Friday, April 30, 2010

Anti-US Bolivia and Venezuela Strengthen Ties

As reported here, the America-hating governments of Bolivia and Venezuela have signed new accords, strengthening commercial ties.

Yes! Belgium Bans Burqa-Wearing in Public

Yes we can ... resist the Islamist menace that threatens Western civilization.

Read all about Belgium's burqa ban here.

Europe is fighting back in spite of U.S. President Barack Obama. The supposed leader of the free world has actually intervened in Europe's internal affairs--on the side of the fascistic fundamentalists. Obama made a point of backing a (brainwashed or enslaved) woman's "right" to wear Muslim burqas, headscarves, and veils in public (ignoring the obvious security risks these ugly and oppressive things represent) during his visit to France, which is also working on a public ban of barbaric Islamic garb.

The Obama administration, as previously reported, was silent this week as nuclear-arming, Islamonazi/Islamist Iran was elected to the U.N. women's rights commission. The monstrous mullahocracy, which Obama has sought to engage (appease and align with), boasts a ... constitution ... that enshrines into law the stoning and lashing of women who violate barbaric Islamic law--e.g. by dressing "immodestly."

That the sadistic fiends of organized Islam are allowed to walk among civilized people--permitted to engage in dialogue and diplomacy, invited to international forums, interviewed by masochistic media bent on "understanding" the barbarism--is beyond belief. Islamism, like Nazism, is a plague that must be eradicated--now. End it before it ends us.

Iran VP Threatens to 'Cut Off Israel's Feet'

Appeasement fans the flames of aggression.

Nuclear-arming, Islamist/Islamonazi Iran's vice president today threatened to "cut off Israel's feet" if it attacks Syria. Click here for the story.

Iran is doing its best to raise tensions in the Middle East--more specifically, on Israel's northern borders with Syria and Lebanon--in order to divert attention from Iran's atomic advance.

The Obama administration's perfidious policy of engagement--code for appeasing and attempting to align with Iran--is making war in the region inevitable.

US Ready to Allow UN Censure of Israel

The Obama administration is prepared to escalate its campaign to force Israel into withdrawing to indefensible borders in order to make possible the creation of a Palestinian mini-state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Click here for the story.

UN Elects Iran to Women's Rights Commission


The monstrous Iranian mullahocracy--a fountainhead of barbaric, fundamentalist Islam--has been elected to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Read the sickening story here.

The United States silently watched Iran's election in line with the Obama administration's appeasement of Islamist Iran and Islamism in general.

Understand, as President Obama likes to say, that his administration is resigned to living with a nuclear-armed or nuclear-capable Iran, and reluctant to meaningfully raise the issue of the oppression of women in Islamonazi Iran out of fear of focusing attention on Saudi Arabia, a country with no human or civil rights, where women must also wear barbaric Muslim garb and are still not even allowed to drive cars. Championing or even properly defending the rights of women in barbaric Muslim lands conflicts with Obama's odious outreach to the so-called Muslim world and attempts to elevate international Islam to the level of a superpower.

Where is the outrage?

Click here for more information about the plight of women in Iran.

Official laws against women in Iran can be found here. A sampling of the barbarism:

Article 102 of Iran’s Constitution indicates: "Women who appear on streets and in public without the prescribed ‘Islamic Hejab’ will be condemned to 74 strokes of the lash.”

Article 1133 of the Civil Code states: A man can divorce his wife whenever he so chooses and does not have to give her advance notice.

Article 102 of the Penal code, states that married offenders (adulterers) are liable to stoning regardless of their gender, but the method laid down for a man stipulates he be buried up to his waist, and a woman up to her neck.

Article 114 of Iran’s Civil codes states: When rajm [stoning] is being administered on a man he must be placed in a pit almost down to his waist, and when administered on a woman she must be placed in a pit almost down to her chest. Such barbaric behavior by the regime includes dictating the style, size and the administration of stoning while differentiating between male vs. female victims. Female victim up to her neck to avoid physical escape, however, even if condemned female victim is able to flee the scene, authorities are obliged to arrest her and execute her by firing squad. As for the male victims, they are buried up to their waist and if able to escape the scene no further punishment awaits them.

Gold Hits 4-Month High

Gold climbed to a four-month high on the dollar's drop in value.

At the same time, gold seems to be "decoupling" from the dollar as investors seek safe haven. Click here for the story.

Gold is becoming an alternative global currency.

China Said to Still Have Confidence in the Euro

The EU chief says China still has confidence in Europe and the euro, despite the currency's plunge in value. Click here for the story.

An EU bailout deal for Greece is days away, as reported here.

Iran's 'Right Arm' Has Global Reach

Daniel Darling analyzes the role--and reach--of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps in the context of an in-depth discussion of Iran's military, which, he believes, is still lacking and antiquated in many respects:

Iran’s military arm is divided into three main components: the regular army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Order Forces (or Law Enforcement Force). While the regular army is charged with national defense and the Order Forces oversee border security and the national police, the IRGC is the Praetorian Guard of the Islamic Revolution, outfitted with its own army, air force, navy and Special Forces units, as well as an internal intelligence branch. The IRGC controls Iranian missile production, the nation’s chemical and biological weapons, and is believed to oversee the nuclear developmental program.

The politically-powerful IRGC not only serves as the Islamic regimes right arm, but as purveyor of its external interests. Through the use of the Guards’ special Qods Force the Iranian regime is able to nurture its proxies in the Levant, which include Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These elements are important to Iran as an indirect means through which to strike at Israel - in the process ensuring Israeli military attention is fixated foremost on immediate threats emanating from Gaza and southern Lebanon. The Qods Force is charged with providing arms, training and financial support for these groups, while in the process gathering intelligence on Israeli military tactics and capabilities.

The Qods Force has also been active in Iraq, where its Ramazan Corps has aided Iraqi Shiite militants and been linked by the U.S. military to the flow of Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) into Iraq and the proliferation there of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Spreading its reach further abroad, the Qods Force is now believed to have placed operatives in Venezuela, adroitly posting them in embassies and cultural/charitable institutions.

Click here to read the entire article.

