Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Opinion: Obama, Bush and the Liberal Way

Strange parallels....

After 9/11, America was ready for World War III. President Bush gave the nation Vietnam II.

After the global economic meltdown, America was ready for a new FDR. President Obama shows signs of being Jimmy Carter II. Instead of a big, bold plan that combines the New Deal and post-Pearl Harbor government spending, Obama has produced a non-stimulus that is heavy on state aid and light on job creation. A non-stimulus for a noconomy.

What's up with all that? Has the world's greatest democracy lost its ability to think and act in really big and intelligent ways? One wonders: have decades of liberal indoctrination and cultural relativism ruined the country? Is liberal idiocy to blame for emasculating the United States, destroying its political will? Liberals, unlike conservatives and leftists, are scared sissies--weak and indecisive, frightened of their own shadows. A leftist or a conservative can build a factory, for example; a liberal, in contrast, is too scared of causing pollution ... or producing carbon ... to create jobs, would rather do nothing and let people starve or go on welfare. Liberals are more concerned about avoiding second-hand smoke than putting people to work. Preventing an 18-year-old from legally buying a beer is more important to a liberal than making it possible for him or her to find an after-school or summertime job. [Similarly, controlling guns is more crucial to a liberal than controlling criminals. Diplomacy is an end, not a means; disarmament at all costs, a sacred objective.]

Conservatives and leftists appreciate industry, understand the importance of an oil rig or a natural gas pipeline. Liberals love hot-air carbon credits, inefficient windmills, subsidized solar panels, mandated biofuels and silly scooters that amount to ... nothing ... in comparison to real energy and industry.

Whereas a leftist would create a national oil company ... to drill for domestic resources .... or nationalize Big Oil, which answers to stockholders instead of the national interest ... a liberal ... like Obama, for instance, or Al Gore, the ultimate phony liberal, who parlayed a slide show into an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize .... prefers to push alternative fuels and nonexistent solutions, such as cellulosic ethanol .... the energy of the future that always will be in the future. It's the liberal way ... also known as the road to hell.

- Andre Pachter