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Echoes of the 1930s in UK Response to Iran Attack






Deport Hezbollah Militants and Leaders to Iran

By Elias Bejjani

What should the Lebanese people, the Arab countries, Israel and the free world do with Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist militia and its armed ministate, when the Syrian Assad regime falls? Some ignorant and short-sighted leaders in Lebanon are proposing that the government should buy Hezbollah’s weaponry and recruit most of its mujahedin fighters into the Lebanese army. In fact this is the most stupid, sickening, evil and fatal formula for Lebanon.

In case such a proposal is executed, Hezbollah will simply take over Lebanon, enslave its people and remain a serious threat not only to neighboring Israel and to peace and stability in the Middle East, but a cancerous ongoing threat to each and every Arab country and to the global war against terrorism and terrorists.

The thousands and thousands of Hezbollah's fighters, the mujahedin were physically, psychologically, mentally, militarily, ethically, socially, religiously and dogmatically trained by Iran and turned into Iranian mujahedin that have nothing, completely nothing in common with Lebanon, the Arab countries and the free world.

What all the Lebanese and worldwide strategists and politicians must be aware of is that Hezbollah's leadership and fighters including its General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, have no respect for human dignity, human rights, democracy, freedom, judiciary or even the human mind. Nothing in their thinking and minds is Lebanese or Arabic or human at all because of their extensive Iranian kind of training and breeding. They are all entrapped psychologically in a very sickening mentality that sees no one, respects no one and recognizes no one but the Iranian mullahs' leadership.

Hezbollah's leadership and its mujahedin are totally entrapped in their own world of Iranian denominational fantasies and dogmas. Accordingly, the criteria and standards of what is right and wrong to which they abide, honor and follow are totally set up and shaped by the Iranian mullahs. These anti-democratic and oppressive criteria and standards are continuously manipulated, changed, adjusted and shuffled by the Iranian mullahs to suit their dream of reviving the Persian Empire.

Twisted Training

Due to this twisted psychological and radical Islamic religious training and breeding, Hezbollah's leadership is unpredictable and cannot be trusted by any means. They are blood merchants and sadly their merchandise is the people of Lebanon, including their own community members. They do not care who starves or even who dies. They have no actual or permanent allies or friends, only hired and temporary followers and mercenaries, who have been bought with the Iranian petrodollar "Clean Money".

In reality and actuality and based on the scientific and strategic vision and studies of numerous well respected worldwide think tanks, Hezbollah is the most dangerous terrorist militia in the world, much more lethal than even Al Qaeda.

Based on all of the above, the 14th of March Lebanese coalition must not compromise on any basic issue with Hezbollah on the account of Lebanon's constitution, human rights, multiculturalism or the country's ties and relations with the UN, Arab countries, and free world.

Hopefully the leadership of this pro- Lebanon independence, freedom and sovereignty coalition by now has learned from its previous naive, short-sighted and fatal mistakes and miscalculations that ultimately put Hezbollah and its puppet allies in power with full control over the Lebanese government, parliament, presidency and armed forces.

Logic, reason, past experience and facts must teach this coalition not again to come to Hezbollah's rescue when the Syrian regime falls as was the stupid situation in 2006 in the aftermath of the Hezbollah-Israeli war. This coalition obstructed in 2006 the UN General Assembly from Implementing UN Resolution 1701 under chapter seven, leaving Hezbollah to rearm and control the whole country.

When the Syrian Assad regimes falls, Hezbollah's fighters and leadership on all levels must be deported with all their weaponry caches to Iran and never ever integrated into the Lebanese armed forces.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army itself needs to be shuffled and reconstructed due to the fact that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have turned it into a mere useless and helpless militia that they use and abuse.

The model for dealing with Hezbollah when the Syrian Assad regime falls has been created in 1982 and in 2000.

In 1982 the free world, UN and Israel forced Arafat and his PLO fighters and terrorists to leave Lebanon to Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab countries.

In 2000 Israel took with her the South Lebanese Army Soldiers when it implemented UN Resolution 525 and withdrew unilaterally from South Lebanon.

In conclusion, these two already accomplished examples must be taken into real and serious consideration when the time comes to end Hezbollah as a state inside the state and disarm its militia.

Elias Bejjani is a Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator.

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Shocking Video: Prewar Nazis in London, NY

Has the world forgotten what happened in the 1930s? Appeasement of Nazi Germany made war inevitable--on Germany's terms--while legions of Nazi sympathizers in Europe and the United States grew stronger and bolder.

We must learn to live with Hitler and the Nazis, the appeasers advised, just as today's appeasers advise us to learn to live with Ahmadinejad, a nuclear Iran, Islamism in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Europe, and ... America.

Egyptian Copts Fear Islamists





In the Name of Democracy ...

