Friday, April 27, 2012

Barak Restates Israeli Position on Nuclear Iran

Dan Williams reports from Jerusalem:
Defense Minister Ehud Barak restated Israel's fears of a nuclear-armed Iran on Thursday after his top general clashed with the government's line by describing the Islamic republic as "very rational" and unlikely to build a bomb. 
Addressing foreign diplomats on Israel's independence day, Barak said Iranian leaders were not "rational in the Western sense of the word - connoting the quest for status quo and the peaceful resolution of problems." 
Believing otherwise "borders on blindness or irresponsibility", said Barak, who branded Iran, with its religiously fuelled calls for the Jewish state's demise, as seeking regional hegemony and being "undeterred by the apocalyptic."
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Suggestion: stop arguing over "rational." Intentions is the key word. The clerical fascist regime that muses openly about "a world without America and Zionism" clearly intends to destroy Israel and drive the United States from the Middle East--for starters. Iran's foreign policy is imperialist in that it seeks to overthrow the status quo, or power relations among nations, as Barak said. As such, it can't be appeased--appeasement will only make war inevitable--and certainly cannot be allowed to acquire atomic arms. That Iran, which is bristling with ballistic missiles, could already possess or be close to possessing an arsenal of primitive nuclear warheads and dirty bombs, along with presumed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, is both scary and scandalous.