Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Iranian ICBM Experts May Still be in N. Korea

Continued Presence Signals Possible Preparations

For More Missile Firings, Including Tests, Attacks

Foreign Confidential™ analysts believe that at least three Iranian ballistic missile experts are still in North Korea following its failed "satellite launch"--a thinly disguised test of an intercontinental ballistic missile that was produced with Iran's assistance. The remaining visitors were part of a larger Iranian delegation that observed the launch of the rocket that broke up about a minute after blasting off from the North's so-called space center.

The continued presence of Iranian missile experts in the country could be a sign that Pyongyang is preparing more missile firings, analysts say, possibly including tests of medium and long-range missiles and actual, medium-range missile strikes on South Korean targets.

Foreign Confidential™ was first among media outlets in reporting--and predicting--Iranian involvement in the North's ICBM test.

The North is also believed to be preparing a third overt test of a nuclear weapon--the regime is strongly suspected of conducting covert tests--and analysts say a delegation of Iranian nuclear experts will again observe the explosion, in keeping with past practice.

Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programs would not be possible without Iranian support. The partnership of the world's most militantly atheist country--Kimist/Communist North Korea--and the world's foremost clerical fascist nation--Islamist Iran--is both ironic and telling. At the very least, their close cooperation in nuclear and missile crimes makes a mockery of the argument, popular in pro-appeasement circles, that Iran's hostility to the West in general and to the United States in particular stems to a significant degree from alleged Western and U.S. insults to Islam.

The Kimist-Islamist alliance also makes a mockery of the term international community. But that's another story.

Foreign Confidential™ (formerly China Confidential) is the only media outlet that predicted the North's two publicly acknowledged nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009, including accurately forecasting the exact dates of the detonations.

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