Friday, July 31, 2009

Saudi Again Rebuffs Obama, Rejects Peace Plea

Click here for the story. U.S. President Obama has nothing to show for all the bowing and scraping ... the submitting and stooping ... the appeasing and accommodating ... the abandonment and betrayal ... of Israel ... and democracy.

Iranian Fascists Fighting Each Other for Power

More evidence that Iranian maniac-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guards Corps may have eclipsed the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts believe Iran's clerical fascist regime has been thoroughly militarized and is now fascist with a theocratic veneer.

China Committed to Enforcing N. Korea Sanctions?

A U.S. envoy says China has expressed a commitment to helping enforce U.N. sanctions on North Korea. Click here for the story.

Obama Foreign Policy Making Wars Inevitable

The Obama administration's engagement (appeasement) of nuclear-armed North Korea and nuclear-arming Iran are making new wars inevitable. Click here for an essay that supports the China Confidential analysis.

Inside Iran, in the meantime, human rights activists dread the midnight knock on the door, as the fascist regime continues its brutal crackdown on political unrest. Read about it here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nigerian Taliban Leader Shot Dead

No apologies. No outreach. No excuses. The Nigerian military responded to the Islamist insurrection by crushing it--and capturing and killing the sect leader. Click here for the report.

'Neda Lives!'

Iranian police beat and fired tear gas at mourners shouting, "Neda Lives!" Click here for the story.

Iran Opposition Plans Graveside Protest

Click here for the story. Opposition leaders in Iran say they will go ahead with a previously announced plan to visit the graves of protesters killed in "the unrest."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

China Publicizes List of Uighur Fugitives

Fifteen people are wanted in connection with the deadly rioting in Xinjiang. Click here for the story.

Chinese Director Remaking 'Blood Simple'

Zhang Yimou plans to remake the Coen Brothers' first picture, a comedic thriller. Click here for the story.

Accused American Terrorist Tried to Enter Israel

Click here for the bizarre story about an American accused of plotting Islamist terror attacks. Authorities say his terrorist roots run deep.

The Role of the Mexican Military in the Cartel War

By Stephen Meiners and Fred Burton

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article was provided by Stratfor, the global intelligence news service.

U.S. drug czar Gil Kerlikowske is in the middle of a four-day visit this week to Mexico, where he is meeting with Mexican government officials to discuss the two countries’ joint approach to Mexico’s ongoing cartel war. In prepared remarks at a July 27 press conference with Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora, Kerlikowske said Washington is focused on reducing drug use in the United States, supporting domestic law enforcement efforts against drug traffickers and working with other countries that serve as production areas or transshipment points for U.S.-bound drugs.

Absent from his remarks was any mention of the U.S. position on the role of the Mexican military in the country’s battle against the drug cartels. Kerlikowske’s visit comes amid a growing debate in Mexico over the role that the country’s armed forces should play in the cartel war. The debate has intensified in recent weeks, as human rights organizations in Mexico and the United States have expressed concern over civil rights abuses by Mexican troops assigned to counternarcotics missions in various parts of the country.

The director of Mexico’s independent National Human Rights Commission, for example, has encouraged the new legislature to re-examine the role of the Mexican military in the country’s cartel war, saying that the current approach is clearly not working. The number of citizen complaints against soldiers has increased over the last few years as the troops have become actively engaged in counternarcotics operations, and the commission director has expressed hope for greater accountability on the part of the armed forces.

Citing similar concerns, and the fact that such citizen complaints are handled by the military justice system — which has reportedly not successfully prosecuted a case in years — the independent U.S.-based Human Rights Watch has sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging her not to certify Mexico’s human rights record to Congress, which would freeze the disbursement of a portion of the funds for the Merida Initiative, a U.S. counternarcotics aid package for Mexico.

More important than any possible funding freeze from Washington, though, is the potential response from the Mexican government. President Felipe Calderon has emphasized that the use of the military is a temporary move and is necessary until the country’s federal police reforms can be completed in 2012. Legislative leaders from both main opposition parties complained last week that Calderon’s approach has unnecessarily weakened the armed forces, while the leader of the Mexican senate — a member of Calderon’s National Action Party — said the legislature will examine the role of the military and seek to balance the needs of the cartel war with the civil rights of the Mexican people. In addition, the president of Mexico’s supreme court has said the court plans to review the appropriateness of military jurisdiction in cases involving citizen complaints against soldiers.

Domestic debate and international criticism of Calderon’s use of the military are not necessarily new. Indeed, Calderon was defending his approach to representatives of the United Nations back in early 2008. However, the renewed debate, combined with recent changes in the Mexican legislature, have set the stage for a general re-examination of the Mexican military’s role in the cartel war. And while it is still unclear exactly where the re-examination will end up, the eventual outcome could drastically change the way the Mexican government fights the cartels.

More than Law Enforcement

Since taking office in December 2006, Calderon’s decision to deploy more than 35,000 federal troops in security operations around the country has grabbed headlines. While previous presidents have used the armed forces for counternarcotics operations in isolated cases, the scope and scale of the military’s involvement under Calderon has reached new heights. This approach is due in no small part to the staggering level of corruption among federal police. But primarily, the use of the military is a reflection of the many tasks that must be performed under Calderon’s strategy, which is far more complex than simply putting boots on the ground and requires more than what traditional law enforcement agencies can provide.

