Monday, October 31, 2011

Case for Preemptive Strike on Iran is Clear ...

And So-Called World Community Wants
Jewish State to Risk Second Holocaust

Truth be told, the case for a preemptive nuclear strike on Islamonazi-ruled Iran is clear--meaning, use of tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out all known and suspected Iranian nuclear sites and ballistic missile bases, biological and chemical warfare installations, and the SS-like Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and its ultra-elite, Quds Force terrorist arm.

Tragically, decades of appeasing and attempting to align with the monsters running Iran--who took power with the support of the craven Carter administration--have made a final conflict with Iran inevitable. The Israeli government knows the score; but the United States, in the grip of an impossibly pro-Islamist administration, is still betting on diplomacy and sanctions to stop the mullahocracy's mad march to atomic armageddon.

Why should Israel draw on its presumed nuclear arsenal to end the Iranian nuclear threat and prevent a second Holocaust? The answer is simple: Israel, in contrast with Washington, does not have the conventional military might to destroy Iran's nuclear and missile sites in a surprise assault, and thus prevent Iran--and its Lebanese proxy, Hitlerian Hezbollah, and secular, Syrian ally, the embattled, blood-soaked Assad regime--from making good on their repeated threats to "burn Tel Aviv." It would be both illogical and immoral, given that any government's primary responsibility is to protect its citizenry against enemy attacks, for Israel to launch an aerial raid on Iran that would leave intact its capacity to retaliate in ways that not too many years ago would have been unthinkable--namely, the leveling of Israeli population centers through massive missile and rocket attacks, including, most likely, missiles topped with Syrian chemical warheads and, also, possibly, projectiles carrying biological arms, as alluded to above.

Israel is thought to have as many as 400 nuclear missiles and the capability of delivering them by intercontinental and long-range ballistic missiles, submarines, and aircraft. Absent a dramatic turnaround by the Islamist-appeasing and functionally anti-Israel Obama administration, the time may be coming for Israel to put some of those weapons to use against an implacable, apocalyptic enemy (just as the U.S. should have obliterated the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan within days of 9/11--another story).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Analyst Suspects Israel Preparing to Hit Iran

With U.S. and European appeasement of nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran making war between the Nazi-like regime and Israel inevitable, the Jewish State's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is channeling his inner Winston Churchill while U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama continues to pursue policies that recall Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler--and worse. Chamberlain merely appeased Hitler, accepting his assurances regarding territorial concessions at face value, failing to correctly interpret Hitler's true intentions. Britain's prime minister appeased in order to preserve the peace; but he never tried to side with Hitler (unlike the pro-Nazi English aristocracy).

Obama, after coming to power, appeased and actually attempted to align with the new Hitler--Iran's maniac-in-chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Whereas Hitler hid his real aims--conquest of Europe and global domination--Ahmadinejad has mused openly about "a world without Zionism and Israel," and his henchmen have repeatedly threatened to "burn Tel Aviv" and to bomb Israel's Negev nuclear station.

That Israel must fight to prevent a second Holocaust is clear. What isn't clear is if the war will be fought on Iranian or Israeli terms (World War II was fought on Nazi Germany's terms because of appeasement) and if Obama will seek to punish Israel--viciously--for daring to defend itself.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Al Qaeda Flag Flying in NATO's New Libya

Obamanation! What the pro-Islamist intervention in Libya has wrought--click here and here.

Greeks Mad as Hell at Germany, EU

Greece at the brink. Click here, here, and here for the reports.

Not discussed: the Turkish threat to Greece. Turkey is in, Greece is out. Turkey is important to the Power Elite; Greece is considered a hopeless beggar.

A Bright but Challenging Outlook for Israeli Solar

By John C.K. Daly

In any country, at the end of the proverbial day, both energy utilities and consumers are finally interested in the technologies that generate a kilowatt of electricity most inexpensively, all other considerations aside.

Accordingly, all countries involved in solar energy are optimists, but nascent industrial efforts to generate power on a commercial scale from the sun are without exception dependent upon current government subsidies to enter the market, which is littered with optimism, the failure of U.S. federally subsidized company Solyndra being Exhibit A.

But countries worldwide are seeking government support to shield their embryonic solar industries from market realities until conditions improve, and few countries are more caught between the realities of the "free market" and national priorities in developing energy alternatives than Israel, whose energy imports remain a major topic of concern to the government. Subsidies are viewed as critical worldwide by solar producers, especially in a recession market, but fiscal realities are asserting themselves, which alternative energy companies warn could kill their efforts.

