Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Further Validation: Secret Report Says Taliban Poised to Retake Afghanistan, as Foreign Confidential™ Has Repeatedly Warned

The Islamist Taliban, a monstrously medieval movement that should have been destroyed right after 9/11 but instead was for some still unknown reason only dislodged and allowed to run and hide in order to be able to fight another day, is reportedly ready to retake Afghanistan. Read the news here.

It isn't surprising. Foreign Confidential™ has repeatedly warned that the war against the Taliban could not be won as long as (a) the cross-border sanctuaries in Pakistan remained intact, and (b) the U.S. military and its NATO allies continued to effectively stab their troops in the back by forcing them to follow ridiculous rules of engagement (CNN rules) while burdening them with nonsensical, nation building tasks.

Moreover, Obama is OK with a Taliban takeover. In his eyes, Al Qaeda alone is beyond the pale of "engagement." His administration is pro-Islamist, especially if the Islamists are of the Sunni persuasion; even the Shiite clerical fascists of Iran are regarded as alright to engage (align with). Though Obama must find the Iranian regime's rejection of his overtures perplexing as well as frustrating and irritating, the disappointment has not disabused him and his advisers of the notion that it is possible for so-called progressive Westerners to ride the Islamist tiger without being devoured by it.

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