This broad range of tasks can be grouped into three categories:

The first involves duties traditionally carried out by the armed forces in Mexico, such as technical intelligence collection and maritime and aerial monitoring and interdiction. These tasks are well-suited to the armed forces, which have the equipment, training and experience to perform them. These are also key requirements in the country’s counternarcotics strategy, considering that Mexico is the primary transshipment point for South American-produced cocaine bound for the United States, the world’s largest market for the drug.

The second category includes traditional civilian law enforcement and judicial duties. Specifically, this includes actions such as making arrests, prosecuting and convicting defendants and imposing punishment. With the exception of the military routinely detaining suspects and then turning them over to law enforcement authorities, the tasks in this second category have remained mainly in the hands of civilian authorities.
The final category is more of a gray area. It involves tasks that overlap between Mexico’s armed forces and law enforcement agencies, and it is the area over the last few years in which the Mexican military has become increasingly involved. It is also the area that has caused the most controversy, primarily due to the fact that it has brought the troops into closer contact with the civilian population.

Some of the most noteworthy tasks in this final “gray” category include:

Drug-crop eradication and meth-lab seizures. In addition to being the main transit point for U.S.-bound cocaine, Mexico is also estimated to be the largest producer of marijuana and methamphetamines consumed in the United States. The U.S. National Drug Intelligence Center estimates that more than 17,000 tons of marijuana were produced in Mexico during 2007, most of which was smuggled into the United States. Similarly, seizures of so-called meth superlabs in Mexico over the last few years — some capable of producing hundreds of tons annually — underscore the scale of meth production in Mexico. The destruction of marijuana crops and meth production facilities is a task that has been shared by both the military and law enforcement under Calderon.

Immigration and customs inspections at points of entry and exit. Thorough inspections of inbound and outbound cargo and people at Mexico’s borders have played a key role in some of the more noteworthy drug seizures during the last few years, including the country’s largest cocaine seizure at the Pacific port of Manzanillo in November 2007. Similar inspections elsewhere have led to significant seizures of weapons and precursor chemicals used in the production of meth. In many cases, the Mexican armed forces have played a role in either stopping or inspecting suspect cargo.

Raids and arrests of high-value cartel targets. Beyond simply stopping the flow of drugs and weapons into and out of Mexico, the federal government has also sought to disrupt the powerful organizations that control the drug trade by arresting drug cartel members. Given the federal police’s reputation for corruption, highly sensitive and risky operations such as the arrest of high-ranking cartel leaders have more often than not been carried out by the military’s elite Special Forces Airmobile Group (GAFE). In most cases, the suspects detained by GAFE units have been quickly handed over to the attorney general’s office, though in some cases military personnel have been accused of holding suspects for longer than necessary in order to extract information themselves.

General public safety and law enforcement. The rise in organized crime-related violence across Mexico over the last few years has been a cause for great concern both within the government and among the population. A central part of the federal government’s effort to curb the violence has been the deployment of military forces to many areas, where the troops conduct such actions as security patrols, traffic stops and raids as well as man highway checkpoints. In some cities, the military has been called upon to assume all public-safety and law-enforcement responsibilities, disarming the local police force while looking for police links to organized crime. Another part of this militarization of law enforcement has involved the appointment of military officers — many of whom resign their commission a day before their appointment — to law enforcement posts such as police chief or public safety consultant.

It is this final trend that has led to most of the concerns and complaints regarding the military’s role in the cartel war. The federal government has been mindful of these concerns from the beginning and has tried to minimize the criticism by involving the federal police as much as possible. But it has been the armed forces that have provided the bulk of the manpower and coordination that federal police agencies — hampered by rampant corruption and a tumultuous reform process — have not been able to muster.

A Victim of its Own Success

The armed forces’ greater effectiveness, rapid deployment capability and early successes in some public security tasks made it inevitable that its role would evolve and expand. The result has been a classic case of mission creep. By the time additional duties were being assigned to the military, its resources had become stretched too thin to be as effective as before. This reality became apparent by early 2008 in public-safety roles, especially when the military was tasked with security operations in cities as large and as violent as Ciudad Juarez.

Even though the Mexican military was not designed or trained for law-enforcement duties or securing urban areas, it had been generally successful in improving the security situation of the smaller cities to which it had been deployed throughout 2007. But by early 2008, when soldiers were first deployed to Ciudad Juarez en masse, it became clear that they simply had too much on their plate. As the city’s security environment deteriorated disastrously during the second half of 2008, the military presence there proved incapable of controlling it, an outcome that has continued even today, despite the unprecedented concentration of forces that are currently in the city.

In addition to the military’s mission failures, it has also struggled with increasing civil rights complaints from citizens. In particular, soldiers have been accused of unauthorized searches and seizures, rough treatment and torture of suspects (which in some cases have included police officers), and improper rules of engagement, which have led several times to civilian deaths when soldiers mistook them for hostile shooters. In many cities, particularly in northern and western Mexico, exasperated residents have staged rallies and marches to protest the military presence in their towns.

While the military has certainly not acted flawlessly in its operations and undoubtedly bears guilt for some offenses, these complaints are not completely reliable records of the military’s performance. For one thing, many cartel enforcers routinely dress in military-style clothing and travel in vehicles painted to resemble military trucks, while many also have military backgrounds and operate using the tactics they were taught. This makes it difficult for residents, during the chaos of a raid, to distinguish between legitimate soldiers and cartel members. More important, however, is the fact that the Mexican drug cartels have been keenly aware of the threat posed to them by the military and of the controversy associated with the military’s involvement in the cartel war. For this reason, the cartels have been eager to exploit this vulnerability by paying residents to protest the military presence and spread reports of military abuses.


