Thursday, March 04, 2010

Islam in Action: Child Rape and Terrorism

Impoverished Yemen is no different than oil-rich Saudi Arabia when it comes to abusing women, raping children, and promoting and exporting terrorism. Click here for a watered-down but still powerful piece on the horrific child bride phenomenon and one incredibly courageous girl's amazing odyssey.

What the columnist fails to notice is that the Islamist-appeasing Obama administration has actually emboldened the barbarians by making an odious outreach to "the Muslim world"--an inherently Islamist idea--the foundation of his failed foreign policy.

Whatever Happened to the Arab World?

Time was, an American president would address the Arab world--Arabic speaking nations united by language and culture--which includes secular Muslims, Christians and other minorities. No longer. The present President has basically endorsed the menacing notion that the world's Muslims are united by "the Holy Koran" and barbaric Islamic law to a degree that transcends all other legal systems and national and ethnic differences.

Instead of opposing the very idea of a Muslim supranational entity, Barack Obama has given it enormous credence, elevating the Ummah to the level of a superpower. Instead of trying to slow down or stop the Islamizing trend that has made non-Arab, Islamist-ruled Iran--a former friend of Israel and former U.S. ally under the Shah--the fountainhead of fascistic political Islam, Obama has spurred on the Islamist onslaught with his nauseating apologies to adversaries, disgraceful bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, a country with no human or civil rights, and unceasing pressure on Jerusalem to withdraw to indefensible borders and agree to the creation of yet another neighboring Islamist terror state.