Analysis: Iran's Israel-Syria Game

An important Israeli analyst says Iran wants to see more tension on Israel's northern front, but no war (not now, at least). Ron Ben-Yishai:

The “warnings” issued by Iran to its allies which border on Israel have a strategic aim: The Iranians wasn’t the global attention as well as that of Security Council members to be diverted away from Tehran’s refusal on the nuclear issue and the preoccupation with anti-Iran sanctions; instead, it will focus on the tension and threat of war that may erupt at any moment between Israel and its northern neighbors. And so, the Iranians can buy more time while erode the severity of the sanctions against them.

Read the entire analysis here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belgium Unites to Ban Barbaric Burqa

Belgium could become the first European country to make burqa-wearing a criminal offense, as reported here.

God bless Belgium!

Venezuela Remaking Army Along Cuban Lines

An ex-general is alarmed by Cuba's involvement in Venezuela's military and access to Venezuelan national security secrets. Read all about it here.

Obama Engagement Rules Emboldening Iran

In keeping with his policy of appeasement, a thoroughly inexperienced Commander-in-Chief is restraining the U.S. Navy in the face of Iranian aggression, as reported here.

In a sense, the revelation recalls Obama's restraining of U.S. Navy SEALs when an American cargo captain was held hostage by Islamist-backed Somali pirates. The captain was rescued in spite of Obama, not because of him.


The new Hitler--Iran's Islamonazi maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad--is coming to New York to address a United Nations nuclear conference. As reported here, Ahmadinejad will be the featured, lead-off speaker at the IAEA event, which begins next Monday.

As China Confidential predicted, U.S. President Barack Obama's election and engagement (appeasement) policy practically guaranteed Iran that it would have the time and space it needed to advance its nuclear program to a point where it could only be stopped by war (or revolution). Even if stricter sanctions on Iran are adopted internationally, the measures will fail.

Containment will also fail. An imperialist power bent on overthrowing the power relations among nations--the status quo--cannot be contained. Instead, it must be defeated.

North Korean Aggression to Go Unpunished

Nuclear-armed North Korea is again being allowed to get away with mass murder of South Koreans. Click here for the story.

Just as Hitler and the Nazis tested the European powers in the run-up to World War II, the North Korean Kimists will persist in provoking and testing South Korea ... and its ally, the United States ... while Islamist Iran, Pyongyang's partner in nuclear/missile crime, takes copious notes.

Another North Korean nuclear test is likely.

Iran Threatens to Arrest Suntanned Women

The mad mullahs of nuclear-arming Iran say suntans violate Islamic law because women should be kept covered and cloaked, veiled and hidden, etc. Click here for the story.

Where is the outrage?

How can so-called progressives in the United States and Europe--including America's most left-wing-ever President--still stand for the appeasement of fundamentalist/fascist Islam?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hezbollah Vows to Build Even Bigger Arsenals

Click here for the news.

Iran's Lebanese proxy already has more missiles and rockets than most governments.

There are no diplomatic solutions to the intertwined problems of Islamist Iran and Islamist Hezbollah--and Islamism in general.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kenyan Muslims Seek Ban on Soccer, Cinema

The Islamist threat to Kenya is growing, as reported here.

Will U.S. President Barack Obama speak out in defense of secular Muslims?

Chris Matthews' Jewish Problem

For [MSNBC TV personality Chris] Matthews, Jews are behind the growing dissatisfaction with Democratic leadership. This is never more evident than during the frequent appearances on "Hardball" by his former boss, Jimmy Carter. They are not so much interviews as dances, two longtime friends secure in the knowledge that there is no such thing as failure -- only more or less Jewish influence.

Read the entire essay here.

Obama Persists in Odious Outreach to Islam

America's first Muslim-born President (according to Islamic law) is persisting in his odious outreach to organized Islam--an unprecedented initiative aimed at appeasing allegedly moderate Islamists (a concept akin to moderate Nazis or fascists), elevating the so-called Muslim world to the status of a supranational superpower, and downgrading America's Judeo-Christian heritage and the importance and roles of Christianity and Judaism in American life. Click here for the Obama-adoring news account.

Not one mainstream media representative has ever asked: Why is the President of the United States reaching out to a religion--to "the Muslim world"--instead of, say, to the Arab world, which includes Christians, Jews, and secular Muslims yearning to breathe free and break the bonds of barbaric Islam and the clerical fascist creed--Islamism--with which Islam has become synonymous?

Why is Obama playing into the hands of Islamists throughout the world--from Saudi Arabia and Iran, fountainheads of clerical fascism and fundamentalism--to Turkey and Indonesia (where Obama practiced and studied Islam as a child and was registered for school by his Indonesian Muslim stepfather as a Muslim Indonesian citizen) to the U.S. itself, where Muslim Brotherhood front groups and fifth columnists have been emboldened by Obama's election, policies, and pronouncements?

Why is Obama obsessed with Islam, approaching it as a world power that spans all political boundaries?

China, Cuba Strengthening Military Ties

Remember the Monroe Doctrine? It died long ago.

China and Cuba are furthering military ties. Click here for the Chinese report.

Iranian Leader Threatens to 'Choke the West'

Appeasement fans the flames of aggression....

An influential Iranian politician today threatened to "choke the throat" of the West, as reported here.

U.S. President Barack Obama's engagement (appeasement) policy has failed utterly. Instead of preventing war with Iran, Obama is making the conflict inevitable--on Iran's terms.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama Advisor Tells Anti-Semitic Joke

And The New York Times reports that only the "Israel lobby" is offended, as reported here.

Nearly 80% of the U.S. Jewish electorate voted for Obama for President.

Did a Human Torpedo Sink South Korean Ship?

South Korea suspects a submersible suicide bomber--a so-called "human torpedo"--sank the South's ship. Click here for the bizarre development.


The threat of a surprise, sea-based missile strike on a U.S. coastal city--or a crippling EMP attack on the United States--is growing, thanks to Russia. Click here for the story.

Venezuela May Nationalize Gold Industry

Another victim of "21st century socialism."

Read all about it here.

Robert Maginnis on Obama's Outreach to Islam

Last summer Obama went to Cairo, Egypt, to launch his “new beginning” campaign with the Muslim world. He told that audience “Islam has demonstrated … religious tolerance” and he promised “to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam.” He said “America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam” and “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.” These comments set the tone for exorcising any negative references to Islam’s association with terrorists from government communications.

That hands-off-Islam campaign is reflected in Obama’s important national security documents. The 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review, a 128-page report that sets out the military’s future strategy and force structure describes the country’s terrorist threat without using the words “Islam,” “Islamic” or Islamist” a single time.

