Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last Shah's Son Calls for Protests Against Iran

Reza Pahlavi, the exiled son of the late, last Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, has called for massive, worldwide protests against Iran's Islamonazi regime and for the nations of the world to withdraw their envoys from Iran. Click here for the story.

The Shah, a pro-American, modernizing monarch, was overthrown by an Islamist revolution, led by the hate-filled, fanatical Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, with the complicity of the craven Carter administration--which cynically sought to jump aboard the Islamist bandwagon--and support from Marxist revolutionaries who mistakenly believed that they could ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it.

How Israel Screens for Terrorists

Obama-Backed Euro-Mediterranean Pact Integrates Muslim-Menaced Continent with Muslim N. Africa

The little-noticed Euro-Mediterranean Partnership goes into effect January 1. It will accelerate the Muslim/Islamist takeover of the Continent--and increase the Islamist threat to the United States.

The indomitable Pamela Geller exposed the perfidious
pact--here--in The Washington Times. First-rate reporting and analysis by the editor and publisher of Atlas Shrugs. Geller is the author (with Robert Spencer) of the forthcoming book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America (Simon and Schuster, July 2010).

Click here for an analysis of the "shroud of secrecy" that covers the pact.

Barack Obama's support for the insane (from a Western perspective) initiative is in line with his support for Turkey's bid for EU membership and backing for burqa-wearing in France. The first Muslim-born, Third World-American President, who has made appeasement of radical Islam the hallmark of his foreign policy, is basically competing with Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden for leadership of "the Muslim world."

Understanding Obama's actual agenda is key to making sense out of such seemingly irrational acts as allowing Iran another year to acquire atomic arms, bringing Al Qaeda war criminals to New York for a civilian court trial, and deciding to surge into and run out of Afghanistan after months of dithering and delays.

Obscene KSM Trial Will Cost $100 Million

The estimated cost of the planned civilian court trial in New York City of Al Qaeda war criminals--enemy combatants captured abroad--is now $100 million. Click here for the story.

The obscene trial is an obvious security nightmare. A great deal of media attention has been given to plans for safeguarding lower Manhattan, the presumed location of the trial, against terrorist attack.

Missing from the national discussion of the Obama administration's disgraceful decision is the threat to other Manhattan locations--the possibilities, for example, of car-bomb attacks on crowded Midtown streets or in poorly protected, Upper East Side, high-rise apartment building parking garages, suicide bombers on subway trains or buses, and Mumbai-style swarming attacks on restaurants and stores, schools and nursing homes, and other soft targets elsewhere on the island or in the city's other boroughs.

Suburban cities and towns--and commuter rail lines--will also be targets. The Islamonazi enemy can be expected to go to any and all possible lengths to carry out the most vicious acts of revenge and hostage-taking on U.S. soil with a focus on the New York metropolitan area.

In other words, the Obama administration, which refers to terrorist attacks as "manmade disasters," is creating a manmade catastrophe.

It is up to the U.S. Congress to prevent it from happening.

POSTSCRIPT: Nearly 60% of U.S. voters favor waterboarding the captured Islamonazi terrorist--a young, Al Qaeda-connected man from an affluent Nigerian family--who tried to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day. Click here for the story. Obama has referred to the enemy alien as a "suspect."

PPS: Did KSM also confess to being involved in the bombing of TWA Flight 800? Click here for that story.

India Watching China's Arms Sales to Pakistan

India is keeping a watchful eye on Chinese arms sales to Pakistan following Beijing's transfer of submarines and warships to India's Islamist-infiltrated and threatened adversary, which has supported terrorism against India. Click here for the story.

2009 Terrorism Claimed 15 Lives in Israel, 13 in US

Islamist terrorists killed 15 Israelis in 2009, compared with 36 in 2008, as reported here.

In the United States, in 2009, an Islamist terrorist, U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, killed 13 unarmed soldiers at the huge Fort Hood Army base before he was stopped by civilian police officers.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cap-and-Trade Will Make Food a Luxury

Think food prices are high now?

America's dumbbell Democrats are determined to drive prices even higher. Pending cap-and-trade legislation will make food a luxury, crushing the poor, pauperizing the middle class. Click here for the analysis.

Barak: Iran Nearing Point of No Return

Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak says Iran is moving quickly toward the "point of no return."

Speaking behind closed doors to the parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Barak said Iran will have the technology to build a nuclear bomb by early next year and could produce one in 2011.

In other Iran-related news, a European Parliament delegation is planning to visit the turbaned tyranny; and the trip, which will be exploited by the regime, has drawn criticism from U.S. lawmakers. Click here for the story.

The Obama Administration's Dirty Little Secret

The Obama administration's dirty little secret is that it blames the United States for Islamist terrorism, believes that U.S. foreign policy and "arrogance" (the President's term) are root causes of Islamist terrorism, or "extremism" (the President's term), and that the terrorists, or "extremists" (the President's term) have legitimate grievances that drive them to commit acts of terror, or "man-made disasters" (the President's term).

Click here to read the latest IBD editorial on the administration's deliberate--and dangerous--downgrading of the war against Islamist terror to the level of a mere law enforcement problem.

Liberal Columnist Slams Obama on Terror Issue

Read her Op-Ed essay here. It is sort of ... unprecedented.

And she even closes her piece with a startling use of Barry--as in Barry Soetoro.

Is Iran Heading for Civil War?

Tens of thousands of regime supporters attended pro-regime rallies in Iran today. The regime staged the demonstrations after a wave of new street protests by opposition supporters.

The pro-regime demonstrators chanted for death to the opposition, which the IRGC is threatening to crush.

Click here for the story.

It will take an even more massive popular uprising--and the backing of elements of the regular armed forces--to overthrow the clerical fascist regime, which has established and hardened its grip on the society over a period of three decades. The regime controls all the levers of power. All the guns are in the hands of the regime and its Islamonazi goons.

Revolution is the only way forward for the West and for democracy seekers in Iran--and the only way to avoid a war over Iran's nuclear arms program.

Engagement (appeasement) has failed miserably. The appeasement camp, led by the Obama administration, has given Iran a crucial additional year to develop the technology and materials for nuclear weapons ... which the regime intends to use ... directly or indirectly (i.e. through deniable terrorist strikes) against Israel and the United States.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

North Korea Breaks Another Agreement

Stalinist/Kimist North Korea is pilfering equipment from a nuclear site, as reported here.

