Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gold Gains as GLD Hits Another Milestone

Amid global market uncertainty, gold gains, and the NYSE-listed, bullion-backed ETF, SPDR Gold Trust, hits another milestone. Read all about it here and here.

Pro-Taliban Pakistan Plans for the Future

Pakistan's powerful, pro-Taliban intelligence service, a state-within-a-state, is planning for a post-American Afghanistan, as reported here.

China Rejects Obama Criticism Regarding N. Korea

China today rebuked U.S. President Barack Obama's claim that it was willfully blind to the risks posed by North Korea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Beijing felt the dangers of a divided Korean peninsula more acutely than Washington and other western powers.

Obama criticized China over the weekend at the G20 Summit in Canada for failing to take a tough stance toward Pyongyang.

He claimed the Chinese had failed to condemn its close ally North Korea over the March sinking of a South Korean naval ship, the Cheonan, in which 46 sailors were killed. Obama said he hoped Chinese President Hu Jintao would recognize that North Korea crossed a line in the sinking of the ship.

Spokesman Qin Gang said China has a deeper understanding of what he described as the fragile situation on the Korean Peninsula.

"China is a close neighbor of the Korean Peninsula and over this issue, our feelings must be completely different to those countries far away from this region," Qin said. "We have more direct and more serious concerns over this."

Qin said conflict on the Korean peninsula would suit neither side. He said China's position was what he described as beyond reproach.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saudis to Obama: Increase Pressure on Israel

The Saudi petro-tyrant is pressuring the U.S. President to pressure Israel even more, as reported here.

Saudi Arabia has no human or civil rights. None.

North Korean Soccer Team Bound for Coal Mines

The Stalinist/Kimist/criminal country is hell on earth--a giant concentration camp ruled by lunatics with atomic arms.

Click here for the latest outrage.

There is no diplomatic solution to the problem of North Korea.

Nor is there a diplomatic solution to the problem of Islamist Iran, Pyongyang's partner in nuclear/missile crime.


Buy it, read it. Click here for more information.

Indonesian Muslims Declare War on Christians

Another Obamanation.

In Indonesia, where Barack Obama attended school as a Muslim Indonesian citizen--his Indonesian Muslim stepfather so registered him--and studied and practiced Islam, fascistic fundamentalists are declaring war on Christians. Read all about it here.

Where's the outrage?

Certainly not in the White House. The first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law) President of the United States has made appeasement of radical Islam, or Islamism--right-wing political Islam--the foundation of an utterly failed foreign policy.

Israel Rules Out Palestinian State by 2012

Israel says no "Palestinian state" will be formed by 2012 (in spite of relentless pressure from the Obama administration to withdraw to indefensible, pre-Six-Day War borders in order to make room for such an entity). Click here for the story.

In fact, in addition to the Jewish State, there already are two Arab states in historic Palestine: a Hamas-ruled, irredentist/terrorist, de facto mini-state in Gaza and a Hashemite/Beduin-ruled state east of the Jordan River, called the Kingdom of Jordan. Thus, the so-called two-state solution to the Islamized Arab-Israeli conflict (with nuclear-arming, non-Arab, Islamist Iran playing the role of principal, wannabe annihilator of Israel) is really a four-state solution. Insane.

Israel is roughly the size of the American state of New Jersey or the state of Massachusetts. The disputed West Bank areas west of the Jordan River, which Israel liberated/captured during the June 1967 conflict, are about as big as one or two American counties. So there is something fundamentally irrational about the so-called international community's obsession with the creation of another Arab state in Palestine.

Obama Fails to Influence China on North Korea

China rejects Obama pressure. Click here for the story.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pirates Seize Singapore Ship With Chinese Sailors

Muslim pirates again strike, in the Gulf of Aden. Click here for the report.

Hamas Threatens to Kidnap More Israeli Soldiers

Hitlerian Hamas--how long must Israel tolerate Islamonazi Iran's terrorist proxy?

Click here for the news.

US Smashes Alleged Russian Spy Network

Read all about it here.

And, on a lighter note, click here to read all about a new novel from the master of historical espionage, Alan Furst. The man is a genius. As the Los Angeles Times put it, "One does not so much read [Furst's books] as fall under their spell."

America, Iran and the Fruits of Appeasement

Arash Irandoost writes:

Since 1977, no two men have contributed more to the erosion of America's credibility and prestige than President Carter and his foreign policy advisor, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski (with the verdict not yet in on President Obama). Jimmy Carter, aided by Mr. Brzezinski, introduced new directions in foreign policy that would ultimately trick Russia to invade Afghanistan in a cold blooded eagerness to payback Moscow for Vietnam and betray one of America's closest allies in the Middle East. By orchestrating the Shah's failure and supporting Khomeini, they created one of the most militant anti-American dictatorships, considered by many as the most dangerous threat faced by the United States today.

Their short-sided and ill-conceived policies have been a source of frustration and disappointment towards America leading to lack of trust and loss of respect for this great nation. Carter's policies have contributed to making the Middle East an extremely turbulent region giving rise to militant and ideologically-driven Islam that has been reigning terror ever since. Indeed, Taliban and the Islamic Republic are the byproducts of such miscalculated foreign policy decisions.

Continue reading here.

Would Nixon Have Nuked Al Qaeda?

Would Richard Nixon have nuked Al Qaeda?

Probably. Unlike George W. Bush, President Nixon would most likely have sought and secured a formal declaration of war against Afghanistan and Al Qaeda following the 9/11 mega-attacks, and would probably have used tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out the Taliban and the terrorists. The following article excerpt, concerning Nixon's consideration to using nukes against North Korea, is telling:

According to the records, Nixon’s administration, after the North shot down a U.S. reconnaissance plane in April 1969, considered several military retaliation plans including “selective use of tactical nuclear weapons against North Korea.” The plan, codenamed “Freedom Drop,” involved “10 to 70 kilotons” of nuclear weapons to be dropped on the North’s airfields, command control centers and naval bases, and it was estimated they would cause civilian casualties from “around 100 to several thousands.”

Click here to read the whole story.

This much is certain: Nixon, a bold and brilliant strategist, would not have dragged the United States into a long, land war in Afghanistan; nor would he have needlessly invaded Iraq. The war against radical Islam would have been ... a war against radical Islam ... and it would have been over within weeks or months had Nixon or someone like him been in the White House on 9/11.