Fiscal Constraints

Israel's government is now reconsidering its alternative energy policies due to fiscal constraints, to cut the incentives price for mid-sized photovoltaic power plants.
Association of Renewable Energy of Israel CEO Eitan Parnass bluntly told Public Utilities Authority (Electricity) acting chairman Orit Farkash-Hacohen, "People will avoid private power production in Israel if the rates the entire industry relied on are changed."

As a consequence of the global recession that began in 2008 prices for photovoltaic solar panels worldwide have receded. Quite aside from substantial economic recessionary pressures, Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels are now facing a substantial inventory backlog of unsold panels. Electricity market sources say that several Western countries that are prominent in the solar energy industry, such as Germany, Italy, and Spain, have reduced their subsidies and tariffs to solar energy producers, because of the global crisis.

In Israel however, the steep decline in prices for photovoltaic solar panels initially generated unexpected profits for solar power companies, as national electricity rates were set two years ago, but Israeli solar companies are now threatened by the proposed government reduction in subsidies.

Accordingly, the Public Utilities Authority plenum decision is awaited by Israel's solar community. In seeking to advance their arguments, solar companies aver that the Public Utilities Authority is not considering their expenses since 2009, when almost no power production licenses were issued, due to bureaucratic delays.

Not So Bleak

All is not bleak on the Israeli solar front, however. On October 24, SolarEdge Technologies Inc., a firm that developed a power harvesting and monitoring system for photovoltaic panels capable of improving the performance of solar energy systems, raised $37 million in venture capital, primarily from California-based Norwest Venture Partners.

Despite issues of funding of solar panels electrical production, in July Arava Power inaugurated its 4.95-megawatt solar power field. In the future, Arava Power projects launching 40 solar energy fields in the Negev desert region, assisted by tariffs for investors supported and guaranteed by the government.

Interestingly, despite Israel's renowned high technology base, Arava Power has partnered with Chinese-produced Suntech photovoltaic solar panels because Israel's nascent solar energy is currently unable to compete. Arava Power CEO Jonathan Cohen CEO said, "The technology needs to be time-proven to prove its bankability. When the means are made available to ensure Israeli novel technologies are included in Israel's solar drive, we and others will be looking to employ them as much as possible."

Cohen has reason to be sunny, as on October 21 Israel's Public Utilities Authority awarded Arava Power the country's first permanent solar license in the aftermath of Arava Power interconnecting its 4.95 megawatt Ketura sun field to the national grid by the Israel Electric Corporation.

So, is Israeli solar power a case of glass half-empty or half-full? Given Arava Power's experience, should the troubling issue of government support be resolved, it would seem that the container could soon be overflowing, with the only problem being what happens after twilight.

Just a question of government grants to tide companies over the rough patches.

The above article is republished with permission of Click here to read the original.

Panetta Warns Korean Conflict Possible


Secularists Sign Manifesto for Mideast, N. Africa

Ignored by the Obama administration and its fawning pundits and media flunkies, advocates of secularism--strict separation of religion and state--have signed and issued a manifesto for the Middle East and North Africa. Click here for the story.

Unfortunately (for civilized humanity), the Obama administration and its NATO allies are now pro-Islamist. The policy is to promote political Islam under the banner of "Islamic democracy," by covert and overt means, including armed interventions along the lines of the Libyan adventure.

Put differently, a decade after Afghanistan-sheltered, Saudi-financed, Iran-and-Pakistan-assisted Al Qaeda terrorists slaughtered 3,000 Americans on American soil, Washington and the alliance that was created to contain Soviet Communist expansion during the Cold War is now committed to using rightwing political Islam, or Islamism, in order to contain and perhaps, even, crack apart, or dismember, resurgent Russia and rising China. The definition of enemy Islamism has been narrowed to include AQ alone. Its affiliates and supporters, from the Taliban to the Islamist warlords of Afghanistan (allies of the U.S. against the Soviet Union) are all deemed OK for appeasement and collaboration.

Given this sordid state of affairs, secularism is doomed. The so-called Arab Spring is all about Islamism.

Root Cause of Alleged Iranian Assassination Plot is Fanatic Belief in Need for Chaos to Hasten Advent of the Muslim Messiah

Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt (USMC ret) writes:

A disconnect exists between how we wish to perceive the theocratic government that has ruled Iran for 32 years and the reality of that leadership’s rationality. Through their appeasement policies, every US president from Jimmy Carter, who opened the door to Iran’s Islamic extremist takeover by pressing the Shah to leave and ushering in Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, to Barack Obama, who led us to believe he could talk to the Iranians, is guilty of contributing to the American perception that eventually Tehran’s mullahs would exercise reason. That has been far from the case. The Iranian leadership is devoid of rationality, only using the time that has been wasted to realize this to create a much more dangerous world. And, according to the script written in Tehran, the worst is yet to come for non-believers!