Blogger Outreports Mainstream Media

A lone blogger makes the mainstream media look like fools--or worse. Click here to visit Atlas Shrugs, the premier, online destination for news and commentary concerning the global Islamist threat, with a special focus on Iran and in-depth, multimedia coverage of the Islamist takeover of Europe and the fifth column menace in the United States.

Will Hezbollah and Hamas Hit Israel?

Hitlerian Hezbollah and Hamas will lose their main ally and sponsor if Iran's Islamonazi regime is overthrown.

With the above in mind, will the terrorist groups attack Israel to create a diversionary crisis?

Will the missile-mad mullahs and the IRGC attack Israel if they feel their days are numbered?

Remember: the Nazis continued killing Jews in the death camps up until the last days of World War II.

It would be a terrible mistake to underestimate the resourcefulness and fanaticism of the Islamonazi enemy.

Anything is possible, including sudden, stepped-up terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda. The fall of Tehran's turbaned tyranny would be a major blow to the entire Islamist/Islamonazi movement, regardless of the Shiite-Sunni theological divide.

Radical Islam's rise started--and will end--in Iran.

China Grabs Afghanistan's Vast Copper Resources

China's appetite for raw materials is insatiable, as shown by its extraordinary investment in Afghanistan--the largest by any country. Click here for the story.

Afghanistan's copper is going to rising China, while falling-down America ... falls.

Unlike Obama, Iranians Want Regime Change

The Iranian people want regime change, in contrast with the pro-appeasement Obama administration, which has been caught completely off guard by the popular uprising following a phony Islamist election. Click here for the analysis.

Just as the American cargo captain held hostage by Islamist-supported Muslim pirates in Somalia was rescued in spite--and not because--of U.S. President Barack Obama, who was opposed to shooting the pirates, the Iranian people will be liberated in spite--and not because--of Obama, who has made engagement with (code for appeasement of) Islamist Iran and Islamism in general the hallmark of his disastrous and potentially catastrophic foreign policy.

Obama gave Iran another year to develop nuclear weapons. That's a fact. His appeasement of an imperialist, totalitarian regime that is bent on overthrowing the status quo has not only failed to preserve the peace. It has made war inevitable--on Tehran's terms--unless the Islamist regime is itself overthrown.

With luck, tantamount to a miracle, the Iranian people--aided by the regular armed forces--will free themselves and spare their region and the United States a horrible conflict.

Should that happen, one hopes the President will have the decency not to try to claim credit in any way. His achievements are non-existent; his policies utterly, fundamentally flawed.

AP: Iran Planning to Smuggle Uranium Ore From Kazakhstan to Continue Suspect Enrichment Effort

Iran is planning to import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan in violation of U.N. Security Council sanctions, according to an AP report.

The ore, which reportedly would cost $450 million, is necessary to continue Iran's uranium enrichment program.

The AP said it learned of the deal, which reportedly is nearing completion, in an intelligence report provided to the news agency by an undisclosed member nation of the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran on Tuesday rejected the end-of-the-year deadline set by six world powers--the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany--to agree to an IAEA-brokered uranium enrichment deal that would have Iran sending its low-enriched uranium to France or Germany for further enrichment.

Kerry Wants to Visit Iran

Also on Tuesday, U.S. Senator John Kerry filed a formal request to visit Iran. Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts and Iranian exile sources say the planned trip--the first by such a high-level U.S. politician since the catastrophic (Carter-assisted) Islamist overthrow of the pro-U.S. modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi--is poorly timed, to put matters mildly, and certain to be exploited for political and propaganda purposes by the increasingly beleaguered Islamonazi regime.

"The only acceptable reason for visiting Iran at this time would be for Kerry to negotiate the release of the U.S. hostages and to bring them home," a veteran Iran-watcher told China Confidential, referring to the three young hikers held by Iran and accused of espionage following their arrest after they entered the country by straying across the Iraqi border. Iran is threatening to put the Americans on trial.

China's Wood Market Fuels Russia's Illegal Logging

China imports nearly six out of 10 logs produced in the world; and Russia is a major supplier. More than a third of Russian logs are smuggled into China from Siberia, home to the world's largest forest, and arguably the most threatened. The illegal Russian logging business is huge--and exceptionally dangerous. Loggers employed by Russian "mafia" barons carry guns and use sophisticated, quieter chain saws and other advanced tools. Read all about it here.

As China's economy comes roaring back, so will its demand for dimensional lumber. There isn't enough wood on the planet to supply the projected Chinese building boom in a sustainable manner. South America has vast timber resources; but its logging industry is largely illegal. Peru is a prime example: most of the logging is illegal. Indigenous people in protected areas are actually being killed for wood. Europe--e.g. Slovenia--still has untapped resources. But they are relatively small; and European energy companies, led by the giant German utility RWE, are moving ahead with ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions by co-firing coal with woody biomass, including torrefied wood pellets and wood chips.

China Confidential analysts predict Russia will eventually crack down on illegal logging, and South American countries will be paid to not cut trees. As a result, the demand for North American wood, from forests in Canada and the United States, will soon soar. Not for nothing, as the Russians like to say, has RWE announced its intention to acquire North American biomass firms. Given the growth of the U.S. biomass industry and an anticipated upturn in the depressed U.S. lumber market, shortages loom, especially in the so-called fiber basket of the Northeast, where close to 30% of the U.S. population lives, and more and more residential and commercial consumers in places like rural Vermont are switching to burning supposedly carbon neutral wood for space heating.

POSTSCRIPT: A Welsh politician is urging the EU to criminalize the use of wood products from illegal sources, as reported here.

Albania's forests are being ravaged by illegal logging, as reported here.

Some U.S. Senators want Australia to stop importing illegal timber, as reported here. About 10% of the imports, valued at $400 million a year, are illegal.

Madagascar's forests are also being diminished by fast-paced, illegal logging practices. Click here for the story.

Too Little, Too Late: Obama Desperately Seeking Support for Sanctions on Nuclear-Arming Iran

As Iran rapidly approaches the nuclear threshold, the Obama administration, which gave Iran's Islamonazi leaders a critical additional year to achieve their atomic aims, is reaching out to friends and allies for a new round of supposedly tough sanctions on the turbaned tyranny. Click here for the story.

Iran Lashes Out at US, UK

Appeasement invites aggression....

Iran is threatening the UK--click here for the story--and denouncing the United States, as reported here.

