Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iran Confident of Nuclear Talks Outcome

The nuclear-arming Iranian mullahocracy believes it can manipulate the upcoming nuclear talks to its great advantage, as reported here and here.

The DEBKAfile report--a solid exclusive--is most disturbing. It confirms that which Foreign Confidential™ has long feared and forecasted--namely, that Iran and its supporters and sympathizers will manage to turn the dispute over oil-rich Iran's apocalyptic atomic advance against Israel, or, at the very least, score important propaganda victories by focusing attention on the Jewish State's presumed nuclear deterrent.

An 11th-hour deal--a new peace for our time--which would allow Iran to surreptitiously continue to develop nuclear weapons while openly developing long-range ballistic missiles and also maintaining stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons, would be a disaster for Israel and, ultimately, for the United States, too, given Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's musings about "a world without America and Zionism" and the threat of an anonymous nuclear attack on the U.S. homeland, against which there does not appear to be a credible deterrent.

Incredibly, the ballistic missile and related bio-chem issues are not and have never been on the diplomatic agenda of the so-called international community (which has thus far shown itself to be incapable of ending the nuclear and missile crimes of Islamist Iran's proliferation partner, Kimist North Korea). Mainstream media outlets have also ignored the threats.

The fundamental issue is intentions. Iran's intentions, unfortunately, seem both frighteningly clear and frighteningly reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the years leading up to World War II, when a policy of appeasement on the part of the European powers not only failed to preserve the peace, but made war inevitable--on Germany's terms. Iran expects … intends … to eventually go to war against Israel and the U.S. Accordingly, Iran will make every effort possible to make certain that the conflict, when it finally comes, will be fought on Tehran's terms.

Endnote: Click here to read a particularly odious--and ominous--opinion article about the shape of a possible nuclear deal with Iran. Contrary to the writer's assertions, Iran is closer than ever to acquiring atomic arms, thanks to decades of appeasement and, worse, attempts to actually align with the clerical fascist regime. In fact, its nuclear infrastructure could be sufficiently scattered, hardened, and well hidden so as to make verification of any deal that Iran might find acceptable practically impossible; inspections, essentially meaningless.

And … speaking of odious … Iran would probably insist on a U.S. non-intervention pledge as part of any deal.

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