Saturday, March 31, 2012

Assad Cousin: West Backs Wrong Rebels

An Israeli Newspaper's Astonishing Interview
With a Leading Syrian Exile … Named Assad

More than 10-and-a-half years after 9/11, the United States and Europe are helping to bring Al Qaeda-supporting Salafists, at worst, and the Al Qaeda-sympathizing Muslim Brotherhood, at best, to power in Syria, ignoring the country's secular opposition. The Salafists are backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the MB, by Turkey, which is in the grip of an Islamist regime that dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire.

So says Rifat Assad's son, Ribal.

Ribal Assad jokes that "being called Assad is not the best way to gain friends today, especially being a relative of Bashar." Indeed, being the first cousin of the Syrian president who over the last year has overseen the murder of some 9000 Syrians in the bloody repression of the Syrian revolution is not a great distinction, but the 36 year-old son of the former vice-president and security chief is attempting, from exile, to clear the family's name.

"Only two members of the Assad family are in the regime," he insists. "The rest of the 99 percent of them are sitting at home without jobs" and he tells how the stooges of his cousin the president have persecuted his father, siblings and assorted cousins. He never calls the government in Damascus – the Assad regime. "It is a corrupt regime, a regime of killers, the worst dictatorship, but don't call them the Assad regime, or the Baathist or Allawite regime. There are two million members in the Ba'ath party, most of them are members because that is the only way they can get a job, not because they are killers."

Read the entire article here. It tragically supports what Foreign Confidential™ analysts and others have long been asserting--namely, that the United States and its NATO allies are not interested in supporting secular democracy in the Arab world and the so-called Greater Middle East. Rather, they aim to manipulate rightwing political Islam, or Islamism, by backing its rise to power in country after country.

The cynical, pro-Islamist policy, packaged as democracy promotion, is (a) incredibly self-destructive, as the blowback from the Carter-Reagan intervention in Afghanistan and the Carter administration-assisted overthrow of Iran's Shah proved, and (b) inherently threatening to Russia and China. Hence, Washington's worsening relations with Moscow and Beijing, and the close cooperation of the former Communist rivals in terms of countering and frustrating the U.S. with regard to stopping Iran's atomic advance and ending the Syrian carnage.

Extra: Click here for another interview with Ribal Assad; here, to access his organization's website; and below, for a recent TV news interview.

One hopes (against hope?) that the mainstream media will pay more attention to leaders like Syria's Ribal Assad and Iran's Reza Pahlavi. They are effective advocates for genuine … secular … democracy.