Sunday, July 31, 2011

'Britain Needs to Rethink Libyan War'



As Foreign Confidential™ predicted in May, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak--an American ally who preserved the peace with Israel for three decades--could be executed after being betrayed and abandoned by the Obama administration (much the way the craven, catastrophic Carter administration cynically and stupidly betrayed and abandoned the late Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi). Click here for the sickening story.

Egypt is the new Iran; Obama, the new Carter.

Mainstream Media Ignore Breivik-Belarus Tie

Was Norway's Monster Made in Minsk?

Was Norway's monster made in or at least manipulated by Minsk?

Maybe. Belarus figures in the mass murderer's manifesto. He visited and may have even trained in the country, as reported here, here, here, and here.

Paramilitary training ... foreign spymasters ... plastic surgery and mysterious trips abroad ... are these tantalizing pieces of mis/disinformation, or possibly important clues that could help solve the mystery of the cold-blooded killer's background and the people who may have been behind him? Why aren't mainstream media outlets all over this story?

According to media reports, Anders Behring Breivik (another three-named assassin) "behaved with the efficient dullness of a machine programmed to do a certain job." When he finished his bombing-and-shooting rampage he reportedly telephoned the police and told them: "Mission accomplished."

He taunted Norway's incompetent cops (who took 90 minutes, incredibly, to reach the island of death). In this respect, he copied the notorious American Unabomber, Harvard-educated Ted Kaczynski, whose screed Breivik plagiarized, to the point of copying and pasting whole paragraphs with a few minor changes.

Given disturbing evidence that the Unabomber was himself a manmade killing machine, the media blackout on a possible intelligence connection to the Norway attacks is indeed strange, as if the Islamist-appeasing, prestige press does not want to consider any explanation that could interfere with the already accepted liberal narrative of a rightwing Christian terrorist influenced by bigoted, anti-jihadist activists and bloggers to singlehandedly plot, plan and actually pull off coordinated atrocities.

A Manchurian Candidate-style terrorist, programmed to slaughter his fellow ethnic Norwegians in a way that appears to have been deliberately designed to embarrass Israel (which the killer praised in his manifesto) and put legitimate, pro-democracy anti-Islamists on the defensive--an operation like that would most likely be viewed with favor in Belarus, where, U.S. Special Envoy Hannah Rosenthal reports, "President Lukashenka and other Belarusian government officials are known for making anti-Semitic statements."

According to Rosenthal, "The [Belarus] government does not provide tolerance education and acts of vandalism go unpunished, while the state press and other government agencies continue to publish anti-Semitic literature."

A bloody, horrifying false flag operation would not be out of the question in a brutal dictatorship known for government-sponsored kidnapping and torture--of an American citizen.

A false flag operation by an anti-Semitic, Stalinist regime that proclaims a strategic partnership with ... Islamist Iran ... whose longtime partner in nuclear and missile crime, Stalinist/Kimist North Korea, pioneered the brainwashing of prisoners ... and the programming of assassins ... why is that possibility so far-fetched?

N. Korea Created Underground Party in South

The real-life spy story--click on the above headline to read it--is more fantastic than the latest South Korean espionage flick, Myung-wol the Spy, starring Han Ye-seul (pictured above) as an elite but conflicted North Korean operative.

Summer Sunday Arcade Bonus: Click here to play the 1980s classic video game, Spy Hunter.

No Surprise: Egypt's Liberals Feel Betrayed by Islamists

Iran and Russia redux. The (Obama-backed) revolution "hijacked" by disciplined, organized radicals. Read all about it here.



Show Trial Venue for Mubarak Changed


Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Knew it Was Coming: Hamas Blames Israel for Norway

Hamas and other anti-Israel groups are blaming Israel (naturally) for the Norway bombing and massacre, even though (a) Islamist Internet forums cheered the mass murder, (b) a group calling itself "Helpers of Global Jihad" rushed to claim responsibility for the attacks, and (c) the slaughter of innocent ethnic Norwegians by a clearly crazy, self-styled, modern-day Crusader Knight effectively undermined and helped to discredit the democratic anti-Islamist movement. Click here for the story.





A wholly unnecessary intervention in an Arab civil war is helping America's enemies.

Where's the outrage?