Pay no attention to the propaganda. What's happening has nothing at all to do with freedom or democracy or protecting civilians. Obama's utterly failed attempt to engage (appease and align with) nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran has made war with the monstrous mullahocracy inevitable. His solution to the problem of the Shiite Islamist menace is to side with the supposedly more moderate Sunni Islamist menace--meaning, neo-Ottomon Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood--in order to create a so-called Arc of Islam (Brzezinski's dream) that will stretch across the Arab world and into Central Asia. The strategic objectives of this pro-Islamist policy are: to pacify the region; to control its energy resources; and to counter Russia and China.

Pacifying the Middle East

Pacifying the region, in the Obama administration's view, necessitates overtly instead of covertly supporting--and certainly not opposing--rightwing political Islam, except for Al Qaeda and so-called irreconcilable Taliban elements, deemed too "extreme" to engage, and forcing Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders in order to make way for a "contiguous" Islamist "Palestine" comprised of Hamas-run Gaza, the disputed West Bank lands, including the eastern section of Israel's capital city, Jerusalem, and a to-be-established land corridor connecting Gaza and the West Bank--which will chop Israel into two parts ahead of its eventual destruction or peaceful dissolution. The coming conflict, which could result in the rubbling by Iranian/Hezbollah/Syrian missile bombardment of Tel Aviv and Haifa and smaller Israeli municipalities, could well pave the way for Obama's final solution to the problem of a modern and truly progressive Jewish State in the heart of the inherently violent and intolerant--and hopelessly backward--Muslim Middle East.

Remember: only the United States has the conventional military might to do way with both the Iranian nuclear and missile threats. Israel would have to draw on its presumed nuclear arsenal to accomplish these objectives--i.e. to simultaneously destroy the nuclear sites and prevent Iran from retaliating in ways that could jeopardize Israel's existence.

As for Iran's political future, although the administration appears to have finally awakened to Iran's true intentions and the danger that it poses--to the entire civilized world--don't for a minute think this means that the administration would like to see the present Islamic Republic system smashed and replaced with a secular one. On the contrary; the administration's goal is a Shiite Iranian "Islamic democracy" that will preserve the power (and wealth) of presumably pliant mullahs, men with whom the crackpots around Obama believe it is possible to do business.

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Prediction: Pyongyang will provoke a new Korean crisis in time to help its Islamist proliferation partner, nuclear-arming Iran, ahead of the coming conflict in the Middle East.




IMF Begging Latin America for Europe Aid

Shoe On the Other Foot ...





Related News:

N. Korea Condemns US-South FTA


Early Warning: North Korea could go ballistic--literally--over the trade agreement.



Prediction: Iran will try to use the worsening situation to its advantage, believing, with some justification, that a Europe in danger of economic and social collapse will be too weakened and too distracted to team meaningfully with the United States in order to stop Tehran's atomic advance and oust its embattled Syrian ally.

Anti-Arab League Rallies in Syria


Black Monday: Egypt Votes


Predictions: Initially, Islamists will share power with the military--the Muslim Brotherhood and the junta have formed an uneasy alliance to block genuine democracy--until the military is further weakened and Islamized, at which time, the old guard will be thoroughly purged.

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Is Iran's South American Ally Repatriating Venezuela's Gold Reserves Because He Knows a World War is About to Begin?

Hugo Chavez says he is bringing Venezuela's gold bullion back home--from London, mainly--to protect his country's wealth against a possible global economic collapse and political chaos.

His critics accuse him of engaging in a costly, populist publicity stunt.

Click here for the story, or above for the video report.

Foreign Confidential™ analysts offer a possible third explanation for the unusual move. The South American strongman could be preparing for a war--a world war--in which Venezuela will side with Iran against the United States and the UK. Not for nothing has he allowed Iran's IRGC Quds Force and proxy Hezbollah to set up shop in Venezuela.

Not for nothing have North Korea and Iran developed and test-fired containerized, ship-to-shore, ballistic missile launch systems that are designed to be concealed aboard seemingly civilian cargo vessels.

Not for nothing has Iran acquired biological weapons-making technology and knowhow from Chavez's Communist ally, Castroite Cuba.

Unthinkable stuff happens.

Iran Claims it Can Fire 150,000 Missiles at Israel


The Case for China's Coming Collapse

Corruption, Unrest, Wealth Disparity

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N. Korea Again Invokes 'Sea of Fire' Rhetoric


Early warning.

North Korea isn't bluffing. On the contrary; it could attack the South at the slightest provocation.

The presence of U.S. troops in the South will not deter the North if push comes to shove.

The North believes it can easily defeat the South; and Pyongyang's partner in proliferation, Islamist Iran, would like to see a new Korean war--and is prepared to pay handsomely for it.





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China Lends $4 Billion to Venezuela for Oil






Jordan Offering Hamas New Home

Like inviting the fox into the hen house, or a case of trying to keep one's friends close and enemies closer?

Jordan's King Abdullah II wants Hamas to relocate its headquarters in Jordan. Click here for the story.