Very soon Obama will publish his first national security strategy. The Washington Times reports that document removes religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” and is rewritten to emphasize the U.S. does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror.

While the Obama Administration tries to implement government control as in Orwell’s famous 1984 by banning Islamic references and putting them down the memory hole, our soldiers know better. The ground truth about Islam is that it is undeniably linked to radicalism which endangers America and our military should not pretend otherwise.

Click here to read the entire essay.

Iranian Nuclear Expert Seeks Asylum in Israel

An Israeli official says an Iranian academic with ties to Iran's nuclear program has requested asylum in Israel.

Israeli Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara said Saturday the Iranian academic is awaiting a decision on the asylum request in a country "friendly" to Israel.

Kara did not identify the academic or the country. He said Israel will do all it can to help people who want to remove what he called the strategic and nuclear threat posed by Iran.

In related news, The Washington Post on Sunday quoted U.S. officials as saying a growing number of Iranian nuclear experts are defecting or leaking information to the West about Iran's nuclear program.

The newspaper quoted current and former officials in the United States and Europe as saying some of the most significant new material has come from scientists and others with access to Iran's military programs.

U.S. officials have reportedly acknowledged that Iranian nuclear physicist Shahram Amiri defected to the West after disappearing on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia last June.

Iran Reportedly Fires 5 New Missiles

Countdown to conflict in the Persian Gulf....

Click here for the news.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cubans Deeply Involved in Venezuelan Military

A former Venezuelan army general says Cuba is deeply involved in Venezuela's military and intelligence services, as reported here.

China Confidential analysts agree.

They add that Cuba and Venezuela are believed to be cooperating closely in illicit biological weapons research, production, weaponization and stockpiling.

Cuba has provided dual-use technology to the Chavez regime to support the development of offensive bioweapons, analysts assert.

Islamic Inquisition Intensifying

In parts of the world it is clear that societies are going backwards and not forward and this notably applies to many Islamic societies. Liberals in the West or the fear of political correctness means that you have a media blackout "on reality" and instead every excuse is given. Yet in the early 21st century it is clear that "the stone age mentality" is still alive in many parts of the world.

Indeed, it could be argued that "the stone age mentality" was more progressive than modern day Saudi Arabia, just to give one example. After all, women would have had more freedom in the stone-age period than they would have in modern day Saudi Arabia.

Continue reading here.

Iraqi TV Station Incites Iraqis to Attack Americans

An Iraqi TV station promotes "resistance." Click here to watch the clip.

Obama's Dream and 'The Illogic of Zero'

Since the Obama administration's astounding assurance to non-nuclear weapons states that they will never be the targets of U.S. nuclear weapons--even if they attack the U.S. with chemical and biological weapons--has been hailed by the Obama-adoring media as a good thing, Bruno Tertrais' excellent essay, "The Illogic of Zero," is truly a must-read, as shown by the following excerpt:

Nuclear weapons have also limited the risk of chemical and biological weapons use: no nuclear-capable country has ever been the victim of such an attack. The history of the Middle East provides a good case study. Egypt used chemical weapons against Yemen between 1962 and 1967, but not against Israel in the 1973 war. Iraq used them against Iran from 1983 to 1988, but did not fire its Scud missiles loaded with chemical and biological weapons against Israel or the U.S.-led coalition in 1991. Could conventional weapons deter such risks as efficiently? The answer is likely to be no.

Click here to read the entire essay in the The Washington Quarterly.

For a China's view of "Global Zero" click here.

And click here for an Israeli view.

China Opens Missile Plant in Iran

China has given Iran formidable anti-ship missile capabilities, as reported here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Indonesian Considers Obama's Muslim Identity

Ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Indonesia, an Indonesian university lecturer writes:

Obama was born to a line of Muslim males. Obama’s full name, Barack Hussein Obama, using the name of the grandson of the prophet Muhammad in the middle of his name, proclaims, or at least assumes, he was born Muslim.

Obama’s father was Muslim. Obama’s grandfather was Muslim. Obama’s stepfather was Muslim. Sarah, who Obama calls his grandmother is Muslim. Obama’s stepbrothers and stepsisters are Muslims. Obama’s sister Maya was quoted by The New York Times as saying, “My whole family was Muslim”. For a time, he was educated and lived as a Muslim in Indonesia. He was registered as Muslim when he studied in elementary school. [EDITOR'S NOTE: His Indonesian stepfather also registered him as an Indonesian citizen. The question of Obama's possible dual- or triple-citizenship--i.e. Indonesian and Kenyan--has never been adequately addressed. Dual citizens are Constitutionally ineligible to serve as President of the United States.]

With nearly 7 million American Muslims who enjoy income and education that are higher than the world’s average and more than 1,200 mosques within America’s borders, Obama defends Muslims by saying: “Islam is part of America, holds within her the truth that regardless of race, religion, or station in life, all of us share common aspirations — to live in peace and security; to get education and to work with dignity; to love our families, our communities and our God.” In his inaugural speech in Washington, DC, Obama even said, “… we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers.” [EDITOR'S NOTE: 7 million Muslims is a grossly inaccurate estimate, inflated for political purposes, which Obama cited in his historic address to "the Muslim world." Just minutes after he gave the speech, an aide told a television interviewer there were 8 million Muslims in the U.S. In fact, there probably are fewer than 2 million.]

Since Islam can be defined by narrow or broader meanings, although of course he can’t be named Muslim in a narrow meaning, he still can be called Muslim if we use a wider meaning of Islam as the religion of the followers of all prophets recognized in the Koran since Adam.

So it is not totally wrong if Indonesian Muslims greet him, when he visits Indonesia next June, as a Muslim brother. Indonesian Christians also can do the same. What is in his website that he has never been Muslim is correct in the sense that he never voluntarily and officially registered himself, when he was adult, as Muslim.

Likewise, many Muslims believe that Michael Jackson was Muslim, although he never stated this publicly. In commemorating 40 days of his death, a mosque in my hometown in Tegal held a ritual (tahlilan) to pray for him, attended by Adam Jackson, the Indonesian “cloned version” of Michael Jackson.

Click here to read the whole thing.

In 2008, a battered, bewildered, beat-down American electorate chose an incredibly inexperienced, Muslim-born (according to Islamic law) mystery man over a trusted and proven patriot.