Not in Washington, where dumbbell Democrats and naive, democracy-promoting Republican zealots cling to the suspect Responsibility to Protect (R2P) rationale for the Libyan lunacy. In fact, the Obama administration's goal is to install an oxymoronic, "moderate" Islamist regime in Libya in line with a pro-Islamist foreign policy that stupidly and cynically sees rightwing political Islam--with the exception of Al Qaeda and "irreconcilable" Taliban--as an unstoppable, pliable, and essentially progressive force.

5th Attack on Gas Pipeline to Israel



One of the world's most formidable armed forces--a full NATO member, no less--coming under Islamist control. Click here for the analysis.

This is the outcome of the stupid Bush democracy promotion project, Obama's outright pro-Islamist foreign policy, and European cowardice and appeasement.

Bush was naive and ignorant--and misled by his Secretary of State, the crackpot Condoleezza Rice. Obama is knowingly supporting the rise of rightwing, political Islam and a Sunni Islamist, neo-Ottoman empire, seeing it as a counterweight to Shiite Islamist Iran.

Some Obama advisers also see Turkey as a sword that could be used against Israel. The viciously anti-Israel Zbigniew Brzezinski and Samantha Power would welcome a Turkish military intervention on behalf of the Palestinians. Brzezinski and Power view modern Israel's establishment as a mistake; they long for its eradication.

Again, the question must be asked: How can any Jew even think of voting for Obama?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Could Turkey and Iran Conquer Europe?

Analysis of relative military mights of Islamist allies/rivals Turkey and Iran supports the notion that they could conquer most or all of Europe, especially in light of the continent's growing Islamist fifth column. Click here for the data.

French and British nuclear deterrents must be considered. But Iran, aided by North Korea, is developing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles capable of striking all over Europe.

Iran and North Korea have also developed cargo ship-based ballistic missile launch systems that could be used to anonymously attack U.S. coastal cities with nuclear weapons and/or to plunge the United States back into the 19th century--without its resources--via an EMP attack. An assault of this kind would wipe out 90% of the U.S. population, according to experts.

But that's another story (ignored by liberal mainstream media).

Video of Obama's New Egypt

Sharia Zones Declared in UK


Second Fort Hood Massacre Foiled


None Dare Call it Treason?


How can any patriotic American even think of voting for Obama?

How can any Jew still slavishly follow the Islamist-appeasing, antidemocratic Democratic Party?



What Bush and Obama and craven European appeasers have wrought in NATO-member Turkey: a first-ever resignation en masse by the top four commanders of the military--traditional guardian of the country's increasingly endangered secular system. Click here for the story.

Turkey's military should and could have crushed the domestic Islamist menace many years ago; but they were warned not to intervene--by the Bush administration and the EU--in the name of "democracy."

Obama has clearly endorsed the Islamist regime, extolling Turkey as a model "Islamic democracy." A neo-Ottoman Islamist empire is central to Obama's vision for an Islamized Middle East and Central Asia.

Appeasers Smear Opponents of Islamism

Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free Speech

What Bush Wrought: Iranian General Controls Iraq


Qassem Suleimani is Everywhere, 'Like Keyser Söze'

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it is increasingly clear that George W. Bush blew the U.S. response to the worst-ever attacks on American soil in ways that continue to cause pain and misery at home and abroad.

Instead of destroying the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan by any and all means necessary, pursuant to a formal declaration of war on the apparently hopelessly backward hellhole of a country, Bush dislodged the "evil doers," pushing the clerical fascist filth into neighboring, nuclear-armed, Taliban-sponsoring, AQ-assisting Pakistan. Instead of ending Iran's Islamist regime--and defeating Islamism in general--Bush needlessly invaded Iraq, a contained, secular enemy that had no meaningful Islamist ties and no weapons of mass destruction, contrary to the massive mis/disinformation campaign to which the American people and their lawmakers were subjected. As a result of this mind boggling strategic blunder--based, it seems, on a crackpot, reverse domino-style, democracy promotion theory--the United States effectively created an oil-rich, Islamist Iranian satellite in the Arab heartland. Incredible.

Bush's blunders and stupidity made the horrible Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama possible, much as the insane Vietnam war made the catastrophic Carter administration possible.

Mission accomplished, alright, assuming the mission was to ruin the United States and make the Middle East safe for radical Islam.