The king clearly believes that he, too, can ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it.

Good luck with that, Your Majesty. It's only a matter of time before the Islamist tidal wave sweeps the Jordanian monarchy away like so much garbage, or a colonial-era edifice.

Russia Threatens to Target US Missiles in Europe

Alarming, tough talk from Russia's president. Click here for the story.

U.S.-Russian relations are worsening at the worst possible time, as the Syrian situation seems on the verge of spinning out of control.



Escalation Could Easily Lead to Full-Blown War

Comment: The West is determined; the die has been cast; there is no going back.

Obama (of "the Muslim World") and his NATO allies are preparing for another so-called humanitarian intervention in an Arab country in order to create yet another "Islamic democracy." They will not stop until the arc of "moderate" Islamism extends across the entire Middle East.

But nuclear-arming Iran has other ideas. It intends to rule the region, musing openly about "a world without America and Zionism."

A deadly mix of Western imperial intrigue and appeasement ... of rightwing political Islam, neo-Ottoman Turkey, Iran, initially ... threatens to explode ... and tiny Israel is on the front line, forced to go along, hoping for the best, preparing for the worst....



Is Iran Hinting at EMP Attack on US?

Top Iranian military advisor to top turbaned tyrant: "They [the U.S. and Israel] can't imagine war tactics of the IRGC. If something happens, we assure that the enemy will not even realize what has happened."

An empty boast ... or an ominous threat? Click here to read more.

Grim Outlook for Tunisia


Turkish President: Syria Could Spark Big War


The United States, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia aim to overthrow the Syrian regime in order to prevent Iran from establishing military bases in Syria that will speed the transformation of Iraq into an Iranian satellite and further menace the Saudis.

Israel is supporting the anti-Assad policy. Given Israel's dependence on the U.S.--and Assad's dependence on Iran and its atomic advance--Israel believes it must root for regime change in Damascus, even if that means the rise of a Sunni Islamist Syria.

But Israel could suffer most if the pressure on Assad triggers an explosion. The embattled dictator has echoed Iranian/Hezbollah threats to "burn Tel Aviv" should foreign powers intervene militarily in Syria.


A fifth day of Cairo clashes after an angry Tahrir Square mob rejects the junta leader's TV offer to speed transition to a civilian government. Click here for the story.

The Muslim Brotherhood isn't officially involved in the uprising. But Islamists are leading the charge--don't believe mainstream media reports to the contrary--and the MB will gain from it. The group will increasingly be hailed for its "moderation" by fawning foreign governments and liberal media. Step by step, the MB will seize, smash, and remake the machinery of the Egyptian state.

The time of the generals and the colonels is over in the Middle East. Men in beards ... who keep women in burqas ... are taking over, with the backing of foreign power elites and the Useful Idiots of the Left.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Obama Advisor Insists Iran Policy Working




Observation: At the end of the day, Egypt remains a classically pitiful and backward Third World country, in which seizing control or, even, the appearance of seizing control of the capital city--actually, key sections, or streets and buildings, or, in the current case in Cairo, one iconic square--is typically all that is needed to overthrow the national government.

Video: Day 4 of Battle for Cairo

A Scandinavian Cesspool of Jew-Hatred

Norway Embraces Islamism and Anti-Semitism

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US Likely to Turn Against Egypt's Junta

Foreign Confidential™ forecast....

The Obama administration is likely to turn against Egypt's ruling military junta, despite its strong ties with the Pentagon.

The administration, which seriously undermined and helped oust the Mubarak regime, has thus far tried to side with both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military. But that is no longer possible in light of the bloody crackdown in Cairo.

Above all, the administration is pro-Islamist. It regards rightwing political Islam (except for Al Qaeda, "irreconcilable" Taliban elements, and the current Iranian regime) as an unstoppable force that must be engaged (appeased and collaborated with). Egypt, like Tunisia and Libya ... and Syria ... is slated to become a so-called moderate Islamist/Islamic democracy along the lines of Turkey (at best), which Obama has hailed as a "Muslim world" model.

Egypt's Civilian Cabinet Resigns


Will Ghaddafi Son Saif Live to Spill the Beans?


Strange Interview in a Strange Land


CIA Operations Hit Hard by Hezbollah


Why does Hitlerian Hezbollah even exist?

The Islamist terrorist organization should have been annihilated after it kidnapped and murdered the CIA's heroic station chief, William Francis Buckley. He died in 1985 after 15 months of torture.

And Hezbollah now controls Lebanon ... and is capable of leveling Tel Aviv with missiles supplied by its nuclear-arming ally, Islamonazi Iran.

