Thursday, March 15, 2012

Iran Behind Gaza-Based Rocket Attacks

Iranian proxies in Gaza are attacking Israel with rockets in order to divert attention from Iran's menacing nuclear program, raise oil prices--and challenge Hamas, which has more or less outlived its usefulness to Iran, according to one expert. Click here to read his analysis; and here, to read how Iran is arming rebels in Yemen and fighting a "shadow war" in Syria to keep its ally, President Bashar al-Assad, in power.

Syria is arguably a power preserving operation on Iran's part; but proxy attacks on Israel and arms smuggling into Yemen belie attempts to increase Iranian power across the Middle East and should be seen in the context of repeated threats to eradicate Israel and drive the United States from the region. In other words, Iran's foreign policy is imperialist--it seeks to overthrow the status quo, to dominate and destroy. Iran cannot be appeased, and probably can no longer be contained. If it acquires atomic arms, containment will surely be impossible--President Obama is right about that. (The Soviet Union was hard enough to contain.)

An imperialist, nuclear-armed theocracy? The mere thought of that is terrifying.

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