the "sore" in Obama's mouth days after it issued from his Palestinian friend suggests that the anti-Israel contagion, like herpes, persists and spreads in ways that the Presidential candidate apparently cannot successfully suppress however much it might be in his interest to do so.


The Audacity of Hope

Dateline USA....

There is hope--yes!

Exit poll figures in Kentucky, where Hillary Clinton won a big primary victory Tuesday, found that only a third of Clinton supporters would vote for Obama in November, while about 40% would cast their ballot for Republican John McCain. The rest--roughly a quarter of the electorate--would stay home.

Clinton is clearly the Democratic Party's most electable candidate and the probable winner of the popular vote at the end of the long primary process.

Obama, the self-styled candidate of global change, is clearly out of sync with ordinary, working and middle class Americans. He is the creation of the ultra-Left and elitist think tanks, a Muslim (according to Islamic religious law) mystery man who aims to crush rural and suburban America.

The super-delegates have to decide which candidate is best--for their party and the country.

VIDEO BONUS: Obama's former pastor accusing America of war crimes and terrorism just five days after 9/11. The infamous "chickens coming home to roost" sermon....

Obama's Left-Wing Supporters See Soaring Oil Prices as Opportunity for Revolutionary Change

Dateline USA....

The specter of revolution is rising.

Like Islamists who believe they must destroy Israel in order to conquer "the two Americas" and Europe, and Soviet Communists who used manmade famine and forced collectivization to crush the Russian and Ukrainian countryside, radical left-wing Democrats backing Barack Obama hope that escalating energy and food prices will spell doom for suburban and rural America.

In other words, where most Americans see a crisis, the radicals sense an opportunity--to overthrow the established order.

Rural Americans will feel the pain most immediately and intensely. The radicals regard America's predominantly white towns, villages, and surviving family farms as hopelessly conservative pockets of resistance to the left-wing global agenda. Hence, the antidemocratic Left's crusade against allegedly anthropogenic global warming. Fear of manmade global warming is a politically potent weapon that has been and will continue to be used to prevent the nation from producing its way to a more prosperous and secure economic future. (Hence, too, the Left's jihad against mainstream Christianity and Judaism, which are seen by radicals as inherently reactionary faiths--in contrast with the Black Liberation Theology of Obama's present and former pastors and the political Islam of Hamas, which has endorsed his candidacy.)

The radicals' real goal is forced urbanization, a permanent end to the suburban, rural and semi-rural ways of life that represent freedom and independence for tens of millions of ordinary Americans. It takes an energy crisis to destroy a village (or a suburban mall or shopping center), the radicals whisper when the media is not around.

Understand, as Obama likes to say, what is at stake if you reside in one of the areas targeted for extinction or, at the very least, total transformation, by the radical Left. The candidate of global change (in the interest of Third World tyranny) wants to take away your SUVs, pickup trucks, and cars--any and all privately owned and operated vehicles, no matter how small and fuel-efficient--your barbecue grills, your swimming pools (and your right to create swimming ponds), your guns (for hunting, target practice, and self-defense), your public and private golf courses, your vacations at the beach and in the mountains, and, finally, your homes and farms. Your suburban and rural schools, too, must go; just as they destroyed neighborhood city schools decades ago, the radicals won't be satisfied until your children are crammed into crowded urban classrooms, where they can be more effectively indoctrinated and prepared for forced labor on behalf of state-sponsored social programs. A new wave of community organizing--Obama's claim to fame, after all--will require legions of brainwashed, urban youths. There will be so many storefronts to staff, campaigns to manage, minds to influence, younger brains to wash....

Obama's plan for change amounts to a revolution--from the top. Like a modern-day Mao in capitalist clothing, Obama can be expected to mobilize big government and elements of big business--Washington and Wall Street--to wipe out Main Street. If elected President, he will try to use the liberal media and the elite intellectual and professional/managerial classes, as well as the constant threat of violence from a seething urban underclass (the lumpenproletariat in Marxist jargon), to eradicate the middle and working classes that stand in the way of "another world."

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008

Must Viewing: John Voight on Israel

Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama's JFK Comparison is Downright Dumb

Barack Obama has again shown himself to be a brainy--but ignorant--jerk.