Read the entire essay here. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about national security.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

NATO-Backed Butchers Destroyed Sirte


Vatican Engaging Excommunicated Nazi-Lovers

A deeply disturbing--actually sickening--story. Click here to read it.

Was Gaddafi Killed to Save Iraq for Islamism?

The butchered Libyan dictator, who no longer posed a threat to the United States and had cooperated closely in the war against Al Qaeda and Radical Islam, was allegedly plotting with secular Iraqis to overthrow the Iranian-controlled, Islamist regime in Baghdad. Click here for the story.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why Gaddafi Was Killed

Diana West: "Horrific as it sounds, Qaddafi was killed
because we and our NATO allies joined the other side--
the al Qaeda affiliates."

Click here to read more.

Crazed Clinton Jokes About Libyan Butchers

Monday, October 24, 2011

The New, Nightmarish Contest

Writing in Foreign Affairs in 1967, the preeminent American political scientist Hans J. Moregenthau analyzed the international political situation as follows:

While contemporary interventions serving national power interests have sometimes been masked by the ideologies of communism and anticommunism, these ideologies have been an independent motivating force. This is the fourth factor which we must consider. The United States and the Soviet Union face each other not only as two great powers which in the traditional ways compete for advantage. They also face each other as the fountainheads of two hostile and incompatible ideologies, systems of government and ways of life, each trying to expand the reach of its respective political values and institutions and to prevent the expansion of the other. Thus the Cold War has not only been a conflict between two world powers but also a contest between two secular religions. And like the religious wars of the seventeenth century, the war between communism and democracy does not respect national boundaries. It finds enemies and allies in all countries, opposing the one and supporting the other regardless of the niceties of international law. Here is the dynamic force which has led the two superpowers to intervene all over the globe, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes openly, sometimes with the accepted methods of diplomatic pressure and propaganda, sometimes with the frowned-upon instruments of covert subversion and open force....

... We have come to overrate enormously what a nation can do for another nation by intervening in affairs--even with the latter's consent. This overestimation of our power to intervene is a corollary of our ideological commitment, which by its very nature has no limit. Committed to intervening against communist aggression and subversion anywhere, we have come to assume that we have the power to do so successfully. But in truth, both the need for intervention and the chances for successful intervention are much more limited than we have been led to believe. Intervene we must where our national interest requires it and where our power gives us a chance to succeed. The choice of these occasions will be determined not by sweeping ideological commitments nor by blind reliance upon American power but by a careful calculation of the interests involved and the power available. If the United States applies this standard, it will intervene less and succeed more.

Morgenthau was absolutely right. And this reporter (who, as an undergradute, had the privilege of having Morgenthau as a teacher) has no doubt that if the founding proponent of political realism--a truly towering intellectual who early on opposed the Vietnam War on national interest grounds, in sharp contrast with the Useful Idiots of Appeasement who actually praised and rooted for the totalitarian North Vietnamese regime--was alive today, he would raise his voice in opposition to America's irrational interventions in Iraq and Libya, imperialist foreign policy adventures (according to Morgenthau's non-Marxist, political realist definition of the term imperialist) that ironically have only served the interests of rightwing political Islam, a clerical fascist creed, which, like the defeated global Communist menace, "does not respect national boundaries" and "finds allies in all countries."


What Obama of "the Muslim World" has wrought: Tunisia's Awful Autumn. An election victory by so-called moderate Islamists (a concept akin to moderate Nazis) that is certain to accelerate the NATO/Obama-backed, Islamist conquest of the Middle East. Click here for the news.

Most Americans, especially Obama's fawning liberal media, don't get it: their President is pro-Islamist. His foreign policy is pro-Islamist. The United States is again trying to ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it.

Insanity! As if the Carter administration's catastrophic complicity in the Shah's overthrow and clandestine intervention in Afghanistan--which the Reagan administration escalated into the largest-ever U.S. covert operation--never backfired.... As if 9/11 never happened.... Despite all the failures and the horrific blowback--namely, the unleashing of the global jihad that aims to wipe out Western civilization--the Obama administration is embracing rightwing political Islam, or Islamism, supporting the clerical fascist creed that spawned Al Qaeda (the only Islamist organization, basically, deemed unfit to engage by this administration) as the ... progressive ... democratic .... wave of the future, promoting the myth of moderation, and so on and so forth.

And a hard-pressed U.S. electorate, beaten down and afraid of being pauperized, is understandably too depressed and distracted to protest the perfidious policy.