Bush paved the way for Obama, made Obama possible. From disaster to catastrophe....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Pastor Rages Against Whites, Jews

Obama's radical, racist pastor--the President's former spiritual mentor and political ally--is at it again, as reported here.

Incredibly, nearly 80% of American Jewish voters voted for Obama, the most anti-israel and first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law) President of the United States.

In case you need reminding, click on the video below for a Reverend Wright hate-speech compilation.

Chavez Calls Israel 'Military Arm of Imperialism'

The Communist Crackpot of Caracas--another enemy of the West encouraged and emboldened by Obamappeasement--says Israel threatens Venezuela and all those who struggle against U.S. imperialism.

Click here for the story, and here also.

Here, too.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Iranian-Syrian Flotillas Charade

By Elias Bejjani

In the aftermath of the Turkish flotilla fiasco and the extensive world media coverage that followed the confrontational bloody incident portraying the alleged theatrical Turkish heroism in standing up to the Israelis, the two notorious rogue and terrorist countries, Syria and Iran, who falsely and deceptively claim to be the actual custodians of the Palestinian cause, pulled the rug from under the feet of the Turkish Government. Their initial overt reactions were to publicly hail the Turkish heroism in a bid to maintain their so called "resistance image", while in reality and covertly they were so threatened, angry, envious and somewhat confused.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), out of arrogance, bravado, while camouflaging deceitfulness, and out of a mere show off, bragging and camouflaging plotting mind, offered to militarily guard all ships heading to the Gaza Strip, while Tehran's mullahs started immediately announcing plans to send humanitarian aid ships to Gaza and challenge the Israeli marine blockade.

At the same time, they instructed their terrorist proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, to flood the media with fabricated threats against Israel and to sponsor flotillas from Lebanon as soon as possible in a bid to gradually discredit all the praise that the Turks had garnered.

Hezbollah's scheme in this flotillas charade is to hide behind a ship that carries only women. Hezbollah's security apparatus assigned the task to Mrs. Samar Al Hajj, wife of Ahmad Al Hajj, one of four retired pro-Syrian Lebanese high ranking security officers accused of planning and executing the assassination of late Lebanese Prime Minister Raffic Hariri and committing horrible atrocities during Syria's occupation of Lebanon. Meanwhile, the close relation of Mrs. Hajj and her husband with both Syria and Hezbollah is well known all over Lebanon.

Mrs. Hajj with other females tagged falsely as volunteers all loyal to Hezbollah started a Hezbollah master minded campaign with the aim to sail on the "Mariam" ship to Gaza Strip with diapers, milk, medical supplies as they declared. Mrs. Hajj and her female group told "The Times" earlier this week that they all represent themselves, are without political affiliations and include adherents to all the world’s main religions, including Judaism.

Hezbollah, using its Taqiyya doctrine, publicly denied any role in any Gaza-bound aid missions, and said in a statement: “We do not want Israel to use the party’s participation as an excuse to attack the boats, but we praise all initiatives aiming to lift Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip”.

The Lebanese government that is fully manipulated by Hezbollah stated that it could not give permission to any ship to head to Israel, because she is an enemy, but will allow the ship to sail to any other friendly country, including Cyprus.

Cyprus responded by refusing to take any part in this Iranian-Syrian ship fashion charade and reiterated its previous decision, not to allow any ship to head to the Gaza Strip via its ports. Reliable sources in Beirut said that Hezbollah was fully behind the mission and carried all its expenses.

The Syrian Baathist leadership in fear of any potential Israeli military reprisal sent one of its civil ships that is owned by a close relative of President Bachar Al Assad to the Lebanese Tripoli Port and gave it the camouflaging name "Naji Al Ali".

The Syrian intelligence service instructed its Lebanese and Palestinian mercenaries in Lebanon to carry out the mission and deny any ties with Syria. The ownership of this Syrian ship was confirmed by numerous Lebanese and Arab dailies.

Through many top notch officials, including civil and military, Israel warned the Lebanese government, Syria and Iran and all those who explicitly or deviously encouraged adopted, covered, protected, financed, or participated in any of these so called aid ship missions that she would use all appropriate measures to preserve her sovereignty and the safety of her people. In a statement after a meeting of the Israeli mini-cabinet, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, “The Lebanese government is responsible for preventing these ships from carrying arms, military materials, weapons, ammunition and explosives". Israel said she would intercept Lebanese and Iranian ships that tried to break the Israeli siege of the Palestinian territory.

This solid and clear-cut Israeli stance delivered the needed message and all those hypocrites in Syria, Iran and Lebanon re-calculated and re-evaluated their theatrical follies. They felt the Israeli heat and backed off. One might wonder why they changed their challenging and bellicose positions, lowered the tone of their empty threats and muffled their funny and childish bragging? The answer is simple: power and seriousness.

The first response of submission came from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Iran. The mullahs decided to scrap plans to send an aid ship to the Gaza Strip following the Israeli warnings, the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported on Friday. This change of tone came after the Iranian Red Crescent earlier in June decided to plan an aid shipment to Gaza. IRNA quoted the International Conference for Supporting the Palestinian Intifada’s Secretary General Hussein Sheikh al-Islam as saying that the sailing of the aid ship was canceled to prevent giving Israel a pretext to attack it. The aid would now be sent to Gaza via another route, he said, without elaborating.

This sudden change of all Iranian plans shows with no doubt that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are not genuine at all in their support to the Palestinians in Gaza or in any other country. They are using the Palestinian cause as a pretense for their actual schemes of expansionism, terrorism and destabilization of peace and stability in the whole Middle East. In reality, the Palestinian cause is mere merchandise for them, no more no less. They are greedy and opportunistic merchants who are always ready to sell and buy when it is convenient and the price is right. When they have no morals, mercy, affection or any human motives towards their own people how could they be different with the Palestinians or other people.

Above all and most importantly the Iranian mood change came as a result of the forceful and deterrent language that the Israelis used. In fact, this is the core and essence that led to the sudden "stance change" in Syria, Iran and Lebanon. In reality, this is the only language that they comprehend and the only language that must be used when communicating with them. Hopefully the free world countries, especially the USA, and the European countries, will learn from this Israeli-Iranian scenario and stop appeasing and cajoling Syria, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and all other terrorist and radical groups.

