Monday, August 30, 2010

Iran Says it Will Make Fuel for Research Reactor

Another supposedly peaceful project. Read all about it here.

Again, Castro Talks About Atomic War

The Cuban Communist dictator says he was at death's door, but, having survived and mostly recovered from a mysterious illness, still has "things to do." Again, he warned that an attack on Iran by the United States and/or Israel would lead to nuclear war. 

Click here for the story.

Given Cuba's support for Iran and North Korea--and successful use of nuclear blackmail nearly 50 years ago--Castro's obsession with the subject seems ominous. 

US Freezes North Korean Assets

A widening of sanctions on North Korea. Click here for the story. 

China Confidential analysts predict the North will respond--aggressively. 

Iran Threatens to Hit Israel's Nuclear Reactor

Official Says Iran Has No Reason to Fear Israel or US

Iran has again threatened to attack Israel's nuclear reactor at Dimona, in the Negev desert, if Israel attacks Iran, as reported here. Related headlines below.

Will Syria Stand with Hezbollah Against Israel?

In the coming conflict with Israel, will Syria stand with Iran's Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah?

Yes, according to this story. Israel's two Arab foes (Muslim Iran is a non-Arab nation) have reportedly established a joint military headquarters. 

Hezbollah is bristling with missiles and drones capable of striking Israeli cities and towns; Syria, too, is loaded with missiles. Syria also has stockpiles of chemical warheads. 

Chinese Author Tests Free Speech Limits

Yu Jie is reportedly ready for the dreaded knock on the door in the dead of night. 

Click here to read about a brave author willing to test the limits of free speech in rising, authoritarian China, where a book about the premier can still put a writer in prison.

Chinese State Firms on Global Talent Search

A global talent search for managers of China's growing, state-owned companies. But new managers will have to defer to political decisions. 

Click here for the story.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

China Signals Strong Support for North Korea

Like lips and teeth.

Click here for the analysis. Be sure to read the whole article. 

As for Hu's unprecedented meeting with a foreign leader in a Chinese province, China Confidential analysts say: Look to the PLA for an explanation. The men in uniform--who really rule rising China--are signaling to Washington that they are firmly behind the Stalinist/Kimist regime. 

Tracking the Long March of China's State Companies

No withering of the state (businesses) in rising China, according to this analysis.

Expert: Obama Allowing Iran to Get the Bomb

Barack Obama's policy on Iran will work fine--until the nukes go off. 

Read James Corum's must-read essay here.

Sadistic Iranian Savages Call Carla Bruni a Prostitute

The nuclear-arming, mad mullahs of Iran called France's first lady a "prostitute" because she dared to speak out on behalf of an innocent Iranian woman whom the medieval maniacs have tortured and sentenced to death by stoning. Click here for the story.

Russia Opens its Portion of Oil Pipeline to China

The pipeline will provide rising, energy-starved China with oil and help resurgent Russia to reduce its reliance on selling crude to Europe. Click here for the report.

Israel's Offshore Gas Field May Hold Oil Reserves

The Leviathan natural gas field may be sitting atop large oil reserves, as reported here.

Chavez Lashes Out at Foreign Press

The tropical Mussolini, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, is accusing foreign news organizations of working with his country's political opposition ahead of the National Assembly election set for September 26. The election is seen as a major test of support for Chavez before Venezuela's 2012 presidential election. 

Click here for the story. 

Iran Unveils New Artillery Shell

Another day, another weapon.

The domestic Iranian arms buildup continues, as reported here. 

Libyan Lunatic Lectures Italian Women on Islam

Again arriving in Rome with his "Amazon" bodyguards, the mass murdering terrorist handed out copies of the Koran to women recruited from an Italian modeling agency, and reportedly converted three of the women to Islam on the spot, at an airport ceremony. Read all about the insanity here.

Dear Leader Heads Home to North Korea

North Korea's lunatic leader, aka Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, is reportedly heading home aboard his private train after a secretive trip to Beijing. Click here for the news.

Neo- and Islamo-Nazis Link Up to Liquidate Israel

Neo-Nazi Website Menaces Anti-Iran Activist

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ex-CIA Spy: West Dithers While Iran Goes Nuclear

Reza Kahlili warns the West is backing off on nuclear red lines for Iran as Armageddon approaches. Click here for his must-read essay or scroll down and read it below.

Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA agent--in Iran. He worked undercover for the CIA as a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps during the 1980s and '90s.

North Korea's Ambassador to Cuba Threatens US and S. Korea with Atomic 'Holy War' if Attacked

As if influenced by its Islamist partner in nuclear/missile crime, Iran, Stalinist/Kimist North Korea has threatened to launch an atomic "holy war" if it is attacked by the United States or South Korea. Click here for the story.

North Korea's ambassador to Cuba made the threat, which seems to dovetail with recent, repeated warnings by Cuban Communist leader Fidel Castro that the U.S. and Israel could trigger a nuclear conflict by attacking Iran.

Something is rotten in ... Havana. There is simply too much talk about nuclear war coming from a country (still ruled by the Castro brothers, incredibly) that (a) is only 90 miles from the U.S. and (b) nearly a half-century ago, managed to use (Soviet) nuclear missiles to extract a permanent pledge of non-intervention from Washington--an agreement that the U.S. would never invade Cuba.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Crackpot of Caracas' Popularity Hits 7-Year Low

Bad news for Obama's Venezuelan buddy, another despot BHO sought to "engage." Venezuelans have clearly turned against the tropical Mussolini. Click here for the story.