Catastrophe looms.

Iran's IRGC Tightening Grip on Iraq


Sunday, October 23, 2011



Is Algeria the Next Domino?

A volcano waiting to explode. Click here for the analysis.



Japanese Exports Rebounding

Good news from Asia as the week begins.

Japan is gaining.

Japanese exports are rebounding.

There is growing optimism that Europe will not collapse and that Europeans and Americans will continue to buy Japanese cars and consumer products.

US-Backed Turkish-MB Alliance Against Syria


The intrigue could backfire horribly--in Israel's face. Israel is being set up like a sacrificial pawn in an imperialist game. The word is deliberately used in this context, and not in a Marxist sense (ironically, given Obama's Marxist roots). Rather, the administration's foreign policy is imperialist in classical political realist terminology because the policy aims to radically alter the power relationships among nations--to overthrow the status quo. Thus, the foreign policies of Turkey, in the grip of a supposedly "moderate Islamist" or merely "Islamist-inspired" regime, and overtly, militantly Islamist Iran are also imperialist in this sense.

The end result could be catastrophic for the United States and Israel. Feeling increasingly menaced by Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood--and by the US and NATO--Iran, Hezbollah and Syria have repeatedly threatened to "burn Tel Aviv" as a reprisal for any attack by a foreign power on Syria, and they have the missiles and chemical warheads to do this. Israel is effectively being held hostage by Iran and its Islamist, Lebanese proxy--a de facto government--and secular, Syrian client state.

Iran and Hezbollah have also threatened to attack the U.S. and Europe, and Iran and Hezbollah have the terror squads and sleeper cells to make good on their threats.

Israel's presumed nuclear arsenal is a mighty deterrent. Heaven help the Jewish State--and the entire world--if Israel is compelled to use the ultimate weapons of mass destruction to prevent a second Holocaust.

Obama is Pro-Islamist

The fawning liberal pundits applauding Obama's overthrow of Mubarak and intervention in Libya ... on the side of Islamist-led, Al Qaeda-connected rebels ... are clueless. Simply stated, Obama's policy is pro-Islamist. Al Qaeda alone is considered by Obama to be too extreme to engage (appease and align with). Iran's rejection of Obama's odious overtures--its refusal to enter into a Grand Bargain with the U.S. to pacify the Middle East--spurred U.S. support for Turkey's pursuit of a neo-Ottoman empire. It is seen by Obama (of "the Muslim world") and his advisors--and their Saudi friends--as a counter to nuclear-arming Iran. Endless intrigue....

It will all end badly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Libya's Future: There Will be Blood


Experts Agree: Iran Won Iraq


To be fair to Obama, he inherited an awful situation. The United States should have never intervened in Iraq in the first place. The unnecessary intervention was based on a mountain of lies, half-truths, and crackpot notions--in that sense, a conflict that can be compared to the Vietnam war, a long nightmare from which the U.S. in some sense has still not recovered.

Friday, October 21, 2011



Revealing, Terrifying Contrast


Compare civilized Israel's capture, trial, and execution of Eichmann with the barbaric capture, beating and killing of Gaddafi by Libya's NATO/Obama-backed, Islamist-led rebels.

Gaddafi in Happier Days

$1 Billion of US Taxpayer Money to Kill Dictator
Who No Longer Threatened Americans and Aided

Click here to read the exclusive, enterprising report.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chinese Spy in Cargill Pleads Guilty


Obama: Gaddafi Death Warning to 'Iron Fist' Rulers



Why No Criticism of Iron Fisted Rule in Saudi Kingdom,
Oil-Rich, Islamic Land With No Human or Civil RIghts?

ETA Ends War but Insists on Independence, Socialism

Obama Bent on Appeasing North Korea




Read all about the death of the Libyan tyrant here.

Qaddafi or Gaddafi?
Muammar or Moamar?
It No Longer Matters!

More good news: legions of editors and writers will no longer have to wrestle with the spelling of the Libyan lunatic's name. Click here for a complete (maybe) listing of the ways to spell the name of the delusional dictator that became synonymous with madness, murder, mayhem, terrorism, and tyranny.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Islamonazi Infighting Intensifies in Iran

Atomic Ayatollah and Missile-Mad Mullahs Sense Threat

COMMENT: The above-referenced struggle is practically meaningless from an American perspective. The Islamic Republic is an implacable, increasingly dangerous enemy that is developing nuclear and biological weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Like Nazi Germany, Iran is a totalitarian country that is 100% committed to an imperialist foreign policy--i.e. to overthrowing the status quo. Appeasement has made war with Islamist Iran inevitable just as appeasement made war with Nazi Germany inevitable. In this respect, Obama is the new Jimmy Carter/Neville Chamberlain. Worse than Chamberlain, who was only guilty of believing in Hitler's promises and misreading the monster's intentions, Obama, like Carter, has sought to actually align with the fascist foe. Perfidy!