In conclusion, the only language that rogue countries and organizations know and understand is the language of strength and force. All other means are futile and a complete--and an existentially dangerous--waste of time.

Elias Bejjani is a Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is N. Korea Preparing July 4 Fireworks?

Yes, say China Confidential analysts. A new round of missile tests is in the works. One indication--over here.

Jon Voight Defends Israel

Academy Award-winning actor John Voight is one of Israel's greatest friends.

Click here for the story.

Bob Herbert: Afghanistan 'Worse than a Nightmare'

Bob Herbert writes:

For us to even consider several more years of fighting and dying in Afghanistan — at a cost of heaven knows how many more billions of American taxpayer dollars — is demented.

Those who are so fascinated with counterinsurgency, from its chief advocate, Gen. David Petraeus, all the way down to the cocktail-hour kibitzers inside the Beltway, seem to have lost sight of a fundamental aspect of warfare: You don’t go to war half-stepping. You go to war to crush the enemy. You do this ferociously and as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to do it, if you have qualms about it, or don’t know how to do it, don’t go to war.

The men who stormed the beaches at Normandy weren’t trying to win the hearts and minds of anyone.

In Afghanistan, we are playing a dangerous, half-hearted game in which President Obama tells the America people that this is a war of necessity and that he will do whatever is necessary to succeed. Then, with the very next breath, he soothingly assures us that the withdrawal of U.S. troops will begin on schedule, like a Greyhound leaving the terminal, a year from now.

Both cannot be true.

Click here to read the entire essay.

Gold Advances

Many experts believe gold will soon rise to $1,300 an ounce, as reported here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iran Boasts Tripling of Uranium Stockpiles

Iran says it has tripled its stockpiles of 20-percent-enriched uranium since April, as reported here.

Iran is closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms, thanks to the election of Barack Obama, America's appeaser-in-chief, whose ascent to the White House assured the Islamist nation that it would have the required time to achieve its strategic aims.

What China's String of Pearls Means to India

China's String of Pearls strategy seems menacing; but Beijing is to some extent a prisoner of its own geography; and India has an enduring tactical advantage, as explained here.

How to Play the Yuan Trade

The key issue is how the yuan will behave relative to the dollar. The yuan could rise slowly or even decline against the greenback. Views vary.

The analysis in the above video assumes a significant yuan appreciation. But China Confidential analysts question the meaning of the currency move. China is still dependent on exports; and an artificially low yuan has driven exports.

Understanding China's Real Estate Bubble

China's commercial real estate boom is a classic bubble; but the residential picture is more complex.

Click here for an expert analysis. Notice the references to unlit office buildings, empty malls, etc.

Israel Launches 4th Spy Satellite

Israel launched its fourth spy satellite, boosting its intelligence gathering capabilities ahead of the coming war with Iran.

Click here for the news.

War with Iran is inevitable, barring some miraculous development, as a result of the Obama administration's appeasement of and failed attempts to align with the nuclear-arming Islamist nation.

No End to the Insanity: Mutinous General Leading US to Defeat in Afghanistan Endangers Lives of Troops in Failed Bid to Win Afghan Hearts and Minds

The commander-in-chief is an appeaser and an inexperienced amateur; the commander in the field, an arrogant, out-of-control fool.

Read the sickening story here.

Islamic Law Comes to Michigan

Americans arrested in the United States--for violating barbaric Islamic law.

Their "crime?" Preaching Christianity to Muslims.

Read all about it here.

Where's the outrage?

Certainly not in the White House, where the nation's first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law) President is presiding over ... and accelerating ... the downfall of the world's greatest democracy.

Obama Yet to Brand Pakistan Taliban Terrorists

The Obama administration, which has made appeasement of radical Islam the foundation of a failed foreign policy, has yet to formally name the Pakistan Taliban a Foreign Terrorist Organization, even though the group, which supports Al Qaeda, is clearly terrorist and the FTO designation has real meaning.

Click here for the story.

Did North Korea's Kim Order Torpedo Attack?

A notorious North Korean defector says the country's lunatic leader personally ordered the torpedo attack on the South Korean ship. Click here for the story.

Central Banks Buy Gold as Indian Demand Slows

Indian demand for gold is slowing. But central banks are buying. Click here for the story.

Institutional and individual investors are going for gold, as reported here.

The outlook is bright for bullion. But more profit-taking in Asia is likely, according to this report.

Yuan Could Decline Against Dollar

The yuan is likely appreciate slowly--or decline--relative to the dollar.

Which could translate into faltering demand for industrial commodities, especially if real estate falls in value and government infrastructure projects are canceled or delayed.

Read all about it here.

China Strikes Stop Work at Toyota, Honda Plants

Labor strife halts production. More strikes are likely. Click here for the story.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dollar Rallies on Expectation of Slow Yuan Rise

The dollar is again seen as a relative safe haven, which does not bode well for equities.

Gold, in contrast, is likely to continue climbing (though nothing goes up or down in a straight line). Gold has largely been decoupled from the dollar. The precious metal is now seen as an alternative global currency, or anti-currency.

Iran Sets Stage for Clash With Israel

Iran is testing Israel and the world. Click here for the news.

Iran is itching for a fight--up to a point. The Iranian aim is mainly to divert attention from Iran's nuclear program and to further isolate and demonize Israel, which Iran has vowed to destroy.

But a dynamic has been set in motion. Should it spin out of control, the result could be war.

The conflict is coming sooner or later. Appeasement of Islamist Iran has made war with the clerical fascist regime inevitable.


Saudi Arabia Hoarding Gold

The oil-rich kingdom's gold reserves are more than double the previous guesstimate, as reported here.

China Confidential analysts dismiss the accounting error explanation as disinformation. Saudi Arabia used the 2008 dip in prices as a big buying opportunity.

The dysfunctional family business masquerading as a country believes only in oil and gold.

And exporting the jihad so as not to be consumed by it. But that's another story.

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Yuan Gain Means for Global Growth

Click here for a first-rate analysis.

Gold Rebounds After Record Profit Taking

Gold bounces back, as reported here.

Is China likely to buy gold?

Yes. Read all about it here.