Citizen Journalism on New York's Mean Streets

Obamanation ... where radical Muslims and Marxist maniacs menace patriotic Christians and Jews ... and an elderly Holocaust survivor, peacefully protesting planned construction of a 15-story, $100 million victory mosque at Ground Zero is nearly assaulted by a foaming anti-Semite who says the man "didn't learn his lesson" during World War II. This disturbing clip captures the flavor of the dystopia that Obama and his comrades aim to create on the ruins of the world's greatest democracy. Given another term, they will bury the nation.

Tracking America's mood....

US Voters Now Trust Republicans Over Democrats on All 10 Key Issues

Survey Says North Korea, Iran Head List of US Enemies

EXTRA! Muslim Opponents of Ground Zero Mosque

US to Lebanon: IDF Can Destroy Your Army in 4 hrs

The United States reportedly warned Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon that Israel has a retaliatory plan in place for the destruction of all of Lebanon's infrastructure--including its entire army--in just four hours. Click here for the story.

China Warns US Against Selling Radar to Taiwan

China wants Washington to revoke export licenses of U.S. firms selling radar equipment to Taiwan. Click here for the story.

Considering Taiwan's security in the context of China's opaque military buildup, Dean Cheng comments:
In light of the all-round expansion of Chinese military capabilities ... the administration of US President Barack Obama needs to maintain the credibility of its own presence in the Western Pacific. However, it should also be prepared to sell Taiwan the equipment it needs to defend itself — including the F-16C/Ds it has long requested and additional C4ISR-related systems, so that the Taiwanese military can maintain situational awareness over the sea and skies.

Click here to read his excellent essay.

Kim in China as Carter and Prisoner Leave N. Korea

Dear Leader focuses on China--read about his trip here.

Pyongyang Plays Carter Like a Country Fiddle

The Bottom Line on Obama and Iran

U.S. President Barack Obama refuses to announce so-called red lines regarding Iran's nuclear program while continuing to warn Israel against attacking Iran.

The bottom line: Obama is resigned to "living with but never accepting" a nuclear-armed Iran--the infamous Brzezinski formulation.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

UN Expert: Iran Has Enough Uranium for 1-2 Bombs

Former top U.N. nuclear inspector calls Iran "a threat" ... with three tons of low-enriched uranium ... enough for one or two atomic bombs ... a country capable of weaponization but still (supposedly) a year from actual atomic arms production. Read all about it here.

Incredibly, Barack Obama still hopes to engage (code for appease and attempt to align with) the monstrous mullahocracy. His election guaranteed Iran enough time to achieve its strategic goals.

China Confidential analysts believe Iran may already have several radiological--so-called dirty--bombs. Inspired, perhaps, by a plot by Nazi Germany to attack New York with a radioactive sand bomb, Iran has sought to acquire dirty bombs ahead of full-blown nuclear bombs and warheads (to place atop Iranian missiles and ICBMs).

Warm Welcome for Jimmy Carter in North Korea

Jimmy Carter is in North Korea. Click here to read about his unofficial diplomatic mission.

Report: White House Afraid Carter Could Stray Beyond His Mandate

No Comment by Beijing on Visit of Two Kims

True to form, the Chinese government refuses to comment on reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and his heir-apparent son, Kim Jong Un are in China.

Read about the surprise visit here.

Background on the son over here.

Iran Proposes Nuclear Joint Venture With Russia

On its march toward atomic Armageddon, Islamist Iran is playing the international community like a Persian violin. Click here for today's development.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

North Korea's Lunatic Leader May be in China

Dear Leader ... and son ... may be visiting China, as reported here.

Hitlerian Hezbollah Head Wants Nuclear Power

Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hitlerian Hezbollah, has called on the Lebanese government to consider building a nuclear reactor for civilian power purposes.

Citing recent protests against electricity rationing, Nasrallah said Tuesday that a nuclear reactor would assure Lebanon long-term production of electricity.

Iran Steps Up Uranium Exploration

Nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran is making domestic uranium exploration a top priority, as reported here.

Iran is the world's fourth largest oil producer and OPEC's second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia. Oil reserves in Iran rank third largest in the world at approximately 136 billion barrels as of 2007--and second if Canadian reserves of unconventional oil (heavy crude and tar sands) are excluded. Put differently, Iran is home to roughly 10% of the world's total proven petroleum reserves.

Henan Air Cancels All Flights; Deadly China Crash Refocuses Attention on Regional Airport Safety

Iran Ready to Aid Lebanese Army

Lebanon is Hezbollahizing at an alarming pace.

Bloomberg reports:
Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said his country is willing to provide military help to Lebanon, a day after Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah called on the Lebanese army to seek Iran’s support.

“Lebanon is our friend and its army is also our friend,” Vahidi was cited by Iranian state television as saying after a cabinet meeting in Tehran today. “If this country makes a request we are ready to help them and have a military exchange.”

Continue here.

China Confidential analysts--who for nearly four years have predicted that Iran will eventually take control of Lebanon through its Islamist proxy, Hezbollah--believe the nuclear-arming mullahocracy is planning a coordinated sneak attack on Israel.

Gold Prices Rally as Investors Flee Equities

Click here for the news.

China Confidential analysts continue to believe gold will hit $1,400 an ounce before the end of the year.