Appeaser-in-Chief Silent as Muslim Extremists Threaten American TV Producers with Death

Where is the outrage?

Read all about it here.

Click here for more context.

Obama's Opportunity to Deter Iran and N. Korea

U.S. President Barack Obama is missing an opportunity to deter Iran and North Korea and prove that his administration is capable of protecting the United States against nuclear terrorism.

As the President was convening his nuclear summit in Washington, Iran's regime-run newspaper, Kayhan, stated: "If the US strikes Iran with nuclear weapons, there are elements which will respond with nuclear blasts in the centers of America's main cities."

Last month, Iran's partner in nuclear/missile crime, North Korea, threatened to "blow up the U.S."

North Korea has made similar threats in the past. But the Kayhan threat is the first known warning by Iran that it may have passed nuclear materials or weapons onto terrorists.

GIven these developments, President Obama should assure Iran and North Korea that they will both be obliterated if a nuclear device of any kind is ever detonated on U.S. soil.

When North Korea tests its third nuclear weapon (most likely on or before May 31), Iranian scientists, technicians, and military and intelligence officers will again be on hand to observe and assist in the undertaking.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perfidy! Pentagon Snubs Patriotic Christian Pastor to Appease Muslim Brotherhood's US Front Group

Click here for the sickening story, and here for its significance.

Early Warning: Pyongyang Plots Provocation

North Korea is preparing a new provocation, according to China Confidential analysts.

More specifically, the Stalinist/Kimist regime is readying new nuclear and missile tests.

Another North Korean attack on a South Korean target--a ship or even a land target--is also likely.

The North Korean regime will never abandon atomic arms.

It aims to conquer or dominate South Korea and drive the United States from the Korean Peninsula for once and all.

There is no diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem.

Similarly, there is no diplomatic solution to the Iranian problem.

In fact, the two partners in nuclear/missile crime are cooperating more closely than ever before. Tension in each nation's arena serves as a useful diversion.

Washington, which is enthralled by diplomacy and dialogue, is blind to the North Korean/Iranian strategy. The Obama administration is too busy bowing to America's adversaries--and apologizing for alleged and imagined sins--to notice that the world's most monstrously atheistic and Muslim states have managed to bridge their spiritual and ideological differences in order to plot and plan America's doom.

Tehran Taunts the US in Persian Gulf

Islamist Iran began its Persian Gulf war games earlier this year with "ultra-fast" speedboats and sharper rhetoric.

Syria's Al Assad is Digging His Own Grave

By Elias Youssef Bejjani

For the last 30 years, Al Assad’s Syrian Baathist dictatorship has been an evil, poisonous and deadly ailment in the Middle East and a major force in spreading instability to regional peace and order. It is the number one notorious regime that breeds, recruits, trains, finances and exports terrorist and Islamic fundamentalist groups to instigate havoc and volatility all over the world and especially in its neighboring countries. In actuality Syria is a real disaster for both the Syrian people and its neighboring countries, as well as for the whole world considering the issue of terrorism and fundamentalism.

Besides an ongoing Stalinist criminal oppression that it afflicts by force on the Syrian people, Al Assad's regime still governs Syria by marshal laws and keeps on brutally and mercilessly liquidating all Syrian politicians and activists who advocate a free and democratic country. Thousands and thousands of Syrian citizens are either murdered or incarcerated on forged trials and left to rot in Nazi-style jails and detention centers while deprived of all their basic rights.

Al Assad's regime has committed massive ethnic cleansing and bloody massacres in both Syria and Lebanon and keeps on gnawing the whole Middle East and interfering in the affairs of all its neighboring countries, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.

Appeasing a Terrorist Regime

Sadly, the USA, Europe and all the Arab countries have been appeasing and cajoling this terrorist regime either to keep its terrorism away from their countries or to use its expertise in crime, terrorism and oppression.

Many analysts in the Middle East, especially in Syria itself and Lebanon, are wondering why the whole world is courting this rogue regime and is turning a blind eye on all its horrible domestic, regional and international ongoing atrocities.

Why is the Obama administration turning the other cheek on all the overt insults that Al Assad and his top-notch officials have been throwing on her Middle East policies and officials when this administration sadly has been opening to Syria in a series of questionable overtures and naively equipping its rulers with all the support they need to go on with their murderous interfering in Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza?

In a report, Hamid Ghoriafi, the well known Middle East analyst and journalist, published today in the Kuwaiti Daily Al-Seyassah, it was revealed that Syrian President Bachar Al Assad is extremely worried and scared, feeling the Israeli heat, and taking the Jewish state's threats of an imminent attack on his country very seriously.

In this realm Al Assad has started urgently re-evaluating Syria's tense relations with some influential Arabic countries and apparently his first step in this track will be a cozy meeting with his Egyptian counterpart, Hosni Mubarak, within the coming 24 hours at Sharm Al Sheik Egyptian tourist resort. It is expected that Saudi King Abdullah will join the two presidents and hold a summit conference with them to discuss the current Israeli threats to attack Lebanon and Syria extensively after Al Assad provided its militant terrorist proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, with long range Scud ballistic missiles.

The report attributed to reliable diplomatic Arabic resources in Abu Dubae that Al Assad is planning to seriously ask both Mubarak and Abdullah to use their influence with the USA and Israel and pressure them to abort an imminent Israeli attack on both Syria and Lebanon.

Al Assad is alleging that all the Israeli and other reports on the Scud missile smuggling from Syria to Hezbollah are mere empty allegations and that the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, has inflated out of proportion this issue to justify his war against Syria in a bid to dramatically change the whole status quo in the region.

The same sources believe that it is too late to prevent the war because the Israeli campaign against Syria, whether the Scud reports are true or not, has reached its maximum in a very well orchestrated pattern. Mr. Ghoriafi said that it would be futile on Alassad's side to deny in the presence of Mubarak and Abdullah the Scud smuggling reality, because they both already know the truth.

It is now confirmed that Al Assad will be heading to Sharm Al Sheik today after he has ordered his armed forces to be on full alert all over the country; and meanwhile, Hezbollah has taken the same precautionary measures in its Beirut southern suburb ministate (Al Dahea) and all over its military bases in the Bekaa valley and the southern Lebanese region that is adjacent to the Israeli border.