EXTRA: Traders Reset Bets on Yuan Appreciation

Gold Bugs Bullish as China Allows Stronger Yuan

Gold bugs are generally bullish in the wake of China's decision over the weekend to allow the yuan to appreciate against the dollar and Friday's record-high close for gold, at $1,256.7 an ounce

On that score, it certainly pays to be lucky. Capital Gold Corporation, which recently listed on the NYSE AMEX, had the honor--and good fortune--of ringing the NYSE Closing Bell Friday. Some participants in the bell-ringing ceremony flew all the way from Tokyo to New York for the event.

$1,250 an ounce was the old barrier, as China Confidential said last Wednesday.

North Korean Radiation Mystery

Read all about it here.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World's Worst CEO

The BP CEO has to be the world's worst multinational chief executive--an arrogant dope doing his best, apparently, to destroy his company, ruin the lives of its victims, employes, stockholders.

Click here to read about the latest outrage. The mean moron is yacht racing while Americans--"little people"--suffer and starve.

The man is a menace.

Why does this vapid jerk still have a job?

He should be fired, sued, arrested, charged and prosecuted, convicted, fined and jailed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stock Exchanges Compete for Mongolia IPOs

Click here to read all about the battle for IPOs from resource-rich Mongolia.

While the increasingly impoverished United States talks about windmills and nonexistent energy alternatives, other countries are building, booming, exploring, digging, drilling, working, making things. No wonder China sees the U.S. as a dying (but still dangerous) hegemon; its leader, as an arrogant amateur.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

North Korea Planning New Provocations

China Confidential analysts believe North Korea is planning a series of new provocations, including new nuclear and missile tests and an attack on South Korean forces.

A new Korean war is increasingly likely.

Gold Rises on Weak Euro

$1,250 an ounce is the new barrier. Click here for the story.

China Confidential analysts predict the precious metal will rise to $2,000 an ounce before the end of this year. After that, the sky is the limit as once-unthinkable crises and catastrophes loom. $5,000-an-ounce gold is no longer a nutty notion. In fact, there are serious investors--not traditional gold bugs--who speculate openly about $20,000 an ounce. And they are not ridiculed. The global economic situation is that frightening.

In the meantime, demand for bullion is strong across Asia, as reported here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Commander's Collapse Signifies US Defeat

A sad metaphor for the all-but-certain loss of Afghanistan to the Axis of Evil.

Click here for the analysis.

Believing World War III is Only Four Years Away, Ultra-Rich Europeans are Investing in Oil and Gold

By Andre Pachter
Copyright © 2010

The evidence is anecdotal but compelling.

Incredibly rich European investors--individuals with institutional resources--are increasingly betting on oil and gold.

They are driven by fear--of a third world war--which many mega-rich see as a certainty and most likely to begin in the Middle East within a few years as Iran acquires atomic arms. 2014 is especially feared in this context because it is the year that will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, which ravaged and reshaped Europe and set the stage for World War II.

Expecting the price of oil to rise to well over $200 a barrel and the price of gold to soar above $5,000 an ounce, these European prophets of doom are investing in both commodities and equities, including crude oil futures and physical oil--they can afford the storage--gold bullion and shares in listed, gold producing companies, and, even, in some cases, actual gold mines. At least one investor group is known to be actively pursuing privately held gold mines in Peru, for example.

The forecasts are frightening but not surprising, given the times in which we live. That said, the fact that many sophisticated people with so much money--and access to the best advice that money can buy--are apparently acting on the expectations is both telling and terrifying.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Profile in Misery: China's 'Dead Border'

China's backing for North Korea--a country turned into a concentration camp--has created a "dead border" with the Stalinist/Kimist state.

Iranian President's Spiritual Mentor Wants Nukes

The Islamonazi leader's so-called spiritual mentor is the author of a book that calls for development of nuclear arms, as reported here.

In the meantime, the Iranian SS has shrugged off the new sanctions. Click here for that story.

Interestingly, the IRGC commander says his evil elite group has no plans to escort Gaza "aid" ships, as reported here.

But Iran could be setting the stage for a future confrontation. Click here for a somewhat conflicting CNN report on Iranian aid ships bound for Gaza.

China Confidential analysts say Israel is ready, willing and able to use its presumed nuclear arsenal to stop an Iranian-Turkish invasion of Gaza. Not for nothing has Israel created its deterrent.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Afghanistan Sits Atop $1 Trillion in Minerals

"Stunning potential" in one of the world's most backward, war-torn countries.

Read all about it here.

Nearly a trillion dollars in untapped minerals, including huge copper and gold deposits.

China Confidential prediction: China, with its insatiable appetite for minerals, will seek to strengthen its alliance with Iran in order to get the edge on the United States.

Arab League Leader Tours Gaza, Boosts Hamas

Another blow to Israel. Click here for the story.

Dorothy Rabinowitz On 'Alien in the White House'

A powerful opinion piece--click here to read it--by a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Venezuela Gestapo Hunts TV Station Owner

The owner of the only remaining anti-Chavez TV station in Venezuela is being hunted by the South American nation's secret police. Click on the video link below.

China Confidential sources in Caracas say Cuban intelligence officers are directing the manhunt. Communist Cuba is basically running every government agency in Venezuela.

Pakistan-Backed Taliban Close to Afghan Victory

The longest war is nearly lost, as reported here.

Pakistan is solidly behind the Taliban. Click here for the story.

Washington's appeasement of radical Islam--and cynical attempts to ride the Islamist tiger without being devoured by it--are backfiring big-time. The Bush administration let the American people down; the Obama administration is burying the nation, paving the way for utter catastrophe.

Hitler's 'Number One Anti-Semite' Converted to Islam, Worked for Nasser and Nazi Underground

Joel Fishman's brilliant 2007 essay on the media war against Israel is must reading. The excerpt below deals with "Hitler's Number One Anti-Semite," Johann von Leers, alias Omar Amin.

Fishman writes:

Because issues of historical continuity and particularly the transfer of ideas and are a matter of importance, special mention should be made of Prof. Dr. Johann von Leers (1902- 1965). He was one of the most important ideologues of the Third Reich and later served in the Egyptian Information Department.