Iran Redux: Egyptians Rally for Islamic Rule


Springtime for Islamists, Winter for Everyone Else:
Obama-Backed Revolution Entering Ominous Phase

Nearly a century ago, a despised autocrat was suddenly and unexpectedly overthrown. The February Revolution of 1917 paved the way for the Bolshevik takeover of Russia, and a totalitarian nightmare that lasted until 1991.

Egypt's February revolution is underway. How it ends remains to be seen. This reporter predicts a repeat, more or less, of the Russian and Iranian examples: interim, or provisional governments, ultimately replaced by totalitarian regimes. In Egypt's case, this is likely to mean a temporary role for the Islamist/Iranian stooge, Mohamed ElBaradei, followed by outright Muslim Brotherhood rule.

In short, a disaster for the United States and its allies, including, of course, Egypt's neighbor and America's great ally, Israel--the only democracy in the Middle East.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bipartisan Chicken Game

Is That How Our 'Too Cool' President Plans to Prevent
The American Economy From Plunging into the Abyss?

US Jewish College Students Threatened; ZOA Acts

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) today filed a complaint against Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights because of a hostile anti-Semitic campus environment. The complaint, based on troubling reports from Jewish students, describes in detail the anti-Semitic harassment, intimidation and discrimination that Jewish students have been subjected to at Rutgers, in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including the following:

  • A Jewish student named John Doe (a pseudonym) was subjected to murderous threats made against him by other students on Facebook – to “shut him up” by “beating him with a crowbar,” and to “skin him alive.”
  • Jewish student John Doe was subjected to anti-Semitic name-calling, threats and intimidation by a university official – the Outreach Coordinator for Rutgers’ Center for Middle East Studies. The Outreach Coordinator referred to the Jewish student John Doe as “that racist Zionist pig!!!!!!!!” on Facebook, and incited other Facebook users against John Doe by encouraging them to go to a Facebook hate page about him. The Outreach Coordinator also physically threatened and tried to provoke a physical fight with John Doe, rushing toward him after a student government meeting, pounding on her chest, and yelling, “I’m Palestinian. Do you want to take me on? Do you want to fight? I have thick blood. Try me.”
  • Events and programs are regularly sponsored on campus that demonize Jews and Israel, crossing the line into anti-Semitism and causing Jewish students to feel harassed and intimidated.
  • At the start of one such anti-Semitic event – which falsely and offensively analogized the Nazis’ treatment of the Jews to Israel’s policies and practices toward the Palestinian Arabs – the organizers suddenly imposed and selectively enforced an admissions policy, charging a fee to those thought to be Jewish and pro-Israel, while allowing free admission for those thought to be supporters of the anti-Israel event. Students reported hearing one of the event’s sponsors say that that the admission fee was imposed when the organizers saw how many “Zionists [code for Jews] showed up.”
  • Middle East studies courses are so hateful and hostile to Israel, promoting anti-Israel falsehoods, that Jewish students avoid them. If they do enroll, they are reluctant and even afraid to speak up in support of Israel.
  • Jewish students feel harassed and intimidated on campus, afraid to show or express their support for Israel. Some students describe feeling afraid to wear anything that shows they are Jewish or pro-Israel. One student was reluctant even to talk on campus about having studied abroad in Israel. Some students fear for their physical safety.

After describing the problems in detail that Jewish students have been facing, the ZOA urged in its complaint that the Office for Civil Rights “investigate the anti-Semitic hostility at Rutgers, which reportedly has been a longstanding problem, and hold the university accountable under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.” Title VI prohibits discrimination based on race, color, or national origin at federally funded schools, including discrimination against Jews based on their actual or perceived shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics.

Commenting on the filing of this civil rights complaint on behalf of Jewish students at Rutgers, Morton A. Klein, the ZOA’s National President, and Susan B. Tuchman, the director of the ZOA’s Center for Law and Justice, said: “The ZOA filed a Title VI complaint against Rutgers only after numerous serious efforts were made to get the university to respond to a long pattern of anti-Semitic hostility on campus, and the administration refused to do so. Jewish students tried on their own to raise their concerns with the administration, but these efforts were futile. Several filed bias reports, which are supposed to be responded to within 24 hours, but they were essentially ignored. When the ZOA got involved, we too reached out to Rutgers in an effort to resolve the problems without legal action. We twice wrote to President Richard L. McCormick, describing the many problems that Jewish students reported to us, and proposing reasonable steps that we believed would be effective in eliminating the hostile environment without impinging on any protected rights. Many of the steps we proposed were recommended by the Office for Civil Rights itself in a policy letter issued last October, regarding compliance with Title VI and other civil rights laws. President McCormick’s response was that no such steps were necessary or required; he rebuffed us, stating that ‘we [at Rutgers] are confident that we have satisfied our obligations under both Title VI and the First Amendment.’