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Allianz Nazi Past Back in the News


Radical Islam in Action: NYC Bomb Plot


Stupid UK Rabbi Slams Steve Jobs


Britain's So-Called Jewish Spiritual Leader
Sounds Off Like a Fundamentalist Fanatic

Memo to the Moron: This lifelong American Jewish Zionist, himself an Internet content pioneer who was fortunate enough to have been able to enter into mutually beneficial business relationships with Apple and Microsoft -- this ex-Betari and yeshiva elementary school graduate -- this Jabotinsky Centennial Citation recipient -- who writes and works on MacBook and iPhone -- resents your foolish, ignorant rant. You clearly long for the shtetl.

More Tunisians Fear Islamizing Regime

Worst Case Predictions Come True

More and more Tunisians agree: the Islamists, effectively copying the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution, are tightening their grip on the country. Click here for the story.

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya ... Syria's turn is next. The Muslim Brotherhood, backed by the United States and Europe ... and Saudi Arabia and Turkey ... is taking power across the region.

Turns out, 9/11 was a huge success for the Islamist cause. The (Pakistan/Iran/Saudi-supported) Islamists proved that they could carry out a seismic strike against "the Great Satan," suck their enemy into never-ending, draining military adventures abroad, and move the policymaking and opinion shaping needles that measure political acceptability (and correctness) in the U.S. significantly in the Islamist direction, so far, in fact, that only the Islamist organization directly responsible for the coordinated, mega-terrorist attacks of September 11, Al Qaeda, and an "irreconcilable" faction of the group that aided and sheltered it--the Pakistan-created Taliban, now poised to retake Afghanistan--are considered by the U.S. and European Power Elites to be unfit for engagement (appeasement and collaboration).

Syria's Civil War: A Guide for the Perplexed

Barry Rubin on Syria's civil strife--click here to read his analysis. He confirms that the Turkish/Western-backed opposition is dominated by Islamists; but Rubin is less pessimistic than Foreign Confidential™ regarding Syria's future. He argues that a real democracy could emerge in Syria following the overthrow of the current dictatorship because the country is only 60% Sunni and more modern and urban than other Arab countries.

One hopes he is right. But Rubin and others in Israel, admittedly much closer and more tuned into the action than this reporter, may be engaging in a bit of understandable wishful thinking. "The West" is pro-Islamist. The only democracies the Obama administration and its European allies are interested in promoting are so-called Islamic democracies--a menacing and ominous oxymoron meant to advance the Arc/Sword of Islam across the Middle East and Central Asia in order to control the region's enormous energy reserves and counter and contain--and perhaps, even, crack apart--Russia and China.

In other words, if anything close to a genuine democracy emerges in Syria it will happen in spite of Obama and his allies, not because of them.

POSTSCRIPT: Rubin's analysis may also reflect a residue of pro-Islamist thinking in Israel. Sadly, Israel, too, once believed it could ride the Islamist tiger without being eaten by it. Seeking a counterweight to the nationalist PLO, the Jewish State aided and encouraged Hamas in its formative years--the late Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin reportedly referred to this secret support as a "fatal error" in a conversation with PLO chief Yasser Arafat--and Israel, Jordan, and the United States covertly supported the failed Muslim Brotherhood uprising against the regime of the current Syrian despot's father, Hafez al-Assad. The Israeli policy--which helped to make an uncontrollable monster--mirrored the Cold War-era U.S. policy of using rightwing political Islam against the Soviet Union.

Incredibly, the horrific blowback of 9/11 has not really changed anything. Al Qaeda and so-called irreconcilable Taliban elements may be beyond the pale of Western engagement (code for appeasement and collaboration). But every other Islamist group or entity seems to be alright to engage in the eyes of the present U.S. administration--and its European allies. The nuclear-arming Iranian regime is so fanatic, so consumed with Islamist hatred of the U.S. and Israel, that the regime cannot even fake moderation--all that would have been required of it to win Obama's warm embrace and a pledge of permanent non-interference in Iranian affairs from Washington.

Of course, the Bush administration should have blown away the monstrous mullahocracy, along with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, after 9/11, instead of (a) allowing Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar and their most senior leaders to escape into neighboring (nuclear-armed) Pakistan and (b) needlessly invading contained, secular Iraq, a monumental strategic blunder from which the U.S. has yet to recover. Israel should have been given the green light to wipe out Hezbollah and Hamas ... and Syria should have been bribed into making peace with Israel and playing ball with the U.S.

Also, Turkey's military, traditional guardian of the country's secular system, should have been allowed to crush the country's Islamist threat.

None of that happened. The U.S. and NATO (an alliance that should have been disbanded following the collapse of the Soviet Union and Soviet Communism) have thrown in with the Islamists. With the support of the West, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the Middle East, and an Islamist, neo-Ottoman Empire is emerging.

The danger is that the imperial interventions and intrigue, meddling and mayhem, will lead to a multi-stage war with Iran--as opposed to the swift smashing of the monstrous mullahocracy by any and all means necessary that should long ago have taken place--which could result in the rubbling of Tel Aviv and the ultimate squeezing down and chopping up of Israel to create Obama's "contiguous" Palestine, an irredentist, Islamist-dominated entity that will take over Jordan (the East Bank) and, with the help of restive Israeli Arabs, relentlessly harass and seek to conquer the remnant Jewish State.