In an attempt to defend his determination to engage in summitry with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Democratic frontrunner foolishly compared himself to the late President John F. Kennedy, who met with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev soon after taking office. Their meeting followed the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion in April 1961, which made Khrushchev all the more determined to display his apparent superiority over his rival superpower counterpart.

The summit, which was initially seen as a diplomatic triumph for Kennedy, proved to be a disaster for the young American leader.

He later claimed of Khrushchev, "He beat the hell out of me."

In fact, Khrushchev's perception of Kennedy as weak and inexperienced led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The combination of a poorly prepared summit meeting and an eager but outmatched American President led the world to the brink of nuclear war. Fortunately for the world, the Soviet Union ultimately backed down during that crisis; that said, no sane person would seek a replay of that scenario with respect to nuclear-arming, apocalyptic, Islamist Iran.

Burma Agrees to Accept Foreign Medical Teams

As China began a three-day national mourning period for tens of thousands of victims of its massive eathquake, Burma agreed to allow foreign medical teams into regions hit by Cyclone Nargis. The agreement, reached during a meeting of the Association of South East Asian Nations, comes ahead of a visit to Burma this week by the United Nations secretary-general. Ron Corben reports from Bangkok.

After weeks of resisting requests to send in relief workers, Burma's military government has agreed to allow foreign medical teams to help victims of Cyclone Nargis.

The agreement came Monday at a meeting of Association of South East Asian Nations foreign ministers Monday in Singapore.

The foreign ministers also agreed to establish a mechanism to coordinate assistance to cyclone victims. Burma's delegation said losses from the storm, which hit May second and third, could be up to $10 billion.. The toll of dead and missing has topped 134,000.

Burma's reclusive government is under international pressure to allow more outside assistance. So far, very few foreign aid workers have been allowed in, and supply shipments have been a small fraction of what disaster experts say they should be.

Behind-the-Scenes Talks

Amanda Pitt, a spokeswoman for the UN relief operation, says the Singapore meeting comes after days of behind-the-scenes talks.

"We're doing everything we can to ensure that as much dialogue is ongoing with regional responders and regional partners," Pitt said. "That's one of the aims of today's foreign ministers meeting in Singapore."

The storm affected 2.4 million people, and 150,000 now live in evacuee settlements across the Irrawaddy Delta region.

There are fears of disease outbreaks - including cholera, among survivors, who lack shelter and sanitation. Aid agencies say their priorities are to provide housing, clean water and sanitation.

Neglecting the Victims

Human rights groups and several Western governments have accused Burma's military of neglecting the storm's victims.

A World Food Program spokesman, Marcus Prior, says some progress has been made in distributing food and other essentials.

"By the end of this weekend past we had despatched enough food now to feed over 250,000 people," Prior said. "About a week ago we were talking in terms of struggling to reach 20 percent (of those in need) and I would say now that we're probably reached just over 30 percent."

The ASEAN meeting comes just ahead of a visit to Burma by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He is expected to arrive Wednesday to meet with the country's leaders, before returning to Thailand to attend an international donor's meeting on Saturday. UN officials have said Burma's leader, General Than Shwe, has refused to take Ban's telephone calls.

It is not clear why the government has been reluctant to allow in aid. Burmese officials reportedly have said the aid was not needed.

Some experts on Burma's politics say the military may fear that foreign aid workers would try to undermine its rule. The United States, European Union and other governments have long had economic sanctions against Burma because of its human rights abuses.

Obama Seeks to Shield Wife from Criticism

Dateline USA....

In an audacious display of arrogance and hypocrisy, White House hopeful Barack Obama said today that he strongly objects to criticism leveled at his wife, Michelle, as a result of her controversial comments about not being proud of America.

The critics should leave Michelle alone, he told a television network interviewer.

Unfortunately for the candidate, his wife has injected herself into the campaign. And her forceful presence underscores that she, like Hillary Clinton before her, intends to play a kind of co-Commander-in-Chief role if her husband is elected President.

Click below for the video recording what Michelle Obama said. Her fundamental loathing for her country comes across loud and clear.

