Saturday, August 22, 2009

British Oil Firms Behind Bomber's Release

Now it can be told: it's all about oil.

British oil companies engineered the release of the Pan Am 103 bomber in order to secure lucrative contracts with the Libyan dictator. Click here for the story, which does not begin to dig deeply enough.

China Confidential Mideast sources say the energy behemoths worked tirelessly to free the mass-murdering terrorist. The oil companies pressured the UK government, which pressured Scottish authorities. Click here.

The disgraceful deal with the devil recalls the business and financial collaboration that went on during World War II, when major American and German banks and corporations managed to conduct business with each other through Swiss banks and corporate subsidiaries in South America. The scandal raises disturbing questions in todays global economy. Sadly, it seems that when the interests of a Western nation--or Western civilization civilization-- are on the line, as in the case of WW II and in the war against radical Islam and Arab terrorism, multinational corporations are only on one side--their own.

In a related development, Switzerland has officially apologized to the Libyan dictator for the arrest of his son and daughter-in-law on suspicion of beating their servants during a visit to Geneva. China Confidential sources in Switzerland say the charges are widely understood to be true; but the pressure on Switzerland was overwhelming.