Israel Confirms China Confidential Analysis: Iran Very Close to Becoming Nuclear-Weapons State

Iran is a few months away from being able to make an atomic bomb. Click here for the story.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Comment: Dumbbell Democrats Can't Defend US

The Obama administration and the dumbbell Democrats in the U.S. Congress are incapable of defending the American people against Islamist terrorism, as shown by the failed Christmas Day bombing of Flight 253, carrying nearly 300 people from Amsterdam to Detroit, which came way too close to succeeding, and the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim Army major.

Cowardice, political correctness, and a fundamental lack of common sense prevent the Democrats from taking truly effective defensive measures and offensive actions that must involve hunting and killing terrorists before they approach the United States homeland and U.S. targets abroad.

Israel has shown that effective counter-terrorism involves terrorizing the terrorists--making them run and hide and fear that every moment could be their last on earth.

Such concepts are anathema to weak-minded Democrats. Even worse, the Obama administration has made appeasement of Islamism--including nuclear-arming, Iran--the hallmark of its foreign policy.

Click here for the relevant IBD editorial, which is right on target, as usual.

And click here for a searing essay on Obama's delayed response to the Christmas Day bombing attempt, which the President took three days to comment on publicly.

Obama Dazed and Confused by Iran Protests

Having failed to win over Iran's Islamonazi regime, the appeaser-in-chief seems dazed and confused by the growing unrest. Click here for the analysis.

UPDATE: Click below for a video critique of Obama's tepid response to the dramatic events.

Pray for Revolution in Iran to Prevent War

Anyone who wants to prevent another war in the Middle East should pray for revolution in Iran.

There is no diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear problem. Sanctions are a joke. Regime change or war are the only ways forward.

Incredibly, the Obama administration has given Iran's Islamonazi rulers a critically important additional year to develop nuclear weapons. As a result of Obama's appeasement policy, Iran could be months--or weeks--away from crossing the nuclear threshold.

The White House is apparently ready to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. But Israel--which Iran has targeted for annihilation--is preparing to end the Iranian threat before it ends Israel. The Jewish State will use any and all necessary weapons--including nuclear weapons--to protect its citizens and prevent a second Holocaust.

UPDATE: As predicted, elements of Iran's regular armed forces may be moving against the IRGC and the Basij militia. Click here for the purported communique from a secret officers group.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

US Furious Over Israeli Self-Defense

A successful Israeli counter-terrorist action has reportedly enraged the Obama administration, which seems incapable of protecting American civilians (attempted airline bombing on Christmas) and soldiers (the Fort Hood massacre) from Islamist terrorism.

Washington sources tell China Confidential that the administration is furious over an Israeli military operation on Saturday that killed three Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank town of Nablus. The action came two days after the terrorists assassinated a Jewish civilian in a roadside ambush.

Iran Again at a Crossroads

Iran is on the cusp of revolution. Click here for the news.

The clerical fascist regime has had to resort to killing people on a Shiite Muslim holy day.

The opposition leader's nephew was one of the victims. Iranian sources say he had long been a target of assassination.

This could be the beginning of the end of the IRGC-controlled turbaned tyranny.

From this reporter's pen to God's ears....

Must-See Protest Videos from Iran

Go here for the commentary and complete selection. Click below for two of the videos.

On the one hand, Iran seems to be at the brink of a popular uprising. On the other hand, the regime has all the guns; and the IRGC seems to have taken over the country. Unless elements of the regular army move against the IRGC and the Basij militia, a revolution is probably impossible.

But regime change is the only possible way to avoid war with Iran.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Global Warming is the New UN Religion

Global warming is the new, established religion at U.N. events. Caroline May explains:

Even in the wake of Climategate and new peer-reviewed studies -which give lie to consensus driven apocalyptic climate forecasts- by such renowned scientists as Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Dr. Stephen E. Schwartz, MIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen, and University of Auckland’s Dr. Chris de Freitas, Warming adherents remain loyally convinced that man and his evil energy usage is destroying Mother Earth.

Read May's entire essay here.

Considering Obama's Outreach to 'Muslim World'

End-of-year thoughts on U.S. President Barack Obama's outreach to the "Muslim world."

The initiative has emboldened the Islamist (clerical fascist) enemy by helping to legitimize its fundamental tenet, which holds that the world's Muslims constitute a giant community of believers, known as the Ummah, united by religion to a degree that transcends all traces of nationality or race or class, and that the supreme authority over the Ummah should be the Koran, or the "holy Koran," as Obama refers to Islam's central religious text. Islamists assert that all Muslims must be ruled either by a single, all-powerful caliphate or by a global network of "Islamic republics" under Islamic law (sharia).

In his approach to the Ummah, Obama, who was born a Muslim according to sharia, and studied and practiced Islam as a child in the world's most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, has effectively endorsed Islamist ideology. Even worse, he has elevated the status of the mythical pan-Islamic nation to that of a superpower, on a par with the United States. In so doing, he has undermined secular governments in predominantly Muslim countries, strengthened the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots and front groups, and endangered the lives of secular Muslims and non-Muslims struggling to survive in these backward and increasingly dangerous places.

Why has Obama done this?

One explanation is that Obama is a closet revolutionary who believes that a temporary, tactical alliance with Islamism is necessary for obliterating national boundaries and hastening the advent of world government.

Another explanation, at the risk of being branded a conspiracy theorist, is that Obama is a puppet or a pawn of powerful forces and interest groups who have decided to appease radical Islam in order to (a) safeguard Saudi Arabia and preserve its preeminent position as an oil producer; (b) contain China's rise; and (c) counter Russia's resurgence.

It could be said that Obama is the elites' Muslim, so to speak, their answer to Osma Bin Laden, who heads the only Islamist group that the United States is apparently still unwilling to engage (appease). Killing or capturing Bin Laden will signal an end to a war that the Obama administration is in the process of downgrading to the level of an international law enforcement challenge. This reporter predicts a sharp spike in attempts to eliminate the Al Qaeda leader.

His death is long overdue, of course, and will naturally be especially applauded by Americans if it results from American military or CIA action. But the administration aims to use the enhanced credibility that will result from rubbing out Bin Laden as a cover for reconciling with the Taliban and running out of Afghanistan, after first sending in more troops; allowing Iran to become a nuclear power, while promising to contain it through a combination of "tough" diplomacy and sanctions; reinvigorating efforts to engage Hamas and Hezbollah; and applying even more pressure on Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders and agree to the creation of an Islamist-ruled or -dominated Palestinian state in the disputed areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These strategic concessions by Israel are deemed necessary by detractors and critics of America's ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, for defusing regional tensions and denying "extremists" throughout the so-called Muslim world a central rallying point and a justification for anti-American violence, agitation and propaganda.