But there is still time for Obama to redeem himself ... by sending wave after wave ... after wave ... of stealth bombers and missiles to wipe out Iran's nuclear and missile sites and put an end to its ability to wage war and deploy and sponsor international terrorism. The attack on Iran must be swift and merciless; and Israel must be given the green light to end the Hezbollah missile menace--and the Syrian threat, too, if the wounded, venomous, Syrian snake called Assad dares to make good on his threats to send missiles (presumably carrying chemical warheads) into Tel Aviv.

Obama's Islamocracy Project

Obama's Islamic Democracy Push Has Gone

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tunisia's Awful Arab Autumn

World's Worst Regime Says Capitalism is Doomed

Iran's partner in nuclear and missile crimes, the country-sized concentration camp called North Korea, is lauding the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. Click here for the story.

Why Obama is the Most Anti-Israel President




How War With Iran Could Start


Clinton in Islamist Libya


Schalit Free; Prisoner Swap Underway

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Foiled Plot to Kill Envoy Latest Chapter in Long History of Threats to Saudi Monarchy Dating to OPEC Meeting Terrorist Takeover

The foiled Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington is the latest chapter in a long history of threats to topple and destabilize the dysfunctional, extended family business masquerading as a country.

In 1975, a team of international terrorists led by the notorious, ultra-Leftist murderer, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez--better known as Carlos--took over the OPEC meeting in Vienna in order to assassinate the oil ministers of Saudi Arabia and (pre-Islamist) Iran. The delegates, after being held hostage, were all released. Carlos and his comrades failed to carry out their mission--it was subsequently revealed that they were working for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which was acting as contractor for an Arab regime, now thought to be Libya--but they were allowed to go free and were handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Algeria granted the terrorists political asylum and paid Carlos or his boss, PFLP armed wing leader and KGB agent Wadie Haddad, a substantial amount of money--at least $20 million.

The 1979 seizure of the Mecca Grand Mosque by a self-proclaimed Muslim messiah resulted in increased Saudi government support for exporting jihadist murder and mayhem.



Friday, October 14, 2011

Report Confirms Iran's Atomic Ayatollah Approved Plot to Assassinate Saudi Ambassador to US and Bomb Embassies

Read the report from Jerusalem here.

DEBKAfile confirms what Foreign Confidential™ said on October 11 just minutes after news of the foiled Iranian terrorist plot broke: "The suspects are allegedly connected to the Quds Force, a special unit of Islamonazi Iran's SS-like Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Responsible for carrying out overseas terrorist missions, the Quds force reports directly to Iran's top turbaned tyrant, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He would have had to have approved the alleged terrorist plot."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Iranian Plot to Destroy America

The outline of the Iranian plot to destroy the United States is coming into sharper focus. The Islamist regime intends to bleed "the Great Satan" dry using multiple international crises and military conflicts, from Kabul to Korea, and international terrorism--more specifically, ever-escalating attacks by proxies and allies, including Hezbollah and Hamas, against targets on U.S. soil.

Vehicular bombings and Mumbai-style, swarming assaults by suicide squads are the main immediate threat. Ultimately, Iran and its partner in proliferation, North Korea, could be tempted to attempt a crippling blow--i.e. an anonymous atomic or biological weapons attack. Not for nothing have Iran and North Korea test-fired ballistic missiles from cargo ships; a nuclear missile strike on a U.S. coastal city is a real possibility, as is an EMP attack aimed at annihilating 90% of the U.S. population by overnight plunging the country back into the 19th Century--without the resources and infrastructure of that time.



Unusual Activity by Kimist Regime Supports

"North Korea is likely to soon again threaten to attack South Korea and the United States, and to take action aimed at creating a new Korean Peninsula crisis, in order to distract attention from Iran and Syria. The North and Iran operate like an exhibition wrestling tag team."


Radical Islam Has Settled into Ireland



Israel Blamed for all Mideast Problems

Must Reading from Asia Times Online: Never Have

NATO'S New Libya: Looted Arms Flooding Egypt


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Video of Syrian Grand Mufti Threatening to Send Suicide Bombers to US and Europe if Arab Country Comes Under Attack

No Subtitles Necessary ...