And click below for her pathetic attempt at spin-doctoring. She actually reinforced the view that she is only proud of her country because of the outpouring of support for her husband's candidacy.

Obama and The Radical Left's Long March to Power

Dateline USA....

True to form, the liberal mainstream media are missing--or deliberately ignoring--a big story.

If Barack Obama is nominated by the Democratic Party and elected President of the United States this year, he will make history in a way that most pundits and voters have yet to appreciate or understand. Obama's political ascendancy marks the triumph of the American antidemocratic Left, the movement of Stalinism and extremism; his victory in the general election will punctuate the Left's long march to power, which began 40 years ago.

Nineteen sixty-eight, you may recall, was the year of the barricades, at home and abroad. From New York to Paris, from Chicago to Berlin, young people took to the streets--and took over college campuses--in opposition to the Vietnam War and the established political, social and economic order. American cities and schools were rocked by demands for Black Power, Black Nationalism, and Black Liberation. Violence was rationalized, even extolled. Intellectuals intoxicated with insurrectionist fantasies and visions condoned and hailed rioting and armed robbery as acts of revolutionary "purification" by an oppressed population.

The revolution failed. But that did not stop the antidemocratic Left--including the children of the Old Left who had helped to create and lead the New Left--from continuing their struggle. Though many, if not most, radicals moved on--to the suburbs, Wall Street, law school, wherever--committed cadres hunkered down and went to work burrowing inside important institutions, such as the academy and the Democratic Party. The unrepentant, former Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, is a prime example. Once a bomb-throwing fugitive, he is now a tenured radical, a well paid "distinguished professor" whose past (and also present, perhaps) friendships and associations include the Democratic Presidential frontrunner.

Is Obama a Marxist mole? Probably not. Is he a secret Black Nationalist? Highly unlikely. But he has certainly been advised and influenced by Marxist moles and Black Nationalists, extremists who have again embraced a totalitarian foe--radical Islam.

All of which is incredibly scary.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008

Al Qaeda and Iran Racing to Acquire Atomic Arms

Foreign Confidential....

While the West sleeps, the Islamist enemy is working the night shift.

Two totalitarian rivals, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Osama Binladen, are locked in a terrifying, twisted contest to determine who will head the Islamist world. The Shiite Iranian president and Sunni Al Qaeda leader are racing to acquire atomic arms for use against the United States, Israel, and Europe. Hence, the repeated vows by the Holocaust-denying, Hitler-admiring Ahmadinejad to annihilate Israel, and the calls by Binladen for a jihad to "liberate Palestine." Both men see the elimination of the Jewish state as a necessary strategic objective that must be achieved--a trophy that must be won--on the road toward Islam's ultimate victory over the West. They are competing for the title of Israel's destroyer.

George W. Bush knows the score, which explains his speech to Israeli lawmakers on the occasion of Israel's 60th anniversary of independence. The President correctly compared those who urge the United States to "reach out" to radical Islam to the European leaders who sought to preserve the peace by pursuing a policy of appeasement toward Nazi Germany in the years leading up to the Second World War. Instead of preventing conflict, appeasement made it inevitable--on Hitler's terms.

It is important to recall that the appeasers were in the main well intentioned individuals. They believed that Hitler could be persuaded and charmed into avoiding war, that his aggressive appetite could be satisfied with limited territorial concessions. The appeasers were horribly wrong, of course; and the costly lesson of that era is that a rising totalitarian power that is committed to an imperialist foreign policy--meaning, a policy that seeks to overthrow the status quo and create a new set of power relations among nations, regionally and globally--cannot be appeased. It is dangerously delusional--and potentially suicidal--to think otherwise.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mexico Minutes From Failed State Status

Foreign Confidential....

Hopelessly corrupt Mexico is on the verge of becoming a failed state after decades of exporting poverty to its northern neighbor.

Although the national security implications of Mexico's collapse are extremely serious for the United States, not one US Presidential candidate is addressing the issue. The liberal media are also avoiding it out of fear of angering or alienating Hispanic citizens and illegal aliens.