In April 1938 von Leers was named professor at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, and his area of expertise was "Legal, Economic, and Political History on a Racial Basis" (Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und politische Geschichte auf rassischer Grundlage). He mastered five languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese.[38] As a young man he participated in the nationalistic youth movement Adler u. Falken (Eagles and Hawks), where he formed a lifelong association with Heinrich Himmler. He was one of the early members of the Nazi Party, and in 1929 Goebbels made him his protégé. [39]

Von Leers had been a committed member of the German Movement of Faith, a project under Himmler's patronage whose purpose was to "free Germany from the imperialism of Jewish-Christianity" by creating a new pagan religion to take its place.[40] An Israeli researcher found indications that, in cooperation with a certain Friedrich Lamberty-Muck[41] who advocated polygamy, von Leers became one of the initiators of a plan to increase the Aryan race through breeding, an initiative which Himmler enthusiastically adopted and subsequently resulted in the Lebensborn project.

Von Leers was the expert in Jewish affairs. An open advocate of genocide, he was one of the most radical anti-Semitic publicists of the Third Reich. The Jewish philosopher Emil Fackenheim explained that von Leers took the position that "states harboring Jews were harboring the plague, and that the Reich had the moral duty and by the principle of hot pursuit, the legal right to conquer such countries, if only to wipe the plague out." [42]

In a personal communication to Fackenheim, historian Erich Goldhagen explained "that whereas of course the bacilli idea was common among Nazis, von Leers had the unusual distinction of not bothering to veil his call for mass murder in euphemistic language." After his death, "his widow [Gesina Fischer née Schmaltz], who shared his views, returned to Germany, where she embarrassed Neo-Nazis by defending Hitler's ‘extermination' of the Jews openly, instead of classifying it among his ‘mistakes.'"[43]

Von Leers possessed undeniable talent and applied it to construct an ideological foundation for National Socialism and Islam based on their shared hatred of the Jews. [44] He continued this endeavor in Egypt after the war, and his efforts were welcomed and reciprocated.

Herf reports that in December 1942, von Leers published an article in Die Judenfrage, a journal which belonged to the anti-Semitic intellectual world, entitled "Judaism and Islam as Opposites." As the title indicates, the author's perspective is Hegelian, presenting Judaism and Islam in terms of thesis and antithesis. This essay also reveals the ingratiating National Socialist perspective which von Leers projected on the Islamic past as well as the intensity of his hatred for Judaism and Jewry. The following passage is part of the original text. The author thanks Prof. Herf for sharing this remarkable document, parts of which he first published in paraphrase with direct citations:

Mohammed's hostility to the Jews had one result: Oriental Jewry was completely paralyzed. Its backbone was broken. Oriental Jewry effectively did not participate in [European] Jewry's tremendous rise to power in the last two centuries. Despised in the filthy lanes of the mellah [the walled Jewish quarter of a Moroccan city, analogous to the European ghetto],[45] the Jews vegetated there. They lived under a special law [that of a protected minority], which in contrast to Europe did not permit usury or even traffic in stolen goods, but kept them in a state of oppression and anxiety. If the rest of the world had adopted a similar policy, we would not have a Jewish Question [Judenfrage].... As a religion, Islam indeed performed an eternal service [to the world]: it prevented the threatened conquest of Arabia by the Jews and vanquished the horrible teaching of Jehovah by a pure religion, which at that time opened the way to a higher culture for numerous peoples ....[46]

For his part, the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini in his conversation with Hitler of 21 November 1941 and his radio broadcasts contended that Jews were the common enemy of Islam and Nazi Germany.[47] The ex-Mufti frequently went on tour to encourage the Balkan SS Muslim units, and the Axis radio stations faithfully covered these visits. During his broadcast of 21 January 1944, he proclaimed:

The Reich is fighting against the same enemies who robbed the Moslems of their countries and suppressed their faith in Asia, Africa and Europe.... National Socialist Germany is fighting against world Jewry. The Koran says, "You will find that the Jews are the worst enemies of the Moslems." There are considerable similarities between Islamic principles and those of National Socialism, namely in the affirmation of struggle and fellowship, in the stress of the leadership idea, in the ideal of order. All this brings our ideologies close together and facilitates cooperation. I am happy to see in this division a visible and practical expression of both ideologies.[48]

After the war, von Leers lived incognito in Italy until 1950 when he fled to Argentina, where he served as editor of the Nazi monthly Der Weg and entered into close contact with Adolf Eichmann. After the fall of Peron in 1955, he moved to Cairo where he served in the Egyptian Information Department. Encouraged by the ex-Mufti who was also living in Egypt, he converted to Islam and assumed the names Mustafa Ben Ali and Omer Amin Johann von Leers.[49]

Von Leers sponsored the publication of an Arabic edition of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, revived the blood libel, organized anti-Semitic broadcasts in numerous languages, cultivated neo-Nazis throughout the world, and maintained a warm correspondence encouraging the first generation of Holocaust deniers, one of whom was Paul Rassinier.[50] One source reported that von Leers was the first to launch the idea of a separate Palestinian nationality as part of the wider war against Israel.[51]

In addition to the professional obligations of his day job, Johann von Leers was "active as the contact man for the organization of former members of the SS (ODESSA) in Arab territory."[52] It is reported that his old friend, Haj Amin al-Husseini, secured his post as political adviser in the Egyptian Information Department, but another source suggests that a political officer at the Egyptian embassy in Buenos Aires recruited him.[53] When von Leers arrived in Cairo, the ex-Mufti, Haj Amin, publicly welcomed him: "We thank you for venturing to take up the battle with the powers of darkness that have become incarnate in world Jewry."[54]

If today's Arab anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda strongly resembles that of the Third Reich, there is a good reason.

Click here to read Fishman's entire essay in the Spring 2007 edition of Jewish Political Studies Review.

Click below for archived video of Hitler's meeting with the Grand Mufti.

Israeli Official Confirms China Confidential Report of Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists on Intercepted Aid Ship

Click here for the story.

On May 31, China Confidential reported:

China Confidential intelligence sources say at least a dozen terrorist operatives and agents--individuals strongly suspected of belonging to or having close ties to Hamas and Al Qaeda--were on board the so-called humanitarian aid ships intercepted at sea by the Israeli Navy.

This explains the refusal of the leaders of the flotilla to agree to Israel's perfectly reasonable demand that the ships first dock at an Israeli port instead of heading straight into Hamas-controlled Gaza to allow for security checks and cargo inpections. Israel was ready to facilitate and even expedite transhipment of all legitimate goods to Gaza.