Robust Demand for Gold in India

Iran Test-Fires New Missile, Upgraded Fateh-110

Iran said Wednesday that it has successfully test-fired a more accurate, longer-range version of its domestically produced, surface-to-surface, solid-fuel missile, the Fateh-110. The previous version of the missile is believed to have a range of between 150 and 200 kilometres (90 to 125 miles).

Click here for the story and above for the Iran state TV video clip.

Iran has developed mobile, rapid-fire launch systems for the Fateh-110, and, China Confidential analysts say, a system also for firing the missile from seemingly civilian cargo vessels.

Iran has also smuggled Fateh-110 missiles to its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, via Syria.

The distance from the Lebanese border to Tel Aviv is only 125 kilometers (77 miles).

Fateh means conqueror in both Farsi and Arabic.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tony Blair Defends Israel

A voice of sanity.

Attempts to delegitimize Israel are an affront to humanity, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair told an audience in Israel on Tuesday. Click here for the story.

In 2010, incredibly, Israel's legitimacy ... its right to exist ... is more than ever being called into question ... by left- and right-wing anti-Semites ... and increasingly influential Islamists.

Iran Emerges as Regional Hegemon

The Washington Times editorial on nuclear-arming Iran is must-reading. The piece begins as follows:
Two milestones last weekend marked Iran's emergence as a regional hegemon. On Saturday, Russian technicians began loading fuel rods into the nuclear reactor at Bushehr, and on Sunday, Iran unveiled an unmanned long-range drone aircraft dubbed the "Ambassador of Death." The events highlighted Iran's progress in both nuclear-weapons development and the means to deliver warheads across the Middle East.

Continue reading here, or simply scroll down.

S. Korea Vows Immediate Response to NK Artillery

Click here for the news.

Another Korean war is possible.

So is another Yom Kippur War. China Confidential analysts believe that both North Korea and its partner in proliferation--Islamist Iran--may be planning sneak attacks on their respective enemies.

Weakness--real or perceived--invites aggression. The Axis of Evil seems to have lost all fear of the United States under the Obama administration. And Israel is seen by the Axis as more isolated--and vulnerable--than ever.

North Korea Massing Troops and Arms Near Capital

South Korean defense officials say North Korea is deploying massive numbers of troops and arms near the capital of Pyongyang.

South Korea's defense ministry said in a report to Parliament Tuesday that the large numbers of soldiers, armored vehicles and artillery have been stationed near the Stalinist state's capital since mid-July.

The report said the deployment appears to be related to a meeting of key communist party delegates next month and the party's 65th anniversary on October 10.

North Korea-watchers say the massing of military assets could be for a parade or to provide security for the events.

Some analysts say North Korean leader Kim Jong Il will probably designate his youngest son Kim Jong Un as his successor at the September meeting, only the third such gathering since the communist state was founded in 1948.


China's Coal Trucks Cause 9-Day Traffic Jam

Only in China: thousands of trucks carrying coal to produce electricity for the world's fastest-growing major economy cause a nine-day traffic jam. Read the report here.

Notice the importance of coal. Ordinary Americans overly influenced (indoctrinated) by mainstream media have no idea how electricity is actually produced. They don't understand the severe limitations of wind and solar alternatives, the simple fact that coal and nuclear power are presently the only ways to produce the staggering amounts of electricity that a modern civilization demands (and that there are no viable substitutes for oil and gas for motor transport fuel and heat--with the exception of some buildings in the northern climes that burn wood during the winter months). Electric cars? The so-called cleaner vehicles should really be called coal cars.

Click here to read about Sasol's coal-to-liquid fuel project in China, which has reportedly reached an "advanced" stage. The South African company, which is the world leader in coal liquefaction, wants to build such a plant in the United States. But environmental extremists and anti-coal groups are likely to kill the enterprise, even though the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal. The anti-growth fanatics prefer that Americans continue to rely on imported oil and inefficient and non-existent green energy solutions.

Why China Will Surpass US in Total GDP

The people are poor but the country is rich; nevertheless, China will soon surpass the United States in total GDP (as opposed to per capita GDP) and achieve superpower status. Click here for the analysis.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Intrepid Blogger Uncovers Shocking Anti-American Statements by US-Sponsored Ground Zero Imam

Is the Ground Zero Imam another Reverend Wright?

Click here for the story--a solid exclusive. Be sure to scroll down and to read carefully. The anti-American rhetoric is incredible. Read the New York Post piece here.

Moreover, the supposedly moderate Imam, who is on a U.S. State Department-sponsored tour of the Middle East, reportedly aimed at promoting "Americanized Islam," favors the elimination of Israel--a "one-state solution" to the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict that would by definition mean the end of the Jewish State. In other words ... practically speaking ... given Israel's determination to survive as the independent homeland of the Jewish people ... another Holocaust. At the very least, the Imam sides with those who seek to demonize, delegitimize, and isolate Israel in order to pave the way for its physical destruction--actual annihilation--or piece-by-piece (in the name of peace) dismantlement and dissolution.

Curious question: Is there an American imam who wears a suit and tie? Seriously. Most members of the Protestant and Jewish clergy wear conventional attire, including, when appropriate, jackets and ties. But the Muslim clerics ... including, even, the supposed moderates ... seem to agree with Iran's mad mullahs on matters of style. They see a conventional shirt with a collar and a tie as Western (Christian and Jewish) symbols--to be despised and rejected. The notion that these radical Muslims ... followers of right-wing political Islam and fascistic fundamentalism ... can somehow be assimilated and integrated into the fabric of American society is worse than idiotic. It is downright dangerous--a prescription for national suicide.