COMMENT: Syrian and Iranian threats to attack the United States, European countries, and Israel should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Foreign Confidential™ analysts say the Assad regime has basically sold itself to Iran in return for continued Iranian support. Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps officers--specifically, Quds Force commanders--are believed to have taken control of Syria's arsenal of missiles. Syria is said to have two Scud missile brigades armed with conventional and chemical warheads (VX, Sarin and Mustard gas), as well as M600 chemical-ready missiles.

IRGC/Quds Force officers are also controlling tens of thousands of Hezbollah missiles. Iran's Lebanese Islamist proxy has balked at committing to bombarding Israel if Syria comes under attack by foreign powers. Iran has responded to this show of independence by threatening to cut off financial aid to Hezbollah--hundreds of millions of dollars used to pay the salaries and expenses of Hezbollah officials and to fund their pet projects and private business dealings.

Iran Fails to Launch Monkey into Space

Germany Braces for New Wave of Leftwing Terror


Tens of Thousands Demonstrate for Assad


Mainstream Media Misinforms on Egypt

The Egyptian Military's Crimes Against Humanity

Republican Foreign Policy Foolishness

Barry Rubin Asks: Why Do American (Republican) Politicians Make Fools of Themselves in the Middle East?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Iran Accused of Plot to Kill Saudi Envoy to US

Two Iranian residents of the United States--men allegedly linked to and directed by an arm of the Iranian government--are accused by U.S. federal authorities of plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. and to bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, DC. Click here for the story.

The suspects are allegedly connected to the Quds Force, a special unit of Islamonazi Iran's SS-like Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Responsible for carrying out overseas terrorist missions, the Quds force reports directly to Iran's top turbaned tyrant, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He would have had to have approved the alleged terrorist plot.

The IRGC was labelled a “specially designated global terrorist organisation” by the Bush administration in 2007 for aiding the Taliban and other terrorist organizations and for its involvement in attacks on the Israeli embassy and the Jewish community cultural center in Argentina in 1992.

One of the suspects in the Washington, DC terrorist plot, Manssor Arbabsiar, is reportedly a naturalized U.S. citizen. His photo appears above.

The other suspect, Gholam Shakuri, is believed to be an actual Quds Force member.

Arbabsiar is said to have confessed to the plot following his recent arrest. Shakuri is still at large.

POSTSCRIPT: The brazen plot recalls the 1980 assassination of Ali Tabatabai, who was shot to death in the doorway of his Bethesda, Maryland home by an American convert to Islam working for Iran's revolutionary Islamist regime. The killer escaped--in fact, he was allowed to escape--by the craven Carter administration, which had helped the Islamists come to power. The Obama administration, which has been advised and influenced by former President Jimmy Carter and his former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was committed to engaging (appeasing and attempting to align with) Iran. The policy was an utter failure: the monstrous mullahocracy, which is closer than ever to acquiring atomic weapons, continues to threaten both the U.S. and Israel with destruction.

A Few Foreign Policy Questions for Tonight's Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire

A few foreign policy questions that should--but won't--be asked of anyone running for the highest office in the land, including the current crop of Republican hopefuls and President Obama:

Why are U.S.-Russia relations so poor?

Why didn't the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the long and costly Cold War result in a new era of Russian-American friendship and cooperation--and a peace dividend for the American people?

Why was NATO expanded instead of disbanded after the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Communist threat?

After 9/11, why, in your opinion, was the United States unable or unwilling to forge a strong anti-Islamist alliance with Russia and China? Islamist terrorists and separatists threaten Russia and China, too. Logically speaking, wasn't this an opportunity to recreate the old World War II alliance in order to defeat a new common enemy--radical Islam?

Looking back on decades of U.S. covert and overt support for rightwing political Islam, also known as radical Islam, or Islamism, and overlapping forms of organized and state Islam, including the secret intervention in Afghanistan before and during the Afghan-Soviet War, would you agree, in light of 9/11 and the global jihad that the American policy helped unleash, that it was a terrible mistake--that the United States should never have tried to manipulate and exploit rightwing political Islam in the first place?

What do you say to those who argue that the policy of trying to manipulate rightwing political Islam continues, that the Obama administration has narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda alone while trying to appease and align with practically every other Islamist group or entity, including Iran and the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood?