As the Mexican congress and supreme court continue the debate over the appropriateness of the military in various roles in the cartel war, it is important to recall what the armed forces have done well. For all its faults and failures, the military remains the most reliable security tool available to the Mexican government. And continued problems with the federal police reforms mean that the military will remain the most reliable and versatile option for the foreseeable future.

Any legislative or judicial effort to withdraw the armed forces from certain tasks will leave the government with fewer options in battling the cartels and, ultimately, in an even more precarious position than it is in now. The loss of such a valuable tool in some areas of the cartel war would force the government to fundamentally alter its strategy in the cartel war, most likely requiring it to scale back its objectives.

South Korean Fishing Boat Held by North

The vessel seems to have strayed into North Korean waters. Click here for the story.

Iranian Exiles in Iraq Abandoned and Attacked

CBS reports:

When the U.S. began turning over security to the Iraqis, it stopped protecting some valuable allies - thousands of Iranian exiles living in Iraq. Left alone, their camp outside Baghdad is now under attack.

For two days, Iraqi police have beaten the resident and no food or doctors have been allowed in - all with the approval of Iran's government as CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan reports.

It started peacefully and quickly turned violent, with Iraqi police using wooden sticks against a group of unarmed civilians.

The civilians were Iranians living inside Iraq - members of an Iranian opposition group, known as the MEK.

It was the MEK that provided the U.S. with intelligence on Iran's nuclear program.

Continue here.

Click below to view the video report and the raw video.

US Released Senior Iranian Terrorist

The Obama administration's appeasement of Islamist Iran--and Islamism in general--is intensifying to a degree that should shock even ordinary liberals.

Bill Roggio reports:

A senior Qods Force officer who led one of the three commands in Iraq assigned to attack US and Iraqi forces was one of five Iranians released by the US military on July 9.

Mahmud Farhadi, the leader of the Zafr Command, one of three units subordinate to the Qods Force's Ramazan Corps, was among five Iranians turned over to the Iraqi government and then subsequently turned over to the Iranians.

A spokesman from the Iranian foreign ministry identified Farhadi as one of the five men released on July 9, according to a report on Iranian state-run television.

Continue here.

Iran Preparing to Kill Detained Protesters

Islamist Iran is preparing to "try" about 20 protesters--only the first group targeted for sham tribunals.

Read up-to-the-minute reports here and here.

China Confidential analysts say the regime has already decided to execute them in order to set an example aimed at terrorizing the restive citizenry.

The international community is asleep at the switch. Led by the Obama administration, the so-called free world is allowing a Hitlerian regime to acquire atomic arms and the means of delivering the weapons to distant targets with great accuracy. Israel, alone, is committed to stopping the fascist foe, which has repeatedly vowed to annihilate the Jewish State and muses openly about "a world without America and Zionism."

There is no diplomatic solution to the Iranian problem. Regime change is the only acceptable answer to the growing threat. A strict maritime blockade could arguably still prevent war; while continued appeasement of the turbaned tyranny will only make war--on Iranian terms--inevitable, just as appeasement of Nazi Germany made World War II inevitable.

Exiled Separatist Accuses China of Mass Murder

Read about it here. An exiled Muslim separatist--a rich businesswoman with a suspect past and suspicious ties--is accusing China of killing or detaining 10,000 people in Xinjiang.

Saudis Rebuff Obama on Israel, Reject Recognition Without Withdrawal to Pre-1967 Auschwitz Lines

Click here. Obama's Saudi friends have rebuffed U.S. calls for recognition of Israel on the part of "the Muslim world." The Saudi position is clear: no recognition of the Jewish State until and unless it pulls back behind the pre-1967 borders that the late (dovish) Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban, referred to as "the Auschwitz lines."

US Cancels Honduran Visas to Help Chavez Stooge

The Obama administration has taken an unusual step--revoking diplomatic visas--in order to pressure the government of Honduras into hammering out a compromise with the country's ousted leftist leader, a stooge of Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez. Click here for the story.

Consider this: after 9/11, the Bush administration (stupidly) did not revoke the visas of aliens from predominantly Muslim countries. The move was never even considered, as far as we can tell. Had it been done, diplomats would almost certainly have been excluded (absent a formal declaration of war against certain countries, whose diplomats would then have been ejected from the U.S.).

One wonders: if the U.S. is again hit by Islamist terrorists, will the Obama administration cancel any visas? Or, is the measure only to be used to help Third World dictators?

China Still the World's Top Executioner

Click here for the disturbing story, which is based on a new report by an anti-death penalty human rights group.

China says it will restrict and reduce the number of executions. That story, here.

Car Bomb Targets Northern Spain; ETA Blamed

Basque separatists are blamed for an attack on a police barracks.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

China Bans Gangster Games

The Godfather game made the hit list--as in marked for assassination. Read about it here.

Iranians Enraged by Prison Horror Stories

"And ye shall know the truth,

And the truth shall make you fee."

-John 8:32 (Motto of CIA)

Killings, torture, beatings, humiliation ... the truth is coming out.

But will it set Iranians free?

Click here for the story.