Islam is incompatible with America's religious freedoms - VIEWPOINT - The News Herald

Iran Almost a 'Virtual Nuclear Weapons State'

Countdown to conflict ... because "Iran's nuclear clock is not slowing" ... as reported here.

Not only has appeasement of Iran failed to preserve the peace; appeasement has made war with Iran inevitable--on Iran's terms.

Welcome back (to the future?) to 1939....

China's Territorial Disputes Examined

China’s use of force in territorial disputes has varied widely throughout history. Some disputes led to war, such as China’s border conflicts with India in 1962 and Vietnam in 1979. A contested border with the former Soviet Union during the 1960s raised the possibility of nuclear war. In more recent cases, China has been willing to compromise with and even offer concessions to its neighbors. Since 1998, China has settled eleven land territorial disputes with six of its neighbors. Several disputes continue over EEZs and ownership of potentially rich, off-shore oil and gas deposits.

The East China Sea contains approximately 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and up to 100 billion barrels of oil. Japan maintains that an equidistant line from each country involved should separate the EEZs, while China claims an Extended Continental Shelf beyond the equidistant line to the Okinawa Trench (which almost reaches Japan’s shore). In early 2009, Japan accused China of violating a June 2008 agreement providing for joint exploration of oil and natural gas fields, and claimed that China unilaterally drilled beneath the demarcation line and extracted reserves from the Japanese side. China and Japan continue to dispute possession of the nearby Senkaku Islands. However, both sides have said that this dispute should not undermine their overall relationship.

The South China Sea

The South China Sea plays an important role in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia security considerations. Northeast Asia relies heavily on the flow of oil and commerce through South China Sea shipping lanes, including 80 percent of the crude oil to Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. China claims sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel island groups—claims disputed in whole or part by Brunei, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Taiwan, which occupies Itu Aba in the Spratly Islands, also claims all four island groups in the South China Sea. In 2009, China protested claims made by Malaysia and Vietnam and reiterated it has “indisputable sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea and the adjacent waters and enjoys sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the relevant waters as well as the seabed and subsoil thereof.”

Tensions with India

Despite increased political and economic relations over the years between China and India, tensions remain along their shared 4,057 km border, most notably over Arunachal Pradesh, which China asserts is part of Tibet and therefore of China, and over the Askai Chin region at the western end of the Tibetan Plateau. Both countries in 2009 stepped up efforts to assert their claims. China tried to block a $2.9 billion loan to India from the Asian Development Bank, claiming part of the loan would have been used for water projects in Arunachal Pradesh. This represented the first time China sought to influence this dispute through a multilateral institution. The then governor of Arunachal Pradesh announced that India would deploy more troops and fighter jets to the area. An Indian academic also noted that in 2008, the Indian military had recorded 270 border violations and nearly 2,300 cases of “aggressive border patrolling” by Chinese soldiers.

Source: Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China 2010

Required Reading: US Defense Department's Unclassified Report on Iran's Military Power

DoD - Unclassified Report on Military Power of Iran

China May End Death Penalty for Economic Crimes

China, the world leader in executions, is apparently moving to end or, at least, to seriously reduce capital punishment for economic and other non-violent crimes. Click here for the story.

Spotlight on Iran's Salafi Sleeper Cells

By Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid

News reports about Iranian plots to target the Arab Gulf States through local Shiite cells, which have been planted and programmed to carry out terrorist activities and create chaos, in the event of an attack on Iran, may not be far from the truth. However, it is incorrect to suggest that the Shiites alone would be Iran’s agents in a time of crisis. This belief is completely naïve, for Iran today is the largest employer of Sunni movements, specifically the Salafist groups, who are considered the most radical Sunni group, and certainly different from the Shiites. The attack which struck the Japanese oil tanker near the Straits of Hormuz a month ago was not a Shiite operation, but that of a Sunni-Salafi Saudi national based in Iran! There are hundreds more like him, of Arab nationality, hiding and being trained inside Iran. There are also hundreds of others receiving support from Iran for their activities in other areas such as Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza and so on....

Continue here.

Another Look at Iran's 'Ambassador of Death'

As previously reported, the drone has a range of about 600 miles--too short to reach Israel from Iran. But the drone could attack targets across Israel from Lebanon. China Confidential analysts believe Iran intends to smuggle the drones into Lebanon for deployment there by Iran's Islamist proxy, Hezbollah, under the command of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Readers should recall that Hezbollah (under IRGC supervision) successfully attacked an Israeli ship with a drone more than four years ago, on July 14, 2006, during the last Lebanese war. Read the archived news report here.

Analysis: China's Public Housing Stimulus

A tricky, high-stakes balancing act, analyzed here.

Iran Producing High-Speed Assault Boats

From the monstrous mullahocracy comes a new generation of missile-launching vessels designed for defensive and offensive purposes.

AFP reports:
Iran said on Monday it has started mass production of two high-speed missile-launching assault boats for deployment along its coastline and around the key Strait of Hormuz shipping route.

The inauguration of the production lines for the Seraj and Zolfaqar speedboats comes a day after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled Iran's home-built bomber drone, which he said would deliver "death" to Iran's enemies.

Continue here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Venezuela Tops Iraq in Murders

A Communist-controlled crime capital....

Under the corrupt and repressive regime of the increasingly deranged Crackpot of Caracas, Hugo Chavez, Venezuelans joke that they would be safer living in Iraq--and the statistics say they may be right, as reported here.

