Thursday, February 23, 2012

US on Alert for Possible Iran Plots

The news--read it here--follows Foreign Confidential™ early warnings.

If it is attacked by the United States and/or Israel, Iran is likely to retaliate by launching terrorist and/or missile strikes on the U.S. homeland.

Moreover, Iran could strike first; it is clearly considering preemptive assaults.

U.S. coastal cities could be attacked by Iranian controlled cargo ships equipped with containerized ballistic missile launch pads. Iran and North Korea have acquired and tested such systems.

Thousands of cargo ships approach U.S. waters daily; there is no known defense against a sea-based missile attack on a U.S. city.

Iran, aided by Venezuela, may have already deployed a fleet of armed freighters. Flying flags of convenience, which is customary nowadays for insurance/liability purposes, these seemingly civilian vessels could be lurking off the Atlantic or Pacific coasts--or in the Gulf of Mexico--awaiting orders to attack "the Great Satan."