“We at the ZOA do not agree, and neither do the students who have endured a campus environment that they see as increasingly hostile and anti-Semitic. It is therefore up to the Office for Civil Rights to ensure that Jewish students’ legal right to a campus that is safe and not hostile to them is upheld and enforced. We urge the Office for Civil Rights to investigate the ZOA’s Title VI complaint and compel the university to finally respond to the legitimate concerns of Jewish students and protect their legal right to a campus free from anti-Semitic hostility. We will do everything we can to assist the Office for Civil Rights in completing a fair and thorough investigation.

“The ZOA commends the Jewish students at Rutgers who have had the courage and conviction to stand up for their legal rights and insist that the campus problems be addressed. These students – like all students – are entitled to a campus that is not threatening or intimidating, where Jewish students who love and support Israel can be who they are, without any fear or hesitation. The ZOA stands with these students. We will do whatever we can to ensure them a campus environment that allows them to comfortably attend any class they wish, to walk, live and study on campus without fear, and to enjoy an educational experience is that is safe, nurturing and free from anti-Semitic bigotry.”

Iran and Al Qaeda Secret Allies: US


If Republicans Kill the Boehner Plan


If Republicans defeat the Boehner plan, they will do to legitimate conservatism what the Norway mass murderer did to legitimate anti-Islamism, and the unnecessary and insane Iraq and Vietnam wars did to legitimate interventionism--i.e. practically kill the cause.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iranian Monster May be OPEC's Next President

Oil-rich Iran defies the United States, as reported here ... while dumbbell Democrats lock up domestic U.S. oil and gas resources in the name of "saving the planet."

N. Korea Defends Iran Diplomatically

Islamist Iran's Stalinist/Kimist ally--and partner in proliferation--intervenes diplomatically in the U.S.-Europe nuclear shield issue. Read all about it here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Supreme Stupidity Regarding Muslim Brotherhood


'Holy Terror,' Batman!

The Fixer, Frank Miller's new comic book superhero, takes on Al Qaeda in his new long-form comic book, or graphic novel, titled Holy Terror. Click here for the story.

Miller is the writer and penciller of Batman: the Dark Knight Returns.

Holy Terror will be published this September to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Norway Horror Story Gets Murkier and Murkier

Norwegian police, who botched their response to the bombing and island massacre, have now dramatically lowered their estimate of the number of people killed on the island. And the confessed mass murderer has reportedly referred to receiving assistance from two terrorist cells, still at large in the Scandinavian country. Click here for the story.

There are many unanswered questions. An obvious one: How, exactly, was the killer captured? And why did he surrender without a fight, according to all accounts?

Another question: Why would a lunatic who aspired to become a modern-day version of an elite, Crusader knight model his mad manifesto after the American Unabomber's infamous manifesto, to the point of plagiarizing whole sections of the sinister screed?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

North Korea Tested Long-Range Rocket


Profile in Madness: Norway Mass Murderer Seems to be Extreme, Rightwing Nut (or a Programmed Killer?) But Not a Neo-Nazi

The bomber/shooter, responsible for the worst attack on Norway since the Second World War, reportedly aired pro-Israel views. Click here for the story.

He's a maniac, for sure. A mass murderer who managed to kill innocent Norwegians in a way that seems to have been deliberately designed to discredit the legitimate anti-Islamist cause. With that in mind, it's certainly not illogical to think that he may have been programmed to kill. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan--to name three suspects--are capable of creating robotic assassins, using drugs, hypnosis, and torture.

Related (and highly suspicious): Breivik Plagiarized Unabomber

Irreconcilable Taliban Hang 8-Year-Old Boy

Radical Islam in action. Read all about it here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are Europeans Becoming Eloi?

Are postmodern Europeans evolving into post-human Eloi?

It sure seems so.

