Saturday, April 11, 2009

Faced with Piracy, French Summon Spirit of Foreign Legion while America Seems Dazed and Confused

Sacre bleu!

The French have rescued their hostages from a band of brazen, African Muslim pirates while the American Navy seems helpless and confused.

Never again will Americans be able to ridicule the French in military matters. The gallant spirit of the Foreign Legion seems to be alive and well in Paris; the philosophy of appeasement, in Washington.

The appeaser-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama, appears unmoved by the crisis, which, as China Confidential observed yesterday, is one of three American hostage situations currently playing out across the globe. That must be a record for a sitting President. The other outrages involve journalists: two American reporters held in North Korea, one Iranian-American freelance reporter held in Iran.

Obama seems distracted and indifferent, irritated by the intrusion of real-world tests so early in his tenure. An apt word, tenure; the President lectures the public like a second-rate academician or a community organizer, both of which he has been. (He also taught law for a while; but he clearly could never have succeeded as a litigator.)

His deafening silence on the crisis has naturally been praised by an adoring liberal media for whom American military might--and American power and alleged "arrogance," for which Obama has publicly apologized--are the main threats to world peace (apart from Israel's military might and willingness to use it).

Fact is, Obama is more likely to appoint a commission to study the root causes of piracy, or order the State Department to bring the pirates and their families to America for resettlement and retraining, than end the menace of piracy.

The nauseating spectacle is enough to make every patriotic American and every veteran of a foreign war thoroughly seasick.

The Times' article is must-reading. Click here to read it.

Be sure, too, to click here to read about Obama's apology to the pirates. It's a satirical piece, of course; but at the rate things are going, Presidential understanding of impoverished Somali fisherman forced into piracy by an uncaring West ... well ... it's only a matter of time....

EDITOR'S NOTE: The indomitable Atlas Shrugs is featuring an in-depth overview of Obama's submission to tyranny and "emasculation of America."