Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tragically Chilling Forgotten News: Nazi Party Representatives Attend 1933 Berlin Jewish Community Winter Relief Gathering

EDITOR'S NOTE: The archived article, republished below, was written in December 1933, nearly a year after the Nazi takeover of Germany on January 30, 1933, the day Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany, and about two years before the passage of the Nuremberg Laws in September 1935, which deprived German Jews of civil rights. At the end of 1933, there were about 520,000 Jews in Germany, a community representing less than one percent of the country's total population. About a third of German Jews lived in Berlin. Nazi persecution of the Jews had already begun, including violent street attacks, forced aryanization of Jewish businesses, and a nationwide boycott of Jewish stores. In response, many Jews fled Germany--most of the refugees who emigrated to neighboring European countries perished in the Holocaust following Hitler's conquests--and many German Jews committed suicide.

Today, of course, it is jarring to read about uniformed Nazis attending a Jewish communal gathering organized to raise funds for a favorite Nazi charity--winter aid--that proved to be an enormous propaganda success for Hitler. The hope expressed by Dr. Heinrich Stahl, the Berlin Jewish community leader, for a better Nazi understanding of the Jewish situation, seems both pitiful and tragically chilling. Click here for a Holocaust survivor's account of Dr. Stahl's subsequent meeting with Adolf Eichmann, and here for a brief history of the Berlin Jewish community and its destruction by the Nazis. Stahl was deported from Berlin with his wife Jenny on June 11, 1942. He died in Theresienstadt in November 1942 of a lung infection at the age of 75.

One wonders, in light of all that has happened, how some so-called American Jewish leaders can possibly support the reelection of the most anti-Israel President in American history--Barack Hussein Obama. Not that Obama is Hitler--God forbid if that was true. But Obama's obsession with creating a "contiguous Palestinian state" and overall pro-Islamist foreign policy is helping new Hitlers come to power--and acquire atomic arms for use against Israel and the United States. The U.S. President who can claim credit for killing Osama Bin Laden and decimating Al Qaeda has effectively narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to that organization and "irreconcilable" Taliban. All other Islamists, with the exception of the present regime in Iran, which Obama appeased and tried to align with, are acceptable allies, according to Obama and those who advise him.

December 20, 1933 -- Nazis, for First Time,
Take Official Part In German Jewish Meeting

Berlin, Dec. 19 (JTA) – The first official Jewish gathering in which uniformed Nazis participated, was held here when a mass meeting was arranged last night by the Berlin Jewish community to open the special campaign for winter relief. Three thousand Jews attended the meeting.

Representatives of the Nazi party sat on the platform with the Jewish leaders and applauded Dr. Heinrich Stahl, director of the Berlin Jewish community, when he urged the Jews to contribute to general winter relief. However, the Nazis on the platform did not applaud when Dr. Stahl expressed the hope that cooperation between the Jews and the Nazis would pave the way for a better understanding of the Jewish situation along other lines.

Uniformed storm troopers distributed subscription forms at the meeting, and succeeded in collecting several thousand marks in voluntary contributions.

The meeting last night marked the introduction of a house-to-house campaign among Jews, with part of the proceeds to go to the Jewish charities. One of the results of the meeting was the issuing of an order today enabling needy Jews to obtain kosher food when submitting their food orders to Jewish grocers. Another order, issued at the same time, enables foreign Jewish residents of Berlin to obtain relief. The distribution of cards to the needy has been entrusted to the charity department of the Berlin Jewish community.

The Frankische Volk, newspaper of Wuertzburg, sharply protested not only against Jews sharing in the winter relief but also against accepting contributions from Jews, since, the paper objects, the names of the Jewish contributors will have to be listed side by side with Aryans.

"We base our protest on public statements of our leaders that Jews are not part of the German nation, which is also shown in the Aryan clause," the Frankische Volk declared.

"Nazis, for First Time, Take Official Part in German Jewish Meeting." Jewish Telegraphic Agency 20 Dec 1933.