Zero Hour Approaching

Both Al Assad and Hezbollah leadership are confirming according to the report that the Israeli zero hour for starting the attack is approaching with a very fast pace. Al Assad is scared that Israel will manipulate the Scud crisis and use it as a pretext for a well planned and prepared war against his country, as it did in 1982 when it invaded Lebanon following an assassination attempt on its ambassador in London.

The report quoted an Egyptian official in Cairo saying that, "Al Assad is fully aware that there is a high price for him to pay to the Egyptians and the Saudis in return for their joint mediation with Washington and Tel Aviv in order to prevent the imminent devastating Israeli war against his country.

It added that this price will not be less than a full cancellation of all the accords and deals that he recently inked with Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah's general secretary, Hassan Nasrallah ,in the so called "Challenge Summit” that was convened few months ago in Damascus. The accords and deals committed its three signatories to establish a front line against Israel in south Lebanon, and to give Hezbollah full accessibility to the Syrian and Iranian arsenals, including all the long range missiles to attack Israel.

Al Assad is also expected to distance his country from Iran and to put an immediate halt on his support to its nuclear program. He is required also to mind his own business and stop his country's bold interference in the neighboring countries' internal affairs, or otherwise face the doomed end that Iraq's Saddam Hussein chose.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Haaretz daily reported yesterday that Egypt is pushing for a conference to discuss the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty , in which all Middle East countries will participate including Israel, noting that the objective of this Summit is to persuade the Jewish state to sign the treaty. The Egyptians are saying that the five permanent UN Security Council members do support a nuclear conference on the Middle East, but it is not yet clear whether Tel Aviv would agree on this very sensitive matter. The newspaper said that al-Assad will fly to Libya to meet with President Muammar Gaddafi after the Sharm el-Sheikh summit conference is over.

The actual problem with Al Assad, as was with his late father, Hafez Al Assad, lies in the plain fact that he cannot be trusted and that he has been for years playing on the odds and going back on all his promises and commitments to the USA, as well as the Arab and European countries.

Is Al Assad going to change his mockeries this time while the fire is approaching his palace and could burn the future of his family in ruling Syria? Up till now there is no reason to trust him, which simply means that Egypt and Saudi Arabia must make him pay the price for their mediation before they deliver.

The Lebanese proverb says: "The wise man does not fall in the same hole twice." Hopefully President Mubarak and King Abdullah have already learned their previous Syrian bitter lessons as have many patriotic Lebanese!

Elias Bejjani is a Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator.

Seemingly Invincible Iran Advances While Obama and Adoring Media Prepare Public to Acccept Defeat

Iran state television says the military has begun a major exercise Thursday focused on security in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

The deputy chief of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards said Iranian forces are testing test weapon systems in the Strait of Hormuz, as well as intelligence and communication capabilities.

About 40% of the world's oil shipments pass through the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran also announced that it will build missile defense systems similar to Russia's S-300 system, as reported here.

Back in the USA ...

Back in the USA, the pro-appeasement Washington Post, which typically acts as a foreign policy mouthpiece for the Obama administration, is conditioning public opinion for acceptance of a policy of containment towards an Iranian nuclear weapons state.

Click here to read a piece of Post propaganda presented as analysis, which includes a startling--and stupid--reference to a "long Cold War" with Iran.

The Post is in part preparing the ground for the 2012 Presidential contest, when, barring an attack by Israel on Iran or a miraculous regime change there, Barack Obama will have to defend his catastrophic engagement (appeasement) policy, which assured the monstrous mullahocracy that it would have ample time to develop both nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons delivery systems--ICBMs--capable of striking the United States. [In fact, Iran already has primitive, low-tech delivery systems in place for this purpose. Not for nothing has it developed and successfully tested concealed, cargo ship-based, ballistic missile launch systems, with North Korean assistance. There is no defense against a cargo ship- or barge-based missile attack on a U.S. coastal city. Thousands of such vessels, mainly flying flags of convenience, approach U.S. waters every day. The Obama administration seems to be ignoring the sea-based threat, just as the administration seems to have ignored a mad mullah's recent threat to detonate nuclear bombs in U.S. cities if the U.S. or Israel attacks Iran over its nuclear program.]

NOTE: The Post is also conditioning the public to accept the notion that Iran can be deterred the way the Soviet Union was deterred from using nuclear weapons (forgetting the Cuban Missile Crisis). The Soviet analogy is dangerously misleading because it ignores Iran's true intentions--destruction of the U.S. and Israel--and direct sponsorship of and deep involvement in international terrorism.

There is no real deterrent to an anonymous atomic attack on the U.S.--in other words, to a deniable Iranian attack on the U.S.--except a policy of automatic, retaliatory, nuclear obliteration of Iran and other suspect nations, which the Obama administration would never consider adopting. On the contrary; Obama is bent on downgrading the U.S. nuclear deterrent, dreaming of a world without nuclear weapons. He has even officially revised U.S. nuclear policy to exclude nuclear retaliation against non-nuclear weapons states that attack the U.S. with biological and chemical weapons--e.g. sending smallpox-infected bio-bombers to walk among Americans. Non-nuclear weapons states--Syria would be an example, given its stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons--that attack the U.S. with non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction have actually, for the first time, been assured--no kidding--of a non-nuclear retaliation. Talk about change!

Nuclear-arming, missile-mad, Islamist Iran and its missile-mad, Islamist proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, and secular but Islamizing ally, Syria, know that America's first Muslim-born President (according to Islamic law), who is obsessed with bowing to organized Islam while relentlessly pressuring Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders in order to make possible the creation of an irredentist, Palestinian mini-state, is likely to respond to an anonymous nuclear explosion or detonation of a radiological bomb with the obligatory promise to bring the perpetrators to justice, prayer meetings and healing sessions, and quotations from "the Holy Koran."


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Administration Official Confirms Obama Linking Creation of Palestinian State and Iran Nuclear Issue

Click here for the troubling news.

China Confidential warned this was coming last May, as follows:

The Obama administration is all wrong about the Middle East.

The road to Middle East peace does not run through the disputed West Bank; the road runs through Tehran.