China Poised to Be World's Second Largest Economy

China is narrowing the gap with Japan, as reported here.

Palestinians Threaten Israel With Suicide Bombings

Palestinian terrorists murder an innocent Israeli.

Israeli security forces find and kill the killers. (In the United States, of course, the killers would be "understood," maybe arrested, and then given civilian court trials.)

The Palestinian response: threats to hit Israel with a fresh wave of mass murdering suicide bombers. Click here for the story.

Where is the outrage?

Friday, December 25, 2009

US Consulate Car Tries to Kill Israeli Guard


A U.S. Consulate car that may have been carrying a suspicious Palestinian without diplomatic credentials tried to run over an Israeli security guard in Jerusalem. Click here and here for the story.

The Obama administration is anti-Israel to the core. Whereas previous administrations saw the Jewish State as a strategic asset, the Obama administration sees it as a liability, or, in line with left-wing European thinking, a mistake that needs to be erased through a piece-by-piece peace settlement, step-by-step dismantling, or outright annihilation.

Muslim Terrorist Tries to Blow up US Airliner

A Nigerian Muslim terrorist, who claims to be connected to Al Qaeda, tried to blow up a US airliner on Christmas day. Naturally, the politically correct New York Times refers to the monster as an "extremist." Click here for the Times piece, and here for the Reuters report.

Merry Christmas! It's Cold Outside Across Much of America, and the Cooling Will Continue for 50 Years

A new study by a respected physicist further debunks the myth of manmade, carbon-caused global warming. The Earth stopped warming and started cooling a while ago, the study says, and will continue to cool for the next half-century. Click here for the story and analysis from iBD.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

American Christmas Made in China

The Case for Bombing Iran Now

Click here for a well written and well reasoned argument for bombing Iran's nuclear sites sooner rather than later.

US State Department: Iran Resembles Police State

It took three decades, but the U.S. State Department appears to be waking up to the clerical fascist reality of Islamist Iran.

A U.S. State Department official told reporters on Wednesday that "Iran is increasingly showing itself to be a police state" in its harsh treatment of opposition protesters. Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley said Iran is using its security forces to try to "stamp out" the "aspirations of the Iranian people."

Iranian security forces armed with tear gas and batons clashed with supporters of the late dissident cleric, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, on Wednesday as they rallied in central Iran.

Iranian police official Esmail Ahmedi-Moghadam said the opposition must "stop its illegal activities" or police would stop them.

When asked about the clashes, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Britain's Channel 4 News that "the law prevails" and must be observed and respected during protests in Iran.

In the interview broadcast Wednesday, Ahmadinejad also said the people of Iran are united and determined to protect their rights, interests and independence.

Wednesday's clashes took place at gatherings in memory of Ayatollah Montazeri in Isfahan and his birthplace of Najafabad.

Opposition sources say security forces in Isfahan arrested more than 50 demonstrators and injured many others. Amateur video appears to confirm the accounts of violence.

Iran has banned foreign media from covering protests directly.

Montazeri died Sunday in Qom at the age of 87. He was considered a spiritual patron of Iran's reformist movement and a strong critic of the nation's conservative clerical establishment.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners joined a funeral procession for the ayatollah in Qom Monday that evolved into a major anti-government protest.

Regime stooges and supporters in Qom staged a smaller counter-demonstration on Tuesday.

There is No Substitute for Fossil Fuels

IBD nails it:

Earlier this year, Congress approved a scheme to pour $80 billion — on top of the tens of billions already spent — into renewables. A government report released last week indicates the money will be wasted.

Renewable energy is the shiny gem that everyone wants but no one can have. Not even a president. Campaigning last year in Lansing, Mich., President Barack Obama said that it was his goal for the U.S. to generate 10% of its electric power from renewable sources by 2012 and 25% by 2025. But he cannot, by the force of will or executive order, change the laws of physics and economics.

Continue here.

China knows there is no substitute for fossil fuels. That's why rising China, unlike falling-down America, is hunting and locking up preferential access to traditional energy resources (and other natural resources) around the globe. The windmills and the solar panels and all that--just a show.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

China Investing Billions of Dollars in High-Speed Rail

Western "experts" are questioning rising China's huge investment in high-speed rail--nearly $300 billion--as reported here.

Chinese leaders couldn't care less about that--and they're right. The Westerners are motivated by jealousy or greed--investment bankers pushing other sorts of ventures.

In falling-down America, meanwhile, the passenger rail network is a joke, a shadow of what it once was, and densely populated areas are lucky to have electrified rail.

Many rural American areas don't even have industrial-grade electric power, capable of supporting factories and light manufacturing, and high-speed Internet access.

In contrast with China, America has lost its ability to think and act big.

US Business Executives Foolishly Visit N. Korea

The Obama administration is reduced to using business executives as messengers. Click here for the story.

Islamist Scum Rule Somalia

Al Qaeda-connected Islamist terrorists--the same scum who back the pirates--control nearly all of Somalia. Click here for the story.

China Focusing on Venezuelan Heavy Oil

While the United States and the idiotic European Union rant and rave about "fossil fuels," rising China is intelligently pursuing Venezuela's vast heavy oil resources, as reported here.

Washington's decades-old neglect of heavy oil in general and Venezuelan heavy oil in particular is inexcusable. During the first energy crisis, the Carter administration could have crated a Western Hemisphere energy alliance, which would have united Canada, the U.S., and South America--especially Venezuela--in an effort to extract and refine heavy crude and tar sands to an extent that would have made OPEC irrelevant.

Book Says Bin Laden Nearly Killed Bill Clinton

A new book claims Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden almost assassinated President Clinton. Click here for the shocking story.

North Korea and Russian Rogues Arming Iran

A story rife with international intrigue. Click here.

Ahmadinejad Dismisses Obama Deadline

Iran's Islamonazi leader is defiant. Click here for the news.

Iran Wargame Outcome Bad for Israel

Israel was sidelined and "muzzled" in an Israeli institute's wargame in which retired officials played the roles of Obama and Netanyahu. Click here for the story, an exclusive from Reuters.