Moreover, given the Obama administration's rising tensions with rising China and failure to "reset" relations with resurgent Russia, there is a real danger, too, of a world war. That all three powers have nuclear weapons does not mean they will automatically be deterred from shooting at each other, escalating in stages, etc. Unthinkable ... stuff ... happens. WW III could be a conflict radically unlike any one that has ever been seen or imagined.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Prediction: The Obama-orchestrated overthrow of Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, a pro-Western leader who preserved the peace treaty with Israel and courageously and consistently battled and suppressed Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists, will go down in history as one of America's most perfidious betrayals, strikingly similar to the catastrophic, Carter administration-assisted, Islamist ouster of Iran's pro-Western, modernizing monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Few Americans appreciate that their current President is actively, enthusiastically pro-Islamist, in spite (a) of having killed his top competitor for leadership of what he insists on calling "the Muslim world"--an Islamist concept--Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, and (b) of ratcheting up tensions with nuclear-arming, Islamist Iran, after first appeasing and trying to align with it in a Grand Bargain for pacification of the Middle East.

The Shah--may His Imperial Majesty's soul rest in peace--who was driven from Iran by Islamists, and his great friend, Anwar Sadat, Mubarak's predecessor, who was assassinated by Islamists for having committed the "sin" of making peace with Israel, must both be rolling in their (Egyptian) graves. Everything they fought and stood for has been or is swiftly being washed away, thanks, in large measure, to the hoary, Anglo-American strategy of trying to ride the Islamist tiger without being consumed by it.

Ironically, Sadat, too, tried to ride the Islamist tiger.... Himself a former Muslim Brotherhood member, Sadat served as the Nasser regime's liaison to the group. After taking power following Nasser's death, Sadat invited the Brotherhood back into Egypt--Nasser had exiled the group--and then promoted it as a counterweight to Nasser's nationalistic, semi-socialist, Soviet-leaing, pan-Arab movement. Washington approved; like the British, it had secretly backed the Brotherhood against Nasser.

Why the West Won't Defeat Radical Islam

Absent a miraculous change, the war against rightwing political Islam will never be won by the so-called "West"--meaning, in this context, the United States and Europe--because the West stupidly and cynically intends to influence and use rather than destroy and defeat the enemy that aims to end civilization as we know it.

In other words, the problem is one of policy, not a lack of political will, as many observers naively contend.

The U.S./European policy--actually, the policy of the power elites that really rule the so-called free world--is to manage the clerical fascist creed commonly called Islamism, or radical Islam, through a complex, protracted process of support and co-optation. Western policymakers perceive political Islam as both a potential ally against adversaries and competitors--essentially, the old, Cold War concept of Islam as sword and bulwark--and a portal for wealth extraction and creation. More specifically, our so-called leaders aim to manipulate and exploit Islamism
  • (a) to control and/or establish and maintain preferential access to the enormous energy resources of the Middle East and Central Asia;
  • (b) to counter resurgent Russia; and
  • (c) to contain and, possibly also, cause the crackup, or dismemberment, of rising China.
Understanding all this helps to explain why the Bush administration responded to the Islamist mega-terrorist attacks of 2001 with a never-ending, misnamed "War on Terror" and the unnecessary invasion and conquest of a contained, secular enemy, Iraq, which had neither weapons of mass destruction nor meaningful ties to the monsters that actually slaughtered some 3,000 Americans on September 11--Pakistan/Iran/Saudi-supported Al Qaeda and the Pakistan-created Taliban.

POSTSCRIPT: The antidemocratic Left also sees political Islam as an ally--to cripple capitalism, bring down the United States, and eliminate Israel.

Assad Rebuffs Arab League, Refuses to Fold


Comment: The developing civil war in Syria has nothing whatsoever to do with democracy or freedom. Rather, the Arab League, the Obama administration, NATO, and the EU have all sided with neo-Ottomon, Sunni Islamist-ruled Turkey and the Sunni Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in order to topple the secular--but Shiite Islamist, Iran-supported--Syrian regime.

The objectives of the anti-Assad intervention include (a) installing a supposedly moderate Sunni Islamist (Muslim Brotherhood) government in Damascus that will be friendly to Turkey and NATO, and (b) regime change in Iran--i.e. overthrowing Syria's (Shiite offshoot) Alawite-dominated despotism ahead of or in order to trigger a war with Tehran's nuclear-arming, turbaned tyranny, resulting in its collapse and replacement with a more "moderate" and non-nuclear-arming turbaned tyranny, meaning, a regime that will no longer seek Middle Eastern hegemony and will instead be content to merely oppress its own people under the (NATO/Obama-blessed) banner of "Islamic democracy."

