Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rare Iranian Public Criticism of Turkey

The once-warm relationship between Tehran and Ankara has cooled, as reported here, with Iran increasingly suspicious of Turkey's intentions in spite of its support for Iran's right to pursue peaceful nuclear power.

Put differently, Iran knows that Turkey's Sunni Islamist regime, which dreams of restoring the Ottoman Empire, has benefitted mightily from U.S. backing. After failing to strike a Grand Bargain with Iran's Shiite mullahocracy, the Obama administration turned to Turkey, a full member of NATO, to counter Iranian ambitions in the Middle East.

With Washington's support, Turkey is also backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, where an armed revolt threatens to topple Iran's secular Arab ally, the Assad regime. Iran had high hopes of establishing military and missile bases in Syria--to threaten Israel and U.S. forces in the region--before the uprising began.

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