Reuters reports:

A Mexican police chief has quit his post across the border from El Paso, Texas, after receiving death threats from drug gangs that are striking back at a crackdown on smugglers, an official said on Sunday.

Ciudad Juarez's top policeman Guillermo Prieto resigned just days after suspected cartel hit men killed the city's No. 2 police officer.

A former army officer will replace Prieto on Monday. The army has sent more than 1,000 troops with heavy weaponry and helicopters to quell rampant violence in the city.

"This is about keeping (Prieto) safe," said a source in the city's police department who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Six high-ranking police officers have been killed in Mexico in the last two weeks as President Felipe Calderon steps up his battle against drug traffickers.

Calderon has sent 25,000 troops and federal police to fight cartels across Mexico since 2006. That includes 2,700 troops deployed last week to the Pacific coast state of Sinaloa, home to a federation of drug gangs run by Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman.

Violence has surged in Ciudad Juarez as Guzman's gang and its main rival, the Gulf Cartel, war over smuggling routes on the U.S. border.

More than 2,500 people have died in drug violence so far this year, including more than 200 people in Ciudad Juarez

Over 32,000 Confirmed Dead in Chinese Quake

More than six days after a powerful earthquake struck southwestern China, hopes are dwindling that more trapped people will be found alive. The official death toll so far is more than 32,000, but is expected to surpass 50,000. China says it will begin three days of national mourning on Monday. As Stephanie Ho reports from Beijing, Chinese leaders have repeatedly said saving human lives is their number one priority.

More than 60 earthquake survivors were rescued in the disaster zone Saturday, but by Sunday, the numbers had fallen. Chinese media reported at least one successful rescue Sunday morning--a man recovered from a collapsed hospital in Beichuan.

VOA reporter Daniel Schearf said after the earthquake that Beichuan looks like a war zone. "My first image, when I turned the corner into the town, was just a pile of twisted rubble and concrete," he said. "It was a hill, it was a mountain, of what used to be buildings, and it just seemed to stretch on forever. I don't know how to describe it. It just seemed very surreal."

One rescue worker in Beichuan, Luo Tanfei, says his team, which includes sniffer dogs, has saved 10 people in different locations since the huge earthquake struck the region Monday.

But he says he does not have too much hope of finding more survivors in that part of the city because they have not found any more traces of life.

PLA Working With Ordinary People

Chinese disaster relief efforts include nearly 150,000 soldiers, who have been actively supporting emergency work.

People's Liberation Army leaders spoke to reporters in Beijing Sunday, and emphasized that soldiers are facing hardships and working together with ordinary Chinese people.

Air Force Major General Ma Jian also made reassurances that all of China's nuclear facilities in the area are safe.

"Shortly after the earthquake hit, we have sent teams of the armed police and PLA men to ensure that these facilities are under very strict protection measures and there is no problem involved here," Ma said.

The Chinese government has allocated nearly $560 million (four billion RMB) for earthquake relief. Donors, inside and outside of China, have already contributed $860 million in money and goods.

China's Ministry of Agriculture says the quake has damaged 33,000 hectares of farmland. At the same time, the tremor has led to the deaths of 12 .5 million heads of livestock and poultry, which health officials say pose a major sanitation risk.

Memo to the McCain Campaign on Obama

If Barack Obama is your opponent in the general election, you are not going to defeat him by simply--and simplistically--branding him a liberal or even a left-winger. The populist mood in the country indicates that the public is prepared to vote for a left-leaning candidate for President.

You will need to develop a more nuanced and accurate attack plan than the sort that has worked well for Republicans in the past. It is not that Obama is a left-leaning--or even somewhat socialistically inclined--politician that makes him so menacing. There are many patriotic liberals; and America has a long democratic socialist tradition dating to the origins of the labor movement. It is the fact that Obama is a product, or invention, of the anti-democratic Left that causes alarm and concern.

Understand, as Obama likes to say, where he and many of his advisers are coming from, ideologically and philosophically: the Old Left of the Communist Party USA, which was a tool of Soviet intelligence, and the CPUSA's Communist summer camps, youth groups, and many front organizations; the New Left of the SDS and the Weather Underground, which supported and was manipulated by Communist North Vietnam and Communist Cuba; and today's New New Left, or Leftover Left, a movement so consumed with loathing for the US and Western democracy that it sympathizes with and seeks to appease Islamism, or radical Islam, a clerical fascist creed that aims for the destruction of Israel and a "world without America." Not for nothing has Hamas endorsed Obama.