Turns out, "peaceful Norway" essentially allowed a neo-Nazi monster/Morlock to massacre his young victims. It took incompetent Norwegian cops more than 90 minutes to get to the island of death ... where nobody, incredibly--in light of recent Islamist threats to Norway--was armed and, apparently, capable of defending the targeted, sitting-duck summer campers. Mind boggling.

But the nightmarish revelations are not so surprising, considering that back in the USA, a jihadist Muslim Army Major was able to singlehandedly slaughter 13 soldiers and wound 32 others--with a handgun--at the most populous U.S. Army installation in the world before being brought down, finally, by a ... civilian ... policewoman.





Pro-Iran PM: 'Normal Ties Unthinkable'

Obama Aims to Gut America's Armed Forces


The North Korean Threat to Australia


Norwegian Neo-Nazi Did Al Qaeda's Work

A Muslim-hating, Norwegian, neo-Nazi apparently accomplished what Al Qaeda and its affiliates could never have done: according to media reports, the monster massacred nearly 100 innocent "infidels" in a way that is almost certain to accelerate appeasement of radical Islam across Europe while strengthening the hands of those who seek to disarm (already mainly disarmed and defenseless) Europeans and (thankfully still armed and, for the most part, still self-defense-minded) Americans.

The 2011 attacks are also likely to boost the standing of Norway's idiotic, Islamist-appeasing intelligence service, which has rejected U.S. appeals to beef up Norway's anti-Islamist terrorist capabilities. As reported here, the nutty Norwegians don't even see Al Qaeda as a threat.

The relevant headline, sub-head, and lead (or lede, as the Times archaically insists on calling a news article's key, opening paragraph) in America's leading, leftwing, pro-appeasement, anti-legal gun ownership newspaper, The New York Times, speaks volumes. The headline: "Rightwing Extremist Charged in Norway." The sub-head: "Campers Tricked; Suspect is Called Anti-Islam." The lead/lede: "The suspect in Friday’s bomb and shooting attacks was described as a gun-loving, highly religious Norwegian obsessed with what he saw as the threat of multiculturalism and Muslim immigration to the cultural and patriotic values of his country."

Rightwing political Islam and its supporters, sympathizers, and dupes are going to have a field day.


UPDATE: Killer's Lawyer Says Client Confessed

25-Year-Old Guard Hacked to Death in Xinjiang by Rioting, Chinese Separatist Muslims Shouting 'Allah is the Only God'

More violence by Uighur separatists seeking to break away from China in order to establish an Islamic country. Click here for the report.

Read it ... and recall that the Uighur movement enjoys U.S. support. Seriously.

No wonder China (like Russia, which has also suffered as a result of the U.S.-backed and -unleashed global jihad) has been reluctant to join the United States in a meaningful alliance to stamp out Islamic clerical fascism and fundamentalism. The Chinese (and the Russians) understandably suspect that the Obama administration (like so many previous administrations) aims to manipulate and exploit rightwing political Islam (a) to counter and contain and maybe even dismember rising China (and resurgent Russia), and (b) to advance U.S. interests, geo=strategically speaking, especially in the energy sphere. Brzezinski's insane "Arc of Islam" strategy is alive and well in Washington, Beijing believes--for good reason.

The U.S., China, and Russia should have set aside their differences right after 9/11 to reconstitute and expand their old World War II alliance. But that didn't happen. Bush blew the opportunity; he failed to defeat and destroy the Islamist enemy and instead embarked upon a seemingly endless and deliberately misnamed "War on Terror." Bush blew it--and Obama is burying it, narrowing the definition of the enemy to Al Qaeda and "irreconcilable" Taliban while appeasing and attempting to actually align with practically every other Islamist regime, rebellion, and movement.

God help us.

Again, an Assassin With Three Names

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Another three-named assassin strikes. This time, however, he is a mass-murdering terrorist, a one-man army--with no military training--who manages to massacre dozens of people at two different locations in coordinated bomb-and-gun attacks that should inspire every jihadist and neo-Nazi on the planet. (In fact, Islamist Internet forums applauded his acts, and a previously unknown group calling itself "Helpers of Global Jihad" actually took responsibility for the horrifying attacks.)

How convenient.


A legal gun-owner--who hates Muslims. So he slaughters his fellow Norwegians. Acting all alone, with no accomplices.

An anti-immigration Internet poster who pulls off a combination Oklahoma City-Virginia Tech.