Nazareth Dwelling From Time of Jesus Discovered

An archeological discovery just in time for Christmas....

Girl Sold at Public Auction in Pakistan

Islam in action--click here for the sickening story.

A Muslim girl was sold by Muslims in an open auction in Muslim Pakistan, a country founded and organized around Islam.

Where is the outrage?

Will America's first Muslim-born President, who has made outreach to and elevation of organized Islam--and cooperation with Pakistan, a country he visited as an undergraduate student--the hallmark of his foreign policy, speak out to condemn the horror?

Why hasn't he followed Spain's lead and condemned the Chechen Islamist bombing of the Nevsky Express passenger train in Russia? Why does he insist on calling the atrocity and the Fort Hood massacre "tragedies?"

It is only a matter of time before he and his henchmen and flunkies refer to 9/11 as a "tragedy."

America in Uncharted Waters

As the year ends, America finds itself in uncharted waters filled with monstrous enemies and manmade disasters. Catastrophe looms.

But the nation is not adrift. On the contrary; it is being steered toward catastrophe by the Great Helmsman Obamao, America's first Third World-American president, whose vision for the country seems decidedly Third World, including an all-powerful, oppressive government, rubber-stamp legislators, rising mosques and minarets, and an army of arrogant bureaucrats bent on pauperizing people and controlling--and crushing--industry under the banners of building "a better world" and "saving the planet."

Ahmadinejad Refuses to Rule Out A-Bomb

In an interview with ABC News, Islamonazi Iran's maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, refused to rule out development of nuclear weapons. Click here for the story.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Assessing the Threat of an EMP Attack on the US

The threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack is real.

North Korea and Iran are said to be developing EMP attack capabilities. Test-firing ballistic missiles from cargo ships is believed to be part of their EMP program. There is no known defense against a sea-launched attack on the U.S.

Click here for the actual U.S. government reports assessing the EMP attack threat, and here to access the website of a bestselling novel about a fictional EMP attack.

North Korean Cyber-Spies Steal US Military Secrets

South Korea's military says computer hackers who may be from North Korea have gained access to a secret U.S.-South Korean plan to defend the peninsula if war breaks out.

The South's military says hackers gained access to an 11-page file that was used to brief military officials on the plan, which is called Operation Plan 5027.

The plan calls for the dispatch of nearly 700,000 U.S. troops to the peninsula should a full-scale war break out.

The U.S. military already stations 28,500 of its troops in the South to deter any potential North Korean aggression.

Officials say the suspected hacking occurred late last month when a South Korean officer failed to remove a USB device from a military computer before switching from a restricted-access intranet to the Internet.

They say Pyongyang may have been involved in the hacking attack which used a Chinese Internet or IP address.

The latest case came months after hackers launched cyberattacks that caused Web outages on prominent government-run sites in the U.S. and South Korea.

Affected sites include those of the White House and the South's presidential Blue House.

The Internet address that triggered the Web attacks in July was traced back to an IP location in China that was being leased by North Korea's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.

At the time, South Korean media reported that North Korea runs an Internet warfare unit that tries to hack into U.S. and South Korean military networks to gather confidential information and disrupt service. Media reports estimate that Pyongyang has between 500 and 1,000 hacking specialists.

S. Korea Vows to Defend Disputed Maritime Border

AFP reports:

South Korea's military vowed Tuesday to protect the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea after the communist state threatened to open fire in waters controlled by Seoul.

"We are maintaining the usual watertight vigilance against any possible North Korean provocations, to safeguard the NLL maritime border," a Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman told AFP.

The North refuses to accept the border known as the Northern Limit Line drawn by United Nations forces after the 1950-53 war. It demands the border be drawn further south and said Monday it would recognise only its own line.

Continue here.

WTO Boosts Hollywood Push to Open up China

China allows only 20 foreign films a year to be distributed in China. But Hollywood has won a significant victory in trying to open the Chinese market. Click here for the story.

Cuba Turns Against Obama

Communist Cuba has turned viciously against U.S. President Barack Obama.

Click here and here.

Iran's Incursion in Iraq Signals Growing Threat of a Possible Pearl Harbor-Style Sneak Attack by Tehran

By George Friedman

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article was provided by Stratfor, the global intelligence news service. The issues raised are of the utmost importance. China Confidential has repeatedly warned that Iran could be planning a first strike on the United States or Israel. In our view, not only has appeasement of Iran failed to prevent war; appeasement has made war--on Tehran's terms--practically inevitable.

A small number of Iranian troops entered Iraq, where they took control of an oil well and raised the Iranian flag Dec. 18. The Iranian-Iraqi border in this region is poorly defined and is contested, with the Iranians claiming this well is in Iranian territory not returned after the Iran-Iraq War. Such incidents have occurred in the past. Given that there were no casualties this time, it therefore would be easy to dismiss this incident, even though at about the same time an Iranian official claimed that Iraq owes Iran about $1 trillion in reparations for starting the Iran-Iraq War.

But what would be fairly trivial at another time and place is not trivial now.

Sending a Message With an Incursion

Multiple sources have reported that Tehran ordered the incident. The Iranian government is aware that Washington has said the end of 2009 was to be the deadline for taking action against Iran over its nuclear program — and that according to a White House source, the United States could extend that deadline to Jan. 15, 2010.

That postponement makes an important point. The United States has treated the Iran crisis as something that will be handled on an American timeline. The way that the Obama administration handled the Afghanistan strategy review suggests it assumes that Washington controls the tempo of events sufficiently that it can make decisions carefully, deliberately and with due reflection. If true, that would mean that adversaries like Iran are purely on the defensive, and either have no counter to American moves or cannot counter the United States until after Washington makes its next move.

For Iran, just to accept that premise puts it at an obvious disadvantage. First, Tehran would have to demonstrate that the tempo of events is not simply in American or Israeli hands. Second, Tehran would have to remind the United States and Israel that Iran has options that it might use regardless of whether the United States chooses sanctions or war. Most important, Iran must show that whatever these options are, they can occur before the United States acts — that Iran has axes of its own, and may not wait for the U.S. axe to fall.

The incursion was shaped to make this point without forcing the United States into precipitous action. The location was politically ambiguous. The force was small. Casualties were avoided. At the same time, it was an action that snapped a lot of people to attention. Oil prices climbed. Baghdad and Washington scrambled to try to figure what was going on, and for a while Washington was clearly at a loss, driving home the fact that the United States doesn’t always respond quickly and efficiently to surprises initiated by the other side.