Islamists Have Won in Egypt

Nazis on the Nile ...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Islamist Libya on UN Human Rights Council



End the Iranian Threat Before it Ends America

A Foreign Confidential™ Bloggertorial

Iran has or is about to become an existential threat to ... America.

Nuclear-arming Iran and its partner in proliferation, nuclear-armed North Korea, have developed cargo ship-based, concealed and containerized ballistic missile firing systems that could be used to destroy America ... anonymously ... through what is known as an EMP attack, the detonation of an atomic warhead high above the America's heartland in order to instantly wipe out the country's computer-and-electronic-dependent communications and power and thus plunge it back into the 19th Century ... without the resources of that time.

Experts say 90% of the U.S. population would ultimately perish as a result of a sea-launched EMP attack, against which the United States has no known defense. Given that thousands of cargo vessels approach U.S. coastal waters every day, it would be relatively easy for Iran and North Korea (with or without Venezuelan help) to use one or more seemingly civilian ships, flying flags of convenience, to strike the U.S.

For all we know, Iran and North Korea may have already deployed a fleet of such vessels, which could also be used to strike American coastal cities ... anonymously. They could be lurking at sea right now.

Accent on that word--anonymously. There appears to be no deterrent against an anonymous atomic attack on the U.S. The Obama administration has given America's implacable enemies every reason to believe that the government that is supposed to protect the country they long to eliminate would hesitate ... and investigate ... before reacting to a supposedly unthinkable assault. A nuclear bomb blast in New York, Boston, Miami, or Los Angeles? Fact-finding commissions and "healing" ... and quotations from "the Holy Koran" ... would come before bombing on Obama's watch, or so it seems.

In contrast, Israel, which Iran also aims to destroy, is believed to have systems in place that would automatically obliterate Tehran and Qum and Damascus and a number of other suspect cities should a nuclear device of any sort--including a so-called dirty bomb--ever explode inside Israeli territory.

Accent on that term--automatically obliterate.

So much for nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Iran and North Korea are believed to be capable of crippling the U.S. by crashing its power grid through deniable cyberwar attacks.

And the Axis of Evil arsenal probably includes biological weapons--acquired via dual-use biotechnology transfers from Cuba to Iran.

Conclusion: the time has come to end the Iranian threat before it ends America.

As 9/11 again proved, unthinkable stuff happens.

Barak: Iran Nuke Program Aims to Build Big Bombs



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Will China Attack Taiwan if US Attacks Iran?

Early Warning

Foreign Confidential™ analysts fear China's military may see a war between the United States and Iran as an opportunity to invade Taiwan, believing that Washington would be in no position to save the self-ruled island from being conquered by Beijing while battling the Islamist nation and its allies.

China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and has authorized use of force to bring about reunification should negotiations fail to accomplish this goal.

Taiwan defense and intelligence experts believe China is aiming as many as 1,900 missiles at the island.


How Big Blu Could End Iran's Nuke Program

Comment: The big bombs could wipe out Iran's nuclear sites. But what about Iran's arsenal of missiles? And the missiles and rockets of Hezbollah and Syria--and Hamas? As far as we know, Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons, although it is believed to be getting awfully close to having them. But Iran does have enough missiles to make good on its threat to "burn Tel Aviv" and shut down the Persian Gulf, which would make oil prices soar and cripple the world economy. Hezbollah, too, has enough missiles to rubble Israel's population centers; and Syria's embattled regime, increasingly reliant on Tehran for its survival, is bristling with missiles and chemical warheads. Iran may also possess stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons--in addition to controlling overseas terrorist cells capable of conducting suicide strikes against a range of military and civilian targets.

The point is this: an attack on Iran must be swift, merciless--and overwhelming. The missile installations and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps must be obliterated; the regular armed forces, neutralized. An assault that would allow Iran to retaliate in any meaningful way would be inexcusably immoral.

The Bush administration should have responded to 9/11 by blasting Al Qaeda and its Taliban allies and hosts off the face of the earth, using any and all necessary weapons, including tactical nuclear weapons.

Let's hope the Obama administration doesn't repeat the mistake by merely wounding--instead of killing--the deadly Iranian snake.

Stand for Israel

Rifaat's Revenge

The exiled uncle of Syria's dictator has called on him to resign, adding that he should be allowed to remain in the country. Click here for the story, and here for background on "the Butcher of Hama."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is the US Trying to Provoke an Iranian Attack?

Suddenly, it seems, there is relentless pressure on Iran--and Syria.

Time to connect the dots....

The United States could be trying to provoke Iran into attacking U.S. forces and/or Israel in order to create a pretext for bombing Iran's nuclear facilities.

Setting aside the immorality of inciting an enemy attack on one's own troops and ally, the outcome of such a scenario could be truly catastrophic. An aerial offensive focused only on Iranian nuclear targets would leave U.S. forces in the Middle East--and Israeli cities and towns--vulnerable to massive missile bombardment by Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria.

Which may be just what the Obama administration has in mind.