For three decades Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak was a friend and ally of the United States. He preserved Egypt's peace treaty with Israel; and he helped the U.S. fight Al Qaeda. Notwithstanding this relationship, and its importance to U.S. national security and to the security and well being of Israel, the Obama administration undermined Mubarak by reaching out to his Islamist enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, which had spawned Al Qaeda and the Islamist terrorist group that assassinated Mubarak's pro-American, peace-making predecessor, President Anwar Sadat; and soon after the demonstrations against Mubarak began, the Obama administration actually turned against him. Overnight, a key American ally was betrayed and abandoned, depicted as one of the world's worst dictators. He and his sons have ended up in jail and on trial for their lives, like caged animals, while Egypt has disintegrated into chaos. The Christian minority there is under assault, and the Muslim Brotherhood appears poised to take power. My question is this: does all this remind you of what happened in Iran during the Carter administration, and if your answer is yes, how could the U.S. make the same mistake twice?

After 9/11, why wasn't the United States able to destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban while they were still based and concentrated in Afghanistan, which was then ruled by the Taliban? Did the U.S. lack the weapons or the political will to destroy--instead of to merely defeat and dislodge--the enemy that had slaughtered 3,000 Americans in the worst attacks on the United States in its history?

Would you agree that the Obama administration's policy of trying to engage (appease and align with) Iran was a failure, that the Islamist regime in Iran is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear weapons state?

Is there still time to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state? If so, how--what should the United States do to stop the Iranian nuclear threat?

Are you concerned about the possibility of an EMP attack on the United States, a threat against which the country seems to have no defense, especially if the attack were to come from one of thousands of cargo ships that regularly approach the U.S. coastline? If your answer is yes, could you please explain to the American people why you are concerned about the threat of an EMP attack and what you intend to do about it if you are elected [or re-elected if the question is directed at President Obama] President?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Intelligence Update on Balkan Islamism

Balkan Islamic extremism, although it is considered as a taboo theme by most of the mainstream media, is still an issue debated in high-level and sensitive discussions between policy makers across the world, due to importance of the region as a historical fault line between the West and the East, in parallel with the ongoing interstate competitions that are cantered around South-eastern Europe.

In a leaked cable of the U.S State Dept, dated back in 2005, the then Ambassador of the States in Bulgaria, John Beyerle noted that "Foreign international organizations and institutions praise Islamic extremism in Bulgaria...the official Islamic charities depend financially on them...Muslim Bulgarian women in Southern Bulgaria are imitating Arabic looks". The cable was classified as secret and events that have happened over the past few years have testified the existence of the aforementioned findings.

According to information by various international security services, in the Balkans and in Bulgaria in particular, quite a few Islamic extremist groups are functioning and a number of Arabic descent Bulgarians are assisting organizations such as Hezbollah in financial terms by diverting a part of the profits they make through trafficking, car theft and narcotics trade.

Moreover, Chechen Islamic extremists operate in Bulgaria and deal drugs sending capital to their brethren in the Caucasus. The Kurdish KGK is also active in Bulgaria and Iranian diplomats have been noted taking part into radicalizing segments of the Pomak minority in the South of the country which is primarily Muslim.

In Kosovo, a recent established political-social movement named "Bashkohu", which means "participation", strives for the acceptance of the hijab in local schools and it includes amongst its circle groups of devout Muslims that want to openly declare the region as a "Muslim territory" and away from European norms and canons. Although the movement was not able yet to acquire the necessary clout to implement its ideas, the overall activity of certain Muslim circles -that has been extensively researched in previous articles and reports- is still gathering pace and it is estimated that as soon as NATO and international forces exit the Province; then it will manifest in an explicit form.

Read more here.

'Moderate' Islamists Poised to Take Over Tunisia

As predicted, Islamists are poised to take power in Tunisia. Click here for the story. Of course, the bearded men will make every effort to present themselves as so-called moderates--compared to the monsters running Iran, say. But that will change; in due course, Tunisia's clerical fascists will drop their masks.

The Idiots of Appeasement have paved the way for barbaric Islamic law in Tunisia.

The Obama administration is presiding over--assisting and cheering on--the Islamization of the Middle East.

NATO Surprised by Libyan Resistance

After intervening in Libya's civil war--on the side of Al Qaeda-linked Islamist-led rebels--NATO is "surprised" by continued fierce resistance from forces loyal to the country's ousted leader. Click here for the story.

Bollywood's Biggest Spy Thriller In Theaters

Copts Under Siege in New Egypt

The largest Christian community in the Middle East is under siege, as reported here.



Sunday, October 09, 2011

Libyan Calls for 'Moderate' Islamic Political Role




Islamist Iran Tries to Exploit US Protests



What Bush wrought in Iraq: an Iranian satellite. Every day brings fresh proof. Click here to read today's troubling dispatch.