UPDATE: Iran has reportedly released 140 prisoners and closed one of two notorious detention centers in Tehran. Click here for the report.

Chinese and Israeli Venture Capital Firms in Talks

Israel's venture capital giant Pitango plans to team up with a Chinese partner to launch a $100-$200 million fund with investment focus on China's start-up companies, sources said on Wednesday.

Pitango Venture Capital, run by Nechemia Peres, son of Israeli President Shimon Peres, is in talks with Shenzhen Capital Group Co Ltd, to raise a China-focused investment fund, said the sources with direct knowledge of the matter. Shenzhen Capital is China's top venture capital firm.

"Pitango is a big name in Israel but still little-known in China so now it should be the right time for Pitango to team up with a right partner to expand its investments in China like what its rivals have already done," said one source.

" Pitango is a big name in Israel but still little-known in China so now it should be the right time for Pitango to team up with a right partner to expand its investments in China like what its rivals have already done "

No Agreement Yet

No agreement has been inked between the two parties, said the sources who declined to be identified as the negotiations are confidential. Pitango hopes to mainly invest in China's high technology-related sectors through the new fund, they said.

Shenzhen Capital declined to comment, while Pitango, based in Herzliya, a seaside suburb north of Tel Aviv, was not immediately available for comment.

Pitango is one of Israel's largest venture capital firms, having invested in over 100 companies in seed, early and growth stages in a wide range of technology sectors in the past 14 years, according to its company site. (

Pitango, which also has an office in the Silicon Valley in the United States, manages funds in excess of $1.3 billion in committed capital from international investors.

Earlier this month, Wilson Lee, president of Shenzhen Capital, based in southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen, bordering Hong Kong, told Reuters the firm aims to double its funds under management to more than 20 billion yuan ($2.48 billion) in three years.

Chinese friends

This week, a Pitango delegation led by Nechemia Peres is traveling in China to meet Chinese government officials and business partners including senior representatives from Shenzhen Capital, said the sources.

Chinese state media on Wednesday reported Peres' visit without giving further details about Pitango's fund plan.

The local Shenzhen government, which is the de facto boss of Shenzhen Capital, has shown strong support to Pitango's China fund plan, which may also need approvals from financial regulators in Beijing, said the sources.

Pitango's smaller rival Infinity Equity manages more than $600 million through three funds, two of which are in China.

Infinity-I China, its most recent China fund, is founded by IDB Development subsidiary Clal Industries of Israel, state-owned China Development Bank and China Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Co, a firm backed by both Singaporean and Chinese governments.

-Al Arabiya News Channel

John Bolton: Crunch Time for Israel on Iran

America's former United Nations envoy--a voice of sanity and reason in these terrifying times--writes in The Wall Street Journal:

Legions of senior American officials have descended on Jerusalem recently, but the most important of them has been Defense Secretary Robert Gates. His central objective was to dissuade Israel from carrying out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Under the guise of counseling “patience,” Mr. Gates again conveyed President Barack Obama’s emphatic thumbs down on military force.

The public outcome of Mr. Gates’s visit appeared polite but inconclusive. Yet Iran’s progress with nuclear weapons and air defenses means Israel’s military option is declining over time. It will have to make a decision soon, and it will be no surprise if Israel strikes by year’s end. Israel’s choice could determine whether Iran obtains nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future.

Mr. Obama’s approach to Tehran has been his “open hand,” yet his gesture has not only been ignored by Iran but deemed irrelevant as the country looks inward to resolve the aftermath of its fraudulent election. The hardliner “winner” of that election, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was recently forced to fire a deputy who once said something vaguely soothing about Israel. Clearly, negotiations with the White House are not exactly topping the Iranian agenda.

Beyond that, Mr. Obama’s negotiation strategy faces insuperable time pressure. French President Nicolas Sarkozy proclaimed that Iran must re-start negotiations with the West by September’s G-20 summit. But this means little when, with each passing day, Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile laboratories, production facilities and military bases are all churning. Israel is focused on these facts, not the illusion of “tough” diplomacy.

Continue reading Bolton's brilliant essay here.

Liberal Lunacy: Lebanese Prof Charged in French Synagogue Bombing Gets Canadian Teaching Job

Will Obama reach out to the man? Click here for the sickening story.

Fierce Fighting in Nigeria

More than 250 dead as security forces move to crush an Islamist insurrection. Click here for the report.

For Urban Elites, Global Warming is a Religion

The Vancouver Sun reports:

Ian Plimer has outraged the ayatollahs of purist environmentalism, the Torquemadas of the doctrine of global warming, and he seems to relish the damnation they heap on him.

Plimer is a geologist, professor of mining geology at Adelaide University, and he may well be Australia's best-known and most notorious academic.

Plimer, you see, is an unremitting critic of "anthropogenic global warming" -- man-made climate change to you and me -- and the current environmental orthodoxy that if we change our polluting ways, global warming can be reversed.

Continue here.

Islamist Terrorists Plotted US Attacks

An eighth suspect is being sought in the North Carolina case--click here--while a Minnesota Somali man has pleaded guilty to a terror-related charge. Read about that case here.

Monaco Seeks Global Ban on Bluefin Tuna Trade

Prince Albert I and Captain Cousteau (whom this reporter once interviewed at his Monaco headquarters) would both be proud....

Click here.

