Friday, August 12, 2011

Azerbaijan-Israel Relations Rile Iran

The Jewish State's partnership with an oil-rich, secular and democratic Muslim country, Azerbaijan, riles Islamist Iran (which was an American ally and a friend of Israel until the Carter administration-assisted Islamist revolution of 1979). Click here for the analysis.

In addition to Iran, Russia and Turkey are alarmed by Israel's strengthening ties with Azerbaijan, especially in the intelligence field. The three regional players are likely to try to ruin the relationship.

The United States is also concerned. The pro-Islamist Obama administration is committed to promoting crypto-Islamist-ruled Turkey as a model "Islamic democracy" and to supporting a revived Ottoman Empire as both a counterweight to Iran (until "moderate" mullahs replace the current Iranian regime) and a potential sword against resurgent Russia. The mere possibility of an Israeli-Azerbaijani alliance angers Obama, who (a) regards Israel as an an anachronistic mistake on the wrong side of history, and (b) sees himself as a Middle East expert and a leader of what he insists on calling "the Muslim world." (Obama, who dreams of becoming the first American United Nations Secretary General, is clearly more interested in Azerbaijan than Arkansas, more fascinated by Baku than Brooklyn....)