Contrary to Obama's public pronouncements, his ideological roots are not with those who opposed the war in Vietnam because it was an unnecessary and terribly costly foreign intervention, but with the traitors who actually backed the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese army against the US; not with people who have legitimate criticisms of US foreign policy and the ways in which US military might has been projected and deployed over the years, but with people who regard the very existence of that power--and the US itself--as inherently evil. The unrepentant ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers is such a person, as shown by his recent statements and writings and the recently reproduced photograph of him stomping on the American flag.

Obama descends from and has over the years chosen to be surrounded, influenced, and mentored by people like Ayers--vicious blame-America-firsters. The "chickens come home to roost" sermon that Obama's former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, delivered just five days after 9/11 was a dramatic example of their perfidious point of view.

The hope is that while America may be turning leftward because of pressing economic problems, including soaring energy and rising food prices, most Americans are not about to commit national suicide by placing their security in the hands of a mysterious, Muslim-born (according to Islamic religious law) politician with a paper-tin resume and troubling ties to Leftist and Islamist totalitarianism and terrorism.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 2008

BONUS VIDEO: Victim of Weather Underground Bombing Speaks Out

Weather Underground Terrorists in Their Own Words

Obama's Advisers Take Aim at Israeli Nukes

Foreign Confidential...

We recently reported that one of Barack Obama's most important foreign policy advisers, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is pushing a major, new anti-Israel initiative--an Arab League-inspired, international campaign to pressure the Jewish state into disclosing and actually dismantling its nuclear arsenal as an inducement to Islamist Iran to permanently end its suspect uranium enrichment program.

We can now report that some of Obama's other foreign policy advisers have encouraged him to consider incorporating the Brzezinski initiative in the candidate's proposed "diplomatic surge" toward Tehran.

Although Israel's policy has always been that it will "never be the first state to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East," the country's nuclear arsenal is estimated at 200 bombs on the low end, and 500-600 nuclear weapons on the upper end.

Israel's nuclear deterrent is more important than ever in the face of the growing Iranian missile threat. With the help of its proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, and ally, Syria, the Islamist nation, which has repeatedly vowed to destroy Israel, is capable of firing thousands of ballistic missiles and rockets at Israeli population centers.

Ahead of Iran's development of nuclear weapons, the use of chemical and biological weapons can be expected in a coordinated, all-out assault aimed at annihilating Israel.

Obama's Politics of Appeasement

Nearly seven years after 9/11, millions of Americans are advocating and preparing for national suicide by supporting Barack Obama--the candidate of catastrophic appeasement--for President of the United States.

He is an appeaser, make no mistake about that. Contrary to his campaign's spin, his proposed "diplomatic surge" toward nuclear-arming Iran is not analogous to Nixon's opening to China, or arms control talks with Soviet Russia during the Cold War. Rather, Obama's offer of a summit meeting with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is akin to failed attempts to appease Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler before World War II. Instead of preserving the peace, appeasement made war--on Hitler's terms--inevitable.

That is the lesson of the European nations' infamous, prewar Munich pact: a rising regional power pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--i.e. a policy aimed at overthrowing the status quo, or power relations among nations, regionally and globally-- cannot be appeased.

Obama and his advisers and backers--including the adoring liberal media--either don't understand or have decided to deliberately ignore the lesson of Munich. His election will provide Islamist Iran with precious time to develop the weapons it intends to use against Israel ... and America.

POST SCRIPT: Although Obama is the likely Democratic candidate, he is also likely to lose the Democratic popular vote at the end of the long primary process. Puerto Rico's primary contest will almost certainly give Hillary Clinton the clear lead in popular votes.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Editorial in Praise of China

From today's edition of the New Zealand Herald:

China Passes Test with Flying Colours

When the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 Games to Beijing, it was as much in hope as expectation.