Obama Only Tough on Israel

The appeaser-in-chief is only tough when it comes to pressuring Israel, as shown by this approving piece (of ...) in the New York Times. European Islamist supporters and sympathizers--the Useful Idiots of the West--are apparently delighted by the Obama administration's anti-Israel tilt.

And that is no exaggeration--the term anti-Israel. Regardless of his motives, President Obama is effectively an adversary of Israel and the Jewish people. His policies are designed to increase Muslim influence, diminish the importance of the American Jewish community, shrink Israel in order to create a second Arab state in Palestine (i.e. a Hamas-ruled state in addition to the Hashemite-ruled Kingdom of Jordan), and accommodate (appease) radical Islam in general and Islamist Iran in particular.

Except for Al Qaeda and its affiliated and associated groups, every Islamist group on earth is a potential partner for engagement with the United States in Obama's eyes.

POSTSCRIPT: It's only a matter of time, in this reporter's opinion, before administration stooges start floating the concept of "reconcilable" Al Qaeda--supposed dupes of the "real" Al Qaeda who will be described as merely being swept along, and so on and so forth....

Socialist Website Warns World Financial System Could Collapse; Central Bankers Running Scared

Click here for the Trotskyist analysis. It's terrifying.

US and China Hold Private, Pointed Talks

Click here for the AP report. China is worried about protectionist tendencies ... and protecting Chinese investments in the US.

Confronting Islamist Iran's Vicious Misogyny

Tarek Fatah writes:

When the Prague Spring failed in 1968, few people believed that the seeds of dissent that had been crushed under the weight of Soviet tanks would blossom 20 years later to bring about the demise of the U. S. S. R. itself. A similar summer of discontent and rebellion has blossomed in Tehran in 2009, and I would venture to say that, this time around, it will not take two decades for the ossified state structure to come crashing down.

The reason: This time, it is the mothers and daughters of Iran who have rebelled against the Islamic Republic of Iran and have come out in the streets to lead the men.

For 30 years, an entire nation has been subjected to imprisonment, torture, murder and -- unnoticed by the world -- the institutional rape of its daughters, all in the name of Islam. No other dictatorial society, not even the Saudis, have used rape as a tool of subjugation as the Iranian ruling ayatollahs have. Perversely, it has been dressed up as an act of piety and religiosity.

This truth is beginning to come out in the open....

Continue here. The essay is essential reading.

A Prophetic Warning from a US Ally

"The stability and the security of the region and the free world depends on the stability and the security of the Iranian nation. If Iran and the future generation of the Iranians are compromised and if fear and terror to be imposed on Iran, the rest of the world will not be immune of its consequences."

-Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

Ex-KGB Officer to Address US Press; Promises to Expose Russian Espionage in Islamic Countries

Konstantin Preobrazhensky, a former officer in the KGB who defected to the United States in 2003, is scheduled to address the National Press Club Newsmakers press conference at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 30. He will present an overview of Russia 's current political goals and ongoing intelligence activities in the Islamic World.

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB who served as an advisor to the Deputy Head of the KGB intelligence between 1987-1991, Preobrazhensky is now one of harshest critics of Russia's regime. He has a unique perspective on the threat posed by Russia's global ambitions.

From 1976-91 he served as an officer in KGB Intelligence. His last position was as personal advisor on China, Japan and Korea to Major General Leonid Zaitsev, the Head of the Scientific and Technical Intelligence (Directorate “T”), Deputy Head of the KGB Intelligence (The First Chief Directorate).

From 1980-85 Preobrazhenskiy was the senior officer at the KGB station in Tokyo, Japan. He was ostensibly the correspondent of TASS, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union. It was not just a cover. A natural born writer, he wrote many literary pieces about Japan, some of which were later considered masterpieces.

As a KGB officer he concentrated on the recruitment of Chinese scholars for Soviet Scientific and Technical Intelligence. He reported directly to Victor Chebrikov, KGB Chairman, and Vladimir Kryuchkov, head of KGB Intelligence. Preobrazhenskiy was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel as a young officer.

The press conference will be held at 1:00 p.m. in the National Press Building, in Washington, DC .

British Policewomen Must Wear Muslim Headgear

Coming to America soon?

Cowardly British cops are forcing female officers to wear barbaric Muslim headscarves. Click here for the sickening story.

Winston Churchill would vomit. His nation has been overrun by cowards and weaklings--and fascist sympathizers.

Obama's Obsession: Palestine

Click below for the video. President Obama is committed to the cause of Mideast peace.

Translation: Obama is obsessed with creating a Hamas-ruled Palestinian state at Israel's expense. He is determined to shrink the Jewish State.

Notwithstanding Obama's Submissive Bow to Their King, Saudis Support Islamist Conquest of Nigeria

Click here for the story. The Islamists waging war in Nigeria are inspired by the Taliban, supported by Saudi fanatics.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Russia to Develop Venezuelan Heavy Oil

Venezuela's Orinoco River belt has enough heavy oil to supply the United States for at least 100 years. But successive U.S. administrations, starting with the catastrophic Carter administration, have neglected the awesome resource, thanks to the power and influence of Saudi Arabia and U.S. environmental extremists who have unwittingly played into the hands of the petro-tyrants.

Now, oil-and-gas-rich, resurgent Russia is going to develop Orinoco heavy crude. Click here for the story.

Russia (and China) developing Western Hemisphere oil--while the U.S. chokes the supply of energy and becomes more dependent on OPEC--in the name of "saving the planet."

