Saturday, May 26, 2012

Again, Prisoners Will Perish in a N. Korean Nuclear Test

Regarding North Korea's next nuclear test, this much is certain: Iranian nuclear experts will observe the blast, as they have observed their proliferation partner's previous provocations, and a number of North Koreans--prisoners slated for execution--will die in the underground explosion. They will be put into a portion of the newly excavated test tunnel that will be under special video surveillance in order for their final moments of agony to be viewable in real time by North Korea's sadistic rulers, including the country's 20-something Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.

The condemned list includes political prisoners and purged officials, according to Foreign Confidential™ analysts, who assert that Pyongyang has executed prisoners in each of its (Iranian observed) nuclear tests. Kim's father, Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, who died last December, is believed to have delighted in witnessing the nuclear executions--live and on video.

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