Some delegates argued that China should not receive this showcase event until it had addressed its poor human rights record. Those who prevailed suggested the Olympics could spur the Chinese leaders to mend their ways. Time has proved them right. China's response to this week's catastrophic earthquake in Sichuan province has revealed a compassion, openness and efficiency that casts the country in a new light.

Only a few years ago, the approach would have been far different. At the height of the Sars epidemic and the bird flu threat, China covered up what was happening not only from the outside world but from its own hapless citizens. The Government's instinctive reaction was to censor anything that might reflect badly upon it or the country. Pride demanded as much. Contrast that with the aftermath of the earthquake: an open-door policy to the Western media and a steady stream of uncensored information to the Chinese people.

There has been no attempt to falsely portray the authorities as being in control, even as the death toll escalated and damage to key infrastructure, including dams, became apparent.

Concern for those affected by the tragedy took precedence. Now, there has even been a plea for help from the Chinese military, which has always prided itself on being able to cope with natural disasters. It has issued a public appeal to its own citizens for rescue equipment, and accepted outside help, starting with a rescue team from Japan. Beijing has even accepted blankets, tents and clothes from Taiwan, long regarded as a renegade province.

This is not an isolated change. There have been other signs of improvement for those willing to see them. China's response to demonstrations in Tibet, themselves a predictable outcome of the awarding of the Olympics, was restrained. There was no repeat of Tiananmen Square. China, however naively, also reached out to the West by sending the Olympic torch on a global journey. This friendly gesture received a rough and largely unfair reception from demonstrators, and became a public relations fiasco. But lessons were doubtless learned.

The Olympics have been a clear catalyst for change. China is determined to present its best face to the world and to win international respect. But they are not the only reason. Economic development is generally also the harbinger of democracy and a greater sensitivity to the needs of a populace. China, obviously, still falls far short of Western precepts of democracy and human rights. But it deserves considerable credit for coming so far in so short a time.

The transformation is particularly apparent if China's response to the Sichuan earthquake is compared to the Myanmar junta's disregard for its citizens following Cyclone Nargis' devastation of the Irrawaddy Delta. The verdict on Myanmar's rulers could, until relatively recently, have been applied to Beijing whenever a natural disaster struck. This time, while General Than Shwe remained closeted and Myanmar's borders closed to desperately needed foreign aid, Wen Jiabao, China's Prime Minister, orchestrated the relief effort and appeared repeatedly on television offering comfort and support.

That contrast has been widely acknowledged. But the West should appreciate not only the impressive earthquake response but the willingness of China's leaders to engage with the world and set about putting their house in order. The more encouragement they receive, the more likely it is those policies will be pursued. For China, the Olympics are an opportunity and an examination. Three months out from them, it has already passed an unexpected test.

Waiting for Obama: Europe's Muslim Menace

These are the people who will dance in the streets of European cities if America elects its first Muslim President (according to Islamic religious law), Barack Hussein Obama.

Understanding the Party of Treason

Dateline USA....

The Democratic Party ... the party of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK ... has become the party of Obamamania, appeasement--and treason.

People who not-so secretly despise America ... who blame America first, last, and always for most of the world's ills ... and actually sympathize with the so-called legitimate grievances of America's worst enemies ... are poised to conquer the White House. The mysterious, Muslim-born Barack Obama is their long-awaited leader and redeemer--their mahdi, in Islamic terms.

Nearly seven years after 9/11, incredibly, the America-bashers and national security stabbers-in-the-back are ascendant, like the Islamist terrorists and aggressors they defend and claim to understand.

May God help America. Not since the 1930s, when many influential and ordinary Americans supported Nazi Germany, and the 1950s, when many influential and ordinary Americans followed Soviet Russia, has the world's greatest democracy been in so much danger.

-Andre Pachter
Copyright 20008

Black Nazi Praises First Black Muslim Candidate

Comment: Hillary Should Start a Third Party

Dateline USA....

Now is the time for all decent Democrats to come to their senses....

If Hillary Clinton loses the Democratic nomination, she should abandon the Democrats as the party of appeasement and defeat, and make a third-party run for the White House. She owes it to herself and her country to seriously consider this option.