What's wrong with that picture?

Is Obama Over His Crush on Chavez?

Is Obama over Chavez? Click here for the answer.

Taiwan Becoming a Non-Issue

Click here. It is the least important issue separating the United States and China.

May He Rest in Peace ...

This day in history....

July 27 ... the 29th anniversary of the passing away of His Imperial Majesty Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr ... Emperor of Iran ... father of Modern Iran ... statesman and visionary.

The departure of few world leaders have had such an adverse affect on the future of a nation as the tragic departure of the late Shahanshah of Iran had, not only on his people but on the peace and stability of the of the Middle East and of the entire world.

Since the Shah's passing, Iranians are experiencing the darkest times in their history....

One million killed in a needless War with Iraq....

Hundreds of thousands of executions, a slaughter that continues until now....

Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners....

More than seven million refugees across the world....

More than 67 million captives and hostages in their own country....

And Iran becoming the state sponsoring terrorism, at war with modernity, peace and freedom....

Hidden History: From Hitler to Hussein to Hezbollah

What the mainstream media refuse to discuss....

Iraq's mass-murdering dictator, Saddam Hussein, followed Hitler's example in developing missiles--specifically, for use against the Jewish State. Saddam showed Israel's enemies the way forward; and Israel foolishly followed America's advice and allowed itself to be rocketed during the first Gulf War.

For the first time in its history, the reborn Jewish State, founded in the aftermath of the Holocaust, behaved like stereotypical Diaspora Jews, sitting out a conflict in the hope of protection from supposedly more powerful Gentiles.


The humiliating Israeli decision was a betrayal of fundamental Zionist principles--an awful throwback to the days when the Yishuv--the Jewish community of pre-State, Turkish-controlled Palestine--hired notoriously unreliable Arab guards to protect Jewish villages and communal farms.

It did not take long, as students of Zionist history well know and appreciate, before the farms and villages formed their own self-defense organization--HaShomer--Hebrew for The Guardians, or The Watchmen. The legendary fighters on horseback are regarded as the nucleus of the Israel Defense Forces--along with the Haganah (Defense), the Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization), and Lehi (Hebrew acronym for Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) quasi-underground and underground organizations.

So much for pre-State history. Fact is, Hitlerian Hezbollah has rearmed to the teerth. Bristling with missiles, it stands ready to rubble Tel Aviv on orders from Islamist Iran--a monstrous enemy created, in large measure, by America's catastrophic Carter administration, which sought to jump aboard the Islamist bandwagon by assisting the Ayatollah Khomeini in overthrowing Iran's pro-American, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahalavi.

Time was, Israel was known for its air superiority. No longer. Its enemies long ago figured they could never compete air force-to-air force. Instead, they set their sights on building an arsenal of ballistic missiles ... an aerial deterrent that threatens to permanently change the balance of power in the Middle East when the missiles are equipped with nuclear warheads.

Feuding Elites Escalate Struggle for Power in Iran

The nightmare continues. Click here.

Iran's ultra-conservatives ... try to imagine Nazis to the right of Hitler ... are challenging the Islamist regime's maniac-in-chief.

The Islamist contest is about power--and wealth--and control of the coming nuclear arsenal.

In the meantime, millions of democracy-seekers desperately pray for deliverance from the fascist system.

But the Obama administration ... led by America's appeaser-in-chief ... has abandoned the truly progressive forces. The United States still seeks a so-called Grand Bargain with Islamist Iran and Islamism in general.

Israel Warns Lebanon as Hezbollah Provokes

Israel has warned Lebanon that it would be held responsible for any hostile action launched from its territory. Click here for the story.

But the leader of Hitlerian Hezbollah--an Iranian proxy--is again threatening to bombard Tel Aviv with missiles. Click here.

US Charges Seven Men with Terrorism

Read about it here. One of the suspects trained and fought in Afghanistan, returned to the United States, and recruited others for the global jihad.

China Confidential Analysts: Ahmadinejad Plots Massacres, Mousavi Arrest and Assassination

China Confidential analysts believe Iranian maniac-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guards Corps are preparing to arrest the relatively moderate opposition leader, Mir-Hossein Mousavi. His assassination has also been discussed and debated by regime members, according to intelligence experts.

A showdown looms, as Mousavi has defiantly called on supporters to continue protesting the rigged elections. Click here for the story.

World's Worst Regime Revels in Insulting West

Click here for the roundup, which would be funny if not for the fact that North Korea is basically a giant, nuclear-armed death camp.

Facebook Removes Iranian Proxy's Page

Click here for the story. The terrorist leader of Gaza has been deprived of his social networking page. His partner in Damascus (Jimmy Carter's friend) could be next in line for virtual termination.

There is reason to hope the world may at last be coming to its senses about the Iranian-Islamist threat....

Or not--as shown by UPI's sickening reference to Hamas as a "resistance" group. For the record, the U.S. State Department still lists Hamas as a Foreign Terrorist Organization--a formal designation of real significance.

Obama, Geithner Hail US-China Relationship

Click here for the news from Washington.

Who woulda' thunk it? Communist China worried about possible inflation in the United States, which would erode the value of their massive dollar reserves--strange and interesting times, to say the least.

On Stopping Iran, Some Reason for Hope?

The United States and Israel are apparently coordinating efforts to increase pressure on the nuclear-arming, Islamist regime ... and on the international community (such as it is) to get serious about stopping the missile-mad, fascist foe before it is too late.