The event eventually died down, and the Iranians went out of their way to minimize its importance. But two points nevertheless were made. The first was that Iran might not wait for Washington to consider all possible scenarios. The second was that the Iranians know how to raise oil prices. And with that lesson, they reminded the Americans that the Iranians have a degree of control over the economic recovery in the United States.

There has never been any doubt that Iran has options in the event that the United States chooses to strike. Significantly, the Iranians now have driven home that they might initiate a conflict if they assume conflict is inevitable.

U.S. and Iranian Options

Iran’s problem becomes clear when we consider Tehran’s options. These options fall into three groups:

(1) Interdicting the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf through the use of mines and anti-ship missiles. This would result in a dramatic increase in world oil prices on the Iranian attempt alone and could keep them high if Tehran’s efforts succeeded. The impact on the global economy would be substantial.

(2) Causing massive destabilization in Iraq. The Iranians retain allies and agents in Iraq, which has been experiencing increased violence and destabilization over the past months. As the violence increases and the Americans leave, a close relationship with Iran might be increasingly attractive to Iraqi troops. Given the deployment of American troops, direct attacks in Iraq by Iranian forces are not out of the question. Even if ultimately repulsed, such Iranian incursions could further destabilize Iraq. This would force the Obama administration to reconsider the U.S. withdrawal timetable, potentially affecting Afghanistan.

(3) Use Hezbollah to initiate a conflict with Israel, and as a global tool for terrorist attacks on American and allied targets. Hezbollah is far more sophisticated and effective than al Qaeda was at its height, and would be a formidable threat should Iran choose — and Hezbollah agree — to play this role.

When we look at the three Iranian options, it is clear that the United States would not be able to confine any action against Iran to airstrikes. The United States is extremely good at air campaigns, while it is weak at counterinsurgency. It has massive resources in the region to throw into an air campaign and it can bring more in using carrier strike groups.

But even before hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Americans would have to consider the potential Iranian responses. Washington would have to take three steps. First, Iranian anti-ship missiles and surface vessels — and these vessels could be very small but still able to carry out mine warfare — on the Iranian littoral would have to be destroyed. Second, large formations of Iranian troops along the Iraqi border would have to be attacked, and Iranian assets in Iraq at the very least disrupted. Finally, covert actions against Hezbollah assets — particularly assets outside Lebanon — would have to be neutralized to the extent possible.

This would require massive, coordinated attacks, primarily using airpower and covert forces in a very tight sequence prior to any attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Without this, Iran would be in a position to launch the attacks outlined above in response to strikes on its nuclear facilities. Given the nature of the Iranian responses, particularly the mining of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz, the operations could be carried out quickly and with potentially devastating results to the global economy.

From the Iranian standpoint, Tehran faces a “use-it-or-lose-it” scenario. It cannot wait until the United States initiates hostilities. The worst-case scenario for Iran is waiting for Washington to initiate the conflict.

At the same time, the very complexity of an Iranian attack makes the United States want to think long and hard before attacking Iran. The opportunities for failure are substantial, no matter how well the attack is planned. And the United States can’t allow Israel to start a conflict with Iran alone because Israel lacks the resources to deal with a subsequent Iranian naval interdiction and disruptions in Iraq.

It follows that the United States is interested in a nonmilitary solution to the problem. The ideal solution would be sanctions on gasoline. The United States wants to take as much time as needed to get China and Russia committed to such sanctions.

Iranian Pre-emption

The Iranians signaled last week that they might not choose to be passive if effective sanctions were put in place. Sanctions on gasoline would in fact cripple Iran, so like Japan prior to Pearl Harbor, the option of capitulating to sanctions might be viewed as more risky than a pre-emptive strike. And if sanctions didn’t work, the Iranians would have to assume a military attack is coming next. Since the Iranians wouldn’t know when it would happen, and their retaliatory options might disappear in the first phase of the military operation, they would need to act before such an attack.

The problem is that the Iranians won’t know precisely when that attack will take place. The United States and Israel have long discussed a redline in Iranian nuclear development, which if approached would force an attack on Iran to prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Logically, Iran would seem to have a redline as well, equally poorly designed. At the point when it becomes clear that sanctions are threatening regime survival or that military action is inevitable, Iran must act first, using its military assets before it loses them.

Iran cannot live with either effective sanctions or the type of campaign that the United States would have to launch to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. The United States can’t live with the consequences of Iranian counteractions to an attack. Even if sanctions were possible, they would leave Iran with the option to do precisely those things Washington cannot tolerate. Therefore, whether the diplomatic or military route is followed, each side has two options. First, the Americans can accept Iran as a nuclear power, or Iran can accept that it must give up its nuclear ambitions. Second, assuming that neither side accepts the first option, each side must take military action before the other side does. The Americans must neutralize counters before the Iranians deploy them. The Iranians must deploy their counters before they are destroyed.

The United States and Iran are both playing for time. Neither side wants to change its position on the nuclear question, although each hopes the other will give in. Moreover, neither side is really confident in its military options. The Americans are not certain that they can both destroy the nuclear facilities and Iranian counters — and if the counters are effective, their consequences could be devastating. The Iranians are not certain that their counters will work effectively, and once failure is established, the Iranians will be wide open for devastating attack. Each side assumes the other understands the risks and will accept the other’s terms for a settlement.

And so each waits, hoping the other side will back down. The events of the past week were designed to show the Americans that Iran is not prepared to back down. More important, they were designed to show that the Iranians also have a redline, that it is as fuzzy as the American redline and that the Americans should be very careful in how far they press, as they might suddenly wake up one morning with their hands full.

The Iranian move is deliberately designed to rattle U.S. President Barack Obama. He has shown a decision-making style that assumes that he is not under time pressure to make decisions. It is not clear to anyone what his decision-making style in a crisis will look like. Though not a prime consideration from the Iranian point of view, putting Obama in a position where he is psychologically unprepared for decisions in the timeframe they need to be made in is certainly an added benefit. Iran, of course, doesn’t know how effectively he might respond, but his approach to Afghanistan gives them another incentive to act sooner than later.

There are some parallels here to the nuclear warfare theory, in which each side faces mutual assured destruction. The problem here is that each side does not face destruction, but pain. And here, pre-emptive strikes are not guaranteed to produce anything. It is the vast unknowns that make this affair so dangerous, and at any moment, one side or the other might decide they can wait no longer.