Too far-fetched? Consider this: In 1973, Henry Kissinger, as U.S. Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, came to Israel's aid during its defensive Yom Kippur War by supporting an 11th-hour arms airlift that saved the Jewish State from near-certain destruction. Once the tide had turned and Israel was on the verge of crushing Egypt, having encircled its Third Army, Kissinger persuaded Nixon to pressure Israel to halt its counteroffensive in order to deliberately deny it a decisive victory over the Arab aggressor so that the fourth Israel-Egypt conflict could end somewhat ambiguously, with Egyptian forces being allowed to remain inside a portion of the territory they had just conquered in the formerly Egyptian-controlled Sinai Peninsula, on the Israeli-held, eastern side of the Suez Canal. Kissinger's plan, which, in the end, did work, was to wean Egypt away from its alliance with the Soviet Union by giving Egyptian President Anwar Sadat that which Moscow could not deliver--the appearance of beating Israel, which would elevate his stature among his own people and across the Arab world and thus pave the way for a negotiating process leading to a permanent peace pact with Israel and its withdrawal from all of (oil-producing) Sinai, which Israel had captured in the June 1967 Six-Day War.

If Kissinger, a German-born, Jewish intellectual, who grew up in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in New York City (Manhattan's Washington Heights), where his family was able to build a new life after being forced to flee the pre-World War II Nazi terror ... and Nixon, an imperial, impossibly paranoid politician, who admired Israel's then Prime Minister, Golda Meir, and was, for the most part, strongly pro-Israel ... in spite of his alcohol-fueled, anti-Semitic rants ... could maneuver in such a manner ... imagine the complex (to be diplomatic) scheme that America's Bibi-bashing and most anti-Israel-ever President, Barack Hussein Obama, could be capable of concocting. As this reporter wrote just two days ago,

It is possible that Obama plans to undercut his Republican critics by launching surgical strikes against Iran's nuclear sites. A limited assault, however, could be worse than no assault, as it would leave Iran's formidable retaliatory capabilities intact, allowing it and its proxy, Hezbollah, and ally, Syria, to bombard Israel's population centers with missiles. Israel would of course react sharply to such destruction; and Washington, in the interest of preventing Israel from drawing on its presumed nuclear arsenal, would probably come to Israel's aid by hammering Iran with waves of aerial attacks on Iranian military bases, missile installations, etc. Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria would ultimately lose the war; but the cost to Israel in casualties and a shattered economy could be horrendous, making the country more vulnerable than ever to U.S. pressure. A successful but botched victory over Iran could ironically provide Obama with the political cover and the conditions to force Israel to withdraw to indefensible borders and agree to the creation of a contiguous--and irredentist--Palestinian state comprised of Hamas-run Gaza, the disputed West Bank territories, including East Jerusalem, and a land corridor connecting Gaza and the West Bank areas. The new state, which would be dominated by Hamas, would immediately focus on overthrowing the Jordanian monarchy and, with the help of restive Israeli Arabs, conquering the weakened and shrunken--and partially dismembered--Jewish State in order to rule over all of historic Palestine on both sides of the Jordan River.

In the meantime, the U.S. President responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden and ending the Iranian nuclear threat would be free to step up his support for political and overlapping organized and state Islam in line with his odious view that Islam's Arc and Sword are on "the right side of history."

Obama of "the Muslim World" ... "Liberator" of Cairo, Tripoli, Tehran, Damascus ... and ... Jerusalem.

It could happen.

POSTSCRIPT: Don't assume that an Obama-style liberation of Iran would mean real revolution there--i.e. the crushing of clerical fascism. On the contrary; the Obama administration would almost certainly support the emergence of a Turkish-style, "moderate" Islamist Iranian regime over any secular alternative. The administration and its European--and Saudi and Qatari--allies are all pro-Islamist. They mistakenly regard rightwing political Islam as an unstoppable and, except for Al Qaeda and the present Iranian regime, pliable force, a movement ripe for manipulation and exploitation.

In other words, 9/11 changed everything--and nothing.

The Free Syrian Army and the Taliban

An armed group of mainly Sunni, Islamist-influenced Syrian Army deserters calling themselves the Free Syrian Army has found sanctuary in southern Turkey. From there, the group, led by a former Syrian Army colonel, has announced the creation of a military council to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. More important, with Turkish and Saudi support--and probably also with U.S. and European assistance--the FSA is conducting armed raids against Syrian regime targets.

Question: How is this different from the Taliban using sanctuaries in Pakistan to attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan?

Answer: Whereas Pakistan's government, though thoroughly infiltrated by pro-Taliban Islamists, can claim to have limited-to-zero control over the lawless tribal areas in which the Taliban are based, Turkey's Islamist regime is openly supporting the FSA. Turkey's deepening involvement in the cross-border war isn't secret; on the contrary, Ankara boldly backs the rebels.