Click here and here for the relevant reports.

Nigerian Death Toll at 65 as Taliban Press Offensive

Click here for the story. The Taliban-inspired Islamists are escalating their violent struggle to impose Islamic law on the entire country.

Where is the outrage? When did liberals and the Left in the West become dupes and pawns of radical Islam?

US, Israel Inching Closer to Deal on Settlements

Click here for the Haaretz report. As of this writing, a deal seems to be in the works.

Israel is under tremendous pressure from the United States over the settlements issue. The Obama administration is obsessed with squeezing Israel back behind indefensible borders--the pre-1967 boundaries that the late Israeli foreign minister, Abba Eban, called the "Auschwitz lines."

In the meantime, Islamist Iran is developing nuclear weapons for use against Israel--and the U.S.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rioting Chinese Steel Workers Kill Plant Manager

Thousands of workers rioted. Click here for the story, here for the China Daily version with fewer details.

Telescope Captures Proof of Jupiter Comet Collision

N. Korea: No Six-Nation Talks, but Dialogue Possible

North Korea on Monday (local time) reiterated that it would not return to the six-party platform. But the Stalinist/Kimist/criminal regime suggested it was open to direct talks with the United States. Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts say Pyongyang is playing for time, betting the Obama administration, which the North regards as weak and indecisive, will take the bait.

North Korea has no intention of ever abandoning atomic arms. Like its Islamist ally, nuclear-arming Iran, the North is pursuing an imperialist foreign policy--meaning a policy that aims to overthrow the status quo.

China May Press US on Dollar

The dollar is likely to be the focus of the two-day talks, starting tomorrow, in Washington, D.C. Click here.

Venezuela Doubling Size of its Tank Force

In case you missed the news, Venezuela plans to at least double the number of tanks in its military as part of a broader effort to strengthen its defenses.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said so last Thursday.

“We are going to bring ... several new tank battalions to have an armoured force at least twice the size of what we have today,” the Crackpot of Caracas said in a televised ceremony with military officials.

The announcement came days after Colombia said it was negotiating a deal with Washington to allow more U.S. troops to be deployed on three military bases in the Andean nation. Chavez sharply criticized the move, saying it posed a serious threat to Venezuela.

“The presence of these Yankee troops in Colombia will cause more problems,” Chavez said. “We’re obliged to review our relations with Colombia. The things we buy from Colombia, we’ll have to buy them elsewhere."

Chavez named Brazil and Ecuador as potential substitute suppliers.

India Launches its First Nuclear-Powered Sub

India on Sunday launched its first indigenously built nuclear-powered submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles.

The submarine, once in service, will give the country the capability to fire nuclear weapons from sea besides land and air.

In launching the sub, India joins an exclusive club. Only five other countries--the United States, China, Britain, France and Russia--can design and construct such vessels.

The Indian navy flooded a dry dock in the southern port city of Visakhapatnam to send out the nuclear-powered submarine, named Arihant, for extensive sea trials in the Bay of Bengal.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who launched the submarine, called it a "historic milestone in the country's defense preparedness.

Two Decades in the Making

It has taken India nearly two decades to develop the Arihant, which means "Destroyer of Enemies." It was built with technical assistance from Russia.

Arihant is powered by a nuclear reactor, and will be armed with ballistic missiles. It will carry a crew of about 100 men.

India already has fighter aircraft and missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The Arihant will give India an underwater ballistic missile capability.

India plans to build a fleet of five nuclear-powered submarines.

Defense experts have estimated that India has between 50 and 100 nuclear warheads.

Richest Israeli Says She Has Psychic Powers

Click here. Israel's richest person--the richest woman in the Middle East--says she can often see the future.

British Traitor's Spy Memoir Published

Click here for the story about the newly published memoir by one of the infamous "Cambridge Spies."

IRGC Turning Iran into Military State

Apparently bent, ironically, on imitating its nuclear-armed, atheist ally, North Korea, Islamist Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps is turning the nuclear-arming country into one of the world's most militarized states. From clerical fascist to fascist--click here for the story about Iran's transformation.

Coal Under Pressure in US, Unlike China

"Coal will burn, and while coal’s fiery nature drives turbines to produce more than half of the nation’s electrical energy as well as heats iron to make steel, coal has also fueled an often emotional debate between people who depend on coal to make a living, and people who believe coal’s impact on the environment is too costly a price to pay."

Continue reading here.

US Gasoline Prices Drop Seven Cents

Good news for ordinary Americans, bad news for petro-tyrants and petro-terrorists, and global warming scaremongers and scammers and other environmental extremists.

Gasoline prices are down across the nation.

Unfortunately for the hard-pressed country, however, the prices are probably heading north again in the near future.

Click here for the story, and here for an excellent energy information resource.

Bibi Says Israel Seeks 'Understanding' with US

Click here for the story. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu is trying to downplay differences with Washington.

He has no choice. The rift that has opened as a result of the Obama administration's tilt toward "the Muslim world" is alarming the Jewish State's leaders, citizens, and supporters.

In other Israel-related news, the stock market in Tel Aviv is booming. Click here for Sunday's report. Interestingly, Israel's real estate market, with the exception of the luxury end of the market, has not been hard hit by the global recession.

British Lawmakers Urge Hamas 'Engagement'

Upset over U.S. foreign policy? Check out the action across the pond. The pro-appeasement lobby is gaining, as indicated by the following report from London (also known as Londonistan).

