Monday, February 27, 2012

Putin Blasts US Foreign Policy but Calls for Closer Cooperation

Russia's Premier and Presumed Next President Praises Kissinger
in World Affairs Essay on Syria, Iran, Relations With Washington

Russia's prime minister and soon-to-be president (again) Vladimir Putin has blasted the U.S. for intervening in Libya and supporting "religious extremists" in the name of democracy promotion; seeking regime change in Syria; threatening military action against Iran; and pursuing policies with respect to NATO and missile defense that run counter to Moscow's interests, in his view. Yet the Russian leader, who was reportedly the target of a foiled election day (March 4) assassination plot, has also called for improved relations and closer cooperation with the United States, praising former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for his approach to the issue of U.S.-Russia relations.

Click here to read about Putin's long essay on world affairs and here to read the actual article--a sophisticated, stinging and seemingly revealing polemic that towers above the simplistic speechifying and moralistic drivel on foreign policy that typically emanates from Washington.

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Given the current world situation, politically and economically, the Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats, and the fact that the Cold War ended two decades ago, it is inexcusable that relations between Washington and Moscow are at such a low point and that the subject does not even appear to be on the national news agenda in the run-up to the U.S. Presidential election in November. In this regard, although President Obama can be criticized for failing to "reset" U.S. relations with Russia, his opponents and the media deserve most, if not all, the blame for miring public discourse in idiotic, diversionary debates about so-called social issues and related, red-herring nonsense.

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