Analysis: Obama Ignored Turkish Islamism

Read the analysis here.

In fact, Obama encouraged Turkey to accelerate and intensify its anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Iran policy.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Prince Charles Promotes Islam

Click here for the story.

Following in the tradition of the traitorous British aristocrats who backed Nazi Germany, the craven Prince Charles is supporting fascistic, fundamentalist Islam.

Did Charles secretly convert to Islam?

Click here for the tantalizing evidence.

The man is a royal idiot.

More about the royal Nazis here.


IRGC Rife With Corruption

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps is a cross between the Nazi SS and organized crime, as this article makes clear.

In the meantime, the Islamonazi nation is several months or at most a few years away from acquiring atomic arms, thanks to the Obama administration's appeasement policy and attempts to actually align with the monstrous mullahocracy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Will BP Stock Go to Zero?

Is the price of BP stock going to zero? Is the company doomed?

Probably, and deservedly so.

Click here for the story.

The legal, economic, environmental, political, and social ramifications of this manmade disaster are incalculable. Before it's over, everyone will suffer.

China Confidential prediction: some BP executives will go to jail; others will go to Brazil. But even that traditional, extradition-proof haven for wanted criminals will no longer guarantee the fugitives safety from prosecution and conviction. The world is becoming smaller every day in every way. Any and all wrong-doing--including deliberate misrepresentations and coverups--with respect to the giant, Gulf of Mexico oil spill are inexcusable and intolerable.

The world depends on oil and gas (and coal), and will continue to depend on these so-called fossil fuels for the next 20 years. But that does not mean that a multinational oil company has the right to act like a criminal organization. One hopes that is not the case; but the information that is steadily ... seeping ... leaking ... spilling ... out ... like so much toxic crude or sludge ... is disheartening, to say the least.

Tokyo Clinic Develops 'Order-Made' Cancer Therapy Using Chicken Eggs and Patient's Own Cancer Cells

Good news from Japan.

A promising, new, "order-made" cancer therapy will be presented at a special press conference in Tokyo next Thursday, June 17. The presentation will begin at 12:00 Noon, at the Hotel Okura (Emerald Room). Media representatives are urged to arrive and set up early, starting at 11:30 AM.

The results of four clinical trial cases--all terminally ill, final-stage cancer patients--will be presented and discussed.

The results are said to be so encouraging that a major Japanese television network is planning in-depth coverage, including a documentary special scheduled to be broadcast in September.

The new therapy, approved by Japanese authorities, will be offered to cancer patients at the Tokyo Shibuya Clinic. The therapy uses a patient's own cancer cells, taken from a biopsy specimen of the patient's primary cancer tumor, and the egg yolks of hens to produce order-made--meaning patient-specific--cancer-fighting antibodies, which are then orally administered to the patient. The cancerous cells must be extracted from the primary tumor.

The egg-yolk antibody therapy may be used in conjunction with radiation therapy and other cancer treatments.

The egg-yolk system for producing antibodies is already widely used in other medical and scientific applications.

It is generally estimated that roughly 7.2 to 7.5 million people worldwide die from cancer each year. Worldwide, cancer causes more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gates Blames Europe for Loss of Turkey

As if to confirm some crazy conspiracy theory--that a Power Elite secretly runs America--the American defense chief, Robert Gates, a Republican, is blaming Europe for the loss of Islamizing Turkey to Iran. Europe's sin, according to Gates, is resisting the Islamist invasion.

Click here for the story.

In fact, Washington deserves all the ... bipartisan ... blame for this strategic setback. The Bush administration stupidly stopped Turkey's military--traditional guardian of the country's secular system--from overthrowing the country's crypto-Islamist government. And the Obama administration encouraged and emboldened the Islamist menace in the context of an odious outreach to "the Muslim world" and attempts to engage (appease and align with) Islamist Iran.

President Obama also backed Turkey's bid for EU membership--even though the United States is not an EU member--and intervened, incredibly, in the French burqa controversy on the Turkish/Iranian/Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood side.

If any Western power deserves blame for the rise of Islamism--for the unleashing of a Nazi-like monster that threatens to destroy the West--it is the U.S.


Defiant Iran Dismisses New Sanctions

The fourth round of sanctions is a joke, and Iran knows it. Click here for the story.


Crystallex Bets on China

A failed gold company finds a way forward in Venezuela--with China. Click here for the story.

Speaking of bets, central banks are betting on gold, the alternative currency, as reported here.

$1,400 an ounce is the next big milestone. From there, expect a more-or-less steady climb to $2,000 an ounce before the end of the year.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

China Still Backs North Korea

Like lips and teeth....

China is doggedly backing North Korea, even though the Stalinist/Kimist state on Friday shot and killed three Chinese citizens.

Click here for the analysis.

Dutch Politician Defends Israel

Geert Wilders is a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

Click here for the story.

Ahmadinejad Promises Showdown With Israel

The new Hitler is promising a showdown with Israel in the Mediterranean that will start the "final countdown" to the Jewish State's annihilation--in other words, another Final Solution. Click here for the report.

Iran to Honor Helen Thomas?

Will Iran's Hitlerian, Holocaust-denying maniac-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad invite the ignorant, ugly anti-Semite Hellen Thomas to Tehran?

That's the rumor. Ahmadinejad would like to present Thomas, who resigned in disgrace after telling Israeli Jews--on camera--to "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go home to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else," with a journalism award.

Maybe MSNBC Israel bashers Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan will be invited to address the event. Buchanan, who is really an old fashioned, right-wing anti-Semite, recently observed: "If (Elena) Kagan is confirmed," ... "Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the US population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats."