Removing Iran's Islamist regime, which is developing nuclear weapons, threatening Israel with destruction, and arming its implacable, Islamist enemies, Hamas and Hezbollah, and only important secular foe, Syria, would change everything ... overnight. Radical Islam would suffer its first major loss since the overthrow of Iran's Shah more than 30 years ago. Hamas would lose out to secular, Palestinian nationalists fed up with pan-Islamic insanity and religious extremism. Hezbollah would collapse. Syria would come to the bargaining table--and move to crush its domestic Islamist menace.

But the Obama administration does not see things that way. The President and his advisers are obsessed with forcing Israel to go along with the creation of an Iranian-backed, Hamas-ruled state in the disputed lands west of the Jordan River, the strategic territories of Judea and Samaria, which the world insists on calling "the West Bank."

The administration is making the same mistake with Iran that Britain and France made with Nazi Germany. Instead of standing up to Hitler to prevent war when it was still possible to do so, the European powers sought to appease him by sacrificing Czechoslovakia, starting with the strategic Sudetenland. The "peace for our time" that the appeasers bought made World War II inevitable within months of the sacrifice--on Germany's terms.The Obama administration and its European allies seem bent on repeating this horrible history.

But Israel is not Czechoslovakia. Neither is Israel a Jewish neighborhood or ghetto that will allow itself to be set up for slaughter. Israel is the Jewish State, the only Jewish State, with a people's army and a populace that will do whatever is required--use any and all necessary means--to prevent a second Holocaust.

Last month, China Confidential reported:

As if to confirm a China Confidential analytical report on the same subject--click here to read it--the American Spectator has a first-rate, insider story on the Obama-Netanyahu meeting. East Jerusalem is a sideshow; President Obama has linked the Iranian and Palestinian issues in exactly the wrong way. George H. Whittman reports:

The real story is that the Obama Administration is proceeding on the basis that evolving a Palestine/Israel accord will be an important element in negotiations with Iran to cease nuclear weapon development.

This fantastical idea has evolved out of the strong White House belief that Iran can be cajoled into an agreement on nuclear weapon development if only the Palestine "problem" was solved. Any action appearing to inhibit the current campaign to bring Israel and Palestine closer is perceived by President Barack Obama as contrary to his plan to prevent Iran from "going nuclear." Contrary to the oft-stated theme of keeping the military option on the table, the Obama Administration is committed to avoiding a preemptive strike on Iranian nuclear development targets.

Go here to read Whittman's article.

On Saturday, Confidential Reporter observed: "U.S. President Barack Obama is right to link the Iranian and Israeli-Palestinian/Arab problems. But he has drawn the wrong conclusions. Iran must be dealt with--militarily--ahead of and in order to make possible an Israeli-Palestinian/Arab peace pact, not after or parallel to an all-out push for an agreement.

"In other words, the road to peace in the Middle East does not run through Jerusalem, Israel's capital city--and the capital of the Jewish people for millennia. The road to Middle East peace runs through the fountainhead of fascistic political Islam--Tehran. But the road is blocked. Remove the blockage--the monstrous Iranian regime and its menacing nuclear program--and Israel's most radical and dangerous foes are suddenly exposed and vulnerable. They either collapse without Iranian backing or come to their senses and change their policies."

Syria Says US, Israel Behind Moscow Bombings

So much for engagement (appeasement).

A Syrian government newspaper says the United States and Israel were behind the Moscow subway bombings. Click here to read the perfidious propaganda.

Charles Krauthammer on Iran ICBM Threat

It looks like we're back to an estimate of 2015, which is roughly what the Bush administration had said, that Iran would go intercontinental by 2012 to 2015.

What's remarkable is that 11 months ago the Obama administration issued a National Intelligence Estimate in which all of a sudden it revised the assessment and said the old one in the Bush administration was too alarmist. This is not going to happen until the second half of the decade, 2015 to 2020.

And it was that rationale of the administration then used, the president then used when he unilaterally and abruptly canceled the agreement we had with the Poles and the Czechs to build a missile defense system that would precisely be designed to shoot down an intercontinental rocket from Iran headed over to the United States.

So that rationale now collapses. It looks as if the Iranians are on a faster track. And the rocket test you showed, the one in February where Iran put up a rocket and satellite in space that had a mouse on it. You remember at the time, I pointed out that Iran is not exactly the leader in rodent research. It was showing its reach in being able to hit any country on earth.

That was a two-stage rocket, intercontinental. You need a three stage if you want to hit the United States. But that is coming, and we know it's coming. Why the administration would cancel a system in Europe that would help us, why it's reducing the number of ground space launches in Alaska that would shoot down a Korean rocket, and why it canceled the airborne laze, the single most prominent technology for shooting a rocket on its way up, which is much better than shooting it on the way down where it can deploy chaff and a lot of multiple warheads, is incomprehensible to me.

Read the whole thing here.

23rd Bond Film Delayed Indefinitely

Bond--James Bond--suspended indefinitely.

Producers of the spectacularly successful James Bond film franchise say work on the 23rd installment in the series has been halted, citing MGM money woes.

Read all about it here and here

In Focus: North Korea's Spy Center

North Korea's Reconnaissance Bureau, the new integrated agency in charge of spy operations against the South, has become the focus of attention after speculation that it had a hand in sinking the Navy corvette Cheonan and the arrest of two agents in a plot to assassinate a senior defector.

Click here to continue.

More Dutch Spies Deployed Abroad

Responding to a growing foreign threat--by Islamist terrorists--the respected Dutch secret service, the AIVD, is adopting a new strategy of "forward defense." Read about it here.

Dutch politicians are insufficiently aware of "foreign espionage risks," according to the AIVD. An excerpt from its 2009 annual report:

The Chinese government is still covertly active in the Netherlands. Important targets are the technical-scientific sector, the defence industry and Chinese minorities. Thus, the Chinese government has tried by means of putting pressure on government sectors and the cultural sector to influence decision-making to the disadvantage of Chinese minorities. This has happened among other occasions during the runup to the Dalai Lamas's visit to the Netherlands.

The activities of Iranian intelligence services in the Netherlands are aimed at combating groups and individuals that are regarded by the Iranian regime as a danger to its existence. Additionally, the Iranian intelligence services have the brief of gathering political, economic and scientific information both from Dutch government authorities and companies and in international institutions based in the Netherlands. Iranians living in the Netherlands are put under pressure to spy for the Iranian intelligence services.

Click here for more coverage of the AIVD annual report.

Is Iran Horrifying the West into Submission?

