Monday, March 29, 2010

Russian Leaders Talk Like Leaders, Not Appeasers

Russia's leaders vow the terrorist "beasts" will be "destroyed," as reported here.

No mincing words. No politically correct praise for an inherently intolerant and violent faith that has never reformed itself, never moved beyond the Middle Ages....

Now, if only the Russians would stop playing games with nuclear-arming, terrorist-sponsoring, Islamist Iran as a way of countering U.S. influence ... with Washington reciprocating with a firm promise (a) to stop criticizing Russia for alleged human rights abuses in its war against Al Qaeda-connected, Islamist separatists, and (b) to forever abandon the Cold War notion of using right-wing political Islam as a sword against Russia .... if only the two superpowers who have so much in common in today's world would come to their senses and stop dancing with the devil ... and stay the course ... some good could come from today's horrific terrorist attack.

The leaders of both countries owe it to their citizens to unite and cooperate to the maximum possible extent in order to defeat a common enemy--fascistic political Islam.