Back to the Jew-hating hag. She knows or should know that most Israeli Jews were born in Israel and descend from families that lived in the Middle East for centuries. The dispersed Jewish people clung to the dream of returning to their national, religious homeland for 2,000 years; there were constant efforts to return to Zion down through the centuries; and a remnant community never left the land. Religious Zionism was supplanted by political Zionism in the late 19th century as hardy pioneers braved terrorism, banditry, and disease to rebuild and reclaim the country. Click here, for example, to read about the founding of Hadera, and here for the inspiring history and present-day reality of Tel Aviv, which was founded in 1909. In 1948, following the Holocaust, and a bitter struggle for independence against British occupiers and Arab/Islamist terrorists, the United Nations voted to partition Palestine--actually, the land west of the Jordan River, which had been redefined as Palestine following Britain's lopping off of the East Bank and banning Jewish settlement there in 1921 so as to create the future Kingdom of Jordan--into Jewish and Arab states. The Zionist movement, led by David Ben-Gurion, accepted the compromise; the Arabs, egged on by Nazi war criminal advisors eager for a new chance to spill Jewish blood, rejected the partition plan ... and the rest is history.

POSTSCRIPT: Accuracy in Media had this to say about Thomas in February 2009:

Thomas’s affinity for Israel’s enemies—as expressed in her “questions”—has been so pronounced that at one time, the late Tony Snow, when he was press secretary, was prompted to thank her for “the Hezbollah point of view"....

Thomas’s pro-Arab “questions”/speeches on the Arab-Israeli wars have been typified by the following to then-spokesman Ari Fleischer in 2002: “Ari, does the president think that the Palestinians have a right to resist 35 years of brutal military occupation and suppression?”

New Sanctions Certain to Fail as Iran Advances to Atomic Armageddon, Thanks to US Appeasement

Obamappeasement has failed to placate or stop the Islamonazi regime from acquiring atomic arms.

New U.N. sanctions are certain to fail, as China Confidential has repeatedly warned, and this article makes clear.

The Obama administration, which made engagement (code for appeasement of and attempts to actually align) with Iran the centerpiece of its foreign policy, along with an odious outreach to right-wing political Islam ("the Muslim world"), has given the turbaned tyranny time to achieve its strategic objectives.

Catastrophe looms.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Funeral Held for Catholic Bishop Murdered in Turkey; Vatican, Liberal Media Bury Muslim Angle

Click here for the bare bones of the story.

In fact, the bishop was murdered--stabbed to death--because of his religion.


More intelligence that Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden is hiding in Iran--and that Turkey knows all about it. Click here for the exclusive report.

China Confidential analysts agree. The above-referenced piece confirms what successive U.S. administrations (and some Israeli governments) have failed to appreciate--namely, that right-wing political Islam, or Islamism, is a global movement, bridging ethnic and national lines and theological differences.

The monster that was unleashed in 1979, during the Cold War, in Afghanistan (before the Soviet invasion) and Iran ... with the backing of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan ... has grown into a unique, supranational power, with deadly tentacles reaching deeply, even, into the United States. Unless Islamism is rooted out and destroyed--there is no diplomatic solution to the problem--the global monster will destroy Western civilization.

It is only a matter of time before the Islamists smuggle a nuclear bomb into the U.S. or attack a U.S. coastal city with a nuclear missile, or detonate a warhead high above the U.S. in an EMP attack in order to wipe out practically all communications and electronic systems in the country and plunge it back into the 19th century.

Islamism is the new Nazism. End it--crush Islamism for once and all--before it ends us.



Islamic 'Scholars' Defend Child Rape

Read all about it here and here.

Where's the outrage?


The first Muslim-born (according to Islamic law) President of the United States has yet to condemn such atrocities. Instead, Barack Hussein Obama, who studied and practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia--where his Muslim stepfather registered him for school as a Muslim Indonesian citizen--has made appeasement of fascistic, fundamentalist Islam a cornerstone, if not the foundation, of his failed foreign policy.

North Korea's Kim Promotes Brother-in-Law

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il attended a special--and rare--session of the country's parliament on Monday during which his brother-in-law was promoted in a shakeup of top government positions on Monday.

Pyongyang's government-run Korean Central News Agency announced that Jang Son Taek, Kim's brother-in-law, has been named vice chairman of the North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission during a rare second session of parliament.

Kim is the chairman of that commission, giving him control of the country's armed forces and cementing his status as North Korea's absolute ruler.

Jang is widely seen as a trusted custodian and tutor of the North Korean leader's youngest son, Kim Jong Un. Many analysts believe it is likely the younger Kim will take over the North Korean leadership from his father, as early as 2012.

Senior researcher Cheong Seong-Jang with the Sejong Institute in Seoul said the promotion of Jang could reflect new emerging political strategy in the wake of new tensions with South Korea over the sinking of the South Korean warship, the Cheonan. As the South threatens to resume psychological warfare against the North, Cheong said North Korean intellectuals may now be estranged from the government. As a leading figure among that group, Cheong said Jang Song Taek can do much to prevent intellectuals from distancing themselves from the government or even defecting from the North.

South Korea referred the Cheonan sinking to the United Nations Security Council Friday, after a multinational investigation team concluded a North Korean torpedo attack was the cause. Forty six South Korean sailors were killed in the March incident, which took place near a maritime border long disputed by the North.

Also at Monday's session, the North's premier, Kim Yong Il, was dismissed and replaced by Choe Yong Rim, a senior party official.

Kim Young-soo, a North Korean studies professor at Sogang University in Seoul, believes that move was driven by economic concerns. He said outgoing Premier Kim is being blamed for disastrous currency reforms announced last year. Mr. Choe, his replacement, is being set up to introduce new policies in industry and agriculture.

The North Korean Supreme People's Assembly is very different from other parliaments around the world. It has no mandate to debate and discuss policy. Instead, it ceremonially approves directives issued by government branches under Kim Jong Il's direct control. The assembly has not convened twice in the same year since 2003.



Jew-Hating Hag Helen Thomas Resigns

Good news.

Helen Thomas, an ugly anti-Semite, has resigned. Click here for the story.

Thomas' hatred of Israel--and Jews--is actually an old story. For decades, she has been known as a rabid anti-Semite and vicious opponent of Israel's right to exist. That the Washington press corps tolerated her for so long is an absolute disgrace.

That she was not fired is also disgraceful, as Caroline Glick observes, over here.

Iran Sees Gaza as Way to Sink Sanctions

Islamist Iran sees the Gaza blockade issue as a way to divert attention from Iran's nuclear program and derail--or sink--the international drive for new sanctions on Iran.

Thus, Iran's threat of military intervention on the side of Hamas should be taken seriously. The monstrous mullahocracy may well decide to provide blockade-breaking ships with an IRGC naval escort at the risk of triggering a confrontation with Israel.