The Weekly Standard:

Iran may be skipping basic, cumbersome nuclear designs and moving straight to a fully deliverable hydrogen style weapon akin to what's employed by the United States and Russia. Such a powerful weapon would compensate for Iran's inaccurate missile fleet and allow them to hold vast swaths of allied and American territory at risk.

Read the entire piece here. It is truly terrifying.

Iranian Cleric's Funeral Becomes Big Protest

Huge crowds turned a funeral into an opposition rally, with clashes, as reported here.

Click below for the AP video report.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

On Obama's Phony Energy Program

Remember the Anointed One's so-called energy program?

Victor Davis Hanson does. He writes:

When candidate Obama was pressed, he reluctantly mentioned nuclear energy, coal, oil, and natural gas. But these were castoff concessions. They were offered as sops until the popular anger over gas-price hikes subsided — and they were to become no more than mere bookends to soaring rhetoric about “millions of new green jobs.”

Infatuated voters apparently bought this fantasy. Our deserts and mountain passes would be scarred with ugly panels, turbines, and access roads, as millions of newly hired government construction workers rushed out to ensure that we could obtain 5 percent of our current power needs from such green salvations.

A charlatan like Van Jones (cf. the remarks of Valerie Jarrett, “Oooh. Van Jones, all right! So, Van Jones. We were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House. We were watching him . . . ”) surely knew more about America’s energy needs than did the CEO of Exxon.

But now, on the wheel’s downturn, President Obama must brace for spiraling energy costs when the world economy rebounds. Soon the sobering electorate will turn and ask why Obama did not push for nuclear power and encourage more exploitation of newly discovered natural-gas fields.

Click here for the whole essay, which covers much more than energy. The piece is must reading.

Obama Flunkie Fudges December 31 Deadline

Obama has long proclaimed a Dec. 31 deadline for cooperation or retaliation of some unspecified kind. But Iran and, before it, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, has confidently counted on years of international dithering on enforcing printed sanctions.

So naturally on ABC's "This Week" this week, George Stephanopoulos asked Obama adviser and ex-newspaper reporter David Axelrod about the approaching Obama deadline.

Axelrod started to say something about talking but checked himself and spoke instead of "consequences."

But, as often occurs in diplomatic-speak -- and politics-speak too, come to think of it -- it's what you don't say that's often more important than what you do utter.

Axelrod declined to reiterate the Dec. 31 date.

Click here to read the whole article.

S. Korea Group Says North Close to Nuke Warheads

North Korea may soon be capable of producing nuclear warheads, as reported here, which means that Iran will eventually have the technology, too.

Islamist Iran and North Korea are partners in nuclear and missile crimes. That North Korea, a Stalinist/Kimist state, is militantly atheist has gone unobserved by the Obama administration and other appeasers of and apologists for Islamism. They blame the United States for a whole host of alleged sins--including supposedly disrespecting Islam and, of course, supporting Israel and Iran's late, pro-American, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi--which, according to the appeasers and apologists, have caused or at least significantly contributed to Islamist hatred of the U.S. and its allies.

Also unobserved by the appeasers and apologists: Iranian-North Korean development and testing of concealed launch systems for firing ballistic missiles from cargo ships.

Many analysts fear that the next 9/11 will come from the sea. There is no known defense against sea-launched missiles capable of striking U.S. coastal cities.

US Strangely Silent on Chechen Islamist Terror

The Obama administration is strangely silent on Russia's war against Islamist terrorism.

U.S. President Barack Obama has yet to condemn the Chechen Islamist bombing of the Nevsky Express passenger train. The White House has only issued a condolence statement on the atrocity, which killed 27 people and injured 90, terming it a "tragedy."

Obama has also failed to praise Russia for killing a notorious Islamist leader, Aslan Izrailov, during a special operation in Chechnya, which has been hit by an upsurge of violence in recent months. Hundreds of people have been killed in Islamist attacks and skirmishes between security forces and terrorists.

The bombing of the Nevsky Express, a Moscow-Saint Petersburg luxury train that is popular with businesspeople and tourists, has raised fears of a resurge of terrorist attacks in the Russian capital and other major cities. Russia was hit hard by terrorism in the 1990s and the early years of this decade, but violence has largely been confined to the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus region since 2004.

Many Russian analysts believe the U.S. has not abandoned attempts to use Islamism against Russia. U.S. support for Islamists in Afghanistan during the Cold War, a covert intervention initiated by the Carter administration and escalated by the Reagan administration, fueled and unleashed the global Islamist jihad that led to the 9/11 mega-attacks on the U.S. and now threatens Western civilization like no enemy has since the rise of Nazi Germany.

Will France Join Israel Against Iran?

Will the United States turn against Israel if it acts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear arms? Will France join with Israel to stop the Islamonazi nation while there is still time to stop it?

Caroline Glick suggests that a sort of replay of the Sinai campaign of 1956 may be in the works, with Iran in the Egyptian role. Click here for her essay.

Right on Iran, Rush Limbaugh Calls for Bombing

Turkish PM: Islamophobia Crime Against Humanity

Turkey's crypto-Islamist prime minister, who is leading his country's Islamizing trend and tilt towards Iran and away from Europe and Israel, claims "Islamophobia" is a "crime against humanity." Click here for the story.

US 'Deeply Concerned' About Uighurs

The United States is "deeply concerned" about a group of Uighur asylum seekers that Cambodia deported to China, from whence they came, because of alleged terrorist ties. Click here for the U.S. statement and here for the news.

Uighurs are a Muslim, Turkic speaking ethnic group native to Xinjiang. Many Uighurs are Islamists and separatists; some groups have Al Qaeda connections.

Washington's support for China's restive Muslims undermines efforts to persuade China to back tough sanctions on Iran and reinforces Chinese suspicions that the U.S. seeks to destabilize and dismember China by supporting separatist movements.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

US Defends Decision to Support Kosovo

Antagonizing Russia, which has suppressed an Islamist insurgency, the United States says independence was the only option for Kosovo. Click here for the story.

Will Italy Follow Swiss Minaret Ban?

WIll Italy follow Switzerland and ban Muslim minarets? Click here for the story.

Cambodia Returning Muslim Criminals to China

Cambodia is deporting a group of Chinese Muslim criminals, as reported here.


The United States is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Click here and here ... and here ... and consider buying physical gold and shares in undervalued, well managed, listed gold mining companies.

