Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Israelis Fear Iran Could be Building Dirty Bombs

DEBKAfile is reporting that Israelis are increasingly concerned that Iran may be on the verge of developing primitive nuclear devices, including dirty bombs--a concern that Foreign Confidential™ has been raising since January 2010. On January 9 of this year, Foreign Confidential™ observed that

Iran has nuclear materials, money, missiles and warheads, scientific and technical expertise, conventional explosives, and political will and determination, etc. So why shouldn't we assume that Iran, while working on nuclear weapons, has already produced an arsenal of advanced radiological dirty bombs--and various means of delivering them? 
The distinction some experts make between weapons of mass destruction and "mass disruption" is clever … but far from comforting when one stops to consider: the large numbers of people powerful explosives are capable of killing and maiming; the immediate and long-term health hazards from radiation poisoning; the billions of dollars in economic damage that a dirty bomb could cause; and the potentially paralyzing, psychological impact of a dirty bomb attack on a targeted population.
Moreover, given the focus on Al Qaeda's quest for a dirty bomb, what, exactly, is the deterrent against an anonymous and deniable Iranian dirty bomb attack on an American city, which could be carried out by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force operatives and/or terrorist proxies and allies?