Spengler (David P. Goldman) observes:

In effect, Iran has succeeded in horrifying the West into submission to its nuclear ambitions as well as its bid for regional hegemony. An attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities, Tehran has persuaded the West, would throw Central Asia into chaos. Pro-Iranian elements would precipitate a civil war in Iraq; Hezbollah in Lebanon would initiate a war on Israel's northern border; the Shi'ite fifth of Pakistan would make the second-largest Muslim state ungovernable; American's 200,000 soldiers in adjacent countries would suffer suicide attacks; and the hydra heads of Iranian-sponsored terrorists would strike at civilian targets through the West.

Continue here.

James Zumwalt: Obama Ignores Islamic Extremism

In June 1876, U.S. Army General George Armstrong Custer was defeated by Cheyenne Indians at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. In what became known as “Custer’s Last Stand,” defeat was attributed primarily to a false assumption. Custer expected to encounter an enemy force of approximately equal size; instead, he faced a force at least three times the strength of his. That false assumption cost the charismatic general his life—as well as the lives of 267 men trusting in his leadership. Had Custer been better informed—and the threat better understood—disaster may well have been averted.

One hundred thirty-four years later, a false assumption and lack of understanding by President Obama for a threat of a new era could well spell similar disaster—this time for an entire nation.

Continue here.

Read more articles by Zumwalt here. Still more articles by and information about Zumwalt over here.

Iran Increasing Military Presence in Venezuela

Again, China Confidential reporting is confirmed by a mainstream news organization: Iran is copying Nazi Germany's South American strategy, strengthening an offensive military capability in Venezuela (on top of cells trained in terrorism, sabotage, and espionage).

Read Bill Gertz's report on the IRGC-QF here. He is one of the best investigative reporters in the business.

Obama's Islamic Homeland Moving to the Right

Indonesia, childhood homeland of U.S. President Barack Obama, is moving to the Right, towards clerical fascism. Click here for the disturbing news from the world's most populous Muslim country.

Sarkozy Strikes Blow for Freedom

Vive la France!

In sharp contrast with U.S. President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is leading the free world's struggle against Islamism. Click here for the latest on the barbaric Muslim veil issue.


How Iran Will Get the Bomb

Barack Obama's engagement (appeasement) policy is an utter failure. His election assured Iran that it would have the time it needed to achieve its atomic aims; and Iran's influence in the region--especially in Lebanon and Iraq--is steadily increasing.

Robert Baer:

The Obama administration is finally coming around to the alarming conclusion it has no idea what to do about Iran's nuclear bomb. The admission comes in the guise of a just-revealed top-secret memorandum sent by Defense Secretary Robert Gates to the White House in January, which, according to press leaks, made the case that the U.S. possesses no long-term, effective policy to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. Although a lot of people arrived at the same conclusion a long time ago, it's the first time it has been given an official imprimatur at this high of a level.

Continue reading here.

Not to worry! Iran's partner in nuclear/missile crime, Stalinist/Kimist North Korea, is promising that it won't produce more nuclear weapons "than it feels necessary." Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts believe the North is preparing its third nuclear test for the end of May.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Obama Appeasing Muslim Brotherhood

As if to confirm the worst fears and suspicions of his critics, America's first Muslim-born President (according to Islamic law) is intensifying his outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood. Click here for the shocking story.

Obama's odious, overt effort to appease and align with the notorious Egyptian organization and its many front groups and apologists represents the latest attempt by the United States to exploit fundamentalist Islam and fascistic political Islam, or Islamism--the ideology of the Brotherhood--dating to the closing days of World War II and the onset of the Cold War, when the U.S. embraced fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, a country with no human or civil rights, because of its immense, untapped oil wealth and potential for serving as a so-called bulwark against Communism.

The U.S. essentially copied Great Britain, which had unsuccessfully tried to harness Islam's political power since the late 19th century, to the point of installing and supporting the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj-Amin al-Husseini, a radical anti-Semite, and twice forgiving him for violent anti-British activities--after he instigated a rebellion against the British in 1936 and after he aided Nazi Germany during his exile in Berlin. Incredibly, Britain refused to pursue or prosecute the Mufti as a war criminal in spite of his wartime, pro-Nazi propaganda radio broadcasts and his role in organizing and inspiring a Muslim SS division (mainly Bosnians).

The Brotherhood, which functioned as a virtual arm of Nazi intelligence throughout the War, was thoroughly infiltrated by British and American agents during the 1950s. The British-American objective was to use the Brotherhood to undermine--or overthrow--the Nasser regime. But the Brotherhood actually used and outsmarted the U.S. and Britain.

Every Sunni Islamist group, including Hamas and Al Qaeda, can be traced back to the Brotherhood. More background here.

Nowadays, ironically, the Left, too, is appeasing the Brotherhood--and radical, right-wing Islam in general, including the clerical fascist regime ruling Iran--making this the first time in history that self-proclaimed Marxists, liberals, and "progressives" have joined with governments to support a strategy that recalls both the Cold War and the Great Game of imperial conflict and rivalry.


Click here to read more about the Nigerian Muslim Brotherhood's atrocities, about which Obama is silent.


Reports Confirm Confidential N. Korea Coverage

An "activist" says North Korea last month sank a South Korean ship with a torpedo, as China Confidential originally reported; and a South Korean TV station says the North is preparing its third nuclear test. China Confidential has repeatedly predicted that the Stalinist/Kimist regime will (a) conduct more nuclear and long-range missile tests, and (b) never abandon its atomic arsenal.

China Confidential analysts believe the North will detonate a nuclear device on or just before Monday, May 31, in order to overshadow the U.S. Memorial Day observance and holiday weekend.

China Confidential is the only media outlet that accurately predicted the dates of North Korea's two previous nuclear tests.

Pentagon Says Iran Rearmed Hezbollah

The Pentagon says Iran has rearmed its Lebanese proxy to levels beyond 2006, as reported here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Iranian Missiles Could Hit US by 2015

Iranian ICBMS with nuclear warheads ... the ultimate nightmare ... only five years away.

Read all about it here.

How Israel Screens for Terrorists

Elliott Abrams: Israel Has Legal Right and Moral Obligation to Keep Syrian Scuds out of Lebanon

According to recent news stories, Israel believes that Syria is supplying SCUD missiles to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Should Israel bomb Syria to stop them? As the charges and threats from both sides multiply, the story of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 is worth recalling.

