Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fact: There is No Motor Fuel Alternative to Oil

Electric Cars are Coal Cars, or Nuclear Cars;
Solar and Wind are Renewable Red Herrings

After decades of drivel, the level of American ignorance about energy is staggering; and the Obama administration and its supporters, including fawning mainstream media personalities, persist in obfuscating the energy issue.

Fact: there is no viable alternative to crude oil-derived gasoline and diesel for motor transport fuel, except, maybe, for costly--and environmentally threatening--coal liquefaction. Solar and wind, which the administration touts, have nothing … zero … to do with motor transport fuel. Solar and wind are intermittent, geographically limited sources of energy for generating electricity. (Electric cars are actually coal cars, or nuclear cars. Biofuels are a costly and cruel joke; biomass-derived gasoline may be possible; but cropland use issues are formidable, given the problems of world hunger and shrinking arable land.)

Fact: there is no viable alternative to coal for base load electricity generation, except for nuclear power. Solar and wind cannot be relied upon for the base load electricity that makes the grid--and our entire civilization--possible. (Again, electric cars are coal cars, or nuclear cars.)

Republicans are better on the energy issue; but they also obfuscate. For example, Republican Presidential candidates and lawmakers tend to paint with a way too broad brush when it comes to differences between offshore and onshore oil potential and the often conflicting interests of arguably American-in-name-only multinational oil companies and domestic independent oil producers. For the record, which is hiding in plain sight, the United States sits atop enough onshore oil to make the country energy self-sufficient just in the form of new oil that can be squeezed from old fields through what are known as enhanced oil recovery, or EOR, methods (which can also be used to produce heavy crude oil).

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