Krishna's Lost Kingdom Discovered

Obama's Cuba Policy Could Help Havana Hurt US

The Obama administration's new Cuba policy could benefit spies, saboteurs and terrorists, as explained here.

Russia Says it Killed Muslim Caucasus Commander Who Organized Twin Moscow Subway Bombings

Read the AP report here and a combined version here.

BACKGROUND: Insurgency in the North Caucasus

MORE BACKGROUND: Reuters recently reported that "Russia's Dagestan region has overtaken its neighbours as the epicentre of violence in the mainly Muslim North Caucasus, where the Kremlin is struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency."

Click here to read the analysis.

N. Korea Gives So-Called Reformer Second Chance

His predecessor was executed.

Click here for the story.

North Korean "reformer" ... Iranian regime "moderate" ... "reconcilable Taliban" ... words are losing all meaning in the mainstream media, thanks to political correctness, cultural relativism, and decades of liberal indoctrination.

Ahmadinejad Taunts Israel, Dismisses US as Weak

Is Islamist Iran's maniac-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad begging for a bombing?

Read all about it here.

China Confidential analysts believe Iran and Syria are planning a sneak attack on the Jewish State. Israeli defense planners seem to agree, as reported here.

Bahrain Intelligence: Terrorists Plan to Retaliate Against Kuwait, Saudi Arabia if Iran is Attacked

Arab Times reports:
Bahrain’s security service has reportedly notified its counterparts in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states about some armed terrorist groups’ plans to launch sabotage operations in these countries in case Iran is attacked due to its nuclear file, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Informed sources said the Bahraini intelligence report was prepared on the basis of confessions of a terrorist network of some 250 people arrested in Bahrain a few days ago and they reportedly admitted to belonging to a military body of a state in the region and that there is coordination between them and the sleeping cells in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Sources said security authorities in Kuwait took this information seriously and are taking necessary security measures and precautions.

According to sources, these terrorist groups are trained to clash with special forces and riot police, and 40-50 groups trained to launch violent and sabotage operations are in Kuwait. “The plan of these sabotage groups is to begin with a peaceful demonstration denouncing the military aggression against Iran in the event of a strike and then start acts of violence and set fire to institutions and enterprises; bomb electrical transformers, other infrastructure and raid malls in order to create public disorder,” said the sources.

Continue reading here.

In related news, Bahrain Shiites are protesting against a crackdown by (Sunni) security forces. Click here for the story.

Iran Unveils Long-Range Bomber Drone

Iran's military has unveiled a new unmanned aircraft, saying the drone is capable of carrying out long-range missions.

Iran's military displayed the drone Sunday at a ceremony attended by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and shown on live television. Click on the above link to view the video.

Officials told Iran's state-run Press TV that the drone, named the Karrar, meaning "striker", can carry out long-distance bombing runs against ground targets at high speeds.

Iran's defense minister, Ahmed Vahidi, said the Karrar had a range of up to 620 miles--not far enough to reach Israel.

Iranian state TV reported that the drone could carry four cruise missiles, two 250-lb bombs or one 500-lb bomb.

'Ambassador of Death'

The Associated Press quoted Ahmadinejad as saying the new drone was an "ambassador of death" to Iran's enemies. The Iranian Students News Agency described the unmanned aircraft as a "stealth bomber drone."

Late Saturday, Ahmadinejad told a group of academics that Iran aims to send Iranian astronauts into space by 2025. He said the country's next step is to launch satellites to an altitude of 700 kilometers, and then 1,000 kilometers, in the next three years.

On Friday, Iran test-fired a new surface-to-surface missile called the Qiam-1.

Earlier this month, Iran's navy displayed four new Iranian-built submarines, as part of Tehran's efforts to boost its defense capabilities.

Iranian media said the navy now has 11 Ghadir-class stealth submarines that can operate in the shallow waters of the Persian Gulf (also known as the Arabian Gulf).

QUESTION: Could the new drone be launched from a cargo ship? iran and North Korea have developed and tested a system for launching ballistic missiles from freighters and other vessels. Thousands of cargo ships approach U.S. coastal waters every day ... which could matter if Iran makes good on repeated threats to retaliate globally if it is attacked by Israel. Click here for today's related development.

NOTE: As reported here, the U.S. Navy has acquired a laser weapon capable of shooting down drones. Nice work, says one expert, but much more needs to be done, for future wars will necessitate naval defense against so-called swarming attacks--multiple weapons and assaults aimed at a single ship.

Venezuela Defends Air Links to Iran, Syria

Caracas' Communist-controlled regime is defending its Terror Express--suspicious flights to Iran and Syria--as reported here.

Click here for a more in-depth analysis. An Israeli intelligence expert says an ordinary passenger has no chance of reserving a seat on one of these flights.

FYI, Venezuela's capital has become one of the most dangerous places in the Americas. Click here to read about crime--and censorship--in Caracas.


John Thomson reports:
Venezuela’s Ministry of Mines and Energy has long operated a sophisticated laboratory staffed by experienced local technical personnel. Several years ago, Iranian advisors started working at the lab; today, the entire staff is Iranian to the chagrin of former Venezuelan employees.

The lab analyzes uranium samples and provides reports to Iranian nuclear program staff. The Caracas laboratory is a small but important part of what has become a major undertaking by Iran in Venezuela: exploration, mining and refining of Venezuelan uranium for its nuclear program.

Read the entire article here.

And click here also for an article that asserts that Washington will soon be compelled to take strong action against Venezuela over its gasoline shipments to Iran.