Her party could be truly progressive in the best sense of the term--a voice for the middle class and the working poor, a party rooted in traditional Democratic values, including a strong stand on defense and security.

Millions of Americans would join and support such a party ... for rebuilding and re-industrializing the United States ... for genuine energy security (as opposed to the false hope of total energy independence), good jobs, health care and education ... for prosperity instead of pauperization ... victory in the war against radical Islam instead of appeasement of America's worst enemies ... effective diplomacy that preserves the peace instead of diplomacy for its own sake that only makes war--on the enemy's terms--inevitable.

Go for it, Hillary! Your opportunity to make history--and help your country--is ironically greater than it has ever been.

Why a Vote for Obama is a Vote for a Nuclear Iran

Foreign Confidential....

The nomination and election of Barack Obama as President of the United States will provide Islamist Iran with another nine to 12 months, at a minimum, for the development of nuclear weapons. That is why Iran and its Palestinian proxy, Hamas, have publicly expressed support for Obama. His ascent to power is in Iran's interest.

Alone among the candidates, Obama has made it clear that he will launch a "diplomatic surge" to supposedly prevent Iran from acquiring atomic arms. A face-to-face meeting with Iran's Hitler-admiring, Holocaust-denying monster-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will be the centerpiece of Obama's so-called surge.

Given that Obama, if elected, will not take office until next January, and that it will take time to prepare the summit talks, Iran will have ample time to complete its weapons development (while strengthening its grip on Lebanon, with Syrian assistance, and influence in the Palestinian territories). During this period, Israel will find itself in an almost impossible situation: tempted to preemptively attack Iran but probably prevented from doing so out of fear of alienating its most important ally, the US.

Iran is less than a year away from achieving its atomic aims. And there are analysts who believe that Iran hopes to announce that it has become a nuclear power next February on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its Islamic revolution. If that happens, Obama will surely argue that diplomacy (his code word for appeasement) is the only alternative to nuclear war-- which will only give Iran more time to prepare for the inevitable conflict.

In short, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for a nuclear-armed, Islamist Iran ... and war on Tehran's terms.

Hu Tours Quake Disaster Zone

China's President Hu Jintao arrived in Sichuan province Friday to support earthquake relief efforts. The death toll, now at more than 22,000, is expected to pass 50,000. As Daniel Schearf reports from Chengdu, concern is now turning to providing for survivors.

After arriving in Sichuan, Hu went directly to the earthquake disaster zone. He joined Premier Wen Jiabao, who greeted him on arrival, in touring areas devastated by Monday's seven point nine quake.

Wen called the earthquake the most destructive since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949.

Speaking on the plane to Sichuan, Hu assessed the relief situation. He said the challenge is still severe, the task remains extremely difficult and time is pressing.

Thousands of people are believed still buried beneath collapsed homes, offices, and schools. Few of them are expected to still be alive.

In the town of Dujiangyan, a large mechanical digger scoops slabs of concrete and twisted metal rods from a massive pile of rubble.

Volunteers and rescue workers dig through what used to be an apartment building in hope of finding survivors.

China's leaders have vowed to continue rescue work, but as each day passes the odds of finding survivors go down.

Supplies are Short

Rescue workers have reached the epicenter of the quake, bringing much needed medical, food, and temporary housing supplies.

But, supplies are short and China's weak health care system is struggling to cope with the large number of wounded.

Tens of thousands of survivors are now living on the streets in tents.

Jiang Weixin, China's Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, says more than four million homes in Sichuan collapsed or were destroyed.

Hundreds of thousands more homes collapsed in neighboring provinces.

Jiang says water, sewage, and electricity networks were severely damaged.

Thousands of aftershocks have set back efforts to clear roads to quake-hit areas.

On Friday afternoon a 5.9 magnitude aftershock hit Lixian, near the epicenter of the quake, cutting off roads and severing communications.

Angola Replaces Nigeria as Africa's Top Oil Producer

Foreign Confidential....

Angola expects its economy to grow by 16.5 percent in 2008 driven by exports of oil, the country's deputy finance minister said on Thursday.

