Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Iran Will Get the Bomb

Barack Obama's engagement (appeasement) policy is an utter failure. His election assured Iran that it would have the time it needed to achieve its atomic aims; and Iran's influence in the region--especially in Lebanon and Iraq--is steadily increasing.

Robert Baer:

The Obama administration is finally coming around to the alarming conclusion it has no idea what to do about Iran's nuclear bomb. The admission comes in the guise of a just-revealed top-secret memorandum sent by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House in January, which, according to press leaks, made the case that the U.S. possesses no long-term, effective policy to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. Although a lot of people arrived at the same conclusion a long time ago, it's the first time it has been given an official imprimatur at this high of a level.

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Not to worry! Iran's partner in nuclear/missile crime, Stalinist/Kimist North Korea, is promising that it won't produce more nuclear weapons "than it feels necessary." Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts believe the North is preparing its third nuclear test for the end of May.