Friday, March 02, 2012

Obama on Iran: Intriguing Comments

Possible Signal US Again Prepared to Offer Iran
Security Guarantees in Return for Nuclear Pact

One way or another, Barack Obama would like to run for reelection as the President who ended the Iranian nuclear threat (and killed Bin Laden and decimated Al Qaeda and brought America back from the brink of economic ruin). Read the news here. His reference to a permanent solution and to countries that have voluntarily abandoned atomic arms indicates renewed willingness to offer Iran permanent security guarantees in return for a permanent scrapping of suspect nuclear activities--with verification.

But a deal like that, even if attainable, would not affect Iran's ballistic missile arsenal and ICBM program. Together with its Shiite Lebanese Islamist proxy Hezbollah, Iran, which is also presumed to have stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, appears to have amassed enough missiles to make good on repeated Iranian threats to "burn Tel Aviv"--i.e. to level Israeli population centers.

What are Iran's intentions? That is the key question. The lesson of the lead-up to World War II is that a totalitarian country bent on overthrowing the status quo--meaning a country committed to an imperialist foreign policy--cannot be appeased. Not only does appeasement fail to prevent war; appeasement makes war inevitable--on the enemy's terms.

The lesson of the Cold War--specifically, the post-WW II Stalinist period--is that it is possible to contain a totalitarian country that is pursuing an imperialist foreign policy provided (a) the country is a rational actor, and (b) the containment policy is backed up by a deadly serious threat of war. Stalinist Russia knew that crossing the line in Berlin would automatically trigger a superpower conflict. Knowing that, however, still didn't stop the Kremlin's post-Stalinist (and arguably post-imperialist) leaders from installing nuclear-tipped missiles in Cuba--an incredibly adventurous act that brought the superpowers perilously close to nuclear war.

This reporter believes Iran intends to destroy Israel and to drive the U.S. from the Middle East--for starters--in line with years of Iranian threats and public musings about "a world without America and Zionism." Nuclear arms are probably (but not necessarily) essential to achieving these Hitlerian objectives. So skepticism is more than appropriate.

That said, if President Obama can really end the Iranian nuclear threat without going to war with the monstrous mullahocracy he will certainly have lived up to his Nobel Peace Prize.

"Without in any way being under an illusion about Iranian intentions, without in any way being naive about the nature of that regime, they are self-interested," Obama said. "It is possible for them to make a strategic calculation that, at minimum, pushes much further to the right whatever potential breakout capacity they may have, and that may turn out to be the best decision for Israel's security."
The world will soon know if he's right.

Not only Israel, but US intelligence and the UN International Atomic Energy Agency, are convinced that Iran is already in the second stage and possibly the third of its operation to shielding its nuclear facilities in one or more zones of immunity.

This ominous development is ignored in the US president’s interview.

Israel knows that the US had the means to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities even when they are buried in “zones of immunity.” Israel lacks those means.
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