Turkey could join Iran in the intervention. It has already threatened to escort so-called aid ships in the wake of the bloody flotilla incident.

And Iran could order its Lebanese Islamist proxy, Hezbollah, to threaten Israel with retaliatory missile attacks.

An Israeli warning to Hezbollah could prompt Syria, Iran's secular but steadily Islamizing ally, to come to the defense of Hezbollah. Syria has huge stockpiles of missiles and chemical warheads.

Could the dynamic, once set in motion by Iran, lead to war? Yes. And it would not be the first time in the long history of Israel's struggle for survival against overwhelming odds. Something similar happened in 1967--read the history of the Six-Day War--and it can happen again.

Quite easily, in fact.

Appeasement fans the flames of aggression. Obamappeasement is making war with Iran inevitable--on Iran's terms.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

On Obama's New World Order

Read all about it here.

The essay focuses on Obama's plan to subjugate the United States to the United Nations. The subjugation of the American middle class to Washington is of course key to the scheme. Obamunism seeks the pauperization of the middle class--crushing it and turning it into a wefare/working class wholly dependent on the U.S. government--because the middle class is arguably most dedicated to preserving and protecting the rights of the individual, liberty, patriotism, the traditional American way of life and traditional family values, the Judeo-Christian heritage--in short, everything that stands in the way of Third World Marxist/Islamist global domination.

Obama is America's first Third World President by birth--his Kenyan father was a socialist and a Muslim, which makes Obama a Muslim according to Islamic law--ideology, and overall outlook and style. Hence, his odious appeasement policy and habit of physically bowing to foreign rulers, including the king of Saudi Arabia, a fountainhead of fascistic fundamentalist Islam and a nation with no human or civil rights.

Israel's Former Friends Plot its Destruction

Ironies abound.

Two of Israel's former friends--non-Arab Muslim nations that were once staunch U.S. allies--are now cooperating closely in a plot to destroy the Jewish State and drive the United States from the Middle East.

This reporter is of course referring to Turkey and Iran. The former is Islamizing under a crypto-Islamist government; the latter country is firmly in the grip of an Islamist regime that openly muses about "a world without America and Zionism" and global Islamist rule.

Working with them are Iran's Islamist Palestinian and Lebanese proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah, respectively, and still secular but steadily Islamizing Syria.

The rough outline of their plan is increasingly clear: a Turkish invasion of Gaza, sooner or later, to set the stage for all-out war. Hamas, which rules the Palestinian terror-territory, will invite Turkey, ask it to intervene. Iran will provide a nuclear/missile umbrella--and threaten to close the Persian Gulf to oil shipping--while Hezbollah and Syria bombard Israel with missiles, including, possibly chemical warheads.

The plan depends on the continued isolation and demonization of Israel and continued U.S. appeasement of radical Islam.

Iran was Israel's friend and an important U.S. ally until the 1979 Islamist overthrow of Iran's Shah, a modernizing monarch. The craven Carter administration was complicit in the Shah's fall, cynically and stupidly believing it could ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it.

The Obama administration has tried to engage--appease and actually align with--Iran in the hope of pacifying Pakistan and Afghanistan. The administration has also encouraged Turkey's tilt toward Iran and emboldened Ankara to turn openly and viciously against Israel.

President Obama's outreach to organized Islam is also encouraging Islamists--the Muslim Brotherhood--to think they can eventually come to power in Egypt, a U.S. Arab ally that signed a peace treaty with Israel in March 1979, about two months after the Islamist takeover of Iran.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

What Obama Has Wrought: the Short List

What Obamappeasement of the Islamist enemy has wrought:

1. The loss of Turkey. It is now firmly in Iran's camp, plotting and planning Israel's destruction and America's expulsion from the Middle East.

2. Nuclear Iran. Obama has allowed the turbaned tyranny to come closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms. Barring a miracle, there is no diplomatic solution; the sanctions push is a bad joke.

3. Ascendant Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran's Islamist proxies are gaining every day in every way.

Friday, June 04, 2010

On the Global Anti-Israel Lynch Mob

Caroline Glick nails it, as usual. Her analysis of the global campaign to demonize and destroy Israel--and the role that Obamappeasement plays in this evil effort--is must reading. Click here.

Must-View Video: We Con the World

Imagine Burma With N. Korean Nukes

The rogue regime in Burma is reportedly developing nuclear weapons with North Korean help--and Chinese complicity.

Google Burma news. Go here.

When the history of the Axis of Evil is written, it will show that North Korea and Iran drew inspiration from two of America's most notorious foes--Fidel Castro and (ironically, given the Iran-Iraq war) Saddam Hussein. Castro used Soviet-supplied nuclear missiles to put an end to U.S. attempts to overthrow him and his Communist Cuban regime. Saddam used missiles to terrorize Israel and blaze a path for Israel's enemies to be able to one day threaten its existence in spite of the comparative overwhelming superiority of the Israeli Air Force.

North Korea and Iran ... partners in nuclear and missile crime ... a marriage made in hell. Their advances make the whole notion of an international community practically meaningless.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Imagine Hamas With an Iranian Nuke

Imagine the ultimate Islamist suicide bomb threat--Hamas in control of an Iranian-supplied nuclear weapon, somehow secretly planted in Tel Aviv.

Imagine Hamas threatens to detonate the device if Israel does not immediately withdraw from the West Bank and Jerusalem and agree to end its existence as a Jewish state in Palestine.

Imagine Israel responds by threatening to obliterate (nuke) Gaza and Iran if any sort of atomic weapon explodes anywhere in Israel.

Imagine Iran responds to Israel's threat by threatening to "burn" New York and Los Angeles by detonating hidden nuclear bombs in those cities.

Imagine 2015 and a second Obama term....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Ships Aiming for Gaza

Israeli defense and intelligence experts expect more ships to challenge the Gaza blockade. The Obama administration's weak defense of Israel has encouraged further incidents, sources say.

A major concern: possible Turkish military intervention on behalf of Hamas, the Islamist terrorist organization that rules Hamas with an iron fist.

Turkey and Iran are cooperating closely. Nuclear-arming Iran intends to exploit the blockade issue to the maximum possible extent.

Opinion polls show that over 60 percent of the American people support Israel. President Obama is generally seen as hostile to Israel.