On Aug. 11, 2006, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1701 as part of an effort to end the war then raging in Lebanon between Israeli and Hezbollah forces. The resolution was the product of long negotiations involving primarily the United States, France, and the governments of Israel and Lebanon. The final text made crystal clear — over and over — that supply of weaponry by Syria to Hezbollah was prohibited....

Continue reading here.

Iran Starting Work on New Nuclear Site

Iran is going ahead with a new enrichment plant, as reported here.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hezbollah Becoming Regular Army

Syria and Iran are transforming Hezbollah into a regular army capable of attacking Israel and defending Damascus. Click here for the story, which is raising fears of another summer war in the Middle East.

Islamist Monster Supports Child Rape

Click here for the sickening report from Yemen, another Muslim hell-on-earth.

Somalia's Muslim Maniacs Ban Music

Somalia's Hizbu Islam has demanded that local radio stations in Mogadishu stop broadcasting music.

"It is against Islam to play music and other lyrics... We should have banned music right now but we want to give you 10 days so that you remove all music and melody containing cassettes," said Sheikh Moalim Hashi Mohamed, the movement's leader in Mogadishu.

Hizbu Islam is trying to depose Somalia's Transitional Federal Government and replace it with one that operates under the barbaric code of sharia--Islamic law. The Islamist group is considered exceptionally fanatic, even by the extremely low standards of the failed African state, a Muslim hell-on-earth marked by piracy and anarchy, murder and mayhem.

The targeted radio stations are expected to comply with the Islamist demand, leaving the TFG's official station as the only one playing music in the Somali capital.

Somali Islamists have also demanded an end to the ringing of school bells, calling the custom "Christian."

On Obama's Obsession with Israel

Obama's obsession with pressuring Israel into withdrawing to indefensible borders is meant to mask his foreign policy failures, according to this opinion article.

A Nation Reborn: Israel's Rebirth (Parts 4-7)

Four videos for the 62nd Israel Independence Day....

Scroll or click here to screen the first three chapters.

China Giving Venezuela $20 Billion

China is giving Venezuela $20 billion in "soft loans." Click here for the story.

Ahmadinejad Claims Iran Can Deter Any Attack, Demands US Troop Withdrawal from Middle East

Click here and here for the reports.

Iran's maniac-in-chief also called Israel a "corrupt microbe" on the way to collapse, as reported here.

Iran's immediate intentions have been clear for a long time: to destroy Israel and drive the United States from the region.

Israel Warns Syria it Will be 'Returned to Stone Age' if Hezbollah Attacks Israel with Ballistic Missiles

Israel has issued a stern warning to Syria, as reported here.

New Tremors, Relentless Ash from Iceland Volcano

The Iceland volcano is relentlessly spewing ash, although there are some signs of a possible decrease in activity. Read about it here.

The air traffic shutdown is costing airlines $200 million a day, as reported here. Should the mess continue for weeks, the economic impact on every business that depends on air transportation could be extremely serious.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gates Vindicates Critics of Obama Appeasement; Warned in January that US Lacked Strategy for Stopping Iran's Steady Atomic Arms Advances

The truth shall set you free....

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned White House officials last January that the United States lacked an effective policy for curbing Iran's steady atomic advances, according to an article in The New York Times. Click here to read the story.

Dutch, German Airlines Conduct Test Flights

Volcano update....

KLM and Lufthansa successfully carried out test flights while waiting for European skies to clear. Click here for the story.

But the ash unleashed by the eruption that began Wednesday shows no signs of abating; and the chaos continues as a result of the biggest airspace shutdown in Europe since World War II.

The French government on Saturday annouced plans to keep the airports in Paris and northern France closed until Monday; and many other European nations have also banned or lengthened their bans on air travel. Britain has extended a ban on most flights in its airspace until at least 1:00 PM on Sunday.

Eyjafjallajökull was now releasing ash in "pulses" rather than a steady plume, according to UK experts. But scientists cautioned that it was still too early to predict when the eruption would end.

The volcano's last major eruption, in 1821, lasted for two years.

More background information can be found here.

The Story of Israel's Rebirth (Parts 1-3)

Israel was born in 1948. Yet the country is thousands of years old.

For the 62nd Israel Independence Day....

New Video Shows Iceland Volcano Still Erupting

More ash from the Iceland volcano that has stopped air traffic across Europe. The danger is not over.

Pictorial Review: Obama's Abasement of America

Bowing to Chinese leaders, Japan's Emperor, the King of Saudi Arabia, the Mayor of Tampa, Florida... What's next, a bow to the Burger King?

Obama's Anti-Israel Policy Dividing US Voters

Is Israel becoming a wedge issue?

Brandon Greife reports:

Two new Gallup polls suggest that while Congress remains in near unanimous agreement, the American public is becoming increasingly divided on its view of Israel. One poll finds that 85 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats support Israelis more than Palestinians--a 37 percent partisan gap. A separate Gallup poll finds that while Israel’s favorability ratings remain high (67 percent) in the aggregate, when broken down by party 80 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats hold a favorable view. Each of these polls represents an alarming change from the traditionally bipartisan norm.

As the political process plays out, elected officials will inevitably begin to reflect voters’ views on the issue. The pace of the change will only be hastened if Israel becomes a partisan voting cue. Beyond the recent political posturing over President Obama’s rebuke, there are reasons to suggest that it will be increasingly used in elections. For instance, a surprising new McLaughlin poll finds that a plurality of Jewish voters would consider voting for someone other than Barack Obama for President. Given that Obama won Jewish voters by an overwhelming 78 percent to 21 percent margin, this represents an incredible coup for Republicans.

Read the whole article here.

Responding to Obama, Islamonazi Iran Calls US 'Atomic Criminal,' Condemns 'Nuclear Bullies'

Iran's Islamonazi President Mahmoud Ahmadinejadcalled for the United States to be suspended from membership in the International Atomic Energy Agency, in his opening speech at a nuclear disarmament conference in Tehran staged as a response to U.S. President Obama's nuclear summit. Click here for the story.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the U.S. an "atomic criminal."

Friday, April 16, 2010

German Court Convicts Pro-Nazi Bishop

A notorious, Holocaust-denying Bishop has been convicted of Holocaust denial by a German court, as reported here.

Click here to read about his organization--a "radical powerhouse" of anti-Semitic propaganda.