Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Washington Post Confirms China Confidential Analysis: American Reporters are Hostages

China Confidential reported Monday that North Korea intends to use two captured American journalists as hostages in order to deter the United States and Japan from interfering with Pyongyang's planned rocket launch. The Washington Post today published an article that supports the China Confidential analysis, citing sources that describe the detained U.S. citizens as "bargaining chips."

Click here for the story. Scroll for the China Confidential piece.

The Obama administration and accommodating media outlets are likely to avoid using the hostage term, even though the definition of a hostage is a person held against his or her will--a prisoner--by one party in order to ensure that another party meets specified demands or behaves in a certain manner.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Regarding the hostage affair, American advocates of appeasing nuclear-armed North Korea and its nuclear-arming ally, Iran, have begun a blame-the-victim whispering campaign in Washington, DC and New York that recalls a knee-jerk liberal response to urban crime during the 1960s and '70s. What was she doing walking in that neighborhood? was commonly heard on Manhattan's Upper West Side and in other liberal bastions following an all-too commonplace report of a rape, mugging, or beating. It is only a matter of time--days, maybe--before North Korea's apologists will mobilize to downplay both the hostage-taking by the regime and its menacing missile launch. A similar campaign will soon be used to make an American ally, Israel, which Iran has vowed to destroy, seem like a lost cause unworthy of further U.S. backing because the Jewish state is stuck in the wrong neighborhood. But that is another story.