Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest Comment: 10 Inconvenient Questions

Ten inconvenient questions from a reader who describes himself as a lifelong progressive:

1. Where is it written that if someone believes in national health insurance--or, even, socialized medicine--he or she also has to accept appeasement of Islamist monsters?

2. At what point did being a liberal, or a left-winger, or a social democrat, or democratic socialist, also mean that one is sympathetic to the worst reactionary scum on earth--the clerical fascists known as Islamists?

3. Where is it written that believers in free trade among civilized, democratic nations also have to accept the hollowing out of the West at the expense of workers and the middle classes in order to line the pockets of Third World despots and greedy corporate executives and criminal bankers?

4. When did wearing a backward Muslim headscarf or a barbaric veil or burqa stop being a sign of enslavement?

5. When did appeasement and stupidity become synonymous with diplomacy?

6. A piece of garbage like Hugo Chavez--at what point, did be become worthy of respect by the Left?

7. A Stalinist mass-murderer like Fidel Castro--why is he still revered by the Left?

8. The atomic ayatollahs of Islamist Iran--why isn't the Left clamoring for their overthrow?

9. Where is it written that men and women of the Left have to believe in an absurd myth--manmade global warming--that is clearly designed to cripple the West while lining the pockets of Wall Street bankers and other corrupt exploiters of human ignorance and misery?

10. America's phony economic stimulus--why isn't the Left demanding a real, job-creating alternative?

-L. Bronstein
The Bronx, New York, USA

EDITOR'S NOTE: The answer to "when" can be traced to the time when America's Democratic Party stopped being the party of Henry ("Scoop") Jackson and instead became the party of Jesse Jackson.