Friday, May 08, 2009

As Obama Moves to Abandon the Jewish State, Democrats Blame 'the Jews' for Financial Crisis

The worst irony of all: an overwhelming majority of American Jewish voters are slavishly devoted to America's leading anti-Semitic organization--the Democratic Party.

It's tragic but true. Click here for the story.

The media coverage of the Bernard Madoff scandal made extensive reference to Madoff’s ethnic and religious background and his prominent role in the Jewish community....

Interestingly, Democrats were especially prone to blaming Jews: while 32 percent of Democrats accorded at least moderate blame, only 18.4 percent of Republicans did so (a statistically significant difference). This difference is somewhat surprising given the presumed higher degree of racial tolerance among liberals and the fact that Jews are a central part of the Democratic Party’s electoral coalition.

Jew-Hating Hothouse

The Democratic Party's left wing has become a Jew-hating hothouse, populated by Islamist sympathizers and America-bashing radicals who long for the annihilation of Israel and the disappearance of the Jewish people.

More important, the Democratic President--America's first Muslim-born President (owing to the fact that his Kenyan father was a Muslim, and Islam traces religion through the father)--has, since taking office, moved with astonishing speed to squeeze and isolate Israel. His engagement--code for appeasement--of Iran is providing the Islamist nation with the time it needs to develop nuclear weapons. Click here.

America's betrayal of the Jewish State, made possible, in part, by Jewish voters and Jewish collaborators, has the potential of becoming one of the worst chapters in Jewish history.