Tuesday, December 14, 2010



COMMENT: Regarding Afghanistan, Bush must be blamed along with Obama. Instead of obliterating the Taliban and Al Qaeda with any and all necessary weapons in the immediate aftermath of 9/11--when nearly the entire world either stood with or in fear of the United States--a supposedly hawkish, Republican President took too long to do too little, relying, foolishly, on notoriously unreliable Afghan warlords for most of the fighting. As a result, the enemy--scum that should have been wiped off the face of the planet--was merely dislodged, pushed, like dirt, across backward Afghanistan's border into pro-Islamist Pakistan.

That the U.S. is still fighting radical Islam, nine years after 9/11, is inexcusable. One or two well-aimed tactical nuclear weapons, combined with waves of massive, World War II-style bombing attacks, would/could have ended the conflict ... and struck fear ... real fear ... for a generation or longer ... into the hearts and minds of those who dare to dream of attacking the U.S. on its own soil.

That U.S. troops are sent into harm's way with ridiculous rules of engagement, assigned to absurd, so-called nation-building missions, is downright disgusting.

Where is the outrage?

Have the American people become so beaten and bloodied and dazed and confused that they can no longer recognize or no longer care when their young people are being sacrificed for ... what? Reactionary Islamic filth? Rotten drug lords? Monstrous mullahs?

Where is the outrage? Click below. Every concerned American needs to see this movie.