Friday, April 13, 2012

Can Kim Survive $1 Billon Loss of Face?

Heads will roll. Will North Korea's new leader lose his after such a stunning setback?

Probably not. The elite needs the dynasty, depends on it for food, luxury items and privileges. Nobody in or close to power actually believes in the official ideology. Although there are maniacs among the elite, including some in the military, who harbor dreams of eventually conquering South Korea, dominating Japan, and pushing the United States off the Korean Peninsula--and perhaps, even, destroying the U.S. with a surprise EMP strike that could be launched from a foreign-flagged cargo ship--the goal for most members of North Korea's ruling class is simply to survive, meaning, to live as well as possible from day to day without being murdered or sent to prison.

But who really knows what goes on in the country-sized concentration camp, especially at the highest levels? Some inner circle members could well be whispering, or at least thinking, that a conveniently staged accident--or assassination that could be blamed on South Korea--might be in order following the unbelievable humiliation of the failed ICBM launch, which reportedly cost a whopping $1 billion.

A significant portion of which was probably paid for by Pyongyang's partner in nuclear and missile crimes, Iran. Its experts observed the North's missile launch, Foreign Confidential™ analysts say, and will also be on hand for the country's upcoming missile firings … and nuclear tests.

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