Prediction: the attacks of July 22, 2011--the worst assaults on Norway since World War II--will be used by left-wingers, liberal loons, and appeasers of radical Islam to silence and intimidate Islamism's opponents, and by gun control fanatics seeking to disarm law-abiding citizens, even though the presence of one or two properly trained and armed guards at the island summer camp could have stopped the killer and saved many lives.

All of which makes this reporter wonder, just saying, if the bomber/killer wasn't programmed to commit mass murder and put in place and aided by some powerful organization--say, an Islamist terrorist-sponsoring foreign intelligence agency or government, such as Iran, which could have learned how to produce human robot-like killers from its partner in nuclear and missile crimes, North Korea?

A mentally unstable, Manchurian Candidate-style mass murderer isn't such a crazy idea.

Just saying.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Opinion: Syrian Regime's Survival is Lebanon's Demise

By Elias Bejjani

For the majority of the Lebanese people, the holistic patriotic picture has become very clear. In general, they are now fully aware of the precipitating factors and perpetuating elements underlying the ongoing flagrant direct and indirect Syrian-Iranian occupation of their country through armed militias and a bunch of traitorous, Trojan horse politicians and officials spearheaded by the terrorist-fundamentalist Hezbollah.

Lebanese people both in the homeland and Diaspora are very much aware of the numerous evil, vicious Syrian-Iranian obstacles deliberately employed and imposed on them by force and murder to hinder their beloved Lebanon from fully reclaiming its independence, sovereignty, freedom, tranquility and peace.

Tools of Deception

The free and patriotic Lebanese strongly reject and ridicule the fake and camouflaging slogans of hostility towards Israel, the United States and the Western Free world, as well as those of resistance, liberation, the people, government, and army triad, one people in two countries, and the many other deceitful tools of deception that Hezbollah utilizes as a pretext to maintain its ministate and hegemony on Lebanon and its people.

Since 1975, a state of darkness started to prevail among some misled Lebanese, leaders and citizens because of the Machiavellian, Syrian-Iranian, divide-and-rule, imperialistic tactics. Meanwhile, subservient stances adopted by the Syrian-Iranian installed Lebanese officials and politicians created a class of shameless collaborators, opportunists, mercenaries and traitors. Sadly, these parasites still dominate the country from top to bottom and blindly serve the interests of their masters through persecution of the free Lebanese people.

The current Lebanese government headed by billionaire Najib Mikati is totally manipulated and controlled by Hezbollah on behalf of its two evil regime sponsors, Iran and Syria. This anti-peace and anti-freedom government that was forced on the Lebanese by terrorism, extortion and intimidation has nothing to do with Lebanon the state and the constitution or the interests and welfare of the Lebanese people. Simply it is a human tool that Hezbollah is using and abusing to continue its devouring of the country while hindering by force the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) that has already indicted four of its top notch leaders.

The current Lebanese-installed regime and government and on all levels are fully manipulated by the Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes. Sadly, our Lebanese people are used mercilessly to serve Syria's and Iran's terrorist and expansionism agendas.

Terrorism and Barbarism

Hopefully, the ambiguousness, terrorism, barbarism, and distortion created by the two Axis of Evil countries since the early 1970s to justify their ongoing occupation of Lebanon--through murderous armed proxies and mercenary officials and politicians--will vanish soon with the help of the Free World and the UN. One also hopes that after the al-Assad dictatorship regime is toppled, it will be replaced by a new, free and democratic Syrian regime.

The Syrian and Iranian Axis of Evil regimes have polluted Lebanon with their Stone Age education of hatred, rejection of others, hostility, fanaticism, wars, and anti-peace, anti-human rights mentality. The majority of the Lebanese have become completely disgusted with these devious tactics.

The Syrian leadership has imposed its version of nationalism on Lebanon to justify scarifying the Lebanese men, women and children in endless and futile Syrian wars. They brainwashed many politicians, officials and citizens through confusion, terrorism, manipulation, cheating, intimidation, and blatant instigation of sectarian divisions.

War Drums

Time after time, Syria, Iran and their armed proxies beat the drums of war and raise provocative sectarian slogans to further divide the Lebanese. All along, we have heard and witnessed numerous Syrian and Iranian figures, puppet Lebanese politicians and officials do so by their ferocious rhetorical attacks against each other and against patriotic figures.

