Tuesday, March 20, 2012

France: Killer May Have Videoed Attack

The murderer may be planning to post a video of his atrocity on the Internet, as reported here.

A neo-Nazi link is suspected as the manhunt for the cold-blooded killer continues.

The radical right in France includes diehard members and supporters of the ultranationalist OAS, as reported here. The terrorist organization, which was a magnet for Nazi collaborationists, cooperated closely with the postwar Nazi underground in Europe and South America.

Click here for a concise history of the French far right.

European neo-Nazis and neo-fascists constitute the Continent's hidden terrorist menace, largely overshadowed by the Islamist terrorist threat since 9/11. Some radical right groups have actually expressed support for the jihadist cause--an alliance of sorts that recalls Hitler's embrace of the Grand Mufti and postwar recruitment of Nazi war criminals by Arab intelligence agencies. Others are violently anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish (and anti-black and anti-Asian).