Thursday, April 22, 2010

Early Warning: Pyongyang Plots Provocation

North Korea is preparing a new provocation, according to China Confidential analysts.

More specifically, the Stalinist/Kimist regime is readying new nuclear and missile tests.

Another North Korean attack on a South Korean target--a ship or even a land target--is also likely.

The North Korean regime will never abandon atomic arms.

It aims to conquer or dominate South Korea and drive the United States from the Korean Peninsula for once and all.

There is no diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem.

Similarly, there is no diplomatic solution to the Iranian problem.

In fact, the two partners in nuclear/missile crime are cooperating more closely than ever before. Tension in each nation's arena serves as a useful diversion.

Washington, which is enthralled by diplomacy and dialogue, is blind to the North Korean/Iranian strategy. The Obama administration is too busy bowing to America's adversaries--and apologizing for alleged and imagined sins--to notice that the world's most monstrously atheistic and Muslim states have managed to bridge their spiritual and ideological differences in order to plot and plan America's doom.