Finally, click here to read all about the growing partnership between Venezuela and China--an alliance that is not in the U.S. national interest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

None Dare Call it Treason? Cowardly NY Times Tries to Put a Good Face on Barbaric Muslim Stoning

Read the sickeningly sanitized story here.

This American Jewish reporter--a second generation New York City native and a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism--wants to know: have the Saudis invested heavily in the increasingly anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, pro-Islamist, pro-Iran, pro-appeasement rag called The New York Times?

EXTRA! Supporting Sharia is Treason


American Communists and Democrats Making Headway Against Israel with Boycott Movement

The Communist/Islamist/Democratic Party activist movement to demonize and isolate Israel is showing some success. Click here for the story.

Now 24% of Americans See Obama as a Muslim

Up from 20%. Click here for the story. Notice that the White House terms the fact that Obama was born a Muslim an "opinion."

Click here for a better understanding of the identity issue.

Barbaric Sharia Law of Land in Saudi Arabia

Read the sickening stories here and here.

More about so-called Saudi justice over here. An excerpt below:

This is Saudi Arabia, one of the last places on earth where capital punishment is a public spectacle. Decapitation awaits murderers, but the death penalty also applies to many other crimes, such as armed robbery, rape, adultery, drug use and trafficking, and renouncing Islam. There’s a woman on death row now for witchcraft, and the charge is based partly on a man’s accusation that her spell made him impotent. Saudi Arabia executed some 1,750 convicts between 1985 and 2008, yet reliable information about the practice is scarce. In Riyadh, beheadings happen at 9 a.m. any given day of the week, and there is no advance notice. There is also no written penal code, so questions of illegality depend on the on-the-spot interpretations of police and judges.

What’s certain is that the Koran guides the justice system, with some laws passed to address areas the holy book does not. The Saudi interpretation of the Koran discourages all forms of evidence other than confessions and eyewitness accounts in capital trials, on the theory that doing otherwise would leave too much discretion to the judge. But at any time until the sword strikes, a victim’s family can pardon the condemned — usually for a cash settlement of at least two million riyals ($690,000 or so) from the convict or his family.

US State Department Supports Ground Zero Imam

When it comes to Islam and the Obama administration, separation of church and state seems to be dead. Incredibly, the U.S. State Department has sent the Ground Zero Mosque Imam--a Muslim cleric who blamed U.S. foreign policy (code for support for Israel) for 9/11--on a taxpayer-paid tour of the Middle East. He says he has a plan to "Americanize" Islam. Read all about it here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Iran Vows Global Terror Response if Attacked

Islamonazi Iran's SS-like IRGC has made it perfectly clear: if attacked over its nuclear program, Iran will retaliate with a global terror campaign. Click here for the report--read it carefully.

On China's Looming Real Estate Bubble

A stimulus that could be the cause of a crisis. Click here for the analysis.

'American Schindler' Finally Recognized

A journalist helped 4,000 Jews escape the Nazis. Read all about it here.

Palestinians Uniting to Kill Jews

Hamas and Fatah--a match made in hell. Click here for the news.

Communists Seek Freedom for Jailed 'Jackal'

Communist scum seeking freedom for a terrorist mastermind. Click here for the story.

In related Communist/terrorist news, an American radical is back in jail in Peru, as reported here.

Exposed: America's Unguarded Border Bridges

More evidence--here--that the United States is bent on committing national suicide.

Reds Rallying for Radical Islam (Clerical Fascism)

By Mark D. Tooley

Led by the National Council of Churches (NCC), the Religious Left is backing the proposed Ground Zero Islamic Center while denouncing the mosque's skeptics as "hateful."

Revealingly, the statement endorsed by 40 religious "leaders" is relatively narrowly comprised of top NCC officials, left-wing Catholics, Muslim groups, and mostly second-tier Jewish groups, plus J Street. Missing are the usual Mainline Protestant clerics, Eastern Orthodox, and prominent liberal Jews typically found on NCC-organized political blasts. No prominent evangelicals are on the list.

The interfaith enthusiasts for the mosque chimed:

As Catholic, evangelical, mainline Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders and scholars committed to religious freedom and inter-religious cooperation, we are deeply troubled by the xenophobia and religious bigotry that has characterized some of the opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque near where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

Few critics of the $100 million proposed Cordoba House Islamic Community Center near the World Trade Center site dispute the right of any religious group to construct a house of worship in America. What is disputed by Ground Zero mosque critics are the wisdom and sensitivity of building an Islamic Center near where Islamist fanatics murdered over 2,000 New Yorkers. Whatever the professed intent of the mosque builders, radical Islamists likely will see the mosque's construction as a Jihadist victory.

Some critics of the Ground Zero mosque have appealed to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to exemplify the interfaith sensitivity he claims his Islamic Center will promote by relocating the mosque site. These appeals have garnered no sympathy from the imam. Other critics ask New York to refuse permission for mosque construction on this particular site and instead to facilitate another location.

Left-leaning church groups like the NCC possibly could have employed their own long history of interfaith cooperation to mediate a reasonable compromise and to persuade the imam and his supporters to heed sensitivities about 9-11. But instead the NCC is embracing the Ground Zero mosque full throttle, all sensitivities be cursed, and denouncing all who are less than zealous for the Islamic Center as bigots.

Almost surely the NCC would denounce Christians who desired to build a church, even after 1,000 years, near the venerated site of the slaughter of Muslims during the crusades, that is, if churches could actually be freely built in the Middle East, outside of democratic Israel.