A group of British lawmakers today released a report urging the government to talk with moderates in the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

The British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee said the current policy of not talking to Hamas is achieving little.

The report published Sunday reinforces a recommendation the committee made two years ago.

Two Days of US-China Talks Start Monday

Chinese officials will hold their first round of high-level strategic and economic talks with the Obama administration this week in Washington, a two-day event U.S. officials say they hope will lead to greater economic, environmental and security cooperation between the two countries.

U.S. officials say the Obama administration's first annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue with China comes at an important time for the two countries as they work to recover from the global financial crisis and seek opportunities to work together on issues such as climate change, trade and terrorism.

Massive Chinese Delegation

The meetings on Monday and Tuesday will be co-chaired by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. China is sending a massive delegation of 150 officials, the largest it has ever sent to the United States.

Beijing's official entourage will be led by State Councilor Dai Bingguo and Vice Premier Wang Qishan.

U.S. President Barack Obama will deliver an address at the beginning of the discussions on Monday.

Two-Track Talks

The two-track talks--economic and strategic --are a broader extension of economic talks that began under the previous U.S. administration of George W. Bush.

In April, Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao agreed to begin holding the annual meeting this year and alternate the venue between Washington and Beijing each year.

U.S. officials say that one of the most important messages they will take to the meeting is that while the U.S. economy is going to recover, its economy will not driven by Americans buying foreign goods.

They also say they will urge China to rely less on exports and more on expanding its domestic markets to fuel its economic growth.

Business representatives and industry analysts say they are hopeful the meeting will see progress; but they do not expect earth-shattering results.

North Korea Again Threatens US and South Korea

North Korea's defense minister is promising retaliation against tougher new United Nations sanctions put in place following Pyongyang's illegal missile and nuclear tests.

North Korean state media reported Sunday that Kim Yong-Chun said Pyongyang would deal "unimaginably deadly blows" at the United States and South Korea if they attack the Communist nation.

Kim spoke at a public meeting held on the eve of the anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War on July 27, 1953.

In a separate announcement, North Korea repeated its routine denunciations of an upcoming U.S. and South Korean military exercise, saying the maneuvers "lay bare the black-hearted aim" lurking behind the "talk of dialogue."

North Korea recently renounced the armistice that ended the Korean War.

China Confidential believe the North is preparing a series of extremely provocative acts, including new nuclear and missile tests and a possible assault on South Korean targets--troops or ships at sea.

50 Dead as Nigeria Cops Clash with Islamists

Click here for the story. The Islamist group, which is inspired by the Taliban, aims to impose Islamic law on all of Nigeria.

China and Rio Tinto: a Tale of Corruption and Control

Click here for the story. It is intriguing and complex.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guest Comment: 10 Inconvenient Questions

Ten inconvenient questions from a reader who describes himself as a lifelong progressive:

1. Where is it written that if someone believes in national health insurance--or, even, socialized medicine--he or she also has to accept appeasement of Islamist monsters?

2. At what point did being a liberal, or a left-winger, or a social democrat, or democratic socialist, also mean that one is sympathetic to the worst reactionary scum on earth--the clerical fascists known as Islamists?

3. Where is it written that believers in free trade among civilized, democratic nations also have to accept the hollowing out of the West at the expense of workers and the middle classes in order to line the pockets of Third World despots and greedy corporate executives and criminal bankers?

4. When did wearing a backward Muslim headscarf or a barbaric veil or burqa stop being a sign of enslavement?

5. When did appeasement and stupidity become synonymous with diplomacy?

6. A piece of garbage like Hugo Chavez--at what point, did be become worthy of respect by the Left?

7. A Stalinist mass-murderer like Fidel Castro--why is he still revered by the Left?

8. The atomic ayatollahs of Islamist Iran--why isn't the Left clamoring for their overthrow?

9. Where is it written that men and women of the Left have to believe in an absurd myth--manmade global warming--that is clearly designed to cripple the West while lining the pockets of Wall Street bankers and other corrupt exploiters of human ignorance and misery?

10. America's phony economic stimulus--why isn't the Left demanding a real, job-creating alternative?

-L. Bronstein
The Bronx, New York, USA

EDITOR'S NOTE: The answer to "when" can be traced to the time when America's Democratic Party stopped being the party of Henry ("Scoop") Jackson and instead became the party of Jesse Jackson.

Obama Bullies Israel, Bows to 'Muslim World'

America's appeaser-in-chief is tough on allies, soft on adversaries, as Mackubin Thomas Owens observes in the Wall Street Journal:

In foreign policy, President Barack Obama has demonstrated a disturbing propensity to curry favor with our adversaries at the expense of our friends.

The Czechs and Poles are rightly concerned that they will be sacrificed on the altar of better U.S. relations with Russia. And the Israelis fear that the Obama administration’s desired opening to the Muslim world will be achieved at their expense. Mr. Obama’s attempted bullying of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a case in point.

Continue here.

Iran Regime Even Killing Rival Conservatives

Click here for the story. Even rival Islamofascists are being detained, tortured, and killed by the increasingly paranoid Iranian regime.

Of course, fascists are no strangers to purges. Click here and here for articles, respectively, about the Nazi and left-wing fascist --Stalinist--purges of the 1930s.

The fascist appetite for blood is insatiable.