Memo to diehard Republicans: you have practically nothing to brag about. Your last President, an arrogant ignoramus (blessed with a legacy Ivy League education), ruined America and the Republican Party. 9/11 happened on his watch. He blew the response. He allowed the most senior leaders of Al Qaeda and the Taliban to flee Afghanistan; and he needlessly invaded a contained secular enemy, Iraq, which had no weapons of mass destruction and no meaningful connections to Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

No nation can afford permanent war. Countries and people need peace and stability. Bush and his henchpersons and advisors forgot or deliberately chose to ignore this simple truth.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

As the World Order Turns

Predictions and observations on the eve of destruction....

Everywhere, the status quo seems doomed; the system, discredited and broken beyond repair.

In the United States, in Europe, across the Middle East, and maybe across Asia, also, the center cannot hold. Or so it seems, although in China, a despotic government may find a way to stay in power.

In barbaric Afghanistan, the U.S. is losing a 10-year-old war that it could and should have won in 10 weeks. The conflict, like the unnecessary intervention in Iraq, drags on and drags the U.S. down, bleeding it dry, demoralizing soldiers and civilians alike, creating a dangerous divide between armed forces and the home front--a widening gap that plays into the hands of enemies who plot and plan civilization's doom.

The Bush blunders and lies, the Obama Outreach and appeasement, the secret pacts and devilish deals, the perfidy and treachery ... the clash of imperialisms ... all will lead to disaster.

The Grand Chessboard seems certain to explode; the fuse, already lit.

No nation will win the new Great Game.

A Grand Bargain with rightwing political Islam? No way. Every attempt to engage the clerical fascist foe will backfire, boomerang, blow back--the way it did on 9/11.

The people are hungry. But their cries for help fall on deaf ears. Their so-called leaders give them insane ideologies, empty slogans, endless wars in the name of democracy, religion, nationalism.

Let them eat missiles, markets, carbon credits, constitutions and holy books, the "leaders" seem to say.

But the people ... the ordinary people ... the regular folks ... soon will neither be interested in constitutions nor in markets. They may even tire of their imams and mullahs.

All over the world, the people ... meaning, the desperately poor and the newly pauperized middle and working classes ... will demand jobs, food, medicine, clothing and shelter.

The beat-down masses will rise up, rage against the machine that threatens to grind them into dust. Millions of angry people will take to the streets to get what they want, need, deserve ... recent demonstrations, including the upheavals in the Arab world and the protests in Israel, offering only a hint of things to come.

The European Union is on its last legs; its single currency, clearly doomed.

Dollars could end up in wheelbarrows; politicians, hounded and hunted down like wild beasts.

This much is clear: until the end, the paid propagandists and true-believing fools on Fox News ... the flag-waving pundits and so-called analysts ... the arrogant ignoramuses and the well-intentioned idiots ... will parrot their party line, pretend their country is fundamentally OK ... extol its nonexistent exceptionalism. They will rant and rave about class warfare and continue to claim that "we're all in this together" as their ratings rapidly shrink ... just like the life savings and home values of their viewers.

The Fox fakers and fools will still be talking about deficits instead of jobs ... will still be promoting stupid tea parties and silly books about the Founding Fathers ... and "family values" ... when Obama begins his second term.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Worst-Ever Financial Crisis Possible

What greed and stupidity have wrought--click here to read all about it.

Hidden Camera Reveals Israeli Tolerance

Actors Playing Bigoted Merchant and Arab Customer
Fool Ordinary Israelis, Who Come to Customer's Aid

Fukushima Has Only 38-Hour Meltdown Margin

By Joao Peixe

The Tokyo Electric Power Co., still coping with the aftermath of the 11 March earthquake and tsunami that damaged its six-reactor Fukushima nuclear power complex, announced that if the water injections cooling the power plant are halted again, the fuel rods could start melting within 38 hours.

If the fuel rods start melting, it could result in another massive release of radioactivity. TEPCO’s estimate said that the fuel’s temperature, which is now believed to have congealed into a solid mass at the bottom of the pressure vessels, in the absence of cooling water would rise about 50 degrees each hour until it hits its melting point of 2,200 degrees in about 38 hours, The Japan Times reported.

If the cooling procedures failed, then the crippled reactors would start emitting radioactive fallout, which could reach over 10 millisieverts, the threshold for evacuation.

An independent 14 September radiation survey found up to 307,000 becquerels of cesium per kilogram of soil near Fukushima, triple that of the benchmark above which the government requires tainted mud to be sealed by concrete. The Citizens Against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants NGO announced that the readings are comparable to the high levels in special regulated zones where evacuation was required after the April 1986 Chernobyl accident in Ukraine.

Joao Peixe is Deputy Editor His article is republished with permission of