Ever since Syria assumed total control over Lebanon in 1990 and installed a Lebanese satellite regime, the Lebanese have been spoon-fed by the Syrianized Lebanese media on a daily basis and told that the civil war will be rekindled should the Syrian army ever be forced to depart from their country. In fact when the Syrian army was forced in 2005 to withdraw from Lebanon, no such fallacies happened, but on the contrary the Lebanese from all sects became more united and laid ground for the Cedars Revolution.

Since the early 1960s, and even before that, the Syrian regime has instigated all the wars in Lebanon, supplied all the outlaws with arms, encouraged and used the Palestinian refugees to challenge the Lebanese authorities and the army and to erect their own ministates, helped the Iranian mullahs' regime to hijack the Lebanese Shiite community through the armed terrorist group, Hezbollah and establish its ministate. In fact, all Lebanon's problems since 1925 were made in Syria.

Militias' Model

Lebanon's enemies currently control its regime and follow the militias' model. They have created sectarian barriers among the people and destroyed the national foundations of the country. They boldly accuse patriotic leaders of preaching hatred and opposing social modernization. What proof do they have for these false allegations? What are their examples? Nobody in fact knows. Although they expect us to blindly believe what they say, march behind them and repeat like parrots whatever they utter, as some simple-minded imbeciles do.

The Syrian regime and its installed puppets in Lebanon do not want us to think or talk about the Syrian-Iranian occupation that is forced through Hezbollah, or otherwise they threaten that the massacres will start again. They want us to lose our national self-confidence and pride. They want us to live in continuous fear and intimidation under the delusion that only the Syrian regime is capable of preventing internal conflicts from igniting.

While the Syrian revolution against the al-Assad dictatorship has been getting stronger and more widespread, the Syrian regime's deceptive media propaganda is trying to sell the Free World a big lie in regard to the safety of Christian communities in both Syria and Lebanon. This lie alleges that al-Assad regime is protecting the Christians and in case it would be toppled the Salafist Sunnis will massacre the Christians as was the situation in Iraq after its liberation from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship by the U.S. and other Western armies. What a fallacy.

The question is, how can a wolf protect his prey? No way, because a savage, inhuman and murderous regime like that of al-Assad's dictatorship knows only how to enslave, torture and kill. Christians in Syria are abused by al-Assad regime and persecuted like the rest of the Syrian people from all sects. When Hafez al-Assad took over Syria 42 years ago through a bloody coup, Syrian Christian numbers were between 20-25% of the country's population. Since then their numbers have been reduced to 5-6%.

Bloody Occupation

Meanwhile, during Syria's bloody 30-year occupation of Lebanon all Christian Lebanese communities were persecuted, tortured, imprisoned, kidnapped, liquidated, displaced, terrorized, forced to leave the country and exposed to hardships that they never encountered in their history. In 1994, the Syrian occupation illegally granted Lebanese citizenship to more than half million Muslim Syrian, Arabs and Palestinians making the Christians less than 50% of the country's 4 million population. No occupier in history has harmed Lebanon's Christians more than the Syrian al-Assad regime.

In conclusion, as long as the Syrian Baathist regime remains in power, Lebanon and its people, as well as all the neighboring countries, including Israel, will never have peace or stability. Sadly, Lebanon will remain in the eyes of President Bachar al-Assad and the thugs of his regime the haven they have always aspired to own and control. Without a shred of doubt, Syria would have preferred to keep the Israelis in south Lebanon in the year 2000 so it could continue occupying the rest of the country.

Meanwhile, the Syrian regime will do anything not to lose its iron grip on Lebanon and definitely has no intention whatsoever to let this country peacefully reclaim its confiscated independence and sovereignty. Al-Assad's agenda is to keep Lebanon under occupation indefinitely and accordingly will instigate all kinds of wars no matter what the consequences in a bid to maintain his full hegemony.

Hopefully, the Baathist, al-Assad Stone Age regime will be toppled soon by the free Syrian people simply because the equation for Lebanon is: The Syrian regime's survival is Lebanon's demise.

Elias Bejjani is a Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator, and a frequent contributor to Foreign Confidential™.




Norway's Oklahoma City--or Reichstag Fire?

Read all about the suspect here and here.




Islamist Internet Forums Cheer


Today's terrorist attack on Norway isn't an atrocity, but a "tragedy"--like an earthquake or a tsunami or a terrible fire or industrial accident--according to U.S. President Barack Obama.