But for much of the Religious Left, sensitivity and accommodation are only desired for Western Christians when dealing with non-Western religionists. Although itself an historically crusading and conquering faith, Islam's adherents, as ostensibly chronic victims of Western imperialism, are never expected to yield, at least not by the Religious Left. Naturally, this pro-mosque Religious Left coalition is more distressed over Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin than ascendant radical Islam.

"Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, is the most recent prominent opponent to cast this debate in a way that demonizes all Muslims and exploits fear to divide Americans," the pro-mosque religionists angrily complained.

Noting that Gingrich is a Roman Catholic, they also swiped at another Religious Left bête noire, Sarah Palin, who, the statement darkly observed, is "an evangelical Christian who frequently references her faith as an inspiration for her political beliefs."

Finally, the pro-mosque religionists targeted Fox News for spewing forth a "steady stream of irresponsible commentary and biased coverage that reduces what should be a civil debate into starkly combative terms." Evidently, calling mosque skeptics bigots and xenophobes is not "combative."

The Religious Left mosque apologists tut-tutted about a "a small minority of violent extremists manipulates religious language for political gain and falsely claims to represent one of the world's great religions." But groups like the NCC almost never say anything directly critical of radical Islamists except when absolutely politically obliged.

"Extreme" Christians who warn against Islamist influence are typically more distressing to most of the Religious Left than most Islamists. They lamented the "sinful corruption of religion across faith traditions throughout history," which of course fits with the Religious Left view that radical Islam is not a unique threat. Of greater concern to this crowd are the "ugly stereotypes about Islam" that demean the "vast majority of Muslims committed to peace."

This NCC-led coalition reassuringly described the Cordoba House Islamic Center that will be "open to all Americans that will provide Islamic, interfaith and secular programs" in support of "integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture."

Highly impressed with these goals, the pro-mosque religionists excitedly pronounced: "These are exactly the kind of efforts that foster dialogue, break down barriers and begin to build a world where religiously inspired violent extremism is less likely." No doubt. In contrast with the lovefest envisioned at the new mosque, Gingrich and Palin must stop "issuing inflammatory statements" and desist from "fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric."

Lest anyone miss the point, NCC President Peg Chemberlin, a Moravian minister from Minnesota, apparently issued her own enhancing statement, making the umpteenth banal comparison of radical Islamists no more speaking for Islam than does Timothy McVeigh speak for Christians.

Of course, unlike the 9-11 Islamists, the largely agnostic McVeigh never professed any religious purposes behind his terrorism. But never mind, the NCC official needed some violent example of uncontrolled Christianity, and McVeigh was as close as she could reach evidently.

Finding prominent Christians who would sign this blast in defense of the Ground Zero mosque and against Gingrich and Palin apparently was also a reach.

Besides Chemberln and the NCC's General Secretary Michael Kinnamon, the Christian signators are mostly academics or left-wing Catholic groups like Pax Christi and the Maryknollers. J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami is the most prominent Jewish signer. Of course, the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Islamic Society of North America gladly signed. But why none of the usual suspects from among the NCC's constituency, like the United Methodists or Episcopalians?

Could even they be wary of endorsing what is opposed by groups like the Anti-Defamation League, which has said: "Building an Islamic center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain - unnecessarily - and that is not right."

Understanding Obama's Islamic Agenda

Jeffrey Kuhner writes:
President Obama has revealed his true nature. After 20 months in the Oval Office, he still remained a largely unknown figure. A picture is coming into focus now, and it should trouble all Americans. It is widely known that Mr. Obama is a post-national progressive. Yet he is also a cultural Muslim who is promoting an anti-American, pro-Islamic agenda. This is the real meaning of his warm - and completely needless - embrace of the Ground Zero Mosque.

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Iran Tests Advanced New Ground Missile

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China: Muslim Terrorists Targeted Police

Muslim separatist terrorists who killed seven people in Xinjiang targeted security force members, according to local officials. Click here for the story.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


According to the U.S. defense department, "China is modernizing its nuclear forces by adding more survivable delivery systems. For example, in recent years the road mobile, solid propellant DF-31 and DF-31A intercontinental range ballistic missiles (ICBM) have entered service. The DF-31A, with a range in excess of 11,200 km, can reach most locations within the continental United States."

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EXTRA! Beijing Says US-South Korean Drills Threaten China and North Korea

Russia Opening Iran's First Nuclear Plant

A state-run Russian company is set to open Islamonazi Iran's first nuclear power plant, as reported here.

Israel has been betrayed and abandoned, a victim of both the new cold war--resurgent Russia is bent on payback for Afghanistan--and Western appeasement of the Islamist menace.

Obamunism: the Gift that Keeps on Giving to Gold

Jihad-Slavery and the Cordoba Connection

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When Europeans were slaves--must reading over here. There was a time when religion and ethnicity, as much as race, determined who became slaves, when enslavement was a very real possibility for anyone who traveled in the Mediterranean, or who lived along the shores of the sea in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, and even as far north as England and Iceland.

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Nearly 20% of Americans See Obama as Muslim

Not surprisingly, nearly one in five Americans thinks U.S. President Obama is a Muslim, as reported here.

Notice the reporter's use of "incorrectly."

