Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry Leaving Race, Endorsing Gingrich

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If Santorum has any sense he will do the same--drop out now and throw his support to Gingrich.

Romney and the White House have this in common: hatred and fear of Newt Gingrich. Contrary to conventional wisdom--i.e. the disinformation and drivel that passes for reporting and analysis from the mainstream media--Obama would much prefer to run against Romney in November. No kidding. Gingrich may not have Romney's phony warmth--the warmth of a multilevel marketing scheme salesman or a TV game show host, or, for that matter, a private equity firm executive explaining why he has to loot and shred your company in order to save it, why you and your neighbors should embrace economic devastation as an exciting challenge bursting with possibilities and latent opportunity--but the former House Speaker/ex-college professor is more than capable of beating Obama (of "the Muslim world") in a debate. Obama knows this, in his brain and in his gut, which is why fawning liberal pundits are pushing Romney and painting Gingrich as the candidate with too much "baggage" to beat Obama.

In fact, Romney is the one with the baggage, enough to sink the GOP and guarantee four more years of Obama.