Monday, February 20, 2012

New N. Korean Provocations Likely

Foreign Confidential™ analysts say North Korea is likely to stage provocative new nuclear and missile tests between now and July 4 and may even attack one or more South Korean targets in the coming weeks in response to the South's latest live-fire drills.

Analysts believe Pyongyang will provoke Seoul--and Washington--for the following purposes:
  • to bolster the credibility and military credentials of North Korea's new and untested young dictator, Kim Jong Un;
  • to pressure South Korea and the United States into making concessions over the North's nuclear program (which the North will never abandon);
  • to extract more foreign aid; and
  • to support Iran, North Korea's partner in illicit nuclear and missile proliferation, by providing it with fresh nuclear test data and creating a crisis that will divert attention from Iran's atomic advance. Iran will pay/has already paid a lot of money for North Korean cooperation; as they did in the past, Iranian military/intelligence/scientific and technical delegations will observe future North Korean nuclear and long-range missile tests.