Really? Obama is a Muslim, or was, at least, born a Muslim, according to Islamic law (sharia), which traces religion through the father (in contrast with Jewish law, which traces religion through the mother). Moreover, Obama studied and practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, where his Indonesian Muslim stepfather registered Obama for school as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim, according to an elementary school registration document that has never been refuted. Although Obama was mentored and attended services for two decades at a (pro-Islamist, pro-Nation of Islam), Black Liberation Theology church in Chicago, headed by the controversial ("God damn America") pastor, Jeremiah Wright, whom Obama disavowed during the 2008 Presidential campaign, there is no evidence that he ever formally converted to Christianity.

Adding to the perception of Obama as a Muslim is the fact that he has made appeasement of radical Islam, or Islamism--i.e. right-wing political Islam--the foundation of an utterly failed foreign policy. Bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, a fountainhead of fascistic fundamentalist Islam--a country with no human or civil rights, where medieval sharia punishments such as beheadings, amputations, and floggings are routinely carried out for religious reasons--and supporting the Ground Zero mosque project has further contributed to Obama's Muslim image.

Ground Zero Mosque Developers Refuse to Rule Out Accepting Money from Saudi Arabia and Iran

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Hundreds Mourn Qaeda Bus Bomber in Lebanon

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Is China really returning to the center of the world?

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Muslim Terrorist Kills 7 in Western China

Radical Islam in action.

A Muslim separatist tricycle bomber attacked a crowd in Xinjiang with a tricycle bomb, killing seven innocent people. Click here for the story.

The terrorist, who survived the attack and was captured, is a Uighur, seeking independence--and imposition of Islamic law (sharia)--for the remote western region.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forgotten News: Unlike BHO, JFK Praised Ataturk

Whereas President Obama has emboldened Turkey's Islamist leaders--and encouraged their tilt toward Iran--President Kennedy unequivocally praised Turkey's great modernizing leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic and its first president.

China Building Space Station

China says it has finished construction on the first module of a permanent space station, and is testing its systems before launching it next year.

Officials said Tuesday the Tiangong-1 module will need to pass a series of electrical, mechanical and thermal performance tests before being sent into orbit in 2011. An unmanned spacecraft, Shenzhou-8, will be launched later in the year and will rendezvous with the Tiangong-1 for China's first space docking.

If the docking is successful, later missions are planned with live astronauts who will live and work at the space station. China says astronauts already are being trained for the manned mission, which may include the country's first female astronaut.

China is one of only three countries, along with the United States and Russia, that have launched their own astronauts into space. Zhai Zhigang became the first Chinese astronaut to conduct a spacewalk in September 2008.

India last year announced plans to launch its own astronauts by 2015.

China Confidential analysts say the space station project should be seen in the context of China's opaque military buildup. The U.S. Defense Department reports:

Earlier this decade, China began a new phase of military development by articulating roles and missions for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that go beyond China’s immediate territorial interests. Some of these missions and associated capabilities have allowed the PLA to contribute to international peacekeeping efforts, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and counter- piracy operations. The United States recognizes and welcomes these contributions. Other investments have allowed the PLA to pursue anti-access and area-denial strategies. Still others appear designed to improve the PLA’s ability for extended-range power projection, although China’s ability to sustain military power at a distance, today, remains limited. As the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Report notes, “China is developing and fielding large numbers of advanced medium-range ballistic and cruise missiles, new attack submarines equipped with advanced weapons, increasingly capable long-range air defense systems, electronic warfare and computer network attack capabilities, advanced fighter aircraft, and counter-space systems.”

One year ago....

UK Slams Iran Over Stoning Case

London speaks out, as reported here.

Back in Washington, however, the Obama administration is silent, bent on appeasing the Islamist menace--and Islamism in general.

N. Korean Jet Crashes in Apparent Defection Try

A fatal fighter jet crash ... deep into China ... shrouded in mystery.

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Obama's Radical Pals Helped Organize Gaza Flotilla

Former Weather Underground terrorists Ayers and Dohrn, now working for Israel's destruction ... as reported here.

Video History 2: Islamonazi Origins ... Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti, a Circle Opened and Closed

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China Has Key to Unlocking Iran Gas Reserves

Iran's LNG future depends on China, as reported here.

Video History: Islamonazi Inspiration

What Appeasement Has Wrought: Islamonazi Iranian Regime Vows Resistance in Nuke Dispute, Demands West Ignore Stoning Sentence

Islam in action.

Read the sickening stories here and here.

Islamic law is incompatible with liberty, as explained in this must-read essay.

Taliban Stone Couple Who Eloped; Obama Silent

Islam in action--click here for the sickening story.

The corrupt, clownish Afghan president condemned the atrocity. But the American president, who has made appeasement of radical Islam and nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran the foundations of an utterly failed foreign policy, has yet to speak out. Obama has also been silent on the Iranian stoning sentence, torture and whipping of an innocent woman in Iran, whose plight has drawn worldwide attention, and the persecution and oppression of Christians and other minorities in Muslim lands.

America's first Muslim president--he was born a Muslim according to Islamic law, practiced and studied Islam as a child in the home of his Indonesian Muslim stepfather, who may have actually adopted him, and probably presented himself as a Muslim during his undergraduate and graduate student years--has effectively acted as an agent of sharia at home and abroad.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Japan Sees China's Big Gain

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Sensitive to the political implications of its new status, China insists it is still a developing nation, as reported here. A French economist agrees; and China, not surprisingly, plays up his view. Click here for the report.

In Memoriam: Bobby Thomson

A giant of baseball passed away yesterday.

The Miracle of Coogan's Bluff--click below for the archival footage.