Monday, March 29, 2010

Muslim Terror, Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Radical Muslims have struck again, with a new terrorist atrocity aimed at killing the maximum possible number of civilians. Scroll down for the China Confidential coverage, which began within minutes of the horrific attacks. This blog was the first to report that terrorism was suspected in the Moscow explosions and to pinpoint Islamist Chechen separatists as the prime suspects, following the recent bombing of Russia's Nevsky Express passenger train--which U.S. President Obama referred to as a "tragedy" in line with his policy of appeasing the forces of fascistic political Islam.

Perfidy! Where normal people see people movers, Muslim terrorists see people killers. Across the globe, the terrorists target and use trains, planes, and automobiles (car and truck bombs). From the the early morning destruction of the twin towers in Manhattan to the twin bombings in Moscow's Metro--at the peak of rush hour--radical Islam has struck, over and again.

And our leaders still refuse to name the enemy.

Where ordinary Americans see terrorists, Obama and his helpers see "extremists" and "manmade disasters."

Where regular folks see terrorists, the Obama-adoring liberal media see "militants."

Whereas the common people rightly cry out for victory over an enemy whose name they know and dare to say aloud, condemning their crimes as inexcusable, the political and intellectual elitists reflexively dig for "root causes" and call attention to alleged "legitimate grievances."

Whereas everyone in the civilized world knows that radical, right-wing Islam, also known as Islamism, has declared and is waging war on civilization as we know it, the government of the world's greatest democracy persists in pursuing irrational political correctness to terrifying degrees.

Whereas it is clear to most of us that there is no meaningful difference (in terms of the threat to our way of life) between the Saudi Wahhabis who produced Bin Laden and the Iranian Shiite fanatics who created Ahmadinejad, our so-called leaders, led by the Appeaser-in-Chief, don't see it that way at all. They connect dots, alright--to find new ways to blame Israel. Its resistance to radical Islam, Israel's determination to survive and grow and prosper in the midst of a sea of barbarism and backwardness, offends the appeasers and enrages the fifth columnists--and their friends in the liberal media.

Heaven help us.