Clinton Admits Obama Failed on Iran

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said what everyone knows: President Obama's engagement (appeasement) policy has failed to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Click here for the story.

In fact, Obama's appeasement of Islamonazi Iran and Islamonazism in general has made another war inevitable--on Iran's terms.

Obama isn't the new Neville Chamberlain. Obama is much worse than Chamberlain. Unlike Chamberlain, Obama sympathized and sought to align with the fascist foe.

Investors Shun Phony Green Energy Deals

The green energy IPO market is dead, as reported here.

Lack of investor interest is another sign that there will be no new green economy in the United States, regardless of the promises made by U.S. President Barack Oabama to put Americans to work in "green collar jobs."

Russian Data Twisted to Fit Climate Change Theory

As the delegates gathered in Denmark to pauperize humanity in the name of saving the planet, the Climategate scandal went from bad to worse. Click on the video below for the story.

China Defended Itself at Copenhagen

China did a good job of defending its interests at Copenhagen. Click here for the story.

Contrary to their public pronouncements, Chinese leaders do not believe in manmade global warming. They regard it as a hoax or a delusion, certainly, a weapon for slowing China's rise.

Friday, December 18, 2009

There is No Such Thing as Climate Science

Climate science is a fiction, just like climate change, formerly called global warming. Click here for a must-read essay.

Remember the coming ice age?

Chinese Businesswoman Sentenced to Death

A 28-year-old Chinese businesswoman has been sentenced to death. Click here for the shocking story.

China executed at least 1,718 people last year, according to Amnesty International.

In other brutal Chinese business news, a Chinese-born American citizen has been detained in China for more than a year on charges of violating trade secrets. Read all about it here.

Neo-Nazis Steal Infamous Auschwitz Sign

A theft stirs outrage. Click here for the story.

Gold Edges Higher

Gold moved slightly higher today.

Many investors are concerned that anticipated higher interest rates could strengthen the dollar and depress gold. But gold and other commodities could decouple from the dollar, some experts say.

Click here for the story.

Obamanation: Big Mosque Planned for Ground Zero


A major Islamic center is planned for Ground Zero. Click here for the sickening story.

The prime mover behind the outrageous scheme is an Islamist apologist and sympathizer.

If the Obama administration holds a civilian court trial for the 9/11 war criminals in lower Manhattan, as announced, pro-Islamist protesters might be able to pray at the new mosque. How convenient--for those who aim to destroy America, Israel, democracy, civilization as we know it.

Iranian Islamonazis Hold Americans Hostage; Appeaser Obama, Like Carter, Can't Do a Thing

Appeasement fans the flames of aggression. Click here for the news.

The appeaser-in-chief, Barack Obama, has practically begged Iran for an alliance--a so-called Grand Bargain--to pacify Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Islamonazi maniac-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has responded by accelerating Iran's atomic arms race, escalating threats to destroy Israel, and taking three innocent Americans hostage.

Obama is an utter disaster, a throwback to the craven coward Jimmy Carter.

Oblabbermouth in Copenhagen: Pure Baloney

Oblabbermouth in Copenhagen:. Click below for the video. Sheer nonsense. Pure baloney. Lies and misrepresentations. Green energy jobs are not being created. Nor will they be created. Inefficient wind and solar farms simply can't create many jobs. Ethanol and biodiesel are cruel jokes. Except for relatively limited biomass applications--burning wood pellets for residential space heating or co-firing coal and torrefied wood chips or pellets in power plants, for example--there are no viable alternatives to oil and gas and coal. More than half of America's electricity is generated by burning coal. Nuclear power is terribly expensive and unwanted by communities fearful of the downside risk from accidents or terrorist attacks.

Drilling for domestic oil, squeezing new oil from old oil fields, building new oil refineries, extending the natural gas pipeline ... these activities can create thousands of well-paying, permanent jobs while making the United States economically stronger and more secure. But Oblabbermouth and the global warming--"climate change"--fear mongers are chocking off the energy supply in order to crush the middle classes, depopulate rural America, line the pockets of Wall Street bankers eager to sell hot air--i.e. carbon credits--and transfer wealth to the Third World.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mining Firms Fear Another Bre-X Gold Scandal

Given's gold's climb in price and allure to investors as a hedge against inflation and insurance against financial chaos, it is only a matter of time before the international mining community is rocked by another Bre-X Gold-style scandal. So say Canadian miners, who are especially sensitive to their country's history of scams.

"Suddenly, everyone seems to have a gold mine for sale," one of Canada's most respected mining executives tells China Confidential. "More than ever, companies and investors need to exercise caution about who they do business with and trust."

POSTSCRIPT: Click here to look back at the 2009 outlook for gold, which China Confidential published in January. China Confidential gold analysts continue to predict the precious metal will hit $2000 an ounce before the end of 2010.

France May be Backing Down From Full Burqa Ban

A compromise is apparently in the works, as reported here. But the coming ban will still strike a blow for freedom and the defense of France and Western civilization against clerical fascism.

U.S. President Barack Obama will probably speak out against the burqa ban. He has made a point of intervening in France on the burqa/veil issue. Committed to appeasing and aligning with Islamism, except for Al Qaeda, which has yet to develop a "reconcilable" faction in Obama's eyes, the Muslim-born President (according to Islamic law, which traces religion through the father), who practiced and studied Islam as a child in Indonesia, advocates accommodating dehumanizing islamist dress codes, regardless of how offensive, repressive or menacing they may seem to most citizens of secular, democratic nations.

Seven years after 9/11, the voters of the United States elected a Muslim-born appeaser of Islamism to lead the world's greatest democracy; more than a year later, the President of France has in many ways emerged as the leader of the free world.

UK Muslim Convicted of Murdering Daughter

A UK court has convicted a fanatic Muslim of the so-called honor killing of his daughter--a common practice in barbaric Muslim lands. Click here for the story.

US Backs $100 Billion 'Climate' Fund for Third World

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims the United States is prepared to work with other countries to transfer $100 billion to the Third World to pay for so-called climate change measures. Click here for the story.

Manmade global warming (recently renamed "climate change" in view of evidence that the planet stopped warming over a decade ago) is a horrible hoax, a route to ruin for millions of ordinary people who will be pauperized in order to line the pockets of giant investment banks and increase government control of economic activity across the globe.

A glimmer of hope: public skepticism about global warming hysteria is at an all-time high among Americans. Click here for the breaking news.