Which doesn't mean that the intervention won't end disastrously for the Syrian people, the United States ... and ... Israel.



Tunisia's Presumptive PM is Islamist Nut


US Relations With China Rapidly Worsening


Rising tensions with rising China. The development comes at the worst possible time considering the global economic mess and the need for international cooperation concerning nuclear-armed North Korea, which is a Chinese vassal, and its Islamist ally, nuclear-arming Iran.

Now It Can Be Told: Jimmy Carter Allowed and Encouraged Anti-Shah Mob Violence Near the White House

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following Foreign Confidential report on Jimmy Carter's betrayal of the Shah of Iran, originally published in April 2008, is reposted as a public service in light of the Obama administration-assisted ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist Turkey, intervention in Libya in order to install an Islamist regime, etc. The mainstream media have naturally ignored the roles that Carter and his former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, have played in influencing Obama's pro-Islamist foreign--and domestic--policies.

"Well, we couldn't stick with him."

-Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter responding to a question from CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer regarding his administration's policy toward the late Shah of Iran.

The catastrophic Carter administration once allowed and encouraged anti-Shah protesters to riot near the White House in order to embarrass and pressure the pro-American, modernizing monarch into making concessions to an unholy alliance of Marxists and Islamists that were actively plotting his overthrow.

Carter's Mastermind

President Carter's National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, was the mastermind behind the incident, which succeeded in undermining the Shah and emboldening and inspiring his foes. A Polish-born Cold Warrior consumed by hatred of the Soviet Union and obsessed by geopolitical strategic theories reminiscent of the Nazi era regarding the so-called Eurasian "super-continent," Brzezinski had exploited Carter's concern for human rights to turn him against the Shah and convince the President that the United States urgently needed to make friends with the "team of destiny"--political Islam--in order to keep oil-rich Iran's neighbor, the Soviet Union, at bay.

The Shah had no idea that Carter had turned against him. The Iranian monarch and his internationally admired Empress, Farah Diba, visited the Carter White House in November 1977. In a shocking betrayal that was seen around the world, the royal couple were greeted by nearly 4,000 Marxist-Islamist Iranian students, many wearing masks, waving clubs, and carrying banners festooned with the names of Iranian terrorist organizations. The rioters were allowed within 100 feet of the White House, where they attacked other Iranians and Americans gathered to welcome the Shah. To separate the Iranian factions, the police used tear gas, some of which wafted over the White House lawn just as Carter was formally welcoming the Shah. The gas settled, causing the high-ranking figures to cry, wheeze, and cough. Televised images of the two heads of state wiping tears from their eyes were widely distributed and noted in Iran and across the Middle East.

Full-Court Press

Carter and Brzezinski and other US officials met with the Shah, his ambassador to Washington, Ardeshir Zahedi, and other members of the Iranian delegation for 90 minutes. The subsequent White House communique did not reflect what transpired at the meeting--a full-court press by the US for radical reform.

Back in Iran, when the head of SAVAK saw a videotape of the incident, he concluded that the U.S. had abandoned the Shah. The secret police chief then proceeded to betray the Shah by making a secret deal with his implacable foe, the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, whose forces drove the Shah from power two years later.

Brzezinski's "Washington tears," as the incident became known, had achieved its aim.

Exceptionally Stupid and Disgusting: Dumbbell Duke Basketball Coach Defends Penn State's Pedophile-Protecting Paterno


Stupid Coach Calls Alleged Child Rape
in Locker Room Shower 'Social Issue'

Ex-Libyan PM's Tunisian Lawyer Assaulted


HRW Asks Obama to Tackle Indonesia Islamists

Will America's first Muslim-born-and-bred President ... who studied and practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia ... speak out meaningfully against Muslim fundamentalist/Islamist mob violence in that country? Will America's first Third World-reared, dual-national President ... assuming his Indonesian Muslim stepfather was being truthful when he listed Obama's religion as "Islam" and citizenship as "Indonesian" on an Indonesian school registration certificate ... criticize the Indonesian government for tolerating rising oppression of minorities in the world's most populous Muslim and increasingly Islamist nation?

No way. Despite the killing of Bin Laden and rising tensions with Iran, Obama is pro-Islamist. The most leftwing-ever President ironically supports rightwing political/overlapping organized and state Islam. Barack Hussein Obama is aiding and presiding over the Islamist conquest of the Middle East, the Islamist penetration of Central Asia, and the Islamist transformation of what he insists on calling "the Muslim world."

And his European allies .... and the power elites that really rule ... are solidly behind him in this respect. In the hope of manipulating and exploiting it, the leaders of the so-called Western democracies have decided to join the Islamist cause while fighting its most extreme, off-the-reservation elements--namely, Al Qaeda and the nuclear-arming, Shiite Islamist Iranian regime.

A perfidious new paradigm is taking shape.

'Free Syrian Army' Attacks Government Base


Iran Lawmaker Warns US: Hands Off Syria