Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shocking but True: Foreign Firms Investing in N. Korea

Race to the Bottom Brings Companies
to Country-Sized Concentration Camp

As if to prove that certain kinds of capitalism can coexist quite nicely with totalitarianism (no messy human or civil rights, no troublesome trade unions, etc.) and that Lenin was right when he said capitalists will "sell the rope" with which Communists will hang them, some foreign firms are investing in the world's worst dictatorship. No kidding. The Kimist Communist hell on earth is being touted as the global economy's new land of opportunity.

That Chinese companies are "storming" into North Korea is not surprising; that European companies are also investing there is ... sickening. Click here to read the Business Week report on North Korea's emerging money magnet status. The article reads like a rewritten press release put out by a Western PR agency. (It's only a matter of time before PR firms join the storm, assuming they haven't already done so.)