The attack "is a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of tragedy from occurring," Obama told cameras in the Oval Office after he met privately with New Zealand's prime minister. "Our hearts go out to them."

Scroll for complete coverage of the attack.


As many as 30 people may have been shot and killed at the Norway island camp following the gigantic bomb blast that ripped through the center of Oslo. Click
here and on the above headline for the story.

Scroll for additional stories, video, images.

Norway Update: 7 Dead in Bombing, 4 at Camp


Scroll for stories and video.

Graphic New Iran Hanging Video

Graphic new video has emerged of public executions in Iran, the nuclear-arming, Islamist nation that U.S. President Barack Obama was bent on engaging (appeasing and attempting to align with) when he came to power. Click here for the story.




Attack on Norway Could be Model
for Future Mass-Casualty Assaults




Islamists Confronting Egyptian Military

Foreign Confidential™ intelligence experts report that Egypt's caretaker government and military rulers are under sustained assault from the Muslim Brotherhood, which the pro-Islamist Obama administration is engaging (appeasing and attempting to align with).

Muslim Brotherhood members and other opposition supporters have reoccupied Cairo's Tahrir Square, and demonstrations have also spread to other cities, including Alexandria and Suez.

The Islamists and their stooges, sympathizers, and dupes may well believe that they have a green light from the United States to confront the military--i.e. that the White House is playing a double game of sorts, pretending to back the military while covertly supporting the opposition.

Meanwhile, post-Mubarak Egypt is in a state of seemingly permanent chaos. There is an epidemic of violent crime; and the economy has practically collapsed. The Christian community, abandoned--and actually despised--by the Obama administration, is being relentlessly persecuted. The Christian minority fears forced conversion campaigns ... and worse. Annihilation is a real threat as the Islamists move to take power, stage by stage.

The Islamists are confident that the U.S. under Obama would never intervene in a predominantly Muslim land to save Christian (or Jewish, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or secular, non-observant Muslim) lives. The administration's Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine, used to justify the unnecessary intervention in Libya--on the side of Al Qaeda-connected rebels--clearly does not apply to non-Muslims or non-practicing Muslims. The administration's oxymoronic "Islamic democracy"--Islamocracy--promotion campaign is really a campaign to promote Islamic clerical fascism and fundamentalism, which Obama and his henchpersons view as unstoppable, pliable, and, incredibly, also--and most ironically, considering their leftwing ideological perspective--essentially progressive forces.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

N. Korea, Iran Building Nuclear Missile


How Can Any American Even Think of Voting for Obama?

Syrian Protest Song: 'Get Out, Bashar!'

Good news: In Syria, masses of people are rising up against Shiite Islamist Iran's secular ally, Assad, who has aided and transferred advanced missiles to Iran's Islamist Lebanese proxy, Hitlerian Hezbollah.

Bad news: the song has a decidedly Sunni Islamist ring to it. A telltale lyric: "You're an agent of the U.S."

Contrary to the sheer nonsense and disinformation disseminated by the liberal mainstream media--and the pro-Islamist Obama administration--the so-called Arab Spring has spawned a long, hot summer of sectarian Islamist violence and fanaticism. In Libya, for example, where the United States and NATO unnecessarily intervened in a civil war--on the side of shadowy, Islamist/Al Qaeda-connected rebels--insurgents, terrorists, and ordinary criminals are having a field day. Among other things, the formerly stabilized country is now a source of smuggled weapons to ... Hamas ... which has benefitted greatly from the Obama administration-assisted overthrow of the secular, pro-American Mubarak government.

The killing of AQ leader Osama Bin Laden has given Obama--America's most leftwing-ever and first Muslim-born/Third World President--political cover to selectively support Islamist factions as he competes for leadership of what he insists on calling "the Muslim world"--itself an Islamist concept and an ideological concession to Islamic clerical fascism and fundamentalism.

Obama is Carter's Second Term


Failure to Revive Economy, Restore Confidence,
Create Millions of Well Paying, Permanent Jobs
Parallels Failed and Frightening Foreign Policy



Another Atomic Advance By Islamist Iran

Monstrous Mullahocracy Marches On
Toward Atomic Armageddon, Allowed
to Develop Ultimate Weapons by BHO

France Condemns Iranian Action

Glenn Beck Stands With the Jewish People