"We are projecting a growth rate of 16.5 percent in 2008, due to oil exports which are currently in demand," Angola"s Deputy Finance Minister Job Graca told Reuters on the sidelines of the African Development Bank meeting in Mozambique.

With record oil prices, Angola's growth is mostly the result of its growing oil sector.

Angola became Africa's largest oil producer last month, OPEC announced on Thursday, as unrest sharply cut Nigerian oil output.

Angola is one of OPEC's newest members. The country claimed the top spot for the first time pumping 1.873 million barrels per day in April, 55,000 bpd more than Nigeria.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mainstream Media Ignore Obama-Odinga Ties

Foreign Confidential....

Left/liberal mainstream media refuse to investigate the troubling ties between America's first Muslim-born Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, and Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga, whom the Democratic White House hopeful supports.

Odinga, who recently lost Kenya's Presidential election, wants to institute barbaric Islamic Sharia law across Kenya. Most of Odinga's fanatical followers are Islamists. In addition to pushing for Sharia, they have pushed for the total banning of other religions and the closing of co-ed schools and night clubs and ending public styles of dress considered immoral.

Odinga was educated in former Soviet controlled East Germany.

He claims to be Obama’s first cousin.

In 2006, Obama voiced support for Odinga during a visit to Kenya.

According to Islamic religious law, Obama was born a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was a Muslim from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya.

The Presidential candidate's stepfather was a Muslim from Indonesia.

Obama attended the Muslim Basuki School and a Catholic school in Indonesia, and his religion was registered as Muslim in both schools.

Hamas Rockets Could Soon Hit Beersheva

Foreign Confidential....

Tragically, there is no diplomatic solution to the problem of radical Islam.

As Islamist Iran presses ahead with plans to acquire atomic arms, AP reports:

Israel's military intelligence chief said in remarks published on Thursday that the Islamist movement Hamas will have rockets in Gaza with a 40-kilometre (25-mile) range within two years.

"All localities situated in a region of 40 kilometres from Gaza would be in the range of Hamas rockets," General Amos Yadlin said in in an interview with the Haaretz newspaper.

Such rockets could reach Israel's fourth largest city of Beersheva.

"Hamas already has several hundred rockets with a range of 20 kilometres," Yadlin added. "If this problem is not addressed other cities are going to find themselves within range of Hamas firings."

Yadlin said Hamas was preparing defensive positions in anticipation of a possible Israeli ground assault in the Gaza Strip, which has been controlled by the Islamist movement since June.

His comments were published a day after a rocket fired by Gaza militants hit a shopping mall in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon that wounded 14 people.

The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees and the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility for the attack.

Wen: Worst Chinese Earthquake Since 1949

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says Monday's earthquake was the country's most destructive since 1949, as more than 50,000 people are feared dead in Sichuan province alone.

Early Friday Chinese state-run media quoted Wen saying the quake was even more powerful than one in 1976 that killed 242,000.

Soldiers and civilian volunteers Thursday continued to pull survivors from collapsed buildings, where an estimated 30,000 people are buried beneath the debris.

As the number of confirmed deaths in Sichuan and nearby provinces approaches 20,000, Chinese state-run media Friday say officials worry that rotting corpses could spark disease outbreaks.

Foreign Rescue Teams

The first foreign rescue team arrived early Friday in Sichuan's provincial capital, Chengdu, from Japan. China also agreed today to accept teams from Russia, Singapore and South Korea.

Planes carrying aid and volunteers landed in China on Thursday from Taiwan, which China considers to be a renegade province.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Thursday issued an emergency appeal for medical help, food, water and tents. World Bank President Robert Zoellick said the institution was ready to help the Chinese government with recovery and reconstruction.

The Chinese government has sent some 130,000 troops to Sichuan and deployed 101 more helicopters to airlift victims and drop emergency supplies to quake survivors.

The state-run Xinhua news agency says the government has imposed temporary controls on food prices and transportation fares in the quake-hit region to stem hoarding and speculation.

Xinhua says 44 counties and districts in Sichuan were severely hit, affecting some 10 million people across the province. More than 65,000 people were physically injured during the earthquake, which also killed hundreds in nearby provinces.